How to Buy Theta (THETA)

Theta’s existence aims to address various issues with streaming services, such as Twitch and YouTube. The idea is to create a decentralized platform for content creators that supports fairness, cost-effectiveness, streamlining, and availability.

Beyond the core functions associated with streaming services, the platform also focuses on edge computing and data delivery. Like Etherium, the blockchain it runs on supports smart contracts.

In the cryptocurrency space, Theta is well respected, and its validators are even being run in large companies such as Samsung, Sony, and Google.

How to Buy Theta

The first point to note is that there isn’t a single option if you are interested in making a purchase. You can choose to do so using an online broker or a crypto exchange. If you go the broker route, while you technically own the currency, you never directly access it.

However, you may find that you have a more streamlined experience, and you can even use CFDs to interact with the assets. On the other hand, should you choose to purchase directly from a crypto exchange, you can access your currency, hold the private key, and transfer it to your private wallet if you wish.

Going the Broker Route

The most critical concern of opting to do it this way is choosing a reputable platform. Legitimacy, functionality, and security are three of the big pillars that your choice must stand on.

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Regulation is another great indicator that you can use to assist you in choosing. Any legitimate broker is regulated by a registered entity that you can use for verification.

Note that this is meant to be a general overview of what to expect as you walk through the process. You may find one or two minor additional steps when it’s your turn, as the workflow can differ depending on the specific broker’s website or requirements.

For example, some brokers have account tiers that offer varying levels of support to add to the core experience.

The registration process is as straightforward as you’d expect. Simply head to the broker’s website and navigate to the associated signup form. It’s likely going to require a few personal details, such as a name, phone number, and email address. You also decide on your password at this point, and you’re encouraged to make it very strong. A good idea is to choose a phrase you say a lot. Remove the spaces, capitalize all the first letters of the words, and make every other vowel (except “u”) a special character or number.

Before you click on whatever button is present to submit your information and request account creation, there are usually some terms that you must agree to. While you don’t necessarily have to read them before agreeing, it’s strongly recommended that you do, considering the nature of the business you are conducting.

Provided all the information and documentation above checks out, it’s now time to fund your account so you can begin to make your purchases. Of course, this is another area that depends on what the broker allows.

Nevertheless, some payment methods tend to generally be accepted. Credit and debit cards that bear the Visa or MasterCard branding are almost always an option.

Various payment gateways, such as PayPal and Skrill are also very common to see. Just note that some are faster than others. So, if your platform of choice accepts checks and you decide to send one, your account is not going to be funded until the check is verified. It’s generally recommended to use a credit or debit card for both speed and convenience.

All regulated brokers need to be able to prove who their uses are. On the flip side, it’s a malicious entity and bot mitigation strategy. Following the submission of your information, you’re likely going to get a verification email with a link that allows you to complete the registration process.

In doing so, you are going to need to provide a form of ID to the platform. This must be government-issued, so your passport or national ID works here. Proof of address should also be required, so be prepared to upload a recent utility bill.

This part can get a little confusing, especially to the newer traders. As you decide to trade Theta, you can take what is known as either a long or a short position.

The long position is a little easier to explain. Essentially, you choose the trade size and decide on the price at which you are willing to sell. Your broker only acts on your position when the price gets there.

Alternatively, you can take a short position. This is more common for those who believe that the price of Theta is going to fall. If so, you can borrow the asset and sell it immediately. Next, you simply wait for the price to fall, after which you repurchase the Theta and pay off the debt you owe.

Under other circumstances, you would be required to own whatever it is you’re selling, but the short position allows you to profit based on expectation.

Going the Exchange Route

Cryptocurrency support is one of the biggest considerations here. However, Theta is not unknown, nor does it lack a reputation. Therefore, you are likely to find it on numerous crypto exchanges.

As was the case when you were choosing your broker, you want to verify the security available with the platform.

You’re going to need a wallet to store your currency upon purchase. There are hardware and software alternatives to choose from. A hardware wallet is physical and tends to be more secure, considering that your private keys are stored offline. 

Software wallets are more convenient, but they offer a little less security since a connection to the internet is always required. Note that different wallet providers support different access requirements.

Consider the convenience and ease of access for any solution you are interested in, ensuring it aligns with your future needs.

Again, this boils down to what the platform you have chosen supports. Some give more of a spread than others, but credit or debit cards and e-wallets tend to be supported almost across the board. Bank transfers and payment gateways may also be present.

Of course, you want to choose based on convenience, as well as speed and the fees you’re going to have to pay. Your location may also restrict the available payment methods even more.

Upon purchase completion, you get your tokens and you then become responsible for storing them. This is where the wallet you would have purchased comes into the mix. The transfer is straightforward.

Simply select the withdrawal option on the platform you are using, after which it’s going to request a recipient address. When you purchased your wallet, you should have been briefed on how to locate the unique address.

Paste it into the exchange, and your transfer is complete. You probably realize that the wallet is optional, considering you can leave the coins on the exchange after purchase. However, doing so takes away the level of control and security that you have.

All you’re doing here is selecting an exchange that sells Theta and joining it, so you can make your purchase. Binance and FTX are two of the premier options that you can investigate. Registration is required here, which is not too far off from what you would have done if you went with a broker. 

This means putting in some personal details, as well as proving your identity and residence.

Ensure Theta is selected and choose the amount you are interested in. Once you enter the required payment details, that’s about it.

Theta Price Prediction

At the time of writing, Theta costs USD 6.40. It’s estimated to rise to USD 13.14 within the next year, getting as high as USD 38.53 within the next five years. Note that these are dollar value increases. There is no accounting for inflation here, so it’s not necessarily possible to say what the purchasing power of the dollar is going to look like when those times come around.

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Is a Theta a Recommended Investment?

Theta has a viable model, and its aim is very commendable. The founders are industry experts, and it has proven to be a good investment so far. From a percentage standpoint, it has even beaten Ethereum and Bitcoin in returns for at least one calendar year.

With this historical information and the projections alluded to, Theta comes highly recommended.

Final Remarks

With so many big players interested in what Theta has to offer, it’s not hard to understand why you may have a vested interest in purchasing it. Luckily, doing so is not a challenge, and you are even offered two distinct options that you can choose from based on needs and convenience.

The information above provides you with the details you need to potentially take advantage of what Theta can become.