BTC Tradings Review

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Web-based platform
Excellent customer support
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
  • BTC Tradings allows you to access the web- based platform on desktops and smart devices.
  • You get excellent customer support by email or through the contact form on the website.
  • BTC Tradings is regulated, but we aren’t sure by which agency.
  • You’ve got a variety of tradable assets from which to choose.
  • There are competitive spreads with BTC Tradings.
  • The broker offers educational resources.
  • Find a wide range of open wallets available to use.
  • You get a welcome bonus.
  • Only EEA countries can utilize BTC Tradings
  • We couldn’t find the regulatory body or any information.
  • It’s not easy to trade on the site itself.

BTC Tradings is an online broker for the European market and offers many trading products, such as commodities, forex, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, and more. Many users have reported that it is best to use this broker in conjunction with a trading robot.

While we were writing this in-depth review, we came across user testimonials showing that BTC Tradings is a trustworthy and legitimate broker. From the current information we have, BTC Tradings does appear to be legitimate. We’re going to talk about its features and how you can easily access this broker through Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Pro, two popular, trustworthy auto-trading robots.

Continue reading to learn more about the trading platforms, broker’s fees, deposits, pros and cons, and so much more.

What Is BTC Tradings?

BTC Tradings was founded in 2017, and not much is known about it. The website doesn’t provide an about us page. Therefore, we had to do significant digging to find anything about this broker. We did find that it is regulated, as all brokers must be. The company states that it is located in Bulgaria. Since it doesn’t list its regulatory agency on the website anywhere we could find it, we did some digging.

We would have liked for the broker to provide this information to us, as it makes it easier for us to do our research. Plus, ordinary people who are new to crypto trading may not know about regulations and how to find them. Still, we researched and found that BTC Tradings claims to be registered, but we couldn’t find any information about this.

Right now, we are not going to say whether or not BTC Tradings is legit or a scam. Of course, the best way to utilize any broker is through an auto-trading website.

Please be aware that BTC Tradings is a broker that lets its traders manually trade assets through liquidity providers. There are many products and markets on which to trade here.

However, there is a difference between an online broker and a crypto auto-trading robot, such as Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Pro.

CFD brokers allow for manual trading of CFDs. Still, auto trader robots for cryptocurrency often have elaborate and sophisticated algorithms, which can scan the market and help you make more profitable trades without having to do any analysis of the markets.

By law, cryptocurrency auto-trading robots cannot collect your deposits. Therefore, they’ve got to operate with a partner broker. In a sense, crypto robots, such as Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Pro, have to make transactions through a regulated broker. From our review and the information we have come up with, we believe that BTC Tradings might be a legitimate broker. Regardless of your experience with online trading, we recommend that you choose a reputable and regulated broker, but use it through an auto-trader robot.

Is BTC Tradings Scam or Legit?

We do not feel that BTC Tradings is a scam, but we cannot be 100 percent sure. There are a few warning signs out there about it. For one, there is no regulatory agency listed, and we couldn’t find information about it. Plus, the broker only operates in countries that don’t require regulation, so it doesn’t work in the US, Japan, and other regions with strict rules for crypto trading.

Of course, we did check out the website fully and know that the broker provides many features for traders of all types. For example,
you can get some educational materials if you’re new to trading. There are many assets available to trade, as well as advanced tools, and excellent customer support.

Though we feel that BTC Tradings might be a great broker, it is best to use it through an auto-trading robot, such as Bitcoin Pro or Bitcoin Era. Beginners who haven’t developed their skills are more likely to lose money on the website itself. Through an automated trading robot, you get the experience of trading while the bot does all the work.

Markets and Instruments

BTC Tradings provides you with a variety of financial assets with which to trade. These can include commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and indices. You can see every tradable asset that’s available before signing up with the broker.

Trading Platforms

There is no trading platform at all with BTC Tradings. Instead, it is a web-based application, so you can use it regardless of where you are. Of course, there are cross-device capabilities, so you can use it on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Plus, trading live is available from the trade ticket, watchlist, or from your charts. You can also see how others are investing to get a new perspective on the market.

How to Trade on BTC Tradings Through a Trading Bot?

