1Market Review

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Leverage up to 1:500
Minimum deposit of $250
Wide range of spreads
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
  • Daily market report is provided to users on the platform daily
  • There are high levels of customer protection and regulatory compliance
  • Data-driven trading decisions can be made because of the 1nsight trading tool
  • It has a lot of good social trading features
  • The ‘Mini’ account lacks a lot of advanced features compared to other accounts
  • When it comes to the selection of forex pairs, it is lacking compared to other platforms
  • No USA users
  • There is a minimum $500 deposit
1Market Highlights
📈 Demo Account yes
💸 Leverage 1:30
📊 Available assets Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, ETFs
💵 Deposit Methods Bank transfers, credit & debit cards, and e-wallets
⚖ Regulation Cyprus Securities, Global Financial Services Authority
🌐 Countries All countries except the United States

1Market is one of the newer brokers that have hit the market, but it has many people talking. One of the goals for 1Market is to make live market trading easier for everyone, and it does this by using the technology available. This is how 1Market has given many people a unique opportunity to trade in an industry that many people do not understand.

It has created an environment where new and experienced traders can create investment opportunities based on the algorithm. Algorithms have helped many people understand trading and the market to try and reach their desired investment goals.

This is a review on 1Market, and it will break down everything you need to know about this broker. However, just like with every trading opportunity, you should always proceed with caution and only trade the amount of money you can afford to lose.

Is 1Market a Good Option for you?

One of the biggest questions that people ask is whether 1Market is legit. Luckily, it can be concluded that it is a legitimate broker. There are many reasons to support this claim:

  1. It is heavily regulated by the best service regulators in Europe. This information can also be easily found, so it shows transparency.
  2. The broker has already picked up a few awards issued by Top Forex Awards. These awards are only given out to legitimate brokers and not scams.
  3. Customers need to show proof of identification and residency, complying with money laundering procedures.

There are more reasons why 1Market is legitimate, but you will be able to come to your conclusion after reading the rest of this review. Overall, when a broker is so transparent and has received recognition from larger organizations, you can make a safe assumption that the broker is legitimate.

Is 1Market Regulated?

1Market is owned by Podora Ltd, which is a Marshall Islands company. Also, 1Market is registered as a European financial services provider. On top of that, 1Market is licensed and registered by the Exchange Commission and Cyprus Securities, one of the leading financial services regulators.

Regulation is essential when dealing with a brokerage, and 1Market takes its regulatory obligations seriously. This was concluded because it was easy to find all of the regulatory information, which shows transparency. Still, it also has a lot of processes and procedures in place. That is why its regulations also help to support the argument that 1Market is legitimate and that people can trust this company.

Moreover, if you want to learn more about 1Market and all of its protections, then you can access the 1Shield website from the platform and take a look yourself. On the 1Shield website, you can see all of the different deposit and customer protections that are in place to protect you. This is usually unheard of for brokers, so it is nice to see that 1Market is open with its regulation and protection.

1Market is recommended for both beginners and experienced traders. There are a lot of helpful educational resources on the website for beginners so that they can learn more about trading. Also, the customer support team is knowledgeable and can help when there is a problem.

More experienced traders will like that they can add to their experience with 1Market with all of the additional trading tools. With the other forms of software available, they can create an experience catered to them and their needs. Also, they will have access to real-time trades to better utilize their deposit and work their money the way they want.

1Market Trade Experience

1Market has many different trading tools that people can utilize so that they can trade their money.

MetaTrader 5

One of the platforms that users will have access to is the MetaTrader 5 platform. This is an advanced platform that was launched in 2010 by MetaQuotes. There are multiple trading tools that traders can use like:

  • Nine chart types
  • Expert advisor
  • Multiple timeframes

All these tools and more work together to create seamless access to the global markets. You can access this platform on both desktops and smartphone devices.


If you want to look at real-time market opportunities, you will be able to do that with 1Market’s WebTrader. It is perfect for those who want more flexibility and know how to trade.

Trading Central

Trading Central was made, so you never miss an opportunity when it comes to your trades. This tool will allow you to see all of the real-time trading signals to join in on the retail traders. You will have access to this tool once you have put in your deposit.

1nsight Trading

Many traders who are successful need to have trading insights that are regularly updated – that is why 1nsight has become so helpful because it can give you that information. You have access to the feed, which measures the activity of other users as they trade. This will help more experienced traders continue to use their knowledge to its fullest extent.

