Gordon Ramsay’s Bitcoin Investment

The Truth Revealed

Gordon Ramsay is actually one of the most well-known celebrity chefs in the world. He sees a lot of myths surrounding him, and that might include Bitcoin and Stoke investments.

There are plenty of ads and articles online about Gordon Ramsay making a fortune from Bitcoin and various trading systems. However, what’s the truth?

Did He Invest in Bitcoin?

Articles have been talking about Gordon investing in Bitcoin, and these are primarily fake. The claim is that this celebrity chef made millions of dollars because of this cryptocurrency, but it’s just a hoax and isn’t true.

There have been various tweets show up from “Gordon,” but they are actually fake accounts. You can see the name is “Crypto Gordon Ramsay.” Yes, it has his picture, but if you look, the handle is incorrect. It should be “@GordonRamsay,” not “@_GordonRamsay.”

Never has Ramsay publicly said that he invested in Bitcoin. While he might have bought some or traded them as other celebrities have done, he doesn’t talk about it.

The Guardian also confirmed many scams and schemes are connected to Ramsay and Bitcoin, and they’re all fake.

Does Ramsay Use Bitcoin/Crypto?

Some people have claimed that Gordon doesn’t invest in Bitcoin, but he uses them to buy products, such as Ferraris and other items. This isn’t true either from the public domain. No one can truly know what Ramsay does with his money. He could very well privately trade or use Bitcoin, but the fact remains that he has never promoted it publicly and isn’t associated with a crypto trading system.

In fact, The Times confirmed that the claims saying Ramsay made millions of dollars through Bitcoin are fake.

Please remember that Bitcoin is legitimate and a top cryptocurrency. Some have lost and made money, and it should be treated as other investment assets available. However, Gordon Ramsay never said he traded or made money using Bitcoin. With that, he never became a spokesman for any advertisements.

Bitcoin, Ramsay, and the Media

Some people believe that Gordon promoted Bitcoin on the show called This Morning. However, Holly Willoughby, the hostess, never asked him about cryptocurrency.

Others have claimed that Good Morning Britain featured Ramsay discussing Bitcoin. Again, this is false information. In fact, none of the presenters, including Charlotte Hawkins and Piers Morgan, have ever invited the celebrity chef to talk about cryptocurrency.

Many crypto scams claim that Good Morning Britain endorses them, and this is also a myth.

It’s easy to find articles talking about Gordon Ramsay and his love for Bitcoin. However, these are all hoaxes because he has never done so. BBC News, the Daily Mirror, and the Evening Standard have never published any articles or information linking the two.

Hackers can easily copy the logo from a reputable journal or source to publish fake news articles with made-up content. It’s called phishing, and it happens all the time. Usually, though, scammers post articles on lesser-known sites or create their own to promote these lies.

What about Investment Programs?

A quick search online tells you of the many trading systems out there for crypto. They’re supposed to make it easier to trade Bitcoin CFDs, but many of them are scam sites.

While there are bound to be a few legitimate crypto bot trading out there, Gordon Ramsay has never endorsed them. With that, there is no proof that he has used them to make money. No one can possibly know if he has or not because he doesn’t parade it around in the media.

Fraudsters make it appear that Ramsay uses those trading systems by taking his photo online and posting a fake testimonial or news story claiming that he has recommended the system.

Though there are plenty of trading systems claiming to be real (and that Gordon Ramsay uses them), these are all known to be fake and made up.


No one is saying that Gordon Ramsay doesn’t invest in Bitcoin. Most celebrities do have a diversified portfolio to include stocks, crypto, and other things. Therefore, it’s likely that he does use it.

However, Ramsay hasn’t talked publicly about his investments in Bitcoin or ever said that he used automated crypto trading software to trade Bitcoin. What you’re seeing online is fake news and shouldn’t be believed.