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Intel has been a giant chipmaker for years but now its stock price has started to fall. In fact, the chipmaker’s past seven quarterly earnings highlight that it is going through a rough patch.

But since there is new leadership at Intel, investors are curious and optimistic about whether or not INTC stock price would increase in the coming years.

With the advent of smartphones and computing platforms, the competitive drive in chips is at an all-time high, and Intel continues to keep up with rising chipmakers like AMD.

Brief Overview Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation stands as one of the biggest chipmakers of semiconductors in the world. Fundamentally, Intel develops advanced and integrated technology that caters to the needs of the digital world. Primarily, Intel creates integrated circuits for a diverse range of industries.

In the past, Intel has also managed to develop robust platforms that function as integrated digital suits and support computing technologies.

End-users can configure these integrated computing technologies to fit their needs.

Throughout the world, Intel is famous for manufacturing communication and computing components like chipsets, motherboards, microprocessors, and wired and wireless connectivity products. In 2022, Intel also sells OEM products that align with network and PC communication and design manufacturers.

In terms of revenue, Intel is still the biggest manufacturer of semiconductor chips in the world. After all, it is a product that users around the world use on various electronic devices. Intel manufactures and sells tech innovations that are relevant to its own line of products.

Different segments of Intel include Intel Security Group, New Technology Group, Client Computing Group, Internet of Things Group, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, and Data Center Group. As of now, AMD, or Advanced Micro Services has become a close competitor of Intel. Whether it’s microprocessors or motherboards, AMD is competing with Intel on all fronts.

Intel (INTC) Statistical Overview

Intel Stock Forecast 2022

In line with the market data, you can expect the share price of Intel to reach $94.34 in Q4 2022. Our market analysis and research also predict that the INTC can cross the threshold of $59 stock price by Q3 2022. With this trajectory, the stock price of the INTC can hit $273 by Q4 2025.

It is crucial to understand that long-term price predictions can always change and depend on the innovative drive of the company and changing market parameters. Collectively, it would be fair to state that 2022 offers a more positive outlook for INTC stock prices than in previous years. You can expect the maximum change to top over 2% in INTC stock price.

The fact of the matter is that Intel has been battling with AMD for the last few years and it has had a significant impact on its stock price. Tech experts concur that Intel made it easier for AMD to take over the market and gain a competitive edge.

After February 2021, Intel investors hope that the new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, would help increase the company’s stock price increase by rolling out more diverse and advanced products. In the quest to compete with AMD, the new CEO of Intel has shown interest in designing and manufacturing more advanced and dedicated graphic card and microprocessor chips than AMD and Nvidia.

In fact, many tech enthusiasts are curious to see what Intel brings new to the table. If Intel plays its cards right, more investors would get interested to make long-term investments in INTC. Intel is also ready to open up new possibilities when it comes to research and development. The company wants to be more strategic in its process to avoid yield issues and process delays.

In 2022, the forecasted maximum and minimum prices of INTC stock are $60.86 and $60.35. You can expect an annual change of 0.79% in INTC stock price. The average stock price of INTC stock is expected to be $60.55. As of Q1 2022, the stock price of INTC stands at $46.67.

A Historical Look at Stock Price History of INTC

Intel Stock 2021

By the end of Q1 2021, the highest stock price of INTC was $68.26. But the stock price performance of INTC dropped to a new low in 2021. In fact, it didn’t take a long time for the INTC to fall from $60. And that’s because the risk parameters in the stock market had reached an all-time high.

This, in turn, became more difficult for Intel to reach its annual financial goals. In 2021, the INTC stock price had major ups and downs. With new management at the helm, Intel started to experience more risks due to a jump in capital expenditures and ultimately lost a significant chunk of market share.

As the market became more dynamic, it became clear that many industries no longer were dependent on Intel. Many long-term investors of Intel started to hop aboard the bandwagon of other chipmakers like AMD. A high and consistent competitive drive made it more difficult for Intel to keep a stable stock price in the market.

Intel Stock 2020

On average, the stock price of Intel shares stood at $54.89 in 2020. What’s more, is that the average stock price of INTC was $60.84. In fact, the highest streak of the average stock price of INTC was $68.4700 in 2020. By the end of 2020, the stock price of INTC dropped to $49.8200. In the last three quarters of 2020, the annual change in the stock price of INTC was -16.76%.

February was one of the most significant periods for Intel stock. During the peak COVID-19 pandemic crisis, investors started to wonder whether or not Intel is capable to sell computer chips. In fact, INTC stock saw a plunge of 13.2% in February 2020.

