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One-on-one guidance from trading experts
Secure and speedy transactions
Flexible trading strategies and learning options
OPEN FREE ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
  • Excellent user interface
  • Supportive and intuitive control options
  • Works compatibly with various NFT marketplaces
  • Direct contact with an expert account manager
  • No hidden fees
  • $250 minimum deposit
  • Some ads and promotions
  • Limited background information available
  • No customer service department
NFT Edge Highlights
🤖 Type of Robot NFTs
💰 Software Cost $0
💰 Withdrawal Fee No Fees
📊 Type of platform Web-based with desktop software and mobile app
💳 Deposit Options Card, bank transfer, cryptocurrency via a digital wallet
🌎 CountriestAll except USA and Israel

NFT trading apps are all the rage, but there are just too many to choose from! We reviewed NFT Edge to see if it held up against the competition and to determine whether or not it is a legitimate platform for trading NFTs.

In a nutshell, NFT Edge is a new app designed specifically for those with an interest in investing in the NFT market in the hopes of making a profit. It claims to provide the ideal space for newbies and professionals alike to explore opportunities and learn more about the big picture of the digital NFT trading industry.

By using modern technology and traditional techniques, NFT Edge has gained a reputation for being a highly effective platform- not only for trading but also for learning. The purpose of our review was to find out if it was worth the hype and get some inside knowledge of exactly how the app works.

All in all, we were impressed and would recommend NFT edge to others. Keep reading to find out why!

Is NFT Edge Legit?

After an in-depth inspection of the program, we are confident that NFT edge is not a con. It is a legitimate trading app with real benefits and potential for its users.

Our key reasons for believing that NFT edge is not a scam include:

  • No over-the-top promises about huge profits
  • A heavy focus on developing skills and learning more about the industry
  • There is no pushy demand to invest more and more
  • Fast and free withdrawals whenever you want
  • It connects with major NFT marketplaces and digital wallets
  • You can speak directly with an expert if you want advice or guidance

In short, NFT Edge seems to encourage people to take their time and develop their understanding of NFTs rather than pushing people to throw money into something they don’t understand. It was a refreshing approach and made the whole app feel very inviting for beginners.

What Is NFT Edge?

NFT Edge is a niche trading app that specializes in NFTs. It offers users the opportunity to purchase NFTs or NFT shares through reputable and well-known marketplaces with the support of smart algorithms, a great interface, and some expert advice from the pros themselves.

It is not an automatic trading bot. At no point does NFT Edge make any transaction without the express command of the account owner, nor does it predict or speculate. Instead, the algorithms make it easier to see a clear overview of market movements- streamlining the information so that people can better, more informed decisions by themselves.

How NFT Edge Works?

One thing we really loved about NFT Edge was how straightforward it is to use. The functionality of the app from start to finish was seamless and smooth. Overall, the user experience ranks very highly on our list.

It essentially works like most trading apps- but with a few differences.

The basic method of how NFT Edge works is:

  • You register
  • Somebody contacts you to confirm your account
  • Any digital wallets or bank accounts you plan to use get connected
  • Explore using the demo account
  • Choose a trading strategy and use algorithms to help understand the market
  • Access marketplaces and pick the NFTs or NFT shares you want to buy
  • Based on your strategy- hold, exchange, or trade the token with the aim of gaining profit.
  • Withdraw or reinvest your money as you see fit.

As you can see, this structure is not so different from the standard setup, but it helps to take a closer look.

Let’s start at the beginning: how the setup works. Again, there is not much that is different about the registration stage here. A few basic details are required then somebody from the NFT Edge team contacts you to discuss your account.

One thing that was a bit different here was the nature of the conversation. In the past, we have found some of these calls to be quite pushy, with a big focus on committing to a broker. NFT Edge was different.

The person we spoke to introduced themselves as our account manager and told us they would be available to offer advice about trading if we wanted or needed it. They answered all our questions about the platform and how it worked, what to expect, and even some background information about NFTs. If you are inexperienced and lacking confidence, this is definitely a game-changer.

Once you are into your account, the trading methods vary. Something great about NFT Edge is how versatile the platform and its controls are- especially when it comes to strategy. No matter what your goal is, you need a strategy in place to achieve it. Many people struggle knowing what strategy is best, but NFT Edge helps you figure it out.

By providing set methods that users can apply to their accounts and follow as they develop their skills, NFT Edge has created a highly effective way of engaging its users and making sure everyone gets the best possible chance at success.

