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Secure Payments
Instant verification and purchase of cryptocurrency
Support via emails, live Telegram chats, webinars, and other methods
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
  • Has a solid interface that works well for people that are not familiar with crypto trading platforms
  • Users can make use of free signup with no risk
  • Compatible with multiple supported exchanges
  • More convenient than traditional trading methods
  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Fast and efficient trades
  • Automated trading eliminates emotion-related trading
  • Requires regular monitoring
  • Needs a strong and consistent internet connection at all times
  • Even with parameters, results cannot be predicted
  • Unregulated field surrounding Bitcoin 360 AI and other crypto platforms
Bitcoin 360 AI Highlights
🤖 Type of Service Bitcoin, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies
💰 Software Cost The Starter Package is free; the price of other packages differs according to which one you choose.
💵 Withdrawal Fees No Fees
📱 Type of Platform Web-based mobile compatible
💳 Deposit Options Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Crypto
🌎 Countries All – Except USA

Seasoned traders are all too familiar with automated platforms and their newly profound dominance in the cryptocurrency industry. If you are new to the trading scene, it is only a matter of time before these platforms make their presence known to you. In fact, with the heaps of automated platforms available today, it would be beneficial for you to know exactly what it can offer you and what it cannot.

If you think that an automated trading platform is exactly what you need in order for you to excel in the trading arena for cryptocurrency, then be sure to finish reading this comprehensive Bitcoin 360 AI review. Within this informative piece of writing, you will be told everything you need to know – from what Bitcoin 360 AI is to how it works and if it is safe or not, as well as any pricing and fees associated with this automated crypto platform.

What Is Bitcoin 360 AI?

Bitcoin 360 AI was designed to simplify the whole trading process and help traders from all levels of experience make the most of their trading opportunities. Bitcoin 360 AI empowers traders by providing a crypto trading platform that is easy to use for both novices and experienced crypto traders alike. The fully-featured services of Bitcoin 360 AI also allow users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies with ease all while eliminating any human frailty from the trading process.

As already mentioned, Bitcoin 360 AI does not guarantee profits; instead, the automated platform simply allows traders to make trades that are more intelligent because they are based on trading approaches and external signals that are platform programmed and not based on human emotion.

Ideas, skills, and experiences have brought about the creation of the Bitcoin 360 AI automated platform that works 24/7, trades a range of coins, and is also compatible with several cryptocurrency exchanges. Overall, Bitcoin 360 AI is a manipulatable trading solution that is aimed at crypto traders at any experience level.

Is Bitcoin 360 AI Legit?

In the world of automated platforms, traders are always concerned with an automated platform’s legitimacy, and there is some apprehension among traders when determining whether or not to use trading such as Bitcoin 360 AI. This is because the crypto market, like any market, is plagued with fraud, and fraudulent platforms are everywhere.

What’s even more worrisome is the lack of regulation that exists for these pretender platforms. When traders decide to use automated platforms, most are unaware of the fact that they have absolutely no retaliation for a fake platform regarding the law.

Luckily, there is still hope for those traders who are desiring a legitimate trading platform that is not going to leave their pockets empty and their trust shattered. Bitcoin 360 AI is one of the select few automated platforms that have a legitimate platforms, which allows for the proper assessment of opportunities and risks.

With that being said, Bitcoin 360 AI is merely only a platform piece, and its legitimacy does not mean that it can magically guarantee you a profit, and traders can still incur major losses.

How Bitcoin 360 AI Works?

Are you considering getting started with Bitcoin 360 AI? If you are, here’s how this automated platform works. To begin trading with Bitcoin 360 AI is a relatively straightforward process and can be done in just two steps. The signup tab is usually located somewhere on the main page for all of these crypto platforms.

Create an Account

Using your mobile device or desktop, enter the Bitcoin 360 AI link into your browser URL. You should then be redirected to the crypto platforms home page. Fill out the empty fields by entering your name, surname, email address, username, and a strong password so that you can register. A strong password normally consists of both upper- and lower-case letters and at least one number.

New account holders will have to submit picture evidence in the form of a government-issued ID or passport to prove that they are who they claim to be. 

Next, you will need to confirm the email account that you entered in the steps above. You can do this by clicking on the activation link in the email that was sent to you by Bitcoin 360 AI. By clicking on the activation link, you will once again gain access to the dashboard.

Once redirected to the dashboard, your account should be created and your personal information verified.

Set Up Your Account

However, to actually begin trading, you will need to decide on an exchange and configure Bitcoin 360 AI using your selected exchange’s API keys. In other words, before you can implement and create trading rules, you will need to connect Bitcoin 360 AI to an available exchange. It is at this point that Bitcoin 360 AI will take over the heavy lifting involved with your trading strategy. Nevertheless, you will still always be presented with the option to switch up your trading rules through your Bitcoin 360 AI account.