Despite last year’s solid quarterly earnings, Intel experienced a continuous plunge in its stock prices. Although the official word from Intel is that pandemic hit was modest, supply chain and logistics paint a different picture. The truth is that the supply of chips became tighter than Intel had hoped that rendered a blow to the INTC stock.

Intel Stock 2019

In 2019, the average stock price of Intel was $51.37 with the highest INTC stock price at $60.08. The opening and closing stock price of INTC was $47.08 and $59.85. The lowest stock price of INTC was $43.4600. INTC saw an annual change of 27.53% in its stock price by the end of 2019.

Intel Stock 2018

The average stock price of INTC stood at $49.05 in 2018. Out of the past seven years, 2018 was the most consistent year for INTC stock prices. In fact, the opening and closing stock price of INTC was $46.85 and $46.93. In 2019, the highest stock price of INTC was $57.028. Overall, there was just a 1.67% of annual change in INTC stock price.

Intel Stock 2017

On average, the stock price of INTC was $36.79 back in 2017. The opening and closing of INTC stock prices stood at $36.60 and $46.16. Although the lowest stock price of INTC was $33.46, it managed to close on a high note. Consequently, the annual change in the stock price of INTC was over 27%.

Intel Stock 2016

Unlike 2019, 2016 was one of the most stable and consistent years for Intel stock price. In fact, the annual change in INTC was just over 5%. The average stock price of INTC stood at $33.29 in 2016. And the opening and closing stock prices of INTC were $33.99 and $36.27.

Intel Stock 2015

In 2015, the average stock price of INTC was $32.17. But investors saw a negative annual change of 5.07% in INTC price stock. The same year also witnessed the lowest INTC stock price of $25.87.

How to Invest in Intel Stocks?

Your first step should be to opt for an experienced online broker to start investing in Intel stocks. For instance, you can use an online broker tool like eToro to buy Intel stocks. You’d be surprised how many investors use eToro to invest in Intel stocks in an instant.

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And don’t think of buying Intel shares online as a one-time activity. In fact, you should review the position of Intel regularly and keep an eye on your investments. If you want to purchase Intel shares as a long-term investment strategy, then make sure to be part of the annual meetings and check out news and other information on the company.

On the other hand, if you intend to sell the shares right after when there is a price increase, have a diverse stock position and use management tools to avoid short potential losses.

Step 1: Open an Account

The first step is to fill out the basic information on the application form. It will only take a couple of minutes of yours. The application requires basic information that you can know without going through different documents.

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Search for Intel Stocks

Step 5: Buy Intel Stocks

Buy for Intel Stocks

Will the Grim Start of 2022 INTC Hamper its Market Value?

The Q1 earnings of Intel forecast slow growth for the next two quarters. In fact, the most recent decrease in INTC is due to the supply chain issues that continue to haunt Intel. Stock market experts indicate that if the supply chain obstacles persisted until Q2, it will create a gloomy situation for Intel stock.

In late April, Intel forecasted that its Q2 revenue and stock price won’t be able to meet the expectations of Wall Street. There is a lot of uncertainty in the Chinese supply chain market due to new COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. Collectively, Intel expects weaker demand in the coming months.

After the shares of Intel fell to 5% in post-market trading, the company blames the resurgence of pandemic restrictions that have created more uncertainties and would unequivocally have an impact on consumer spending.

On top of all, Intel also affirms that Ukraine and Russian conflict would also have an impact on its consumer spending that involves gadgets. Remember, over 50% of Intel’s revenue stems from selling segmented processors in the PC market and low market demand in these regions would have a negative impact on the INTC.

Financial experts and stock market analysts predict that Intel would pick up the growth rate in the next three years. Intel expects more quarter adjustments of 70 cents a share on its revenue that would account for $18 billion.

Different market estimation suggests that INTC would see 83 cents a share on its $18.38 billion revenue. On an average adjustable scale, Intel would earn 87 cents a share, which is above market value and expectations in late 2022.

Final Thoughts

For the past three years, INTC shares continue to underperform in the stock market. Still, Intel hints at a variety of new products that might improve its share price in the stock market. Most financial analysts that the future earnings of Intel will start to shrink over time.

Some analytical predictions also highlight that the company’s future potential is not as strong as long-term investors believe. But in the coming years, the last thing investors should do is underestimate the growth potential of Intel.

With the rise of AMD and the revolutionary M1 chip from Apple, it has become paramount for Intel to reinvent itself to render high-profit margins and move forward in the right direction. The objective of investors should be to review the current technical analysis of INTC share prices and whether or not it promises a future growth potential.

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