AI Stock Profit Scam:

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Find Out Why You Should Not Choose This Auto-trading Bot

Most people want to make it easier for themselves to trade cryptocurrency online. That means they use an auto-trading robot. There are tons of them on the market, but some of them aren’t as good as they claim (or safe to use).

If you want to sign up to use auto-trading software, you may have thought about trying AI Stock Profit. However, you should stop immediately! We have investigated the platform and believe that it’s a scam! Those who have already deposited through this bot may find that they can’t get it back. Scam robots like AI Stock Profit are designed to steal your money and could even expose information to other scammers and hackers.

This extensive review is going to take a deeper look into AI Stock Profit to show you why it’s a scam. Plus, we’re going to offer tips on how to avoid other similar scam sites. Also, we can help you choose legitimate robots, such as Yuan Pay Group. We have plenty of robots on the ‘good’ list that you can use, and they’ve all been through thorough tests before we found them legit.

Continue reading this AI Stock Profit review or choose a legitimate bot immediately by learning about Bitcoin Era App, another legit robot.

What to do instead?

Low deposits
No fees
Withdrawals are easy

Is AI Stock Profit a Legitimate Auto-Trader? NO!

  • We do not believe that AI Stock Profit is accurate. You are sure to find complaints from others who have had consistent losses, and it’s all because they chose to use this crypto-trading app.
  • TrustPedia truly believes that AI Stock Profit uses deceptive techniques to gain signups from new users.
  • Our tests show that the auto-trading robot is a fake. In fact, it’s just a webpage that looks real, but it doesn’t offer algorithms like legitimate bots, such as Immediate Edge Bot.
  • Read more on AI Stock Profit and why it’s not a legitimate robot. However, if you want something that is going to work, read more about Bitcoin System App.

What’s AI Stock Profit?

AI Stock Profit claims it’s a fully automated crypto-trading robot. Traders should be able to trade Bitcoin CFDs, guessing the prices to make money. However, our investigation shows that it’s a scam. If you make a deposit on AI Stock Profit, you are sure to lose it all within a few hours. This is because there’s no ‘live trading’ on the platform. We believe you’re going to see consistent losses.

We’re almost completely sure that AI Stock Profit just reports losses that have already happened and doesn’t offer trading technology.

AI Stock Profit Review: Why We Feel It’s a Scam

Ultimately, AI Stock Profit promises significant wealth if you use it, and that’s a clear sign that something is wrong.

No auto-trader robot is right all the time, and claims like that are lies. In fact, the platform just wants to get you to make that deposit. If you already did that without reading this review, that money is gone.

Though it claims it’s a web-trader, the platform is just a fake. Plus, the brokers shown as robot partners aren’t real. In fact, there are no legal registration and regulation from the brokers used.

Like some other scam bots (Anon-System and Crypto Bull App), their only goal is to get your money. They target those in financial difficulties because they know you’re hurting and are desperate. You probably decided to check into the platform because it tried to contact you through email.

Ridiculous and Fake Testimonials

When you go to the AI Stock Profit website, you see tons of testimonials with flashy photos of people with a lot of money.

Our investigation shows that those aren’t real. They’re just actors. Remember, anyone can pay to look rich.

Many fake robots, like AI Stock Profit and Bit Bolt, try to show themselves off as helping you make a lot of money. However, legitimate bots don’t do that. Make sure you don’t register or fund an account on AI Stock Profit!

Fake Brokers and Trading Platform

The actual trading platform on AI Stock Profit is a regular website page. It looks like a real platform, but it isn’t. There are no algorithms used, so all the results you see are just predetermined.

No live trades happen while you’re on this platform. This is similar to other scam bots, like Easy Trade App. These fake ones just want to get your deposit money.

Remember, they aren’t regulated by brokers. This isn’t an oversight; these fake auto traders planned it that way. They aren’t held accountable because you have no proof later.

Make sure you’re choosing legitimate auto-traders that are regulated by ASIC, FCA, and CySec. A robot with other regulatory agencies listed might not be legit. For example, Immediate Profit and Crypto Investor are scam bots because they have regulatory issues.

Instead, you can use The Bitcoin Up or Oil Profit!