When Bitcoin 360 AI takes over, it will get to work by analyzing data, selling assets per its calculations, and predicting potential risk. What’s more, Bitcoin 360 AI will continuously watch the market, and when certain events take place and meet the required market conditions, for example, a change in the price, Bitcoin 360 AI will trade using its connected exchange to do so.

What is important to know is that this process does not entirely happen on its own. When an event is detected by Bitcoin 360 AI, it will signal the trader to take action. Therefore, you are still required to decide when to buy and when to sell. Bitcoin 360 AI helps its users a lot, but it is still required to put in the necessary effort, time and knowledge if traders are wanting any sort of success in regard to crypto trading.

If you are new to trading, let alone new to the whole idea of an automated platform, then it is easy to fall under the misconception that you can just release Bitcoin 360 AI into the crypto market and expect it to come back to you with a profit. Unfortunately, that is not how it works!

Bitcoin 360 AI Features

Bitcoin 360 AI has a number of features that have enabled this automated platform to earn its spot among the top crypto platforms available in the market today.

User Experience

Bitcoin 360 AI caters to traders from all walks of life, beginner traders, professional traders, and any casual investors in between, allowing anyone and everyone with an eye for trading to hedge funds and competes with platform traders.

On the other hand, Bitcoin 360 AI is able to accommodate its users by shifting focus to product usability in the form of an intuitive, user-friendly interface with a step-by-step guide on strategy development that does not involve the use of any complicated trading terminology. Ultimately, beginners can create trading plans with ease, and on the other end of the spectrum, professionals can develop a trading strategy based on however they deem fit. Bitcoin 360 AI also offers templates for users who are not looking to create their own set of trading rules.

Trading Strategies

Here, Bitcoin 360 AI sends out emails that contain information about free trading signals that will help users adjust their strategies and even create new trading rules. In addition to this, Bitcoin 360 AI also provides trading strategy templates, and each template offers a strategy that has been used and tested across a landscape of trading platforms. However, the templates available to you will be dependent on the pricing plan you chose, but feel free to create strategies that mimic any of the provided templates.


Bitcoin 360 AI’s semi-automated trading happens via API integration with a cryptocurrency exchange. This service can be utilized on any and all devices, for example, desktops, tablets, laptops, and even mobile devices, for as long as they are connected to the internet.

Backtesting Opportunities

Like any investment, past performance is generally not an indicator of future success. That is not to say that it can’t be helpful when historical market data is used to test out your trading rules.

Bitcoin 360 AI gives users the opportunity to back-test many of their trading strategies. By selecting the coin they are trading, the trading strategy they plan on using, and in what time frame, Bitcoin 360 AI will show them how many trades were opened and closed, among other useful information, using historical market data.  

A trader even has the option of adding in trading commissions, and for those that don’t know, this determines whether your trade is still profitable after taking into account any associated fees. Obviously, the performance of the future will not be the same as the performance of the past, but it does help to boost a trader’s confidence when they are creating trading rules.

Is Bitcoin 360 AI Safe?

Bitcoin 360 AI is very clear in the security measures it employs to protect its users. All API keys have been encrypted with advanced security protocols and are stored on a segregated data storage that has also been encrypted.

As already mentioned, the API keys that connect a trader’s Bitcoin 360 AI account to their chosen exchange do not allow for any withdrawal rights, meaning that should the breaching of data ever occur, the funds on your exchange cannot be withdrawn using that information.

Even though Bitcoin 360 AI is not an exchange and does not have custody over its users’ crypto, it still maintains very high-security standards for its website. Military-grade encryption and two-factor authentication are exactly what is used by Bitcoin 360 AI to keep your information safe and protected from nefarious actors.

Bitcoin 360 AI Pricing and Fees

Bitcoin 360 AI offers traders different tiers where each one has been designed with a different type of trader in mind. As such, the pricing structure for Bitcoin 360 AI will differ dramatically based on your needs as a trader. You can choose to either pay monthly or annually for the tier you subscribe to; yearly payment plans may offer users some sort of discount.

It is important to keep in mind that, while Bitcoin 360 AI may only charge users for its subscription, you may end up paying fees from your selected exchange. Thus, if you are on the fence about committing to Bitcoin 360 AI, you can always begin with the automated platform’s starter package and upgrade from there. It’s absolutely free, so it should put your mind at ease in the meantime, especially considering that Bitcoin 360 AI does not provide its users with any refunds.


Bitcoin 360 AI was created to provide the crypto community with a viable solution to help ease trading, and with its comprehensive list of features, all-around user-friendliness, and support for a multitude of cryptocurrencies and leading exchanges, Bitcoin 360 AI is believed to have a lot going for it and stands out well in a market filled with many competing trading platforms and other cryptocurrency management platforms.

With the demand for trading platforms starting to gain momentum, many new traders can look to Bitcoin 360 AI as a useful way to get accustomed to the markets and learn the ins and outs of trading cryptocurrency. With a platform positioned to serve both beginners and professionals, Bitcoin 360 AI has developed an excellent reputation among traders, and it is recommended that you check out Bitcoin 360 AI for yourself.

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