Bitcoin Billionaire Review

Is Bitcoin Billionaire Trading App a Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin Billionaire is an auto-trading Bitcoin robot that claims to help inexperienced traders make a lot of money without having to know anything about the world of online trading.

At TrustPedia, we chose to test out this platform to see if it is something legitimate or if it is more like a scam. Through our findings, which are presented below, we confirm right now that this software is working correctly and appears to be legitimate. However, the site does claim that you could make $6,300 in one day? Is this really possible? Continue reading to learn everything you must know about Bitcoin Billionaire.

88 percent win rate claims
Accepts Credit/Debit Cards
$250 Minimum Deposit
OPEN FREE ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

Bitcoin Billionaire: Is It Legit?

When it comes to using auto-trading Bitcoin robots, it can be very challenging to find appropriate information, and this is no secret.

That is why we are here to test each robot individually. This gives you essential information so that you can make the right choice for your needs. Through our testing of Bitcoin Billionaire, we revealed that its software seems to be legitimate.

According to the website, about nine out of the 10 trades that are placed automatically on the website are highly successful. We also found many user testimonials, all of which appear to back up this claim. Of course, this is similar to other excellent and high-ranked auto-trading bots on the market.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire Legitimate or Not: Our Verdict!

Bitcoin Billionaire does claim

that it has a success rate of roughly 88 percent

The platform and website are very easy to use,

even if you have little or no experience

There aren’t any hidden fees,

and the fact that you must deposit a minimum of $250 is well-versed throughout the website

Try it right now and start earning money or continue reading our review to learn more about the auto-trading bot.

What’s Bitcoin Billionaire?

Bitcoin Billionaire is considered an auto-trading robot that uses algorithms to allow users to place their trades automatically.

This means that the user doesn’t take action and lets the bot run in the background throughout the day. There are a variety of platforms like this, and they all claim that they are 0.01 seconds faster than the market. In a sense, this is the reason for users having such high success rates. Of course, trading bots like Bitcoin Billionaire also claim that they have high accuracy ratings while predicting the price changes and market. Bitcoin Billionaire, in particular, is highly capable of analyzing the markets within seconds. It also claims that about 90 percent of the trades it places on your behalf is going to be profitable.

How Does the Auto-Trader Work?

It is 100 percent free to sign up with Bitcoin Billionaire. However, once you do sign up, you are going to be required to make the minimum deposit into the account so that you can access everything inside the trading space. When that has been completed, you should modify your trading settings to your preferred options and then activate the automatic trading mode. In most cases, the settings don’t have to be changed and are set to make the most profit with minimal risk. In fact, it’s recommended that you don’t do anything differently while you are learning the system.

Once that is done, and the bot is working, you just sit back and watch while the software does everything for you. Though you can go off and run errands or do other things, we recommend that you monitor the software’s progress periodically, at least at the beginning. That way, you are sure to be satisfied with what it is doing. If you aren’t happy with the bot at any time, you can deactivate the auto-trading mode so that you can make appropriate changes.

How to Make Trades Using Bitcoin Billionaire

Before you can trade using the software, you have to sign up for Bitcoin Billionaire.
See the step-by-step process to help you through the process:
  1. Register

    When you visit the official website, you are going to see a video. It might or might not start playing automatically. You can watch the video to learn more, but the sign-up form is to the right of the video at the very top of the page so that you can’t miss it. The form asks for your first/last name, as well as an email address. You must tick the boxes to say you agree with everything. Once you get to the ‘next’ page, you are asked to input your phone number and a password.

  2. Deposit Money

    When you are signed up, you are then directed to the trading room. At this time, you are likely to get a telephone call from a financial expert employed by the company. Consider taking this call, as the professional can walk you through the rest of the process. If you don’t want to answer the call, you can proceed using this guide for reference.

    You’re going to be asked to deposit funds into the account. Though $250 is the minimum amount required, you can add more if you like. Click the ‘deposit’ button at the bottom-right corner of this new page.

    There are a variety of payment methods listed, including wire transfers, Bitcoin, and credit/debit cards. Choose the right approach for you and input the correct information.

  3. Demo Trades

    You are going to be linked to a broker now. Some of them allow a demo trade option, which lets you test the system with credits to learn more about it. Still, even if that broker doesn’t have this option, you gain access to the live trading space so that you can see how everything works. In the demo account, you cannot place live trades or earn real money.

  4. Trading

    Once the deposit is made and you are ready, it’s time to start trading. Check out the trade settings to make sure that meet your preferences, such as the maximum amount of trades each day, stop loss, maximum amounts per trade, etc. When you’re satisfied with everything, activate the auto-trade mode to start making money.

88 percent win rate claims
Accepts Credit/Debit Cards
$250 Minimum Deposit
OPEN FREE ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

Key Features of Bitcoin Billionaire

According to the website, the payout you receive is based on how much money you invest.

We’ve found evidence that some users have made high profits with the minimum $250 investment, but payouts do vary significantly. Risk what you could safely afford to part with.

