Bitcoin Bank Breaker Review

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Why Using This Bot Could Break Your Bank

Trading cryptocurrency is the hottest trend, and it’s definitely here to stay. In fact, Bitcoin has been around for a long time, and you’re sure to want to jump on that bandwagon. No one could blame you for that because it’s fun and interesting.

However, crypto markets are volatile, so you can easily miss a good trade. It’s also easier to trade at the wrong time to see more losses. That’s why auto-trading robots are out there. These helpful little bots can streamline your efforts to make trades for you.

Bitcoin Bank Breaker is probably on your list of auto-traders to try out. It’s likely popped up when you’ve researched auto-trading robots for cryptocurrency.

However, we’ve investigated the platform and find that it’s a scam. Those who were unfortunate enough to make deposits on the site are sure to have lost them. Scam bots like Bitcoin Bank Breaker are there to steal your money. On top of that, they could expose personal information to cybercriminals like hackers.

Our extensive review is going to show you what Bitcoin Bank Breaker is and help you understand the scam it puts out. We’re also going to give you good auto-trading robots to try or read about. If that weren’t enough, we don’t want you to be part of a trading bot scam, so we give you tips on what to watch out for.

All of the robots we recommend are thoroughly tested, so you know you’re safe!

Please continue reading our Bitcoin Bank Breaker review. If we’ve already convinced you that it’s a scam (and it is,) consider the YuanPay Group review, as it’s a legit auto-trading robot.

What to do instead?

Secure payments
$250 Minimum deposits
No Fees

Is Bitcoin Bank Breaker Legitimate? NO!

  • TrustPedia did a lot of research to find that Bitcoin Bank Breaker uses highly deceptive techniques. Its only goal is to get new signups with the minimum deposit.
  • This auto-trading robot isn’t accurate at all. We’ve found that traders who use it make consistent losses and never earn profits with this app.
  • Our testing has shown that it’s a fake auto-trader. Though it’s set up like legit bots, there’s no algorithm.
  • Continue reading to find out why Bitcoin Bank Breaker is not safe. Otherwise, you can read about Bitcoin Era, a legitimate auto-trading robot.

What Is Bitcoin Bank Breaker?

Bitcoin Bank Breaker claims that it’s an automated trading bot. If it was, it could help you trade Bitcoin CFDs.

That’s where you guestimate the price of your preferred cryptocurrency. If you’re right, you earn money, and if you’re wrong, you lose it.

However, our investigation conclusively shows that Bitcoin Bank Breaker is a scam. Though the minimum deposit is only $250, if you add that to your fund, you’re sure to lose it quickly. There’s no live trading, so everything is already pre-determined to be a loss. This fake website is not going to help you trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, but it is there to steal your money!

Why Is Bitcoin Bank Breaker a Scam?

Every auto-trading website talks about its technology and abilities. That’s part of the allure so that you want to use it instead of doing it all yourself.

From the beginning, though, Bitcoin Bank Breaker tells lies to get you to make that deposit. We’re sorry to say that if you already added money to the account before reading this, you probably lost the money forever.

The platform looks like any other trading app, but we’ve found that it’s fake. You can see a list of partner brokers on the site, but they’re not legitimate because there’s no regulation or registration of them.

Ultimately, Bitcoin Bank Breaker targets people who are facing financial difficulties. You want to make money quickly, so you sign up with the hope that you’re going to earn millions of dollars. It’s just like other scam robots that we’ve talked about, including BitSignal and Crypto Investor, which you should avoid at all costs.

Fake Reviews

On the homepage, you can see testimonials from other users. While this is a sign of legitimacy, Bitcoin Bank Breaker takes it a bit too far. You see people with airplanes and holding tons of money, and that’s just not feasible.

Our investigation has indicated that none of those testimonials are legit. In fact, anyone could pose for a photo op and act rich.

Robots like Bitcoin Bank Breaker use show-off testimonials to add to the allure. That doesn’t mean they aren’t scams, though! Pay attention to the words it utilizes before you register with it or other scam bots, such as Anon System. In fact, we recommend that you don’t visit any of those websites.