This software is powered by algorithms that follow traders and assets available on 1Market so that the user can see real-time data insights. Also, it is shown on your screen without interrupting your trading, so you can better utilize the information in real-time.

Commissions and Fees

Just like with any brokerage, 1Market has its fees to make money. However, the fees tend to be smaller than other brokers, and 1Market prides itself on being transparent with all of its users.

The CFD selection from 1Market is decent. Overall, the broker has a solid selection of CFDs to trade, considering this is relatively new software. Also, all of the selections have been spread across a wide variety of assets for you to pick from, which lends itself to many different investors using 1Market. People can buy CFDs on commodities, currencies, stocks, indices, and ETFs.

You will need to put in a minimum of $500 deposit to trade, but the trading fees are lower compared to other sites.

Unlike many other brokers, 1Market approaches fees differently than its competitors. You will not get charged a brokerage fee on any of your trades, but the broker will be able to make money with the difference between the asking rates and the bids. This means that you will not be charged any additional fees on the CFD trades that happen on the platform.

However, if you want to make a trade, and it’s held from one day until the next, you will have to pay a ‘rollover’ fee. This is very typical within the industry and nothing outrageous. The rollover fees that 1Market charges depend on the asset class you are trading, so you must look at that before finishing any trade.

Luckily, 1Market has always been very transparent with its fees, so you won’t be surprised by anything you didn’t see coming.

1Market does not provide direct access to Forex trading. However, if you still wish to trade Forex CFDs, you can do so. There is a decent selection of currency pairs that you can trade with, but they are through significant currency pairs. If you are looking to trade with exotic currency, you might have some difficulty with this platform.

You will have to put in a minimum of a $500 deposit to trade, but the trading fees are low.

How to Open an Account with 1Market

Step 1: Click on the “Register” or “Start Trading” button on https://www.1market.com/

Step 2: Click “Sign Up” button

Step 3: Fill out the registration form with your personal information. Then click “Sign Up”.

1Market has many accounts to choose from, allowing many people to select an account that is right for them and their trading strategy. There are six different accounts: Mini, Standard, Gold, Platinum, Diamon, and VIP.

To open an account, all you need to do is click the ‘Register Now’ button at the top right corner of your screen. Then, it will request your information like your full name, email, password, phone number, and residency. You will need to provide identification and proof of your residence, which a team member will check over.

1Market Demo Account

1Market does offer a demo account with many valuable tools and features. This is a great place to begin for those new to trading. It allows new traders to go through the program and see how it works. Also, it is not just limited to beginner traders; advanced traders can use it to practice their new trading strategies in a risk-free environment.

Overall, the demo account perfectly mirrors the functions and features of a live account. The only difference is that it is funded by virtual money and not real money, so you will not receive any profit from a win this account.

1Market Education

It is vital to have the right educational resources for trading, mainly because it is becoming more popular in mainstream media. Luckily, 1Market understands that people need to have this information, so the brokerage has placed learning resources on its website. These resources are suitable for learning more about intelligent trading decisions and how to use the platform.

Additionally, other resources are placed on the site like daily market reports, trading guides, financial news, exclusive market updates, and more, so everyone can access the appropriate education in this trading world.

1Market Customer Service

Having customer support that people can use and trust is essential with any business but especially for those in the trading industry. When people are dealing with their own money, they want issues resolved quickly and answers to questions when they are asked. Luckily, 1Market can do all of that.

1Market can help all of those in need with their customer support. The primary way to contact the customer support team is by email, but there is also a phone line that you can call any time of the day.

Also, there is a ‘Contact’ page where you can send messages and ask more technical queries if you have one. The box that appears is helpful because you can fully explain your problem and attach any files that you think are relevant. Additionally, there is a live chat option so that you can contact a member of the team right away.

Overall, the team appeared to be knowledgeable and friendly, so everyone should be happy with the customer support team. It is helpful that there are so many different ways to contact the team so that you can choose the right one for you.


1Market has a lot to offer to traders worldwide. There are multiple accounts that they can pick from, so they can choose the correct account for them and their trading needs. Also, it has been concluded that 1Market is legitimate because of how transparent it is with all of its regulations and procedures. With so much to offer, 1Market continues to be a new player on the trading market, taking the world by storm.

We hope this review has helped you have a clearer mind regarding the most recent brokerage companies to hit the market and which ones can be the perfect fit for you.