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Find the best, most reliable, and accurate online brokers in the world to help you make the trading decisions.

A broker is a company or a firm that charges you a fee or a commission to execute buying and selling orders that are submitted by an investor. A brokerage platform is an application that is provided by a particular brokerage company that allows you to perform all your trading activities and manage your trading accounts.

Like everything else in life, there are some brokers that are better than others, and some that are nothing but scams.

Why you can trust TrustPedia broker reviews

TrustPedia takes away the work from guessing which online brokers are good and reliable and those that are pure scams.

TrustPedia gives you honest reviews based on several factors. We factor in the age of the particular service, expert reviews, and feedback from customers – their personal experience and satisfaction with a particular product. Each broker is tested by us so that we can give you honest reviews.

To make it easy for you, we classify online brokers into good/recommended/legit and scam/not recommended brackets.

Best Online Brokers

Finding the best online brokers necessitates in-depth and exhaustive research to find out which broker can give you the features that matter most to you. While low-cost trade commissions are important to some, others are more concerned about customer service and those who have deep investment research. There are still others who want to invest only with a broker who has a decent trading platform and mobile app.

TrustPedia does all the critical groundwork and evaluates all brokers to give you the most honest reviews on each broker – with additional information on the specialization of each broker.

We find, compare, research on the best brokers that can offer you the best. We also inquire at state offices and get personal recommendations for all types of brokers. We look into their registration history, reputation, the research they conduct.

Scam / not recommended brokers

Guard yourself against scam online brokers with TrustPedia’s honest broker reviews

Over $16 billion is lost in various types of scams. Fraud affects every region on the globe and manifests in a wide variety of forms – including online brokers. While many scammers are caught, there are several who go unnoticed. TrustPedia segregates the legit and the scam online brokers so that you can avoid the biggest scammers around. Our reviews are based on a wide variety of parameters, including the age and previous history of the service, real customer feedback and reviews, recommendations, and our very own non-influenced tests.

We classify a broker as illegal if we find evidence of scams like:
  • Bad online brokers
  • Boiler rooms
  • Pump & Dump
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Unregistered/offshore securities
  • Investment seminars
  • Precious metal scams
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