About Us

TrustPedia is a leading financial reviews portal-based research agency and independent financial services comparison firm that was founded by a team of financial experts in financial niche.

The idea behind starting the company was to help people make informed decisions when purchasing any online financial service. An auto-trading software relies on complex mechanisms and algorithms to scan trading markets, read signals, and make decisions on the most profiting traders. But, are trading software robots and bitcoin robots reliable?

That’s not a yes/no question, because while some trading software and bitcoin robots are great, there are others that must be avoided. The good trading software robots can make superior, reliable, and accurate buying/selling decisions on your behalf.

Our team

Our team comprises certified financial planners, certified public accountants, financial accountants, consultants, chartered financial analysts, financial risk managers, and investment counselors. We also have data specialists, content specialists, and designers who all work together with the customer in mind.

What makes us different

  • We compare more brands
  • We uncover the truth and provide you with honest feedback
  • We take our responsibility to you very seriously
  • We are a team of financial experts and know finance like the back of our hands
  • We work by putting you ahead of anything else

How we make money & Our plans for the future

TrustPedia services are free and will always be.

But if you are wondering what’s in it for us, the answer is – your satisfaction. As for us, we make our money solely from press-releases, sponsored posts and emails, database subscriptions, and advertisements.

All the revenue that we secure helps us put it back in the business to ensure we have the resources, technology, and stuff to keep up with our growing business. At present, our services cover online trading. We will very soon be expanding our scope to include different types of loans and insurance packages available on the market.

Our privacy policy

We respect your privacy.

We will not sell your information to marketers, and we promise not to harass you with phone calls. You can also rest assured that we won’t enforce any additional fees or mark up prices. We work entirely on your behalf.