Tixee Review

Legit or Scam Broker?

Tixee is one of the newest entrants to the brokerage market. As is typically the case, there is a direct signup option. Auto-trading robots are also an option as they may use a solution, such as Tixee in the background to collect money on their behalf.

Bots tend to focus on one asset option, but some offer a variety of interests, such as stocks, cryptocurrency, forex, CFDs, and indices. You can find tons of reviews of Tixee, though you would expect that a recent addition to the trading industry would not yet have seen much traction.

We completed one of our most difficult reviews to date, but we are very sure that Tixee is not the legitimate and client-focused broker it claims to be.

Of course, proper data gathering techniques were used to evaluate the legitimacy of the platform. We would never want to keep you in the dark, so all the relevant elements are covered throughout the review. There is also useful information provided to help you choose legitimate brokers and bots for your trading needs.

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What Is Tixee?

Tixee is a trading platform that takes the form of both a website and mobile app that you can use directly for brokerage purposes are through an auto-trading bot.

There is a mixture of the traditional assets, such as cryptocurrency and indices, but there are also some alternative and unusual options, such as metals and energies. It professes to be incredibly innovative with its top-of-the-line platform, but our information indicates that the site is all bark and no bite.

What You Should Get from Tixee and Why You Don’t

Before you even get to review the promises, the design of the website is sure to suck you in. Once you're invested, the potential for education and research gets dangled in front of you. For example, there is supposed to be trading central analysis, live market reports, an economic calendar, and an almost consistently up-to-date news feed.

However, we do not see where any of this is true. In fact, the pages that correspond to these resources seem to be in development, assuming anyone is even looking at them. Instead of a potentially profitable venture, you are left to wallow in confusion and doubt, as you lose your hard-earned money.

Naturally, there are also trading bots that use Tixee in the background as a broker, which is typically a sign of illegitimacy. Trustworthy platforms tend to use other trustworthy platforms to reinforce and support their business models. Only a scam artist partners with another scam artist.

Regulations and Safety of Your Funds

If there were nothing else, this is what made our assessment so difficult. There is usually a very predictable formula, which sees reputable brokers being regulated and scam artists pretending to be regulated. However, what about potentially pretending to be regulated with evidence to support the said pretense?

Tixee claims to be licensed by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles. You would think that no such listing would exist, but a quick check on the regulatory body’s page does show a record of accreditation.

So, how could this possibly be a scam? Well, it turns out that the offshore jurisdiction only requires that its brokers can demonstrate the presence of $50,000 to their names. The idea behind this is that a system is created to allow for evaluation of the ability to handle volatile markets.

Beyond that, the requirements are incredibly relaxed. First, no rule asks brokers to send in daily reports of open or closed trades. Additionally, registered entities are not subjected to the kind of scrutiny and regulatory measure that you’d expect from a typical and more well-known body of authority.

Of course, it’s easy to prove accreditation when the only measure of obtaining it is proving monetary competence. This may be one of the smartest decisions a scam artist has ever made, especially since we could not easily and immediately establish a difference.

Tixee Scam: The Software

The MetaTrader 5 system is used here, which is incredibly reputable. It's the successor of the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4, which is a mainstay in the industry. A series of advanced tools, A great design, and an intuitive experience are just a few of the reasons why people enjoy using the MT5 platform.

The Status Webtrader is also used to provide a sense of variety. If you are interested in a broker, remember that most people use auto-traders instead of going the direct route. Brokers don’t allow for automated trading, so prepare to go through everything on your own if you don’t take the more convenient path.

Alternatively, you could join the automated training bandwagon. We would recommend one that uses Tixee in the background, but we have already established that it is a scam site.

Why Use Auto-trading Websites

Many people might wonder why using an auto trading bot is often suggested when they can go directly to the brokers instead.

We are not going to say that it’s impossible to sign up with a broker and eventually make profits. However, it requires some fundamental knowledge and understanding of how the trading market works.

The auto-trading bot relieves you by executing trades on your behalf based on your requirements. When you are creating your account, you sign up, make your initial deposit, select your criteria, and then the algorithm goes to work. Of course, it’s all done through the broker, so everything is above board.

We would’ve wanted to advise you to search through all the auto-traders you could find that are using Tixee for sound comparison. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single legitimate one. We even saw where fake trades were being used to lure unsuspecting new customers into a false sense of security.

The premise sees you appear to hit it big on your first couple of trades, which influences you to invest more. Unfortunately, you are never successful again, and you can’t even get a withdrawal. Feel free to use the contact option present, but don’t expect to make any progress with getting your money back or even speaking to a representative.

