Bitcoin Champion Review

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Min. deposit – $250
Debit and credit cards accepted
Withdraw investment at any time
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
  • Very simple to use
  • Easy to register
  • Can withdraw deposit and profits at any time
  • Great profitability
  • Can be used by both new traders and experienced traders
  • Don’t need to keep an eye on the markets as the software will do that for you.
  • No skills are required to trade on the app
  • Won’t start making money immediately, it will take time

Is Bitcoin Champion App a Legit Robot or a Scam?
Bitcoin Champion is an app that allows users to speculate on the value of bitcoins and win. Bitcoin Champion members make several thousands of dollars every day. But are those claims true or false? And is Bitcoin Champion a legit robot or a scam robot?

TrustPedia has tested, analyzed, and gathered information from several trusted sources – including real Bitcoin Champion members before reaching a verdict. Bitcoin Champion is a legit robot application.

Analysis of Bitcoin Champion

Bitcoin Champion members have reported to us that they have been making several thousands of dollars a week. Those who spend more time on the platform make more money than those who are on the platform only on few days of the week.

Our test results reveal that the Bitcoin Champion app is easy to use, legit, and can help people make more money – as it claims. We also noticed that the Bitcoin Champion app works conveniently not only for experienced traders but for those who have just started at trading as well.

Continue reading for more information on our in-depth analysis of the Bitcoin Champion.

Bitcoin Champion Scam

Is Bitcoin Champion a legit robot?

Yes. Bitcoin Champion is a legit robot. Tests and analysis conducted here at TrustPedia, as well as unbiased feedback from real customers who have traded on the app, reveal that as of January 2020, Bitcoin Champion is a 100% legit robot.

  • TrustPedia conducts real-time tests on robots and dealers to analyze and provide true results.
  • Bitcoin Champion members rate the app a high 4.7/5 – based on 250 reviews.
  • Users find the app extremely easy to use.
  • The app helps both new traders, as well as experienced traders, to make money.
  • TrustPedia’s background check on Bitcoin Champion reveals that all claims made by the makers of the robot are true.
  • TrustPedia’s demo test confirms quick registration and easy trading.
  • Bitcoin Champion has highly specialized and state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures in place. Members have said there had been no incidents of misuse of information thus far. They also state that they feel secure on the site because very little personal information is collected.
  • Bitcoin Champion robot only works with regulated brokers such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). All these regulations guarantee Bitcoin Champion members’ funds are secure – even if the brokers are incapable of meeting their financial obligations.

About Bitcoin Champion

Bitcoin Champion is a fully automatic, web-based application (app) designed to help inventors get into the cryptocurrency market.

The robot/app claims to use super-advanced trading technology and has a very high win rate. It is said to be capable of generating a return of up to 300% per day. The robot has been designed to automatically align itself and function across the highly-volatile cryptocurrency markets and find the best arbitrage opportunities. The app has been developed by trading experts and highly specialized programmers.

According to Bitcoin Champion, members can make a daily profit of $1100 if they make use of the software correctly. Based on reviews, members are making profits between $500 and $1000. Based on these results, someone investing $500 on the app can become a millionaire in less than a year.

When you visit the Bitcoin Champion website, you will see several high claims made on the home page. At first glance, it would seem that all these claims are completely fake. TrustPedia was skeptical of a lot of these claims. However, on deeper analysis, it seems that all the claims are true. That is because Bitcoin Champion works on high-tech software that allows people to win more earnings.


  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning that improves the accuracy level
  • Deep learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Blockchain ensures a high level of transparency

Trading on Bitcoin Champion

Bitcoin Champion allows you to trade against a variety of other cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. You can also trade bitcoins against traditional currencies like EUR, USD, and GBP.
Bitcoin Champion app can automatically detect and trade in the best trades, without traders having to worry about whether a wrong move was made. In other words, the app has a high level of trading accuracy and precision.

How Bitcoin Champion works

Bitcoin Champion collaborates with highly specialized brokers to facilitate and ensure legit transactions and trading. All the brokers that the app works with have the highest level of regulatory standards in place, with most regulations falling under the watchful eye of the ASIC, CySEC, and FCA.
TrustPedia looked into how traders make the alleged profits with a small deposit of $250. It seems that the bot trades at a leverage of approximately 1:5000. Trading on a high margin increases earnings. With this type of leverage, it is understandable how a $250 deposit can fetch members up to $1.2 million.

A word of caution from Trustpedia:

Trading on high margins increases the chance of making big earnings. However, trading bots cannot always win, and trading on high margins can also lead to huge losses. Trading is always at one’s own risk and involves unknown factors, with the chance of either a huge win or a bit loss. This is true of any trading, on any app, and with any broker.

