Anon System Review

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Scam or Legit: Find Out!

One thing is completely clear when it comes to cryptocurrency. It’s highly popular to trade throughout the world. Often, this is because digital currency is highly beneficial and does things that traditional money cannot. For example, crypto is more private and features more confidentiality than other currency options on the market.

Along with that, CFD trading of cryptocurrency has opened up the doors so that new traders can do it without having experience or financial market knowledge. You don’t have to buy Bitcoin directly for thousands of dollars. With online brokers, it’s ideal for anyone to trade and make profits. However, you must ensure that the brokers are reputable and the system legitimate.

We are interested in talking about the Anon System today to find out if it is legitimate. Though we are going to go through things piece by piece, we can safely tell you that Anon System is a scam. With this information, what are you to do? Clearly, there are better and safer auto trading bots out there, such as Bitcoin Pro. Now, we’re going to take the time to explain why you shouldn’t use Anon System and how Bitcoin Pro is better.

With so many people preferring to trade crypto, there have been many services and products created for it. For example, there are now a variety of tools to help you analyze the markets, as well as expert online brokers and advisors to help with the trades. Auto-trading robots are the norm now, and we are going to discuss the differences between Anon System and Bitcoin Pro to explain why you should not use Anon System.

The goal for such bots is to reduce your risks during trading situations while maximizing profits. Auto-trading bots are reviewed in-depth by TrustPedia. We want everyone to have highly accurate and honest information where possible.

We’re choosing to focus on Anon System right now.

If you have been thinking about signing up for Anon System, and you probably are since you are reading this review, do not do it! We have completely investigated the platform and believe that it is a scam website. Therefore, if you choose to make a deposit through this bot, you might very well lose the money you put in. Scam bots, including Anon System, are there to take your money. Also, it likely doesn’t keep your private information safe. This means anyone with the appropriate skills could hack the system and gain access to your credit card info, as well as other sensitive data.

In this review, we’re going to focus solely on Anon System and help you understand exactly why it’s a scam. Then, we are going to help you learn how to identify similar scams so that you can avoid them. Of course, the review isn’t complete without a recommendation of a legitimate bot and one that we have thoroughly tested and tried.

Continue reading the review on Anon System or immediately go to Bitcoin Pro, which is a legitimate auto trader bot. Click here to go to Bitcoin Pro now.

What to do instead?

Low minimum deposits
Easy withdrawal process
No hidden fees

Anon System Scam: It Is NOT Legit!

  • TrustPedia is giving Anon System a legitimacy score of just three percent. It tends to use deceptive techniques so that people sign up and deposit money.
  • Anon System has no accuracy rating at all from us. Many other traders have complained that they consistently lose money and rarely see a profit if they ever do.
  • Our tests show that Anon System’s web-trader is actually a fake! It’s a webpage, and it does mimic the real web-traders that are out there, but there are no algorithms to ensure that it works correctly or at all.
  • Continue reading so that you can learn more about why you shouldn’t use Anon System. If, however, you are convinced right now, you can head over to the Bitcoin Pro Review to learn more about a legitimate and profitable robot.

What Is Anon System?

Anon System claims to be a fully automated robot to make trades on your behalf. It is designed to handle various cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin being top among them. However, TrustPedia investigated it thoroughly and has proven it to be a scam website. You are likely to lose every penny that you invest in a matter of hours of ‘live trading’ on this app. We carried out live testing for Anon System and find that this robot makes losses consistently. Therefore, we are about 99 percent sure that Anon System doesn’t use trading technology at all and reports predetermined losses instead of live trades.

Unlike Anon System, Bitcoin Pro and Bitcoin Digital does have an algorithm, and it works to analyze the markets so that you get the best trades throughout the day.

Anonymous System: Results of the Test Explained!

Anon System is quite laughable and clearly a scam. It claims that when you use it, you are going to see significant wealth. The founders tell lies so that the traders make that initial investment of $250. Though it isn’t a lot of money, you never see it again.

You lose it all while trading on the live market, which isn’t live. Then, you may be discouraged and decide to add more funds. In fact, the company asks you to do this multiple times throughout the session so that it can steal more of your money.

Though the platform presents itself as a traditional web-trader, it’s clearly fake. The brokers listed on the site as partners are also scams. They have no regulations or a legal registration.

This website’s primary target is those who are in a financial hardship. This is similar to other scam bots. The first approach is to send unsolicited emails to you. In fact, you’re probably here reading this review because of an email you received without asking for it. Then, once you are on the site and sign up, it asks for a minimum deposit (like legit bots). Still, you lose all the money and might get one or two wins throughout to entice you to spend more.

Fake Testimonials

The website shows testimonials from supposedly real people, just like legit bots. However, they are accompanied by fake photos of people surrounded by money or standing in front of a private jet they allegedly own.

TrustPedia, through its investigation, reveals that these are fake testimonials, and the people are actors who were paid to pose. It’s easy to stand next to airplanes and have counterfeit money around you for a picture.

Robots that use such showy tactics are usually scams. Therefore, it’s best to pay attention to the platform and what it depicts before you register. Of course, TrustPedia is here to help with your research so that you read unbiased reviews.

Those who want to work with a legitimate auto trading bot should consider Bitcoin Pro, Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Up.

Fake Web-Trader and Partner Brokers

The so-called web-trader on Anon System is actually just a regular webpage and is designed to mimic a trading platform. Our thorough investigation shows that it doesn’t use an algorithm, so the results are predetermined by the creators

Often, you win once or twice with that $250 investment so that you are intrigued and add more to the account. However, no live trading occurs on the platform.

