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Low deposit minimums
No hidden fees
Easy withdrawals
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

Is Bitcoin Circuit Legit or Not? Find all you need to know!

Is this legit? Our Bitcoin Circuit review reveals everything so you can find out if you should invest in it or not.

Is Bitcoin Circuit a Legitimate Software?

While Bitcoin’s rise to popularity was very slow, it is now a highly sought-after cryptocurrency.
Everyone wants to trade Bitcoin because it’s the oldest and most trustworthy of them all. However, until a few years ago (2017), it wasn’t invested significantly. Now, however, its value is reported to be about $50,000 by the end of 2020. Therefore, it has been taking the world by storm, and everyone wants to get in on the action.

Celebrities from all over have claimed to trade Bitcoin and invest in it extensively to amass some of their fortunes. We believe that there are some famous people who do this, but we aren’t sure if we believe them to be 100 percent accurate.

Some auto-trading platforms use celebrity names and photos to try to sound more popular than they are. However, Bitcoin Circuit doesn’t do this. It does talk about celebrities in general, but it compares their wealth to what you can earn through the platform.

Regardless of who, celebrity or otherwise, has invested with Bitcoin, it has still reached a value that far surpassed what anyone thought it could do. With that said, many traders like this cryptocurrency and have amassed wealth because of it.

Bitcoin Circuit is a tool to help regular people trade Bitcoin without having to know about the markets or how to analyze them. Of course, you should still research somewhat so that you know what CFDs are and how trading works. That way, you’re informed and know a bit about what you’re doing as a newbie trader.

It’s our belief that CFD trading can be much riskier than trading on an exchange with Bitcoin. Still, we don’t agree that this is not a legit website and believe it to be quite helpful.

The platform found on Bitcoin Circuit includes a platform, which searches through Bitcoin market historical data from the past to see how it did back then. This can help you forecast what the cryptocurrency might do at the moment right now. This helpful information gives you signals about what the market might do in the near future. You set up the parameters for trading beforehand, and then you can set the platform to trade automatically when those situations arise. Of course, this is a huge benefit to you, but there aren’t any guarantees that you are going to win the trade each time. In fact, we are going to be leery of any auto-trading platform that does make those kinds of promises.

  • No hidden fees
  • Easy withdrawals
  • 88 % win rates
  • Low minimum deposits

What Is Bitcoin Circuit?

Who created Bitcoin Circuit? We checked the about us page, but there wasn’t too much information. Of course, that’s not to say there is anything fishy going on here. Most people, when they create something of such magnitude, want to be anonymous to avoid complications.

In fact, we don’t think it matters much who created Bitcoin Circuit, as long as it works. It’s a newer trading platform on the market and uses a platform to stay updated on a variety of historical data. Therefore, the Bitcoin Circuit platform, with your input, makes decisions about the best trades faster than other platforms can do. While there isn’t a big time difference, that extra bit you get ensures that you have better information with which to work and can hopefully make the trade faster than someone else.

Most members have alleged that Bitcoin Circuit is very easy to use and that you don’t require any experience with online trading or cryptocurrencies. Plus, the platform is effective and straightforward. We gathered this information from the many testimonials available on the website and other review sites. Generally, they all claim to have made money using the platform.

How’s the Bitcoin Circuit Software Work?

  1. Bitcoin Circuit and its platform are free to use, but an account is required to be set up first. We don’t know how the founders make money with the website, but we do know that they’ve got to be earning something. No one does stuff like that out of the kindness of their hearts.
  2. We believe that their earnings are based on how many trades are done throughout the day. It uses platform brokers to handle the transactions and everything. These company owners might also be charged to use the system. All we can really know for sure here is that you aren’t required to pay anything, and even that initial investment of $250 is yours to keep.
  3. When working with brokers, you don’t need to give them any personal information. In fact, they are just there to help you complete a business deal with them. Once these parameters are set, you can now begin trading. Every trade takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.

How to Create an Account and Get Yourself Set Up

To make your trades on Bitcoin Circuit, you must first create your account from the website. It is very easy to do this, and you aren’t going to need to put in a lot of information. You do need a valid cellphone number and email address. You should also create a strong password that you can easily remember. The company can also generate a password automatically, and it can be written down so that you don’t forget.

Regardless of the method you choose, you receive an email once you’ve signed up. Read that email to help welcome you to the member’s area, and find the activation link. You should click on that to take you to the website. From there, you can enter your log-in details and gain access to the platform. Now, you’re going to start using it and familiarizing yourself with all of the aspects. You don’t ever have to pay anything to join. Therefore, up to this point, you’re not going to be required to enter credit/debit card information for the signup process.

Now is the time to go to the platform and just browse. See what navigational features are available and pay attention to how the site runs. You can click various links to understand more. When you’re more comfortable with how things are set up, you can make your initial deposit of at least $250. You can add more in the beginning, but we highly advise against it. Instead, add the smaller sum to see how the trades are going to go and how the entire system works. No one is going to stop you from adding more, though. It is your choice.

Now, the trades start. You should have located the trade button while you were getting familiar with the web trader. Click on it when you are ready to start. Then, you’re asked to look at the trading parameters and make changes if desired. We recommend that they stay where they are until you’re more experienced. Select between manual and automated mode next. Automation works well for beginners, but experienced traders can enjoy its benefits of it, as well.

