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Trading several currencies, stocks, and whatnot sounds appealing to a hungry investor. With hundreds of options to choose from, there’s a boundless array of opportunities available to a money-seeking individual. Universal Markets sounds like a good idea; they can help a person find the right trading option through several markets while offering some educational tools.

However, the implementation of Universal Markets compared to its competitors like ETFinance leaves a lot to be desired. Its overly simplistic design makes it easy to navigate, but it also makes it barren to find anything useful to a client.

What to do instead?

Most likely, after reading all we have said so far, you are probably ready to give up on the world of trading entirely. However, you mustn’t forget that not every broker is anything like Universal Markets. Legitimate options are out there, and we highly recommend using them.

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Simplicity: The Good and The Bad

A simple website makes it easy for newcomers to browse through as they look for something to their tastes. However, Universal Markets is way too simple! Throughout every section lies a “sign up” feature, which only exacerbates the lack of tools on the home page.

At first glance, Universal Markets appears only to try to get a person to sign up without caring about why a person should do so. The simplistic design can make the website owners seem greedy and careless, both traits which are not desirable for investing.

The website background is pleasing to look at, but that alone doesn’t make it a worthwhile website for trading options. Some options listed on the homepage are standard commodities, so it’s not particularly unique to Universal Markets, considering other websites do the same thing.

Sign Up?

In a barren home page, there are an astonishing four instances where the website tries to coerce the user into signing up. Considering the content itself is limited on the website, this comes across filler. “Become a Pro Trader” and “Learn to Trade Successfully” are interchangeable and do not have to be split apart into two separate sections. Strangely, other sections on the website do not have this problem, so putting it all on the home page is a questionable decision.

Universal Markets Overview

Aside from the bizarre design choice of several sign up buttons in one small homepage, there are other relevant topics to discuss as to how useful (or outclasses) Universal Markets is.

The three main subjects advertised on the home page is:

  • Expert Guidance
  • Education and Support
  • Incredible Tools

Universal Markets claims it can assist a person in every step of their FX journey. A dubious assumption, considering the trading team takes a while to respond to support mail. If it takes a considerable amount of time to respond to a possibly urgent question, then chances are they may miss some steps of an FX journey.

Likewise, the support is relatively lackluster. The support team is nothing special, although taking a while to answer can be frustrating. The learning materials are standard to what other trading options websites offer but don’t seem useful given how hidden it is. If somebody wanted to find out more relevant info, they’re better off on another website or looking at YouTube videos.

Finally, “incredible” tools include:

  • A basic pip calculator
  • Fibonacci Sequence
  • Margin Calculator

While these tools are useful, it’s only three tools. Technically, three tools do qualify as the plural form of “tool,” but ordinarily, other sites offer dozens to hundreds of options. Some of its competition also provides the same tools with more utility, so it isn’t incredible in the slightest.

About Universal Markets

Like the homepage, the information provided here is incredibly barren. It mainly discusses that the company is trying to be a modern Contract for Differences provider and that the trading experts understand the market deeply.

There’s no evidence for the latter statement, as anybody with HTML knowledge can write that down.

More importantly, Universal Markets does go over MiFID II in Europe. It’s basic yet useful knowledge regarding transparency and efficiency in trading passed by the Parliament. As a result, they can trade across borders as Universal Markets comply with MiFID II.


A blog without a comment section is virtually worthless. What point is there in a discussion if there is no method to let others know how they feel about a topic? Blogs that give, but don’t take come across as awfully untrustworthy. To best educate the masses, there must be debates, as otherwise, it’s just articles for mindless reading. There are no sources either, making it particularly unhelpful for knowledge.


Blog/Forum is one section on the website a person can go to, but they may notice something interesting. Where are the forums? There are news articles and subsections (with some like finance having literally zero options), but no blog or forums in sight. For a “daily blog,” there’s virtually no activity within Universal Markets. The last post is February 13th, 2020. Unless there are additional posts hidden behind a paywall, this comes across as rather scummy and pointless.

Therefore, if there are no forums and the “daily blog” has been inactive for a long time, what is the point of this section? The information in the articles is wildly outdated, so keeping them up does more harm than good. This attribute hampers the effectiveness of a trading options website, as it’s incredibly likely to cause some users to invest in dwindling options.


Taking seven days to withdraw money is unforgivable. While it is nice to be honest, this trait makes it incredibly inconvenient for potential investors. If somebody needs to withdraw their money to pay for rent, whoops! Better hope they did it a week before it was due; otherwise, they need to seek an alternative. Not only that, but trading activities are also charged upon use. Considering other websites don’t have extraneous charges, this is simply outrageous!

How to Get Started

Identity proof is a common way for verification that other trading options sites use, but requiring a residency proof on top of that?