Unsafe Deposits and No Withdrawals

We found that AI Stock Profit doesn’t offer data protection policies. Therefore, it can keep your personal information and sell it to third parties.

There’s no encryption on the deposit page, either. Hackers could easily intercept that information and copy banking details.

If you do happen to make any profits (and we’re sure you aren’t going to), then you can’t withdraw the earnings. This also applies to the initial deposit you make. The scammers actually share your deposit with the partner brokers so that they all get a profit, and you lose.

Those who try to make a withdrawal request are let down because they never hear anything back from AI Stock Profit. On top of that, you are blocked from your account if you try to take your money out of it.

AI Stock Profit Creator

Most legitimate auto-traders offer information about who made them. It doesn’t provide names, but there’s at least an about-us section. There’s no such info on AI Stock Profit. In fact, there isn’t even a page to visit with no data. It’s just left off the homepage altogether.

The Verdict: Is AI Stock Profit a Scam?

At this moment, you should be fully aware that AI Stock Profit is a scam. The platform shows every negative characteristic of other scamming auto-trading robots.

We can almost guarantee that you lose money if you make a deposit with the platform. Also, the auto trader is likely to expose personal information that you might provide to it. That means your credit card data is out there for thieves to steal.

Our investigation shows that there aren’t any security measures in place. You can’t even find a privacy policy on the site. That tells us that this fake auto-trader is going to share information you give it with third-party companies, and it doesn’t have to get your permission because you willingly provided it.

We recommend that you do not use AI Stock Profit. Instead, you can use Bitcoin Profit or BitcoinRevolution. Both of these and many other legitimate auto-traders have been tested thoroughly and are shown as legitimate.

What Is AI Stock Profits?

In most cases, investors want to make it easy to trade cryptocurrency online. That means that people have started to use auto trading bots to get the job done. It has led to an influx of auto trading applications to the market, but that is not necessarily a good thing.

You may have thought about trying AI Stock Profit, but you need to read this review before you sign up. We want to inform you that this platform is a complete scam designed to steal your money and personal information.

This in-depth review shows you why AI Stock Profit is a scam and highlights the negative of dealing with this platform.


We realize that you might still have questions about AI Stock Profit and better auto-traders for cryptocurrency. You may even read this section of the review before anything else. Therefore, you can find the answers you need to choose a reputable auto-trader robot.

  1. Is AI Stock Profit Legitimate?

    No! We believe that AI Stock Profit is a scam because of our investigation and tests. We don’t recommend that you visit the website or sign up with personal information. Above all, don’t deposit money into the account. Instead, you can try Bitcoin Prime, a tested and proven robot.

  2. How Much Should I Deposit at AI Stock Profit?

    You’re allowed to deposit any amount, but we highly advise you not to. If you invest anything on AI Stock Profit, be prepared to lose it all because this is a scam bot. It only requires a minimum of $250, but it also hopes to get more from you later.

  3. Can I Earn Money with AI Stock Profit?

    No, you cannot earn any money with AI Stock Profit. It’s a scam, so you could lose everything you invest. Steer clear of it at all costs and choose a more reputable auto-trading bot.

  4. Could I Withdraw Winnings from AI Stock Profit?

    If you were unlucky enough to deposit funds into your AI Stock Profit account, it cannot be withdrawn. With a legit robot, you can withdraw the initial minimum deposit, which proves it’s authentic. However, you probably aren’t going to earn profits and can’t remove the money you put in. While customer service is available, we ended up getting the runaround. We sure tried to ask for a withdrawal of our money. When we became more adamant about it, the auto trader just blocked our account. That means we couldn’t sign in again and had no way to contact the service department. Don’t let this happen to you!

  5. What to Do Instead?

    If you want to use a legitimate auto-trading robot to help with the cryptocurrency market, it’s important to choose a reputable one. They are available, and we actually have many on our list that we recommend fully. Please read reviews about them all so that you make the right choice. Those who are ready to start trading can immediately go to the website of a legit auto-trader and sign up. That way, you get the tools you need to maneuver the cryptocurrency trading market. It’s up to you to perform research and get to know each site to make sure it’s going to do what it claims, and we’re here to help.