It is important to note that as is the case with all trading robots in the industry, Bitcoin Champion funnels investors to brokers (robot brokers) to collect and hold the investor’s funds. This is done because regulatory restrictions do not allow bitcoin trading robots to hold a client’s deposits. This works to the advantage of Bitcoin Champion members because the robot brokers make it a priority to ensure that all the client’s funds are safe in separate and segregated accounts.

Skills required to trade

No skills are required to trade on the app. You don’t even have to have any prior knowledge of trading.
The app is very simple to use, and the bot performs all the hard work. According to the Bitcoin Champion website, members have to spend approximately 20 minutes on the app to set up the necessary parameters and let the robot do the rest of the work or trade live on your own.

TrustPedia would like you to know that Bitcoin Champion is not completely automated. You must configure the trading parameters based on the risk level you prefer. Once you have set up the parameters for your requirements, the software will automatically trade on your behalf.


The founder of the Software

Steve Higgins founded Bitcoin Champion in 2017. He is known to be a successful cryptocurrency trading champion and a self-proclaimed crypto multimillionaire.
We confirm that Steve Higgins is the founder of the Bitcoin Champion and a well-known trader.

According to Higgins, the bot was created to help ordinary people become rich – just like himself. He wanted to provide people with an easy money-making scheme that would give people immense opportunities to become wealthy. Today, Bitcoin Champion is headed by Higgins and his very own team of computer specialists and scientists.

How to trade on Bitcoin Champion

Step 1

Visit the Bitcoin Champion website and create a free account using the registration form displayed at the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You will require to provide your real details – full name, working email address, and phone number.

Step 2

Submit the required documents for verification and to match you up with a relevant partner broker. Your partner broker will need you to upload government-issued ID and address proof.

Step 3

Deposit a minimum investment amount of $250. This investment is required to initiate trading with the bot. Bitcoin Champion accepts wire transfers, MasterCard, Visa, Western Union, Neteller, Skrill, and WebMoney. You can also make the deposit through your crypto wallet like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Step 4

Go through the demo to familiarize yourself with the platform.

How to get the most out of the app

  • Start small. You are required to make a minimum deposit of $250. We suggest you stick to that minimum amount. You can always increase the investment amount once you have started making money.
  • Observe market trends and try and determine the right time to run the app.
  • Run the bot for a minimum of eight hours a day. You do not have to spend all the eight hours watching the app. Just fill in the required risk parameters and let the app do its job. But it is also important to make use of all the functionalities while the app is running to ensure the best earnings. Failure to do this could lead to losses.
  • Ensure you go through the demo carefully to understand your part in making money on the app.
  • The best time to trade is when the markets are live on Wall Street. The best time for Bitcoin Champion trades is when the markets are open in the New York Stock Exchange, as it is a major driver of crypto volatility. Trading at New York Stock Exchange opens at 8 AM ET and closes at 4 PM.

TrustPedia’s verdict

  • High performance with a 99.4% accuracy rate
  • Great payouts with daily profits between $500 and $1000
  • High level of security with SSL-encrypted transactions
  • TrustPedia finds the reviews put up by members are trustworthy

High accuracy rate and good customer service

  • Easy sign-up process
  • Can withdraw your funds at any time. Investors say the money is transferred back to you in 1 to 3 working days
  • A reported 99.4%-win rate.
  • Can make a profit of up to $1,100
  • Offers a variety of cryptocurrency coins. Other robots offer a smaller variety.

Bitcoin Champion works on highly advanced algorithms that increase the chances of high wins and can predict the price movements accurately.

Rumors regarding Bitcoin Champion

There are rumors about Bitcoin Champion featuring on reality shows like Shark Tank and Dragons Den. All there are just rumors. If you see an advertisement about Bitcoin Champion associated with any reality show or celebrity, we can tell you for sure that none of that is true. However, Bitcoin Champion is a legit platform.
There are a lot of reviews on Bitcoin Champion that are fake. These include fake pictures of endorsements by celebrities. As far as we know, no celebrity or reality show has endorsed Bitcoin Champion.

TrustPedia tried to get in touch with Bitcoin Champion regarding the fake endorsements. A senior representative of the company assured us that the company had nothing to do with the fake news. He went on to say that Bitcoin Champion “did not require to stoop so low as the company was doing great business on its own – without fake or real endorsements from celebrities.”

When asked if any celebrities were members of the platform, the official said that he had no comment to make about that as all members’ information was kept private and would not be disclosed.