Orbit GTM Review

Legit or Scam Broker?

Orbit GRM appears to be an online broker for European and US markets, providing a cryptocurrency and CFD trading platform.

There are almost no negative claims on the corresponding Google Play Store page, as users profess the many advantages and “infallible” nature of the provider.

An unbelievable amount of work was put into compiling this review, and the verdict is that Orbit GTM may not be legitimate or trustworthy.

We went ahead and gathered a whole host of information, and there is not much to suggest legitimacy. Of course, for your benefit, we intend to cover all the considerations we made and our areas of focus. Following this, we are also going to provide some alternatives, as we imagine you want to get some trading done with a legitimate broker.

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What Is Orbit GTM?

The Orbit GTM platform has both web and mobile options, where it provides brokerage services for various assets, including forex, indices, stocks, cryptocurrency, and CFDs.

Its algorithm is said to be incredibly intricate, but we were unable to see where that claim holds.

What You Should Get from Orbit GTM and Why You Don’t

You are promised much to get you to sign up and start making use of the platform. First, there is an attractive grouping of trading tools that are said to be a part of your package. These include daily analytics, charts, calculators, news, and even a glossary.

Independent of all of this, there is supposed to be an education center, complete with eBooks and videos to bring you all the information you could ever want in a digestible format. However, we have found that you get none of this if you should choose to sign up. All you’re left with is almost immediate regret.

The fact that auto trading platforms may use Orbit GTM as a broker could lead you to believe that it is really what it claims to be. However, you mustn’t lose sight of the fact that some of these sites are rip-offs themselves and have no intentions but to take your hard-earned money away.

Regulations and Safety of Your Funds

Despite our best efforts, we could not reliably tell what jurisdiction the Orbit GTM platform falls under. In our experience, this is almost always a huge red flag.

We are seeing multiple potential locations, and not even attempting to trace the supposed development company, OrbitDevelopers, yielded any definitive results.

That investigation led us to numerous locations, including Pakistan and Tanzania.

There is no circumstance in which it would be this difficult to put a location to a legitimate broker. On the contrary, platforms that are above board want you to have all the information, as your trust is intended to be built on security.

Orbit GTM Scam: The Software

While we are given the information that Orbit GTM is based on existing cutting-edge trading technology, we are unable to identify what platform lies underneath, assuming there even is one present doing anything behind the scenes.

Instead of giving the required details, there is a lot of fluff telling you how amazing the system is without ever giving concrete evidence to suggest same.

If a platform is legitimate and there is so much to be proud of, we can almost guarantee that the details would be put so far out there, that Orbit GTM could make a whole marketing strategy out of them. As was the case with the location debacle, it’s not hard to surmise why the details are being obscured.

Why Use Auto-trading Websites

There is often a concern about the use of auto-traders with brokers in the mix. After all, you can sign up with the brokers directly, so why not do that?

Well, there are a few things you may want to consider. First, if you are new to trading online commodities, don’t expect to pick it up in a short time. The mistakes that you make can be incredibly costly.

Next, an auto-trading website allows you to take a more hands-off approach as you learn. You’re connected to a broker near you automatically, and with your broker’s advice and assistance, the algorithm can complete the trades on your behalf.

You would be hard-pressed to find a legitimate auto-trader that is using Orbit GTM as a broker. The algorithm that is supposedly working behind the scenes doesn’t even complete a single live trade.

A couple of predetermined outcomes may happen at the initial phase to entice you, and once you start investing more, that’s when things go downhill. Good luck asking for a withdrawal, especially when the supposed dedicated customer support team doesn’t even seem to exist.

What to Do Instead

Beyond hearing our thought and observation on Orbit GTM, you are probably interested in getting connected to other legitimate brokers. So, where do you go from here? Do you just give up? Well, the recommended option is to go with one of the known trustworthy brokers available.

If you have been on our website long enough, then you know that we have a history of reviewing legitimate brokers, just like we do scams, such as Orbit GTM. Some of the options you may want to consider include CFD trader, Bitcoin Era, and 1K Daily Profit. 

We implore you to check out the reviews we have done of these options, to get a better understanding of how to proceed.

Why Work with a Legit Broker and Auto-trader Robot?

Legitimate auto-trading bots give you a proper market analysis that allows you to make your decisions from an informed standpoint. This information is used to attempt to make the best possible trades, based on the applicable market conditions. It's better to have potential returns being generated than knowing that losing everything you invest is inevitable.

