ETFinance Review

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Regulated by CySEC
Min. deposit €215
350+ Tradable Assets
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

Is Your Hard Earned Money Worth This Investment?

ETFinance started in 2018 as a means for investors to access CFD trading opportunities. They recognize that the world and the trading markets are continually changing, so they designed a platform to reflect that.

ETFinance is an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest their money in cryptocurrency. Their easy to use services are suitable for well-seasoned traders and those new the investing world. Many of ETFinance’s avid users report positive returns on their investments.

How to Trade on ETFinance

Anyone who is just getting into investment trading, ETFinance, is the way to go. They have a wealth of knowledge, so they are able to answer any of your questions. No matter how big or small, they have experience with all trading queries.

This knowledge makes them a powerful force to have on your side. You can be sure that the advice or guidance they provide is going to work in your favor.

Interestingly, ETFinance is also suitable for traders well versed in the investment world.

Signing up for an account is quite simple. First, sign up for a free account. This step requires users to enter pertinent details into the given fields. While somewhat routine, this step is a security feature to ensure traders can invest safely through ETFinance. Second, traders make a deposit onto the platform. Unlike other websites, ETFinance pairs with numerous trusted payment options. This gives users the ability to move their money from their preferred accounts. Finally, traders need to download their desired platform or mobile app. Once they have access to their account, they can begin to trade freely.

In three simple steps, users can purchase investments and move their money around as they please. Each step along the way is backed up with the safest and most secure methods of protection. ETFinance understands a trader’s need for security, especially when trading over the internet. While security glitches can take place anywhere on the internet, ETFinance works to mitigate security breaches at all levels of the website.


Just like the global market runs 24/7, ETFinance allows traders to access the market at any given time. Their apps and trading platforms are always available, so you never have to worry about missing out on an opportunity. This is extremely important because the international markets can change drastically within a matter of minutes.

Unlike some other trading platforms, ETFinance is available on a multitude of technology devices. If you prefer to work off of your phone, you can trade from there. This is especially handy if you need to make a trade quickly. Additionally, those who prefer to work from a tablet or computer can also access their account at any time. ETFinance is designed to be user friendly, giving traders access to their investments whenever and however they want.

ETFinance uses cutting edge technology for their app and their web platform. It is so impressive that they are award-winning and have been recognized with praise from all different parts of the world. The platform gives traders the power and confidence to invest and move their money as they please.

ETFinance Fees

ETFinance is a low-cost option for potential investors. Many other trading platforms require investors to pay high commissions or high user fees. These fees eat into returns, leaving the trader with less profit. ETFinance, however, works on a 0% fee or commission basis, meaning traders are left with more money in their pockets. This is a significant selling point for trading CFDs on cryptocurrency with ETFinance.

Safety and Security

ETFinance is also a safe and reliable brokerage. Their primary focus is customer safety, which is especially important in the crypto market. Though the crypto market is considered overall to be secure, there is always a chance of a security breach. ETFinance follows all of the strict policies handed down by their industry regulators. These principles, plus additional safety measures implemented by ETFinance, means traders can feel confident their money is safe with ETFinance. At all times, traders are protected by state-of-the-art safety policies.

ETFinance uses bank-level security features to ensure your money is kept safe. They only partner with trusted and verified financial institutions for making investment deposits. Traders can expect to be able to move their money through VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, SSL, and numerous other reliable financial services.

Cryptocurrency Trading Options

In order to enter the cryptocurrency market, investors are often required to have a blockchain wallet. This is usually a barrier to entry because most investors do not have one.

It means that investors miss out on the opportunities provided by investing in products like Bitcoin. Unlike other platforms, ETFinance does not require traders to have a blockchain wallet. Instead, they simply trade CFDs on cryptocurrency, which acts like any other traditional currency.

This method also makes it possible for investors to purchase other forms of cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin is the most well-known product, it is definitely not the only one. In fact, the cryptocurrency market is exploding, making it easy to enter the market if traders work with the right platform. Crypto trading is an extremely complex process due to the security features that it requires. The internet can be an unstable entity if the proper security features are not in place. This is why a physical or virtual wallet is needed but difficult for new traders to acquire. ETFinance allows you to trade with CFDs instead of the wallet so that investors can enter all cryptocurrency markets more freely.

Since ETFinance makes cryptocurrency so accessible, they also offer a user-friendly platform that helps new trader navigate their investments. The crypto market changes very quickly, so traders can use ETFinance’s professional analysis tools to make informed decisions. When used correctly, traders become more confident in their choices and abilities, making better trades through ETFinance.