Next, let’s talk about how NFT Edge transactions work. You can use either fiat or cryptocurrency, but it is definitely easier with crypto. We tried both ways and found that things run far smoother through an e-wallet and digital currency. Using fiat is fine, but transactions tend to take a little longer, and we lost out a little with exchanges and conversions.

When you make a purchase, the fund goes directly through your NFT Edge account. It acts as an extra security barrier and makes everything a lot smoother. If you purchase an NFT outright, it is stored in your digital wallet, which connects to your account. When you sell something, funds sit in your NFT Edge account until you direct them elsewhere. Should you choose to withdraw those funds, they are usually available in your digital wallet or bank account within 24 hours.

Compatibility with the NFT Marketplaces

Of course, NFT Edge is all about the non-fungible tokens, and it is hard to access those without the marketplaces. Whenever we review a trading app like this one, the compatibility is extremely high on our list of things to investigate.

With NFT Edge, we were pleasantly surprised. Although the site does not expressly advertise what marketplaces it works with, we found the selection to be excellent. The first thing we look for is the biggest NFT marketplace of all. Any app that doesn’t work with this marketplace gets a markdown in our book.

Luckily, that was not the case here. NFT Edge works compatibly with and more, including Nifty Gateway, Rarible, and SuperRare.

Demo Account

Something worth mentioning separately is the demo account. As you may know- if you have used other trading apps or read any more of our reviews- it is essential for a platform to offer some kind of demo. Without one, we simply don’t trust it quite as much.

The NFT Edge demo platform was simple but effective. It wasn’t quite as extensive as some others we have tried, but it ticked all the boxes and did what it needed to do. Overall, we felt that it provided a good picture of what the real user experience is like.

Once the account confirmation is complete and you access the software, you have the option to switch to demo mode before going live. It has a basic walkthrough of the features, with essential controls pointed out. Additionally, you can play around with trading strategies and even invest some money. Don’t worry- it is not real funds, just dummy currency to give you the experience of making a trade.

The platform’s software and algorithms predict a likely outcome from the trade decisions you make during your practice run and come back with an estimation of what may have happened if it was in real life. In our experience, some of these tests are dishonest and try to over-inflate people’s confidence, but that really wasn’t the case here. In fact- one of our practice runs didn’t go so well! The best thing about it was the chance to learn where you went wrong and make adjustments accordingly.

First-timers or anyone who is not fully confident about using a trading app is sure to feel the benefit of using the NFT Edge demo account for a while.

NFT Edge Features

  • Direct access to industry experts for advice and guidance
  • Helpful demo platform to get you used to the experience
  • Various trading strategies, each with a guide on how to use them effectively
  • Compatibility with multiple leading marketplaces and digital wallets
  • Algorithms that streamline the displays and make information easier to find
  • A mobile app that allows trading on the go
  • Multiple currency options
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Training tools and learning materials
  • Built-in coin exchange capability

Is NFT Edge Safe?

The safety and security of your money and personal information online should always be a primary concern, which is why it is a highlighted feature in every review we do. NFT Edge is no exception.

After using the app for a while and looking into the features, protocols, and software used, we would say that NFT Edge is a safe trading platform. By safe, we mean that it takes the necessary steps to protect its users and their account information.

Transaction security protocols at NFT Edge impressed us. We never felt like our funds were exposed and there were multiple levels of verification before any money was moved. Deposits and withdrawals also adhered to strict standards, which we like.

If you are wondering if NFT Edge is a safe place to invest in terms of the risk of losing money, bear in mind that no trade is without risk. This is something that NFT Edge makes very clear on their website and when you use the platform. You are unlikely to lose money due to a security fault, but the actual investment risk is completely down to you and your actions.

NFT Edge Pricing and Fees

Let’s talk prices. Well, really, there is nothing to talk about. From the beginning to the end of our review, we did not discover any fees or charges. Hidden costs are a big issue with a lot of trading platforms that claim to be free, but NFT Edge seems to be the real deal.

It cost us nothing to register or download the software, and we were not charged a commission on any transactions. There were quite a lot of ads on the platform, so we except that is how the platform affords to run.

The only expense you need to know about is the initial deposit. Your first payment must be at least $250. If you were not planning on investing this much, it can be off-putting, but there is a reason behind it. Basically, platforms that have no minimum requirement see a lot of people set up accounts then do nothing with them, which interferes with the software, the statistics, and the overall efficiency of the app.


To summarize, NFT Edge is a high-performing trading platform with real potential. It is especially beneficial for traders who are still developing their skills and require a little extra backup. It does not trade for you: instead, it provides you with all the necessary tools and information to carve out your NFT journey.

Overall, we recommend NFT Edge as a digital trading platform.

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