InvestMarkets Review

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Educational and training materials
Multiple account types available
No deposit fees
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
  • Use any device to visit the broker’s website.
  • Official regulation through a government agency
  • Works with auto-trading software, such as Bitcoin Era
  • Various educational and training materials offered to understand the market
  • Multiple account types available with varying pricing options for any budget
  • No deposit fees
  • Minimal withdrawal fees (on some accounts)
  • Withdrawal fees required on most accounts
  • Fees for inactive accounts. When there’s no activity on the account for a month, InvestMarkets can charge for its services
  • Risk is always involved when trading CFDs or any asset

Should You Use This Broker?

InvestMarkets is an online broker that offers various assets. These include currencies, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, stocks, commodities, indices, and much more. It helps traders find a concrete and centralized foundation to invest money and move through the markets with ease. Since the trading market fluctuates continuously, this platform was designed to help with that.

We feel that InvestMarkets is a great choice for those who want to dabble in cryptocurrency or any of the other assets available. This broker has services that are easy to use and ideal for beginners and experienced traders alike.

What Is InvestMarkets?

It’s easy to get into the trading game with InvestMarkets.

This broker offers upfront costs and is easy to use. In general, it charges you for using its service, which is standard within the brokerage industry.

We have found that InvestMarkets works with auto-trading software, too. However, you can sign up directly with InvestMarkets and start making trades. That way, you’ve got a personal brokerage account for trading almost anything.


InvestMarkets is operated by a Belize Invest Firm called Arvis Capital Limited. It is fully regulated and authorized through the IFSCB (International Financial Services Commission for Belize). We did extensive research to find that this is a legitimate agency that handles financial regulation in the country. Therefore, your investments are safe with InvestMarkets, and you can safely trade with this broker.

Where to Sign Up

If you visit the InvestMarkets website, it helps you create your account to start making deposits and trading. On top of that, you can find helpful educational information about various trade strategies and more. Inexperienced traders are sure to appreciate that.

It’s a good idea to visit the brokerage website to read up on all the information available. That way, you understand what positions are, how to use them, and can create the right strategies for you. In fact, it’s essential to know the “rules” you should input so that you can execute trades at the right moment.

While InvestMarkets is geared toward beginners, experienced traders also like to use it. You aren’t required to go through the training materials if you already know what to do.

While it is very easy to go to the InvestMarkets website and create an account. Here’s what to do and how to get going:

How to Sign Up

We strongly recommend that you read all of the information on the InvestMarkets website before you sign up. That way, you have more knowledge of what’s likely to happen before you get started.

Those who want to do so may also consider signing up with auto-trading software and pairing it with InvestMarkets. However, you’re not required to do that and can still enjoy everything this online broker offers by signing up directly on its website.

The process is quick and easy to sign up for InvestMarkets. In fact, there are only three steps required to get started. We’re going to walk you through the process below:

Go to the official InvestMarkets website. You’ve probably already read through all of the information and clicked on various navigational links to learn more. At the very top of the page (under the running ribbon), you see a place for Login and Sign Up. Click the “Sign Up” button, and a screen is going to slide down.

Choose whether you want a free demo or a real account. Then, enter the details (name, telephone, and email). Make sure that you mark that you’re 18 years old and read through the privacy policy and legal terms before doing anything else. Just click the “Start Trading” button to get access.

Check your email for a confirmation link, and click it. You’re taken back to the InvestMarkets website, where you can create a password and enter the platform.

Now, it is time to deposit money into your InvestMarkets account. You have many methods of payment, but most people choose credit or debit cards for quick funding. Once the deposit is made, you can see it in your account info bar. Some people might have to refresh their browsers to get this to show.

Now it’s time to start trading. To do that, you must select the asset you want to work with. Then, you have to go to the market execution tab by clicking it. You can select your trade size (which is done in lots) and then choose your trade direction. When you are ready to execute it, just click the trade button.

There are also ways to choose the price fields and other information you want to include for the trade. It is easy to do this, and there are step-by-step prompts to get you through it. Take your time if it’s your first trade because it can seem a little overwhelming at first.

Account Types on InvestMarkets

InvestMarkets offers four account types. With each of them, you can see leverage of up to 1:500.

Basic is only $250, and this is what most people choose. However, there is also Gold ($25,000), Platinum ($100,000), and VIP ($250,000).

You can see floating spreads from each account. Typically, the spreads go down as you have more money, which is common.

On top of that, you may pay fees for withdrawal. The basic account offers one free withdrawal, while Gold allows a monthly free withdrawal. If you become a VIP, there aren’t any costs to remove your earnings.


Right on the InvestMarkets website, you see an education tab. If you click on it, you’re taken to the essential information for finances, trading, and CFDs. We feel that InvestMarkets does a good job of providing the best tools for its users. There are pages to explain commodities, Forex, and everything else. Plus, it discusses market news, leverage, margins, and analysis.

We feel that InvestMarkets wants its users to be successful while using the platform. Remember, it’s risky to trade CFDs or anything on the market. Therefore, you need to understand what you’re doing and have the right knowledge and skills.

Once you register for an account, you have more lessons and webinars to help you. Just remember that InvestMarkets is not a financial advisor. Therefore, it is up to you to decide how much to invest and on what.

Is InvestMarkets Legit?

TrustPedia believes that InvestMarkets is legitimate. Since it is regulated by the FSC in Belize, there’s no doubt that it’s official and authentic. Plus, we have read reviews from satisfied members who recommend this broker.

On top of the fact that it’s regulated, it also provides its license number. That means you can easily look it up to make sure it is legitimate. Though we have done that for you, it’s still good to know.

With everything else, InvestMarkets follows the data protection laws required to work with money. The GDPR is an EU establishment that works globally. Therefore, all companies have to go by it. As a result, you’ve got the right to erase, access, and refuse the processing of your data.

Along with the official regulation, InvestMarkets also offers various resources to its users before they start trading. The education tab is right there at the top of each page. That means you can learn more about the terms and figure out how to analyze the markets. You’re going to understand what you’re doing before you drop money into the account.

We like that there is a full customer support team. Users can email them to get answers to their concerns and questions. You may also have access to an account manager, depending on the account plan you pick.


Now that you know more about InvestMarkets, it’s time to consider how you may use this broker.

It is so easy to sign up directly on the website, which means you can start trading today if you want to!

With so much to learn, it’s nice that you can start trading while you catch up on all the educational materials offered by InvestMarkets. It’s a complete package and ready to help you!