Bitcoin Benefit Review

Why You Don’t Need This Auto-Trader in Your Life

Trading cryptocurrency isn’t easy, even if you know what you’re doing. It takes time to enter manual trades and can cause you to miss deals. That’s why many people use an auto-trading robot. There are plenty of them out there, but you want one that’s legitimate and does what it promises.

If you’re thinking about Bitcoin Benefit as your auto-trading software, stop immediately. We have investigated this platform and believe it’s a scam. Those who have already made deposits on here are bound to lose them. There are many scam bots out there like this one, and they focus on stealing money. They may also expose personal information to hackers.

This in-depth review is going to show you what Bitcoin Benefit is all about. We also discuss other scamming sites and what to avoid. Then, we sprinkle in information about decent and legitimate auto-trading robots. Please note that our recommended list of auto-traders are tested extensively before we put them on our site as being legitimate.

If you’re not sure about Bitcoin Benefit, keep reading. Otherwise, check out the review on Bitcoin Prime to learn about a good trading bot.

88% percent claim for win rate
Secure payments using debit or credit cards
Minimum deposits as low as $250
trade now *Risk is involved with all trading actions

Is Bitcoin Benefit a Legit Auto-Trader? NO!

What’s Bitcoin Benefit?

As it stands, Bitcoin Benefit claims to be an automated trading robot for the cryptocurrency market. With these bots, you can trade cryptocurrency CFDs, effectively guessing on prices to make money. However, our investigation shows that Bitcoin Benefit is fake. There’s no live trading, so you lose the deposit within mere hours.

It consistently creates losses, and there’s no trading technology used.

Bitcoin Benefit Review: Why We Feel It’s a Scam

When you arrive on the website, you see that it tells lies immediately. All the owners care about is getting you to make that initial deposit.

It promises that you can make tons of money with the auto-trader, and that’s not how they’re designed to work.

Those who do make deposits find that they are gone. This web-trader is fake. Though it lists real partner brokers, they are registered or regulated, so they don’t count.

As with other scam robots like Bitcoin Benefit and Crypto MasterBot, the ultimate goal for them is to target those who are financially unstable and desperate. You probably received an email saying that you could make lots of money without lifting a finger, and that’s why you’re here.

Fake Testimonials

There’s a spot on the website for testimonials. Most of them are of flashy people doing silly things with tons of money.

We have found that those reviews aren’t real and believe the reviewers to be hired actors. It’s easy to make it look like you’ve got tons of money, and many scam bots use such photos on testimonials.

If you notice such testimonials, they’re likely scams. Pay attention to what’s said on the platform before registering with an auto-trader. If it’s Bitcoin Benefit, don’t sign up at all and never give it any money! Instead, try Bitcoin Profit or Oil Profit. Both of them have testimonials that are simple and not flashy.

Fake Web-Trader and Partner Brokers

A web-trader platform should be more than just a website page. This one from Bitcoin Benefit looks just like the legit ones, but it isn’t real at all.

There’s no algorithm used, so you can’t do live trading at all. In fact, these are predetermined results.

Like other scamming bots, Bitcoin Benefit uses fake or non-regulated brokers to take the deposit money. Since they aren’t regulated, they can share it with the owners of Bitcoin Benefit, and they do. However, it’s impossible to prove it, so you lose your deposit and can’t recover it.

Always make sure that the auto-trading robot uses regulated brokers from suitable agencies. These include the FSB, ASIC, FCA, and CySec. Though there are other jurisdictions, we worry about their legitimacy. If no brokers are listed at all on the site, avoid them. For example, Anon System and Immediate Profit don’t list brokerages at all!

Can’t Withdraw Money

What happens when you use an auto-trading robot and earn money on the crypto market? You see more in your account.

Once you reach a certain point, you take it out and put it in your bank. However, Bitcoin Benefit never shows a profit on your account. If there is some sort of glitch and you do earn money, you can’t withdraw it to your bank.

Other scamming bots do the same thing. However, with Bitcoin Up, you can withdraw your initial deposit. This is a sign of a legitimate auto-trader, and it’s something you should watch out for.

Another issue we have is that Bitcoin Benefit doesn’t use safe deposit processes. The website isn’t encrypted, so your information is just floating around for hackers to steal. Identity theft is a huge concern when using a fake auto-trader website.

Who Created Bitcoin Benefit?

Legitimate auto-trading software should give you some sort of information in the about us section. You may not find founder names, but there’s something there. Bitcoin Benefit doesn’t even have an about us page. We even checked the ‘sitemap’ and didn’t find anything. This is a guarantee that the robot isn’t legit.

Is Bitcoin Benefit a Scam? The Verdict!

Right now, you’ve been reading up on how bad Bitcoin Benefit is. We can’t stress enough that this trading robot is a fake and full-on scam.

In fact, it has all the negative characteristics as other scamming bots like BitBolt or Bitcoin Bank.

We can almost guarantee that you’re going to lose your money if you use the platform. In fact, you may even have your identity stolen because the auto-trader isn’t secure, and the data you provide is going to get exposed to hackers.

Our investigation was thorough and shows that there aren’t any data protection features or a privacy policy. Therefore, Bitcoin Benefit can sell your personal information without you knowing it.

We do not recommend Bitcoin Benefit. Please try Bitcoin System, Immediate Edge, or Bitcoin Era. These have all been tested and are deemed as legitimate auto-trading robots. Don’t use Bitcoin Benefit and risk your identity and have your money stolen!


Whether you skipped down to this section first or still have questions about Bitcoin Benefit, we’re here to help. These questions are common, and it’s important that you have them answered sufficiently to make the right choice for auto-trader software.

No! We have extensively tested Bitcoin Benefit and feel that it is a scam. Please do not visit the site, enter personal information to sign up, or deposit funds. Read about Yuan Pay Group to see why it’s a tested and proven alternative.

Though the website allows you to deposit any amount you want, we don’t recommend that you do. If you invest anything on Bitcoin Benefit, you are likely to lose all of it. This auto-trader is just a scam. Even though it only requires a $250 deposit, and that’s not much, you probably aren’t going to earn profits or actually perform live trades. In fact, it might try to get more money or sell your information to other companies.

Since Bitcoin Benefit is a scam, you can’t earn money with it. When you invest anything, you lose it all because the brokers aren’t regulated or legit, either. Please stay away from Bitcoin Benefit. There are plenty of other reputable auto-trader robots, including Yuan Pay App.

No. If you have already deposited money into a Bitcoin Benefit account, you can’t get it out. Legitimate robots let you withdraw your full initial investment, proving that they are authentic. However, Bitcoin Benefit doesn’t offer this. You aren’t likely to earn profits by ‘live trading.’ If you try to withdraw what you’ve put in, there aren’t any options to do that. While customer service is there, you never get a straight answer. Also, you could get blocked from the site so that you can’t sign in, losing your last hope of getting your funds back.

If you want to use an auto-trading robot for cryptocurrency trades, it’s important to use a reputable bot. They are out there. For example, Bitcoin Era, Oil Profit, and Immediate Edge are some of the top ones. Please read our reviews on both the good and bad auto-trading robots to get an idea of what’s out there and how to protect yourself. Using reliable tools is essential when trading cryptocurrency.