Fake Platform and Brokers

Once you arrive on Bitcoin Bank Breaker, it looks like other trading platforms you’ve seen. However, it’s just a website page, and there’s no algorithm used here. Therefore, any results you experience are pre-determined. No live trading takes place on this auto-trading website.

Other scam bots use that same tactic, too. Ultimately, Bitcoin Bank Breaker uses brokers to take the deposit money because it’s illegal for auto-trading sites to handle money. On this site, though, the brokers aren’t regulated. That means if you make a deposit, the money could be stolen without a way for you to seek help.

You should only use auto-trading robots with listed brokers that are regulated. Look for regulatory bodies like the FCA, CySec, ASIC, and FSB. They’re the best regulators for crypto trading because they’re proven to be legitimate.

It’s also possible to run into fake auto-traders without any broker information listed. If there’s nothing about them, stay away from those platforms. For example, Immediate Profit has problems with regulated brokers and is considered a scam.

No Withdrawals – Unsafe Deposits

There aren’t any data protection policies in place with Bitcoin Bank Breaker. That means your credit card information is kept and could be sold to other companies.

On the deposit page, there’s no encryption at all. That means a hacker could use the platform to steal information as you input it.

If you were unlucky enough to deposit funds on Bitcoin Bank Breaker, you can’t remove it. While you aren’t going to earn any capital, legitimate robots let you withdraw the deposit amount to show they’re authentic and safe.

Take a look at Immediate Edge and BitQT if you want some legitimate auto-trading robots to use.

Once you deposit the money and decide to withdraw it, you visit customer service. Though you can talk to someone via email, you aren’t going to get your money back. Adamant users are sure to be blocked from the platform and have no way to access their accounts while customer service ignores your requests.

The Creators

Most auto-trading robots have an about us section that explains how they created the bot and how it was tested. That way, users can feel more comfortable about that particular platform.

Sadly, Bitcoin Bank Breaker doesn’t have an about us page. Therefore, we can’t say it’s a legitimate auto-trading robot.

Is Bitcoin Bank Breaker a Scam? Our Verdict!

You’ve been here reading our in-depth and lengthy review on Bitcoin Bank Breaker. By now, we should have convinced you that this is a complete scam. The platform has all the features of a fake site because it is one!

There’s a big chance that you could lose money if you make a deposit into your platform account. Plus, the data you give to Bitcoin Bank Breaker might be sold or stolen, since there isn’t any encryption on the page.

Ultimately, we do not recommend that you use Bitcoin Bank Breaker. Instead, there are tons of other legitimate robots to spend your time with. Please read more about Bitcoin Up and Oil Profit to find out why we like them. The best thing you can do is stay away from Bitcoin Bank Breaker.


Do you still have some questions about Bitcoin Bank Breaker or auto-traders in general? If so, consider these helpful FAQs to get the answers you seek.

  1. Is Bitcoin Bank Breaker Legit?

    No, Bitcoin Bank Breaker isn’t legitimate. It’s a scam, and we recommend that you do not go to the website. Instead, try a proven auto-trader robot, such as YuanPay Group.

  2. How Much Should I Deposit with Bitcoin Bank Breaker?

    You shouldn’t deposit money on Bitcoin Bank Breaker. The trading platform is a scam, so if you invest anything, you are sure to lose every penny.

  3. Can I Earn a Profit with Bitcoin Bank Breaker?

    Though there’s no guarantee with any auto-trading robot, we can almost guarantee that you’re going to lose money on Bitcoin Bank Breaker and never see profits. Instead, consider Bitcoin Era or Oil Profit.

  4. Can I Withdraw Earnings and the Deposit from Bitcoin Bank Breaker?

    No. You can’t withdraw any money that you deposit onto Bitcoin Bank Breaker. Since it’s a scam, you’re not likely to earn anything and could lose every penny with the pre-determined instead of live trading it offers.

  5. What Can I Use Instead of Bitcoin Bank Breaker?

    Since you want to use an auto-trading robot to make it easier to trade cryptocurrency, you can go with Bitcoin Up or BitQT. They’re legitimate robots and have been thoroughly tested by TrustPedia. Don’t use Bitcoin Bank Breaker because it is unsafe.