30K Challenge Review

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Do Not give your e-mail or phone number to 30K Challenge – Scam Alert!

Everyone wants to trade cryptocurrency. It’s the new fad, and it’s been around for a while. That means it isn’t going away, and you need to be a part of it all. However, the crypto markets are highly volatile, and it’s easy to miss out on a good trade (or mess up so that it goes wrong). Either way, you need help. You can turn to a cryptocurrency auto-trading robot for assistance, and the 30K Challenge might have popped up in your search results.

However, we thoroughly investigated this platform and know it’s a scam. If you already made a deposit on this website, we’re afraid it’s gone forever. Scam robots like 30K Challenge are only there to take money from real traders, but they could also expose your personal information to other scamming sites and hackers.

This extensive review is going to focus on the 30K Challenge and help you understand the scam behind it. Plus, you’re going to learn about a few decent robots and find tips on how to avoid scams in the future. We thoroughly test the robots we recommend before we tell you about them.

What to do instead?

Low deposits
No fees
Withdrawals are easy

Is 30K Challenge Legitimate? NO!

  • TrustPedia found out that it uses deceptive techniques and fake testimonials to gain new signups and deposits.
  • 30K Challenge isn’t accurate. Our research indicates that traders make consistent losses instead of profits while using this app.
  • Our testing shows that this auto-trader robot is fake. It doesn’t use an algorithm like legitimate robots.
  • Read on to learn why you shouldn’t use 30K Challenge. Consider reading the Yuan Pay Group review to find out about this legitimate bot.

What Is 30K Challenge?

30K Challenge calls itself a fully automated trading robot. It should help you trade Bitcoin CFDs where you guess the price of the cryptocurrency and earn money when you’re correct. However, the investigation from TrustPedia shows conclusively that this is a scam. If you make the minimum deposit, you are likely to lose it all in just a few hours. Though 30K Challenge claims it offers live trading, it’s a fake site that shows only predetermined losses.

30K Challenge Review: Why It’s a Scam

We find it highly comical when these fake auto-trader robots try to show off their abilities and ‘technology.’

Right from the beginning, it tells many lies to lure you into making a deposit. If you didn’t read our review first and added money to a 30K Challenge account, it’s likely gone forever.

As we explain below, this platform looks like a web-trading app, but it’s fake. Brokers are shown on the site, but they aren’t genuine. They have no legal registration or regulation.

The primary goal of 30K Challenge is to target those in financial difficulty. It spams you with tons of emails that promise a lot for a little. In a sense, it’s similar to other scam bots like BitSignal and Crypto Bank, and all of them should be avoided.

Fake Testimonials

When you scroll down the homepage to the testimonial section, you see people throwing money in the air and standing by airplanes.

Our investigation indicates that they aren’t legitimate. It’s quite easy to pretend to be rich for a photo op.

Robots that use show-off testimonials are typically scams. Pay more attention to the words they use before registering with 30K Challenge and other scam bots like Crypto MasterBot. It’s better not to even visit the website, and definitely don’t register with it or fund the account.

Fake Brokers and Trading Platform

When you arrive at 30K Challenge, you may think it looks like other trading platforms, but it’s a regular webpage.

Our investigation checked, and there’s no algorithm used on it. Therefore, the results you see are predetermined and not from live trades.

Ultimately, live trading never happens on the platform. This is similar to other scam bots, and 30K Challenge depends on its brokers to grab your deposit money. Earlier, we mentioned that the brokers aren’t regulated. That means you can’t hold them accountable, and any deposits made on the site can be stolen.

Every auto-trading robot should have regulated brokers listed. Typically, you should look for FSB, ASIC, CySec, and FCA. These are the best regulators for forex and crypto trading. While there are others, we recommend that you avoid those brokers because they may not be legit.

Another issue is that some fake trading platforms don’t include any information about brokers. If you can’t find the information about robot brokers, steer clear of those platforms. Both BitSignal and Immediate Profit have regulatory issues and are considered scam sites.

Unsafe Deposits and No Withdrawals

We found out that 30K Challenge doesn’t use data protection policies. It keeps your billing information and could even sell it to third-parties.

There’s no encryption on the deposit page. This means hackers could intercept the platform and steal your info, including credit card numbers or bank info.

If you do deposit money on 30K Challenge, you can’t withdraw the money you put in or the capital you earn. In fact, you probably aren’t going to make profits at all. Still, legitimate auto-trading robots allow you to take out the full deposit amount to show that they’re safe and authentic. Read more about Bitcoin Era and Immediate Edge to find out why they’re considered legitimate.

30K Challenge has a fake broker to take the deposit money and shares it with the rest of the team. Meanwhile, you believe you have given your money to an auto-trading bot and can make live trades.

When you do deposit money and can’t figure out the withdrawal process, you can use the customer service feature. It is operational, but you aren’t going to get any money. If you press on for the withdrawal, 30K Challenge blocks you from the platform. That means you can’t access your account, and customer service is going to ignore requests from you.

The Creator of 30K Challenge

Usually, legitimate auto traders offer some sort of about us section. You probably aren’t going to see names, but there’s a simple story that makes you feel more comfortable about using the platform.

However, 30K Challenge doesn’t even offer a page. Nothing showed up when we tried to access the about us section. Therefore, we feel that it isn’t a legitimate auto-trader robot.

Is 30K Challenge a Scam? The Verdict!

You’ve been reading this lengthy, in-depth review about 30K Challenge. By now, we hope we’ve convinced you that it’s a scam. The platform shows all indications of being fake because it’s a scamming bot.

We can almost guarantee that you are likely to lose money if you deposit anything onto the platform. Plus, any data you do provide might be exposed to hackers and other scammers.

There aren’t any data protection features, such as encryption on the deposit page. Also, any information you give 30K Challenge could be sold to third parties because of the lack of a privacy policy.

Ultimately, TrustPedia does not recommend that you use 30K Challenge. Instead, there are many other legit robots, such as Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Prime, and Bitcoin Revolution. Stay away from 30K Challenge!


It’s important to feel fully confident about the choice not to use 30K Challenge. We realize you might have more questions about what to do and not do. Therefore, this FAQ section should help you consider the right auto-trading robot for your needs.

  1. Is 30K Challenge Legit?

    No! We have thoroughly investigated 30K Challenge, and it’s a scam. We recommend that you do NOT use it. This means visiting the website, entering personal information, and depositing money. Instead, consider a tested and proven auto-trading robot like Bitcoin System.

  2. How Much Money Can I Safely Deposit on 30K Challenge?

    You should not deposit any amount on 30K Challenge. We advise against it because it is not legitimate. If you invest money into 30K Challenge, you’re bound to lose it all because this is a scam.

  3. Can I Earn Profits Using 30K Challenge?

    30K Challenge is a full-fledged scam, so you can’t earn profits while on the platform. You’re sure to lose everything you invest. Instead, use a reputable auto-trading bot like Bitcoin Era.

  4. Is It Possible to Withdraw My Money from 30K Challenge?

    No. If you deposit money into a 30K Challenge fund, it’s impossible to get it back. Legit bots do let you remove the full amount you invested, which is proof that it’s authentic. However, 30K Challenge doesn’t offer this. When you do try to withdraw anything, you get the runaround.

  5. What Should I Do Instead of Joining 30K Challenge?

    We know that you want to use an auto-trader robot to help you with cryptocurrency trades. There are plenty of reputable bots out there. Consider Bitcoin Up or any of the other legitimate robots we’ve talked about today. Do not use 30K Challenge. When you use it, you’re going to have your money stolen because it isn’t a legit auto-trading robot.