Feel free to adjust your trading parameters as you learn and as your risk profile changes. The best part is the trustworthy options tend to have a signup process that’s not much more difficult than these scam alternatives.

All that is required is for you to enter the basic personal information needed and confirm your registration by using the automated email you receive.

Take time, as we always do to browse the sites you are using to understand how to get around, and to ensure you are comfortable before you jump in. Never put your money into something that makes you feel incredibly uneasy.

Once you’re ready to kick things off, then you put in your initial deposit. With that, it’s time for you to start trading. The payment options typically consist of the most popular alternatives with probably a few niche entries sprinkled throughout.

Since known and reputable payment gateways are the order of the day, the transmission and use of your payment information present no security concern to you.

Signing Up with Orbit GTM (NOT RECOMMENDED)

While we strictly advise against signing up with Orbit GTM since it's not legitimate, we are going to cover this section to maintain full transparency. A compact sign-up form is used with the typical basic details, such as your email address, name, and desired password. Choose to agree to the terms and conditions, and that's about it.

Notice the missing step of a verification email, which is a fundamental technique that brokers use to help filter out unscrupulous members. The minimum deposit to get started is $500, and the claim is it is only above the typical investment margin due to quality. Your account can be one of several types, depending on your specific needs.

The basic account is the first type, and it is targeted towards those who have never traded. You can supposedly circumvent the usual $500 investment with this account type, as you only pay the typical $250 required. Here, you’re promised a 30% registration bonus on your initial deposit and access to round-the-clock customer support.

A beginner’s account comes next in the tier list, and it’s for those who have a basic understanding and feel for how the trading industry works. It is said to provide you with a 40% sign-up bonus, as well as constant customer support, access to basic trading resources, and a dedicated junior account manager.

Your next option is a medium account, and it is geared towards those who have been investing for a few years. It promises a signup bonus of 70% of your initial deposit and a dedicated senior manager that provides you with sound advice leading to maximum potential profits.

Maybe you want to opt for a pro account instead, which is targeted at people who have a host of interests in various commodities and are looking to diversify their volume even more. The alleged signup bonus here is 80% of your initial investment, and you are promised the top account managers that Orbit GTM has the offer, as well as the best in trading resources.

We cannot leave out the VIP tier, which is reserved for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. The target here is those with a high-risk profile who are looking for a profit in the long run.

We must take yet another opportunity here to say that we strongly recommend against signing up with Orbit GTM or any auto-trading system that uses it as the underlying broker.

Signing Up with Other Brokers

We recommend that you use a legitimate automated trading robot, such as 1K Daily Profit, instead of choosing to open an account with a broker directly. Be that as it may, you may wish to continue along the broker route, and if so, you can use any of our recommended options.

As you may already know though, there is no trading process automation when you go directly to the broker. So, if you don’t have the skill set required to carry out trades on your own, expect to find yourself in a pickle.

Thankfully, the straightforward signup process does not deviate from the incredibly accessible workflow used with most auto-trading robots and even by scam sites, such as Orbit GTM. Simply navigate to the broker site, fill out the required form, make your initial deposit, and you can get to trading.


We have absolutely no doubt that Orbit GTM is a scam site masquerading as a legitimate broker. A host of attractive features and a promise of unique learning opportunities are used to attract you, but none of this is delivered. Try as we may, there was nowhere to access the comprehensive educational material that was supposed to be present.

Beyond the lack of training, we have a host of security concerns. For one, people who sign up do not have to undergo any form of verification, which opens the floodgates for bots and malicious entities to jump in. Additionally, we cannot seem to pin down the provider’s location or even the algorithm that’s working behind the scenes.

Based on this and all we have said thus far, we urge you to go with one of our recommended brokers instead. Using an auto-trader may be a better idea, especially if your knowledge of the trading landscape is not the best. 1K Daily Profit is an example of a top-tier option that grants you safety, ease of use, and fund security.


Even with the breadth of our coverage, we know that there are some pointed questions you may want answers to. Check out the FAQs for further information.

There is absolutely no doubt that Orbit GTM is a scam site. Expect to lose anything you invest if you use it. You should also avoid any auto-trading platform that implies using it. 

Consider legitimate options, such as eToro, which is used by 1K Daily Profit to great effect.

Yes, nothing is stopping you from doing this. However, you are giving up automation, and going this route is only likely to work if you have demonstrable experience in the trading industry.

The review lays out all the required parameters to reach a solid verdict. Check out all the information presented about Orbit GTM to validate its legitimacy. You can also see what alternatives may be available.

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