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Is It a Legit or Scam Broker?

InvestCore is an online platform that deals with online brokers for trading activities. Usually, the site allows you to choose between signing up directly or going through a broker. Many auto trading robots permit brokers to collect funds from clients. Unfortunately, with this auto-trading robot, you can only trade Bitcoin and no other cryptocurrencies.

The system may, however, offer other services such as stocks and indices. Many InvestCore users claim that its brokers have led to their disappointment in their trading journey. Other reviews state that the InvestCore system is not trustworthy and does not offer transparency in its operations.

Furthermore, some clients’ claims and reviews clearly show that the system is not legitimate. Here is all you need to know about this trading bot and its operations. You can also get ideal bots and brokers to consider in your trades.

According to research, InvestCore seems to be a scam. Many people claim it doesn’t allow them to make deposits or withdrawals correctly, which is already bad news. Many indications of these bot operations seem to be unclear too. Legitimate trading bots ensure that they do not deal with the broker option. If you want to know what we discovered after using InvestCore, keep reading!

What to do instead?

Most likely, after reading all we have said so far, you are probably ready to give up on the world of trading entirely. However, you mustn’t forget that not every broker is anything like InvestCore. Legitimate options are out there, and we highly recommend using them.

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What Is InvestCore?

This is an online trading platform claiming to offer excellent Bitcoin auto-trading services. It is a brokerage company that gives traders access to the international financial markets. The broker claims to have a record of accomplishment of impressive financial results.

It pushes the narrative that it enhances its clients’ stable growth through its CFDs trading. Apart from being a trading website and broker, the firm claims to offer innovative technology. Nothing can be said to be true about this claim since it does not seem to exist.

What InvestCore Should Give and Why It Doesn’t

InvestCore claims to help clients by guiding them to learn more about trading. They also claim to use their brokers to aid in making your first trades or help you go through the trading experience. However, the case is different here. The brokers are at the forefront of collecting clients’ deposits.

The company goes silent and doesn’t say a word about the deposit collection. This problem leads to confusion and a lot of difficulty for clients to understand what’s happening. After realizing that your deposit is not there anymore, you’re likely to get worried that you made a wrong decision.

Many legitimate trading bots work closely with their clients to ensure they get the most out of their investments. When scam bots like InvestCore gain access to your account and collect all your deposited funds, you get to learn nothing but leave frustrated.

Your Funds and Safety Regulations

InvestCore has its main office at “8 Copthall, Roseau Valley.” This is in 00152, Commonwealth of Dominica.

The main company lines are predominantly UK phone lines. Since there are strict registration guidelines in the UK, it needs licensing. A quick check shows that it is not licensed or regulated as it claims.

Ideally, this broker is being shady by listing a different office location while using the main UK phone lines. Again, it claims to be global but leaves out the main states that form the global market. Perhaps it is aware of the stringent measures in places like France and the USA.

This broker has no payment service provider to help with withdrawal services. The presence of such an agency is normally a sign that the broker is legit and intends to give traders their earnings. It claims that it does not earn through brokerage fees and commissions. This is untrue since it reserves to limit client funds and block withdrawals as its way of earning.

The InvestCore Scam: The Software

InvestCore uses some of the most reputable and reliable software to pull off their scam. The system uses the MT4 platform in its operations and trading activities. There is also the Sirix trader technology for its mobile and desktop trading apps.

This is a state-of-the-art technology also used by legit auto-trading bots. It, therefore, makes it difficult for most traders to tell if the broker is legit or not. Usually, many users prefer MT4 due to its reliability and effectiveness.

The platform is easy to use, it has advanced tools, and it is highly intuitive. Many traders who use brokers also like using auto-trading robots, and this is what InvestCore rides on. However, InvestCore does not allow automatic trading, so you do all activities by yourself.

It is also ideal to note that many auto traders with brokerage options are likely to be fraudulent. InvestCore seems to have good software, but it does not work to benefit its clients. Instead, the technology is expertly used to convince and swindle unsuspecting traders.

The Importance of Using Auto-trading Websites

Auto-trading is a vital activity for many online traders. Many traders do not understand the essence of working with online brokers while they can trade by themselves. Direct signing up with a broker tends to be more problematic than trading alone.

If you are an online trading beginner or do not know the steps to follow in trading CFDs, you may take longer to learn its basics. However, if you get a trading bot with an easy-to-navigate user interface, you can grasp the concept faster.