01. Verification System

There isn’t a verification system upon sign-up. You just need to provide appropriate deposit information.

02. Withdrawals/Deposits

The deposit process is quite simple and takes about five minutes to complete. However, withdrawals are likely to take 24 hours so that the request is processed.

03. Costs and Fees

There are no hidden fees to join Bitcoin Billionaire. Just remember that you must deposit the minimum amount ($250) before you can utilize the site and make money.

04. User Testimonials

The website is full of testimonials from members who have used Bitcoin Billionaire and made profitable trades that were reported as positive.

05. Customer Service

You may contact customer support at any time throughout the day or night. Email and live chat are both available. Generally, the representatives are responsive and quick to help you take care of any issues.

06. Brokers

Like every other trading bot, Bitcoin Billionaire must connect you with a robot broker to function correctly. The funds get channeled through those brokers so that the trades are placed on that broker’s platform. The brokers partnered with Bitcoin Billionaire are considered to be reliable and trustworthy.

Bitcoin Billionaire Vs. Other Bots

Bitcoin Billionaire
Other Bitcoin Trading Bots

Why Trade on Bitcoin Billionaire?

Here are just a few of the reasons why Bitcoin Billionaire stands out from the crowd:


We believe that the software’s interface is quite easy to use and suitable for any needs that you might have.

High success rates

This app claims to be successful, about 88 percent of the time.

Demo trades

Remember that demo trading isn’t always available. Still, if you don’t get access to a demo trade account, you can get a sense of how this platform works because you have full access to functions before making your deposit.

Platform design

Bitcoin Billionaire offers a trading platform with a unique design, so it is suitable for experienced and beginner traders.

Can You Really Make Money on Bitcoin Billionaire?

Users have reported that they made significant profits while trading on Bitcoin Billionaire.

This app claims that it places successful trades about 88 percent of the time. This means that roughly nine in 10 trades that are placed automatically are going to be profitable. We were able to utilize the demo practice account, and through it, the app made about $180 in profits based on our $250 investment. Here are a few things you can try doing to improve the experience you have while trading using Bitcoin Billionaire. They include:

01. Start off small

We recommend that you start using the minimum deposit requirement of $250. Once you start making profits, you can increase the amount you invest to try to earn more. Likewise, you can reinvest those profits to have even more earning potential.

02. Withdraw the profits you earn

Please ensure that you are withdrawing some of the profits you regularly make. Yes, you should reinvest some of it, but it’s not recommended to reinvest it all. Crypto trading does carry risk and could result in you losing all of your funds.

03. Follow the advice from the experts

When you initially sign up for Bitcoin Billionaire, you are going to get a phone call from an expert financial adviser. It’s best to listen to what they have to say. You can also research trading strategies to use with Bitcoin auto-trading robots.

04. Invest just what you can safely lose

Make sure you’re investing smaller amounts that you feel comfortable losing, as there is a chance you could lose the entire investment.

**These suggestions are appropriate for any Bitcoin auto-trading bot.

Bitcoin Billionaire: Our Verdict!

Based on the test and our in-depth analysis of the bot, we feel that Bitcoin Billionaire seems to be reliable and claims that investors of any sort (beginner or advanced) can make money utilizing the system without much effort. Of course, you should be aware of the risks associated with any trading endeavor, regardless of the platform you choose. Still, trading while using trusted software increases your chance of earning profits.

88 percent win rate claims
Accepts Credit/Debit Cards
$250 Minimum Deposit
OPEN FREE ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions


When it comes to choosing an auto trading bot, you’ve probably got many questions

If you’ve never traded before, you might be at a loss as to how to pick one. This is why we created this review – to help you. Since many people have similar questions, this list of FAQs is bound to help you get the right information so that you can decide if this is the most appropriate trading bot for you

We have found that Bitcoin Billionaire does appear to be a legitimate auto-trading robot. It also features a user-friendly and remarkable interface that anyone can use

Yes, it is possible to make your withdrawal request whenever you desire to do so. Requests are generally processed in about 24 hours, and you can get the profits straight into the bank account of your choice soon after.

Remember, Bitcoin Billionaire does not charge any fees, but your bank might. Therefore, you may want to contact your banking institution first to find out which fees are included.

No! Auto-trading bots like this are designed specifically so that inexperienced traders have a chance to earn money as the professional traders do. Plus, there is less commitment and effort needed.

Bitcoin Billionaire does claim that it features a success rate of about 88 percent. This translates to about 9 out of 10 trades being successful. During the demo test we performed, we invested our $250 so that we could try the platform to see how it worked. Within a few short hours, the demo account we opened grew with $180 in profits. While it was just the demo and isn’t nearly as much as the site claims you can make, users have reported earning much more with the app.

Yes. Whenever you have an issue, it is possible to contact a staff member through live chat or email services. They are going to respond to you as soon as they can. We did try to contact them while we were using the service, and they responded to our email within one hour. However, there could be peak times where many people experience problems, so your wait time could be much longer. In general, it is best to use live chat when it is available. You are allowed to contact support 24/7, though response times can vary.