Anon System focuses on the brokers, as other scam bots are prone to do. The brokers get all deposits from the traders, but they aren’t regulated. With no oversight available, you can’t hold anyone responsible for the actions they commit. This also means you can’t recover the deposit you make.

You should ensure that the brokers listed on any auto-trading site are regulated. If there are none, you can be sure it is a scam. Typically, regulators include ASIC, FSB, CySec, and FCA. Robots that claim they are regulated by other jurisdictions should also be avoided.

No Withdrawals

Anon System doesn’t offer data protection policies, so you can’t be sure your information is safe and encrypted.

We also found that this auto-trader keeps billing data and can legally resell or use the information because this is included in the policy. When you go to deposit your investment, the webpage isn’t encrypted, so hackers can easily steal credit card information.

The Founders

There isn’t much information about the creators of the site. In our eyes, this makes Anon System look fake. The people who run the site don’t want their information out there to make it easier for the authorities to find them.

Is Anon System Legit? Our Verdict!

Of course, this whole time, we have been talking about the fact that Anon System is a scam. The information we have provided here should prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you haven’t already figured this out, then maybe no one could tell you otherwise.

The platform itself has many characteristics that prove it to be a scam auto trader. We can’t be 100 percent sure that you are losing money when you deposit funds on the platform. However, we are 99 percent sure that this is the case.

Additionally, you might find that your private information is exposed to hackers and thieves on the internet. Through our investigation, there aren’t any data protection measures in place on the site. Even when you deposit your money, it isn’t ‘locked’ with the https indicator in the address bar.

We also thoroughly read the privacy policy, where it appears that the founders might share your information with third parties. Whether or not they get paid for this remains to be seen. Still, it is up to you to read such policies, and most people don’t. This is how the company can legally steal your information and resell it for nefarious purposes.

TrustPedia is here to recommend that you don’t use Anon System. Instead, there are other legitimate auto-trading bots on the market, such as Bitcoin Pro. We’ve fully tested Bitcoin Pro and show that it appears legitimate. With this auto trader, you can see daily profits of around 10 percent. Please note that no trading platform is without risk. You could lose a bit of your initial investment, but you do have a real chance of winning money. With Anon System, you have zero chances of earning real profits.


Why is Bitcoin Pro different?

Bitcoin Pro is different than Anon System for many reasons:

Regulated Broker

Bitcoin Pro has no hidden fees and doesn’t charge to sign up. Once you have, you talk to reputable brokers. Since they are regulated, your information is secure, and you have protection in case of a bankruptcy.

Customized Parameter

When it comes to honesty, Bitcoin Pro tells you that you should use the default parameters for trading if you’re a newbie. However, it also lets you customize everything to meet your needs. Turn off auto-trading and use manual mode if you desire. You are still going to have the algorithm available to you to analyze the market’s data.


The best reason you should be using Bitcoin Pro is that it offers automated mode. Here, you set up the parameters for trading and let it work for you. In fact, you don’t have to change these parameters if you don’t want to do so. This allows you to do other tasks while the bot works for you.


Bitcoin Pro features an 88-percent win rate because of the algorithm it uses. Therefore, it knows exactly when to make the trade and does it faster than other bots and humans. Plus, the good news is you can start trading even if you don’t have any experience.

Though Bitcoin Pro offers all of this, Anon System did not use an algorithm. Our testing proved that the losses and wins are predetermined. There isn’t any live trading, but Bitcoin Pro works differently.


We realize how hard it is to believe that scammers are out there. This list of frequently asked questions can help you better understand why you shouldn’t use Anon System and which options are better.

  1. Is Anon System legitimate?

    No! TrustPedia has thoroughly investigated this auto-trade bot and shows that Anon System is a scam. Therefore, it’s not advisable to use it. Instead, choose a robot that is tested and proven to be legit.

  2. How much money should I deposit on Anon System?

    You can deposit money through Anon System’s website. Plus, you can put in any amount that you like. However, it’s inadvisable to do so. You’re going to lose that initial deposit and any other funds you put in because it is a complete scam. Then, the company also tries to get you to deposit more than the minimum amount it requires.
    The money is then taken from you through trades that are made by the company and not on the live trading platform. If you decide to withdraw the initial investment, it is never given back to you.
    Though this is enough for most people to ignore such a scamming web trader, you should be aware that your personal information isn’t safe. It can be sold to a third-party, and no security measures are in place on the site. Therefore, when you put your credit card info into the website to fund the account, hackers can easily find and steal the information.

  3. Is there a better or safer web-trader I should use instead?

    Yes! There are many auto-trading bots out there that are legitimate. Of course, you should take the time to read about them. As TrustPedia is a trusted review source for many, we have talked about many web-traders.
    Anon System is not a legitimate website. When you get to the page, it looks like other auto traders. However, the promises it makes are also in line with similar bots, so it appears real and trustworthy.
    It shows plenty of testaments from famous people, but you can clearly see they are just talking in general about crypto. The celebrities never specifically say they have used Anon System. Still, the trader bot doesn’t twist the celebrities’ words and mentions that such people haven’t used the site. That way, it appears more legit, but why do you need to know which celebrities like and dislike Bitcoin if they haven’t actually used Anon System or talk about it?

  4. Can I make money using AnonSys?

    No! You cannot make any money while using Anon System. This web trader is a total scam.

  5. Can I withdraw some money from Anon System?

    If you deposited money into the Anon System site already, it is completely lost to you. Though the company claims that your money is 100 percent yours, our tests have shown that you can’t remove the trading capital in which you put into the account. Also, when you trade, there are significant and consistent losses.