The broker option is a good idea when the system has good intentions of helping its customers. When you trade alone, you are likely to make mistakes that might cost you money. One of the benefits of using an auto trading website is that it can handle everything from the trading activity for clients.

All you need to do is make a deposit, set your strategies, and select suitable automation. A correct setup gets you connected with a broker near you automatically. Usually, software with a good algorithm is likely to make trades on behalf of the client through the broker.

In InvestCore’s case, it does not use legitimate auto traders. Its operations are questionable since it claims to have a good algorithm but does not support live trading. This operation shows that the expected results are pre-determined. The system allows you to win several times, but you cannot withdraw the accumulated funds.

When you trigger a withdrawal request, you find out that the system does not support the process. Sometimes, you can withdraw your earnings, but the money remains held by the company for over six months. You cannot initiate a chargeback after six months, and the money gets lost.

At times, when you contact the company through their email or live chat to ask why the withdrawal is not supported, no one responds. Furthermore, they go ahead and block your account permanently.

Why Do You Need an Auto-trader Robot and a Legit Broker?

There are many legitimate brokers you can work with, but do you know why you need them?

Genuine auto-trader bots can analyze the crypto market and present you with the right information to use. Some may, allegedly, place profitable trades for you by looking at the market conditions. These bots have high accuracy ratings that may lead to high returns.

A legit auto-trading bot allows you to adjust trade settings to enable the bot to process what you desire. The bots are easy to register on and have several trade options at your disposal. Some of these bots scan the market to assign you the right broker in your region.

Genuine brokers have many deposits and withdrawal payment options. The systems have a security padlock for information encryption and software antivirus protection. You can assess your trading risk levels and leverage ratio.

Human curiosity may push you to sign up to InvestCore and try it out. This is not a recommendation, as you may have read throughout this piece. Rather, sign-up with other legitimate auto-trading robots on the market. Of course, conduct proper research first to find a legitimate one that offers what you need.

Should you decide to take a chance with InvestCore, don’t go beyond the demo account. Here, you need no real money to trade; instead, you only have virtual money for training. You can add all the needed registration details, including your preferred account currency.

The platform has four trading accounts which include basic, general, business, and first-class. They entice unsuspecting traders to deposit amounts between $250 and $10,000. There is also a premium plan at $50,000 that claims to offer exclusive services. Don’t fall for any of their plans, because once you deposit for trading, you cannot withdraw the money.

To further convince more traders to come on board, the company has a prestigious society. It claims the community is for successful traders to enjoy the finest trading conditions. Anyone in that society enjoys priority support and much more exclusive services.

As emphasis, it is not recommended that you sign up for InvestCore. In fact, don’t even deal with any auto-trading software that uses it as their broker.

Signing up with Other Online Brokers

Save yourself the hassle of following up your investment when it is clear it is never coming. Why struggle when you can make it on other legit platforms? Scour the market and find yourself an auto-trading robot that meets your needs.

After your experience with this scam broker on its demo account, move on from it. Don’t even try to proceed to live trading because there is nothing to make there. Avoid depositing any money with the trader for any reason. Instead, use the experience and skills you have acquired to handle your other legit trades.

Final Remarks

Reading this article leaves no doubt at all that InvestCore is a scam broker site. In fact, many client complaints present a very gleam reading for the broker. Though it uses current technology and claims to offer much, there is no sign that the assertions are true.

Yes, the broker’s site has some tutorials and educational materials that may be beneficial. Unfortunately, all are meant to convince traders to join the website and deposit. They seem to offer unrealistic promises of making it big. Once you commit yourself by depositing money, it is lost.

There is also the element of suspect fund security and safety. In fact, the withdrawal process is hectic. You can wait an eternity waiting for your money because it is likely never coming. The withdrawn money is delayed for up to six months, after which you cannot initiate a chargeback. Of course, there was never an intention to let you have your money back in the first place.

The broker claims to be under regulation, but there is no confirmation or signs of this. A check with regulatory authorities across the globe shows that InvestCore is not listed. Don’t fall for this broker’s charms. Instead, take the courage to use a different legitimate broker.

If your goal is to find auto-trading software, you may want to look at 1K Daily Profit. The ultimate goal is to keep your money safe, get an easy-to-use platform, and keep your deposited money.


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    Unfortunately, yes. If you deposit your money with this broker, you are going to lose it.

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