Trade360 Review

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Leverage up to 1:500
$250 Minimum deposit
Perfect for knowledgeable traders
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
  • You only need a minimum of $250 for a deposit
  • Regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
  • There are over 10,000 traders on the platform
  • It has been around since 2013
  • It is not FCA regulated
  • Does not allow scalping
Trade360 Highlights
📈 Demo Account yes
🔀 Leverage 1:30
📊 Available assets CFDs on currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks
🗠 Minimum Trade On Stocks 0.01 lots
💵 Deposit Methods Bank transfer, credit and debit card, or e-wallet options
⚖ Regulation Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
🌐 Countries Not available in the United States

Founded in 2013, Trade360 is a global financial trading platform and a broker. The head office is located in Cyprus. There are over a hundred tradable assets on Trade360, so many people can utilize these services to try and receive the outcome their desire. However, now Trade360 only offers one way to trade, which is with Binary Options. This will be discussed later on in the review.

Overall, the assets on the platform all depend on where you are in the world and what kind of account you have. The most interesting pro that Trade360 offers is that you only need a minimum deposit of $250 to get started. You can also use a demo account to familiarize yourself with trading.

Continue reading to learn more about Trade360 and everything you need to know about the platform. Also, you should only put in the amount of money you are willing to lose when trading. Any form of trading is risky and should never be taken lightly.

Is Trade360 a Good Option for you?

A big question people always ask when it comes to a broker is whether it is a scam or not. Thankfully, it can be concluded that Trade360 is a legitimate broker. Trade360 is owned by Crowd Tech Ltd, a genuine investment firm.

It does help that it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and it also has additional licenses that reduce any risks. Having this information readily available also shows how transparent Trade360 is, which is always a good sign.

Is Trade360 Regulated?

When it comes to your money, you want to ensure that it is protected when working with a broker. Regulatory bodies are essential because you know that the broker needs to follow a set of rules. Luckily, Trade360 is regulated and supervised by reputable organizations. These regulatory organizations protect traders with reimbursement schemes if the broker runs into a problem and becomes insolvent.

Right now, Trade360 is regulated and held accountable to Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This regulatory body makes sure that Trade360 does not manipulate the market prices because of the regulations.

Trade360 is better suited to traders who already have some knowledge of trading. This is because Trade360 has been built for those who already have the experience to excel and practice their trading skills with this platform. They can utilize the demo mode to see how their new trading strategy will work.

Additionally, with MT5, more experienced traders will be able to customize their trading experience. This is an excellent way for them to set themselves apart from other traders because there is more information when you customize the MT5 platform.

Trade360 Trade Experience

There are two different ways to trade with Trade360. Prospective users can view these two trading options before they make an account and start trading.

Online Trading Platform

Trade360 online platform has an interesting Live Feed where users can generate money through crowd trading. Also, they will be able to see how many traders are buying and selling a particular asset, which can help many people decide on their trades. Luckily, the online trading platform layout is user-friendly so that beginners can enjoy the trading experience with a single click.

Additionally, if you are using the online trading platform, you will have access to the daily market report, economic calendar, and advanced graphing to see the technical market analysis.


the most popular downloadable trading platform out there at the moment. This platform will give users trading operations in the stock and Forex markets while also looking at technical and fundamental analyses. MT5 is perfect for more advanced traders because they can utilize multiple charting types, indicators, and complex order types.

Additionally, you will be able to customize your MT5 experience while using the MetaTrader Market. You can download many different features and tools to make sure that this platform is built for you and your trading needs.

Commissions and Fees

Just like with all brokers, there are some commissions and fees you will need to pay when using Trade360. However, none of them are unexpected because many brokers have the same ones.

Some brokers charge commission on CFD instruments, but Trade360 does not. This is because some brokers will charge their users who are buying and selling through their accounts. Depending on the trading type and the broker, you will see a difference in commission.

Like with many brokers, Trade360 does also have a swap fee. This is when a trade is held open overnight and rolls into the next morning. You will be charged an extra fee when this happens, but more specific details about it are on the website.

Just like with many other brokers, Trade360 has fees that you need to be aware of.