It’s unnecessarily burdensome and redundant. If withdrawing it is cumbersome enough as it is, then why is signing up for Universal Markets so tricky? Especially since there’s four “sign up” buttons on the home page! Nobody wants to go through this hassle for a small, mediocre selection of tools and outdated articles!

The lack of clarity ties into the various complaints discussed at length within this review, as it is a severe problem that needs to be reiterated. Some of the vital elements of this website that come across as untrustworthy include:

  • Overuse of a “sign up” button
  • No blog with comments or forums anywhere to be seen
  • Limited standard tools
  • Plenty of requirements to get started, despite barely offering anything in return
  • Outdated articles
  • Withdrawals take ages compared to its competition
  • Overly simplistic “About Us” section

These are not minor gripes. All of these issues are legitimate critiques of how Universal Markets operates. Businesses should strive to earn money, but the lack of content and fees associated with trading makes Universal Markets an undesirable option. Instead, it’s better to compare it to some alternative websites and apps that offer more and are often more transparent in their design.

For newcomers to trading options, automated trading apps can make their introduction to trading options far more accessible. The best choice for those new to the scene is BitQT, as it’s straightforward and easy to use. There’s a small calculator available without paying (unlike Universal Markets) that anybody can use for estimating potential profit. Keep in mind, when it says people can earn millions within 62 days, that’s considering a member who can invest thousands upon thousands of dollars into the app.

Two other software worth checking out are Bitcoin Champion and Bitcoin Up. Both operate in a similar manner, focusing on automatic trading involving cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Using a series of complicated algorithms to generate trades that work within milliseconds of one another, these automated trading apps are highly convenient. A person can earn more money with a licensed broker, but these automatic apps are useful for simplicity.

An alternative that is better than Universal Markets includes licensed brokers who can help a person earn more money with their investments. Two excellent brokers worth considering are ETFinance and eXcentral. The two websites listed offer significantly more advantages compared to Universal Markets. While the latter offers barebones and outdated features, the former offers outstanding state-of-the-art tools without even being a member!

ETFinance, for instance, lets a potential user know various tax benefits involved with trading. Not only that, but there are also CFD trading for those worried about a bear market. Compared to Universal Markets, ETFinance sprinkles in some education here and there throughout the tabs. Their social media is also a great way to contact them, as it’s instantaneous, and they tend to respond quickly. No silly forms or anything of the sort is involved in that format.

eXcentral is arguably the better of the two, as its included “Upcoming Economic Events” section on the homepage is ludicrously useful. This section consists of the date of the event and when it takes place. Other facets, such as currency, its potential impact, and other miscellaneous details are included here, making it useful for both newcomers and veteran traders alike. Unlike three lousy tools, this tool is available for free! Other sections of the website are more robust compared to Universal Markets, making it far more useful for the average user.

Before comparing the three sites further, it’s crucial to go over how they feel to navigate through. Starting with Universal Markets, it’s easy to navigate through thanks to its simplistic design. However, this simplicity is also its greatest downfall, as it’s empty and devoid of any real content. The top tabs are easy to browse through, but some aspects like the infamous blog/forums section are fake, while other sections leave a lot to be desired.

ETFinance is similar to Universal Markets in layout but is done far more successfully. Whereas Universal Markets goes for a minimalist design unsuccessfully, ETFinance goes for an insightful and well thought out approach. There is one “sign up” button included on the home page, so it comes across as more trusting and less reliant on aggressive clicks. The FAQ also makes it easy to get immediate answers rather than having to go to a separate tab.

eXcentral is the most robust of the group. It’s similar to ETFinance and Universal Markets, where there are some top tabs that can lead a different section. This aspect is easy to navigate, but in eXcentral’s case, more tabs provide more useful information compared to the other two. All sections are pleasant to look through and don’t feel lackluster like Universal Markets’ website.

Knowledge is power, so it’s always useful to know what other people say about various products and services. For example, APNews praises the previously mentioned Bitcoin Up in their review of it. If automated software like Bitcoin Up is so valuable, why waste time with a lackluster manual app like Universal Markets? Unless somebody values both lost profits and lost time, one should always go for the better product.

Choose a Different Service Over Universal Markets

It should come across as no surprise that Universal Markets is not worth the time or the money they promise.

Between a lack of trustworthy features and a pathetically barren website, there is no use in choosing Universal Markets over numerous other websites that focus on trading options. It doesn’t matter if one chooses licensed brokers like eXcentral or an automated trading app like BitQT, as both options are significantly better for one’s money than Universal Markets.

An automatic trading app’s convenience is not only welcome, but a huge plus compared to manual trading. If one makes more money with a computer doing the work for them, then why not choose the automated trading app? Likewise, if licensed brokers know what they’re talking about and can offer significant advantages to using their services, why waste your time with a dead Universal Markets? There’s nothing that makes Universal Markets stand out compared to its competition, so as a result, it’s highly recommended that one avoids it.