ETFinance Account Types

ETFinance offers three types of accounts personal traders can use. They even provide a separate account from these for professionals. Each type of account is dedicated to the trader’s level of confidence and trading ability.

The Silver account is for newcomers who are at the beginning stage of their investment life. Users can access 750 assets with a minimum spread of 0.07. They enjoy 1:30 maximum leverage and 10 hours a day professional support from the ETFinance customer service team.

Those who know a lot about the markets, the Gold account is better suited. Users can have 1:30 maximum leverage, and 0.05 minimum spreads. These accounts have a dedicated account manager, so traders always have someone else watching over their accounts. Traders here can also enjoy a swap discount of 25% and participate in webinars and videos.

Finally, well-seasoned traders can sign up for the platinum account. Here, users have a 0.03 minimum spread and 1:30 maximum leverage. These accounts also have a dedicated account manager but can enjoy a swap discount of 50%. Platinum account traders receive free VPS and can sign up for news alerts.

At the highest level, traders can apply for a professional account. The point of this account is for highly skilled traders to build their own trading path. They receive higher leverage on all assets and can participate in exclusive loyalty programs.

ETFinance provides trading accounts for all levels of experience, with its user-friendly, secure trading platform.


ETFinance offers traders several educational opportunities. They realize that the best traders are informed ones. These educational options provide new traders with an additional understanding of the investment markets.

Throughout the year, ETFinance offers webinars targeted to specific financial events or backgrounds. Traders can participate to gain a better understanding of the global market.

In addition to the Webinars, ETFinance offers courses, ebooks, tutorials, and financial articles for its users. Traders can use a variety of methods to learn more about the markets. This educational component is an essential feature of ETFinance. Some platforms prefer to keep users in the dark, hoping they take their advice with blind ambition. ETFinance chooses to give traders the chance to educate themselves about trading.

In addition, on ETFinance’s website, traders have access to an economic calendar. This calendar details all of the significant moments in international trade decisions. It gives users the necessary knowledge like changes in interest rates or when prominent world leaders are speaking. All of these things can influence the trading markets, so it is imperative for traders to know they took place. However, it can be very difficult to follow along with all of these changes. ETFinance complies with all of the informative for its users and makes it available in one, easy to read calendar.

Finally, ETFinance also complies with a quarterly earnings calendar for its users to browse. On this calendar, significant companies are listed along with their current stock prices. It shows how the stock has been performing as well as where it opened and closed. Again, this amount of information is essential but potentially difficult to access. ETFinance puts it all in one place so users can analyze the markets and make an informed decision.

Trader Support

In a fast-moving global market, it can be very challenging to make decisions. This is especially true when it comes to money. No one wants to make a mistake and invest in something they shouldn’t. The opposite is true as well; no one wants to miss an opportunity. When money sits in a stagnant investment, there is an opportunity cost. In other words, an investor’s money is not working for them. While this is an inherent risk in the trading market, ETFinance works to mitigate these potential losses as much as possible.

Traders can enjoy the use of the professional analysis tools offered by ETFinance. Traders can utilize the advanced analysis instruments to determine whether or not they should make a trade or investment. This unique tool is especially helpful when a trader weighs out their decisions. While no investment is a guarantee, being able to analyze the potential returns or losses ahead of time is very helpful. Traders appreciate the ability to make a better-informed decision as it can reinforce their confidence. Additionally, as traders become more used to how the market works, their trading confidence gross, giving them the freedom to make more trades in the future.

ETFinance also provides its traders with 24/7 customer support. Should traders prefer to chat online, that option is always available through the ETFinance platforms. If you prefer to ask your question in an email or over the phone, support agents are able to answer your queries through these modes as well. Their customer service agents are experts specializing in professional and technical support. They are able to help those new to the trading industry and those who have years of experience. This is a unique feature of ETFinance in that most platforms are tailored to traders of a specific experience level.

ETFinance also supports its traders through the use of trading signals. When professionals make trades, ETFinance traders get notified. They can choose to make a similar trade, knowing that it is likely a good one because professional traders have previously done so. ETFinance traders even have the option of setting their accounts to follow selected professionals automatically. This gives users the peace of mind that they won’t miss out on significant opportunities. It also means traders don’t always have to watch the markets because their money is working for them.

Final Remarks

ETFinance is a regulated trading facilitator for investors at all levels of expertise. Unlike other brokers, ETFinance provides support to its traders through education, customer service, and professional experience. Those new to the trading markets and those with significant experience can enjoy the low-cost benefits ETFinance provides to its traders. ETFinance offers simple and straightforward means for traders to invest in cryptocurrency. They remove the barriers to entry and make all types of cryptocurrency available to any trader.