What to Do Instead

Considering you now know that Tixee is not legitimate, you may have concerns about what you can use as an alternative. Even if Tixee were trustworthy, it would have a lot of competition to stand up against to achieve a top ranking.

ForexTB and CPL One are examples of tremendous brokers that are known to be both trustworthy and very efficient at what they do. Our advice, as we have not been shy about putting out there before, is to get your hands on a legitimate auto-trading bot to take some of the difficulty out of the equation.

Bitcoin Era, eToro, and 1K Daily Profit come to mind in this regard. We’ve done reviews on the brokers and the bots alluded to here, so we’re not pulling this information out of the air. We encourage you to have a look at those pieces, so you can be comfortable with both the legitimacy and the underlying technology. 

Why Work with a Legit Broker and Auto-trader Robot?

There is no doubt in our minds that you have a tremendous spread of trustworthy brokers that you can choose from. However, we cannot have you believe that this is the best way to go about your trading needs. Take a deep dive into one of the auto-trading robots that we previously mentioned instead.

1K Daily Profit comes highly recommended in this regard. Beyond being trustworthy, its market analysis techniques are out of this world. The information it gains from them is then used to place trades on your behalf, with a surprisingly high level of accuracy. 

You may not be guaranteed a profit, but compare having a high success rate with 1K Daily Profit to having a guarantee of losing your money if you were supposed to use Tixee. The best part is you can adjust your trading parameters freely, whenever you get a better understanding of the trading industry or whenever your risk profile or desires change.

The registration process means that you get to do business with a trusted and proven broker which would always have been the intention. The registration process is both intuitive and smooth. All you need to do is to enter some basic personal information, such as your name, and email address, confirm your desire to register using the automated email you receive, and get access to the system.

Using your location, the system automatically directs you to the most appropriate broker present. At this point, you do your initial deposit for investment. Of course, before you do all of this, we would like to reiterate the importance of doing your research by exploring the site.

Never make any financial decisions from an uncomfortable perspective. MasterCard, Skrill, Visa, and more are used as payment options, which gives you an idea of the kind of reputation you are dealing with. Of course, all transactions and information that pass from you to the site and vice versa go through a strenuous encryption process to maintain security and privacy. 

Signing Up with Tixee (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Based on what we have discovered, we would never sign up with Tixee. Even with that information though, you may wish to do so regardless of our recommendation against it. If that's the case, then it's still a part of our responsibility to ensure you have the information you need.

Joining Tixee requires completing a straightforward form. It asks for your name, email address, country, and phone number. Beyond that, you are presented with three checkboxes that confirm reading and understanding the client agreement and some other legal documents, your not being a U.S. tax resident, and an agreement to receive newsletters, news, and product updates.

The final checkbox is optional, and you should only select it if you are interested in the promotional material. Once you’re in, the system is going to indicate that you need to complete a questionnaire, address verification, and identity verification to access all its features.

Again, we cannot be subtle about our stance on this scam site, which is that you should not create an account.

Signing Up with Other Brokers

By now, you should understand that we don't recommend opening your account directly with a broker, even if it's a reputable one. Still, the final decision is yours and you may wish to go ahead and do so. 

Trading is typically meant to be a passive form of income, and it becomes even more so if you have an auto-trading bot in the mix, such as Bitcoin Pro. Without one, you are going to have a hard time if you don’t possess the necessary skills to do your own trades.

Thankfully, the registration process with the bot is not much different from the one you go through when signing up with a broker.


We have no reservation or doubt in saying that Tixee is a huge scam that does an incredible job at convincing people that it is legitimate. It claims to have a slew of amazing features and resources, but the evidence of that remains to be seen.

The security is questionable, withdrawals are not possible, the entity that regulates it has just about no requirements, plus there’s the glaring absence of mandatory information and guarantees.

Use one of the legitimate brokers we highlighted if you want to go that route, or get an auto-trading bot to assist you.


We covered quite a spread of information above, but there may be a few direct points of concern. See our FAQ below for further insights.

Indeed, Tixee is most certainly a scam, and it does a great job of convincing people otherwise. Prepare to lose anything that you invest with this platform.

Instead of Tixee, and the scam bots that use it, you may want to consider legitimate bots, such as 1K Daily Profit or CFD Trader. There are also trustworthy online brokers such as eToro or Midaswms.

You are free to go this route, though it is not recommended. There is no context in which using a broker directly is going to result in less work for you.

This review highlights various elements of Tixee to determine how legitimate it is. You get a better understanding of what the broker has to offer and what alternatives may be out there.

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