What Are Some of Bitcoin Circuit’s Best Features?

You can find many features to get excited about with Bitcoin Circuit. Many other auto-trading platforms don’t have these things.

01. Brokers

Since you are trading Bitcoin CFDs, there aren’t any exchanges. This actually ensures a simpler process. With that said, you get paired with a broker to help make the trades. You guess to say if Bitcoin should rise or fall. The closer you get to the actual number is how you determine whether you make a profit and by how much. An incorrect assumption requires you to give some of your deposit to the broker. You should be aware that the market is very volatile. Therefore, it fluctuates (changes) many times throughout the minutes of each day. If you’re new, consider using the auto-trade feature so that you don’t get discouraged or try to make bad trades that could harm your profits. With auto-trade, you can let it run and choose the best opportunities based on the parameters you set.

02. Verification

Some of the other auto traders on the market require you to send them proof of who you are. This is in the form of your driver’s license, a bank statement, or possibly a utility bill. Of course, the downfall of this is that you spend more time doing all of that before you can get access to the system and make trades. Some people might not have the means to send this information, which can also prove to be a problem.

However, with Bitcoin Circuit, all you need to do to prove yourself is to have a cell number and email. You’re going to create your password, which ensures that no one else can access your account unless you give it to them directly. We don’t recommend that you do that. Once you’ve gotten the confirmation email and clicked the link, you’re in. Another way to verify your identity on this site is when you deposit your money; you use a credit/debit card in your name. To complete your transaction, you must include the number on the card, as well as the expiration date and verification number.

03. Withdrawals

Depositing your money means you’re able to work with an online broker, but that doesn’t mean your money isn’t still yours. You can withdraw any part of that initial investment at any time, as well as any earnings you make. Withdrawal requests are processed that same day and are sure to show in your bank account within 24 hours.

04. Payouts

While no one can guarantee that you are going to win, the company claims an 88 percent win rate. Therefore, you’ve got a good shot at earning money on each trade. That small investment you make can earn you about $1,000 a day, though this depends on other things.

05. Fees

Bitcoin Circuit doesn’t charge any fees or require commissions or broker fees, either.

06. Support

You might end up having questions about various aspects of the system and can email the company directly or use the live chat feature. There are also printed materials and FAQs on the website that can be browsed.

07. Testimonials

When someone writes a testimonial, it shows that they did something great on the site and want other people to know it. Of course, this isn’t the only thing to focus on when choosing an auto-trader, but it helps to see so many happy members of Bitcoin Circuit. They’ve all been thankful for earning money through the platform and living their dreams. Of course, we must say that we can’t know if these are real or accurate. However, they’re well-written and don’t seem to be done by the same person.

Why Trade with Bitcoin Circuit

If you went online to search for auto-traders, you could find many of them listed for you. However, they aren’t all the same, and you want one that uses a platform and has amazing features.

Bitcoin Circuit has proven that it does use a platform and has a claimed 88-percent win rate. Here are a few other reasons to consider this auto-trader:

  • Easy Setup The form you fill out is quick and takes roughly a minute. It can take a few moments for your email to show up in your account, but that is still much less than some of the other platforms on the market. Plus, you don’t give sensitive information, such as a bank account number to anyone at the beginning.
  • Set It and Forget It. Automated mode allows you to set everything up and then go do something else. We do recommend that you watch a few of the first trades to see how it all works. However, it’s a little hard to continuously pay attention because it gets a bit nerve-wracking. We recommend you periodically check throughout your day.
  • Ease of Trading. In just 20 minutes or so each day, you set up your parameters, and the platform handles trades based on those ‘rules’ you put in place.
  • Low Upfront Costs. The trading amount you need is just $250. Therefore, you don’t need exorbitant amounts of money to start off.

Is It Possible for You to Make Money Using Bitcoin Circuit?

You should be a little skeptical when focused on an auto-trading platform. It’s probably been on your mind for a while, which is why you’re reading this review.

Bitcoin Circuit shows you many testimonials on the homepage, and these people all appear to be happy with their accomplishments using the tool.

You can win money, and this is shown by the 88 percent win rate that the company claims. We can’t prove that number, but we go back to the testimonials and see that people have earned money. The site and platform all work in real-time, and it indicates who just won and how much. This helps you understand you’re earning potential with the auto-trader.

Keep in mind that risks are involved with crypto trading, but the platform is there to help you overcome those issues. Start off with the minimum deposit, reinvest some of your earnings, and don’t forget to withdraw money, as well. Set the platform to automatic mode and check in periodically to see how things are going.

Our Bitcoin Circuit Verdict

Within the last few years, a lot of auto-trading platforms have surfaced and gotten a bad reputation.

Generally, we think these were the old-school platforms that didn’t offer any assistance. With so many testimonials from users, it’s plain to see that you can earn money. Therefore, we don’t believe Bitcoin Circuit to be a con site.

Risk Disclaimer

TrustPedia is a financial portal-based research agency. We do our utmost best to offer reliable and unbiased information about crypto, finance, trading and stocks. However, we do not offer financial advice and users should always carry out their own research.

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