BitBolt Review 2022

Is It a Scam? - All you need to Know

It’s incredibly evident now that cryptocurrency is highly tradable and popular. Digital currencies are there to offer you many benefits, including confidentiality and privacy, when making transactions.

There are considerably lower fees, and it’s faster to complete your trade with them. New traders don’t require any experience or trading knowledge now because of the advent of auto-trading robots. Now, you don’t need to buy Bitcoin directly and can trade through reputable brokers. Automated trading bots have been developed to reduce your risks during trading. This also helps you maximize profits. Since there’s no experience involved, anyone can use it to be profitable with crypto trades.

Therefore, we feel that each auto-trading robot should be reviewed extensively to provide our readers with the most accurate and honest information available. That way, you can select the right service and auto-trader and sign up confidently. Today, we’re focused on BitBolt.

Easy withdrawal process
No hidden fees
Low deposits
88 percent win rate
trade now *Risk is involved with all trading actions

BitBolt Website

Once you arrive to the BitBolt website, you’re told this auto-trading robot is lucrative.

You can watch a video about Bitcoin and how it became famous. Then, the sign-up box is right to the side of the video. It’s easy for you to sign up, and you get a glance of the dashboard where the live trades are made. In the demo mode, it’s possible to test the platform and see how everything works before investing any real money. This offers you a unique and exciting opportunity to learn about online trading and practice your trade strategies.

The dashboard provides various features that you can use. These can include Stop Loss and Take Profit. You may also set the risk level with which you feel most comfortable. This software offers direct access to the various trading assets available right now. Of course, you can also pick which brokers you utilize, which ensures honesty and transparency.

BitBolt also includes an automated mode, which lets you set your preferred parameters. Then, the bot takes over and does the rest. It makes trades for you and can open/close them in your name. That way, you don’t have to stay near to the device and watch it all personally. With all that we’ve said, initially, this all sounds positive, right?

Unfortunately, we never signed up to get a BitBolt account because we couldn’t be sure it was legitimate. If you look very closely (and most people don’t), you can see that the BitBolt platform and website are identical to that of the BitQT app. In fact, it’s our belief that BitBolt copied the design from BitQT itself. It features the same information and content from the original website. Therefore, we became wary immediately of the BitBolt software.

Please be aware that we’re not saying BitBolt is a scam website. That’s not the intention here with our article. Instead, we feel that BitBolt and BitSignal are copies of BitQT. Since BitQT was created first, we believe it’s best to sign up there because you know we’ve recommended it. It’s the original version and trustworthy. Still, we’re going to go more in-depth with the BitBolt website now.

What Can BitQT Offer to You?

As we’ve previously stated, BitBolt is a copy of the original BitQT platform.

You can easily and quickly trade various cryptocurrencies using it. Plus, the software offers some trading signals, which can help you decide how much and when to trade.

Is BitBolt Suitable for All Traders?

As we’ve already mentioned, BitBolt is a copy of the BitQT app. BitQT is highly recommended.

While each one can cater to all trader types, the goal here is to focus on the original. You already have an indication that it’s safe because we have reviewed BitQT already. In this case, BitBolt doesn’t meet the standards we set forth since it was copied.

Demo Trades

Both BitBolt and BitQT provide you with demo trading accounts. At BitQT, this provides you with a credit of $1,500.

This is fake or virtual money, but it’s there to help you test the trading platform to learn how it works. That allows you to get used to making trades and how the automated system works, as well. Of course, you also get to use the trading signals from the software and algorithm. That way, you can start practicing and making your own, testing them without risking your money. You can come back to the demo whenever you need to, as well.

This is an amazing benefit for new traders. Advanced traders may want to use this demo account to test their strategies, as well. Even if you’ve already got real funds in your account, you can continue using the demo as needed.

While BitBolt also provides demo trades, it’s a copy. You’re best bet is to join BitQT. This way, you’re not going to join and use the BitBolt demo and then cancel your membership to just join BitQT, which is our preferred auto-trading bot.


When visiting the BitQT website, it’s possible to read testimonials from members.

You can easily see that BitQT works properly and those who use the system make money. While BitBolt does copy the platform and everything else, it didn’t directly take the testimonials from BitQT. Still, we researched things and found that similar review sites do show BitBolt to be a scam. We aren’t going that far to say that, but we do believe BitQT is a safer choice because it’s the original from the two sites.

BitBolt Scam or Legit – Your Bottom Line

It should be clear now that we don’t have faith in the BitBolt site.

We’ve reviewed other software throughout the years and can easily tell when a site is just a copy of another. This indicates that the platform isn’t the safest. While we can’t be sure BitBolt copied all elements, we also can’t vouch for accuracy and algorithms. Therefore, we feel you should sign up for BitQT.