If you make an account with Trade360 but do not use it, you will be charged a fee. This is standard across many brokers, so it is nothing to be overly concerned about. You can find out how long your account needs to be inactive for an inactivity fee. However, if you are not using your account, then make sure to close it and check that you have no remaining fees to pay.

There are deposit fees because many payment methods can accrue a fee, so it is only fitting that you are charged. Also, this fee may only apply to certain fiat currencies, so you will need to see which currency it is and how you plan to make a deposit.

How to Open an Account with Trade360

When opening up an account with Trade360, you should be aware that there are five account types you can pick from. The five options are Mini, Standard360, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. However, when you are ready to get started, you will need to click on the ‘Register Now’ and begin the account building process.

Step 1 – You will need to click on the ‘Register Now’ or ‘Start Trading’ and begin the account building process.

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Step 2 – Fill out the form with your information then click ‘Continue’

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To start Trading You will need to verify your account.

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You will need to provide ID and proof of address documents along with your full name, email, phone number, and residence. You will need to answer some questions, so the platform knows what your trading experience is.

These are the specific steps you will need to go through to make your account:

  1. There will be a tour of the Trade360 platform to familiarize yourself with it.
  2. You will pay your deposit of $250.
  3. After paying your deposit, you will need to take the Appropriateness test. This is a responsible move on the broker because many other brokers will skip this step and put people at risk.
  4. Once you have passed the Appropriateness Test, you will then get the chance to pick your account type, the leverage, and what your preferred platform will be.
  5. Then, you will need to confirm your identity. You will be asked for a photo ID and a secondary ID with your address.

This is a quick breakdown of all the available accounts:

  • Mini Account: This is the entry-level account where you will need to deposit $250. You will not have access to the MT5, but you can use the Web Trading platform instead.
  • Standard Account: You will need to deposit $1,000, but you will have access to the MT5 platform plus the Web Trading platform.
  • Gold Account: Trader will need to deposit $5,000. However, they will have access to MT5 and the Web Trading platform while also having access to exclusive market updates and trade signals.
  • Platinum Account: Users will need to deposit $10,000. They will have access to the MTS platform and other trading platforms while being able to receive push notifications on their phone.
  • Diamond Account: This is where clients will need to deposit $50,000, but their spread will be tighter on certain assets.

Trade360 Demo Account

If you are a prospective client of Trade360, you may want to check out the demo account. This account does not require you to make any deposit so that you can practice trades with fake money. Many beginners will appreciate this because they will be able to take their time to better understand how to use the platform and become more comfortable with trading.

Additionally, more experienced traders can use it to practice executing risky trades to see whether it will work or not.

Trade360 Education

There is a section called the Trading Central.

That is where you will have access to presentations and information about the platform and trading in general. You will have access to research material once you have an account through your portal. This will give you access to the Daily Market report to see what the market is looking like, and you can plan your next trade.

Also, you can access the social trading option, where other trading ideas are available and can be shared. This is ideal for those who already have some experience and comfort in trading.

Trade360 Customer Service

Having a customer service that will look after its customers is essential because you want to make sure that the platform will look after you when you are in trouble. Also, if you are supposed to put your own money into this trading platform, you want to make sure that it is responsive and quick if anything goes wrong. Thankfully, Trade360’s customer service is reliable and fast.

There are many different ways to get in contact with the team. You can use the live chat option from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day. This is useful if you need to speak to someone right away. Otherwise, another option is the contact form on the ‘Contact’ page. Take some time out and fill out the appropriate information so that someone will get back to you quickly.

Lastly, there is also an email and phone number you can contact if you prefer to speak to someone that way. Also, those who like to try and fix the problem themselves can go to the ‘Help Center’ where there is an FAQ section for you to look through. It is in-depth, so there is always the possibility that you will find the answer to your question there.


The Cyprus Securities and Emissions Commission regulates Trade360, so it can be concluded that it is a legit broker. There are five different accounts you can pick from, so you can choose the correct account for you and your trading needs. Additionally, the demo account is perfect for those who want to learn more about the platform or practice a new trading technique.

Additionally, the customer service is good because the team will get back to users promptly. Overall, Trade360 is transparent with its fees and is trusted by thousands worldwide. However, just like any form of trading, you need to make sure that you are only putting in money you can afford to lose. Trading is risky and should be taken seriously by every person who wants to try it.