Midaswms Review

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High-Quality Customer Service
Trading Platforms with Easy-to-navigate Interface
Regulated by FCA and CySec
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
  • Midas WMS offers MetaTrader4 as a mobile or desktop application, but also as a web-based platform.
  • You get customer support through live chat and email, which are both available 24/5 (not open on the weekends). You can also call the broker directly.
  • Midas WMS is regulated.
  • There are a variety of tradable assets available through the broker’s site.
  • You’ve got competitive spreads offered, some as low as 0.5 pips
  • Extensive educational resources are available
  • Accounts can be created in a variety of countries.
  • It works with auto-trading bots, such as Crypto Engine and Bitcoin Era.
  • Though regulated, we aren’t sure from which agency.
  • You can only withdraw money and have it put in the account with which you added funds.

Legit or Scam? We Provide Answers (Midas Wealth Management Securities Broker Review)

Midas Wealth Management Securities is an online broker located in Kingstown, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. It works within a variety of markets, such as Forex, crude oil, precious metals, cryptocurrency, and stocks. Many users claim that to use it, you should trade on Midas WMS with a trading robot.

During this in-depth review, we did find testimonials from other users that claim MidasMWS is a trustworthy and legitimate broker.

From what information we’ve gathered, Midas WMS appears legit. Now, all that’s left is to focus on the features and how to access the broker through auto-trader robots like Crypto Engine and Bitcoin Era.

What’s Midas Wealth Management Securities?

Midas Wealth Management Securities is operated and owned by Digital C Media, which is also in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This broker claims that it works differently.

For example, banks often have fees independent of the investments, so you’re always paying for them. Instead, this broker feels that it should only earn money if you’ve successfully made money through its client. Generally, it works with auto-trader bots like Bitcoin Era and Crypto Engine. Often, the bot pays any broker fees, so you see no costs upfront.

This broker works on the premise of 80/20 distribution for profits. Therefore, the customer works for you instead of benefiting from your loss.

Click here to begin trading on Midas MWS through Bitcoin Era.

Its Regulations

Midas WMS is the brand name for Digital C Media and is fully regulated, as claimed on the website. However, we scoured the site for information as to which governing body regulated it and could not find any information.

All we know for sure is that it is regulated, and it’s likely from an offshore entity.

Is MidasWMS Scam or Legit?

We believe, from this review, that Midas Wealth Management Securities is a regulated broker, so it is legit. This is based on a thorough investigation, as well as user reviews. It is regulated, so it complies with the ESMA and GDPR standards.

It provides a variety of features to traders with and without experience. The educational hub helps people learn more about trading and using the system. There are also appropriate trading tools and the ability to set up a demo account.

However, with all that said, we must tell you that we feel it is best if you trade on Midas through an auto-trading cryptocurrency robot, such as Crypto Engine, Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Pro. Beginner traders aren’t going to have the appropriate skills to do it all themselves. You don’t need any trading background and can use the separate platform.

Variety of Markets

Midas provides you with a variety of financial assets with which to trade. These include crypto pairs, currency pairs, stocks, indices, and much more. Plus, you can see the tradable assets that are available before you sign up to use the broker.

Trading Platforms

Midas WMS provides you with the top-rated trading platform in the world called MetaTrader4. This is available as both a mobile and desktop application. You can download it directly to your computer or smartphone. However, you’ve also got the option of using the web-based trader. This allows you to go to the website directly to make trades.

How to Trade on Midas Wealth Management Securities through Trading Robots

As we mentioned earlier, we do recommend that you trade on Midas WMS through Crypto Engine or Bitcoin Era.

These are both automated trading robots that are designed to analyze all cryptocurrency markets and place orders through a regulated broker for you.

With these bots, all you’ve got to do is adjust your trading settings and let the software run automatically in the background. To register with either auto-trader, there are three steps:

01. Register

First, you must sign up for Bitcoin Era or Crypto Engine. Once you get on the official website, you see the form to the right of the video. Enter your details in the right boxes and click the Register button. Then, you are redirected to a broker within your region.

02. Deposit

Once you’re registered, you are redirected to the Midas WMS website to deposit your funds and begin the trading process. You’ve got many payment options available. These include SafeCharge, which is a global payment, Barclays wire transfer, and a variety of credit/debit cards with a MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro logo.

03. Trades

Now, you go back to the trading platform from either Crypto Engine or Bitcoin Era and change your trade settings if you desire. Then, you can activate the auto-trading feature. Decide on various things, such as the crypto pairs to trade, risks to take for each trade, and leverage ratios.


Midas allows you to open an account directly on its website, but we do not recommend that you do this.

It’s not possible to automate the trades through Midas WMS. Online trading brokers do not allow for this, but crypto trader robots use top technologies and sophisticated algorithms to scan the crypto markets and provide you with insider information automatically. Bitcoin Era and Crypto Engine are both top trader robots and have really high accuracy rates.

Still, it is possible to open an account directly through Midas, complete its registration process, deposit your funds, and begin trading that way.

Account Types

There are four account types from Midas WMS, including Green, Premium, Platinum, and Executive.

These accounts are there to meet the various needs of all its traders. Each of the upgrades provides better trading conditions. For example, on the Green account, you get daily updates and floating loyalty points with higher spreads and lower access. However, on the Executive account, you get trade recommendation on the hour, as well as high loyalty points, trading on the expert’s team, and much more.

For UST pairs, you get leverage of 1:200, but for all others, it is 1:400.

There are no hidden fees to withdraw or deposit money. Bitcoin Era and Crypto Engine don’t charge you anything ever, but the broker is likely to profit when you make money on the spread. There are low spreads, and some of them are as low as 0.5 pips.


When you first arrive on the broker’s site, you have the option to see all of the resources.

You can go to the Midas WMS academy to learn about online trading, the various currency pairs, possibly fluctuations, and information about the risks involved. Everything is transparent here.

You can also keep up with your particular market’s news so that you’re always kept in the loop as to what is going on. There is also a FAQ section to help you learn more. Of course, the best thing about Midas MWS is that you can open a demo account. This allows you to see what is going to happen before you put in any money.


There’s no doubt in our minds that Midas Wealth Management Securities is a reliable and solid broker because of its many trading features

It also protects and secures its client’s funds. Also, it is regulated by an offshore entity, includes MetaTrader4 technology, and allows you to trade a variety of assets. You also get plenty of educational resources and customer support. Consider trading on Midas WMS through the automated trading robots Crypto Engine or Bitcoin Era.