We previously mentioned that BTC Tradings is best used on Bitcoin Pro and Bitcoin Era. These trading robots are there to analyze the markets.

Then, when the conditions are right (what you choose for the criteria), it places orders for you, which are designed to be profitable. This is alleged, as we can’t know for sure how they work. With these robots, you can adjust your trading settings and let the software automatically start and complete trades for you.

It’s easy to register for either auto-trading robot. There are just three simple steps to complete, and we go through them all here:


You’ve got to sign up for your account. Go to the Bitcoin Pro or Bitcoin Era’s website. The sign-up bit is right next to the video. You can choose to read through everything on the page or go ahead and sign up. To do that, enter your email, phone number, name, and a strong password. Then, you’re redirected to a broker within your region.


Since you are registered and signed into the platform, you can then be redirected to the BTC Tradings website to deposit your money. When that happens, the auto-trader then starts trading for you. There are many payment options on BTC Tradings, such as credit cards, MasterCard/Visa, Neteller, Skrill, and others. Pick the one that best meets your needs. The auto traders work hard to ensure that your information is secure.


Using Bitcoin Pro or Bitcoin Era is quite easy and only takes two steps to get to the auto-trading aspect. Now, you can modify your trading settings if you desire. Then, activate the auto-trade feature. The criteria to change can include risk levels, leverage ratios, and crypto pairs to trade. Once you’re ready, you can easily get started automatically.

Please note: If you’re not quite ready to trade live yet, there are demo accounts on both auto-trading platforms. That way, you can learn the system before inputting any money.

Account Types

There are six total account options.

The Micro account starts with a $5 deposit and includes video tutorials, daily analyses, customer service 24/7, and mobile traders. With the Bronze account, you can get up to $25 deposit with all the perks of the Micro account. You may also get a dedicated account manager and webinars. For the Sylver account, you get all that and a few more things with a $75 deposit. They just keep going up from there.

Since you are required to do all of the trading yourself, it’s a little confusing at first. However, the company gives you a variety of ways to learn more about the different currencies and options. You can also read more about compliance. The educational aspect is found under the cryptocurrencies tab. Learn about the various digital coins.

BTC Tradings wants you to add a lot of funds to your account. Therefore, it is going to give you a bonus when you consistently add money for trading. You also get a bonus added with your first deposit as a gesture of good faith. Be cautious here, as having more money in the account at one time means that you can make significantly higher losses or profits. You’re never required to accept bonuses, but they can help you earn more. Of course, this is only through the broker and not available on the auto-trading websites. Again, we recommend that you use them instead of the broker itself, but it is completely up to you.

The easiest way to contact customer service is by email. However, the website does include a contact form. It also provides you with a map of the area in which the office is. That way, you get a better idea of its location and can feel confident adding money to your account.

More Robots Accessing BTC Tradings

It’s always best to trade on BTC Tradings through an automated cryptocurrency robot.

Find out more about top-rated and legitimate auto-trading sites here. You can also find out which auto-traders are scams so that you can avoid them easily.


We believe that BTC Tradings could be a legitimate broker, though we haven’t found much information about it.

There weren’t a lot of testimonials about the broker, either. However, we have found that many of the auto-trading robots that use this broker are legitimate. Therefore, we can conclude that you can use BTC Tradings through Bitcoin Pro and Bitcoin Era, among others.


We’ve gone through all of the points for BTC Tradings and have provided you with sufficient information to make a decision. However, you may still have questions or might have come to this section first. Regardless, learn more and find out about this broker.

  1. Is BTC Tradings a Scam?

    We do not believe that BTC Tradings is a scam. Though we can’t find a lot of information about it, we do know that it is used by many high-ranked auto-trading robots, such as Bitcoin Pro and Bitcoin Era. Read their reviews so that you can determine if these auto-traders are the best for you and your needs.

  2. How Can I Open an Account on BTC Tradings?

    To open your account, you should visit the broker’s website. However, we find it is best to go to an auto-trading robot website, such as Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Pro. That way, the trading process is automated for you through BTC Tradings.

  3. Is BTC Tradings an Auto-trader Robot?

    No, BTC Tradings isn’t an auto-trader. Instead, it’s a CFD broker, which allows you to trade a variety of assets. Still, you must know how to trade online.