Bitcoin Code Review

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Accepts Sofort and Credit card payments
Only requires $250 deposit
No Fees
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

The Ultimate Bitcoin Code App Review for 2022

Bitcoin Code is one of many automatic trading software options, and it was developed by Steve McKay. It’s designed to trade cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Plus, with the system, trading is accessible for all users, whether or not they have experience.

Generally, these users want financial independence and a passive income from a bot that uses an algorithm. Once you sign up and make that initial deposit, you’ve got full advantage of a robot with AI with a single job – to buy Bitcoin low and sell it high.

With so many people claiming that the Bitcoin Code robot does it all, we wanted to put the software to the test. We do not believe that this software is a scam. It can trade automatically for you and even includes a free demo account. Read more to find out about Bitcoin Code.

Is Bitcoin Code Legitimate or a Scam?

While there have been some internet users who claim that Bitcoin Code is a scam, we have no proof that this is true.

Like other bitcoin robots on the market, this software’s algorithm uses artificial intelligence and offers powerful automation. That makes it a powerful trading tool, but it has to be mastered and understood before it is used live. Here is why we do not think this software is a scam:


  • We’ve fully tested the software. It’s free to use and provides real payouts
  • Our initial investment was small; trading is risky, so you should be careful
  • People who think it is a scam just didn’t understand how to use the software how to trade correctly

The Bitcoin Code: What Is It?

Most people are aware that trading robots exist, even if they don’t know much or haven’t used them.

If that’s the situation, you should know that Bitcoin Code is the most popular option and has hundreds of thousands of users throughout the world. This software earned its excellent reputation by helping many people make profits in a short period of time.

This trading tool is quite simple to understand and learn. It also offers a variety of strategies that are designed to bring you success.

The software is earning fame because it claims to utilize a sophisticated algorithm that can predict the crypto market movements and trade on the behalf of the user to create more profits than losses. The algorithm can make trades much faster and ahead of the rest of the market. That way, you see greater returns than you could with traditional trading options.

With Bitcoin Code, it is easy to use the software, so people do not need a lot of trading experience to earn profits. According to the creators, you just open an account, deposit a small sum of money, set your parameters, and let the software run. You can just sit around and collect your money, withdrawing or reinvesting it at your will. Withdrawals are relatively easy and go to your banking account in your local currency. Plus, you don’t need a virtual wallet, as it can be settled with cash.

Bitcoin Code does claim that its software offers a win ratio of about 99.4 percent. While this is not perfect, it is much better than many other similar trading bots on the market right now.

How to Access Bitcoin Code


The first thing you really have to do is visit Bitcoin Code and sign up, which is free. Input basic information and wait a few moments to receive your confirmation email. Then, click the link inside to verify your account.

Your Account

When you click on the link, the account is verified, and you are going to input your password and email address. Once logged in, you are going to see a pop-up window that explains to you that the account is linked to your broker from Brokerz. You’re going to be asked to deposit your funds to the account to gain access to Bitcoin Code.

Your Deposit

Once you click on “deposit,” a new window opens for your account to Forex2Crypto. Once you deposit the funds, it is going to show up in your Bitcoin Code account. You’ve got four payment choices, including PCI, Visa, GeoTrust, and MasterCard.

Choose one and put in at least $250. Experienced traders may add up to $15,000. We do recommend that you start off with the smallest amount possible. You can always add more when you’ve mastered the software and have more skill at trading.

Adjust the Settings

The last step to perform is to tell the software how to trade on your behalf. You can choose the type of cryptocurrencies, such as Ripple XRP, Ethereum ETH, and Litecoin LTC. However, most people on the site trade Ethereum and Bitcoin.

There are simple trading settings. You choose the level with which you’re comfortable trading. Bitcoin Code tells you that if you trade higher amounts, you might see bigger returns. Still, you can lose the deposit in full with that attitude, so proceed with caution.

Once you’ve set everything up, click the “auto trade” button. The software goes to work, analyzing everything, and finding the best trades. It’s also possible to choose manual mode and do the trades yourself.

Those who are a little nervous can try out the Demo account. This is available to you when you sign up and allows you to try all of the functions of the system without using your own money. Once you understand how it all works, you’re going to be more comfortable making a deposit.

Who Created the Software?

Bitcoin Code was founded by Steve McKay. He was a software developer and worked at a large tech company. He ended up discovering market trends that were previously unknown, though found in major forums. The patterns are seen everywhere, including the stock market.

McKay created this software to find out if it was possible to predict trades and fluctuations based on news events throughout the world. When he finally quit his job, he took the automated software with him. It’s designed to take in a lot of diverse data to make incredibly fast trades that almost guarantee profits. As of right now, McKay reports that he’s made over $18 million in profits trading Bitcoin. Plus, the members of the website have also made profits in the millions of dollars.

Please note that this software isn’t a crystal ball. However, it does claim a 99.4 percent success rate. With the money of hundreds or even thousands of users throughout the world, Bitcoin Code makes a multitude of winning trades. Plus, the community gets larger with each passing day. You can be a part of this movement.

How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Code can make amazing trades at the rate of thousands of trades each minute. However, if there isn’t any money to invest, no one makes profits. That’s why you are needed. This software pools everyone’s money into the system so that it invests it at the right time.

With so many users, the funds are millions of dollars, and Bitcoin Code can earn that many profits on top of the money currently there. The investment returns go to the system first to pay for operations, and the software creator gets some of that, as well. Any remaining funds are redistributed to the users. Therefore, you earn more money based on how much you initially invest. Again, it’s better to start out small and get familiar with the system first.

Experienced users can then withdraw a percentage of their earnings. It’s best to take out just enough money to cover your initial investment. Every investment carries some risk, but this way, you can break even if you don’t win. According to the testimonials, many users do much more than break even; they make a lot of money.

Key Features of Bitcoin Code

Once you add money to your account, the funds are channeled to various brokers. Once you set your parameters and click auto-trade, the funds are used and traded with these brokers through the algorithm. It’s possible to see a different broker each time, but they all provide you with the potential to make profits.

This website is highly reliable when it comes to customer support. There is a chat window available, so you can talk to a representative live. Email support is also provided. You can get help regardless of the time, though we don’t think you’re going to have to request assistance.

An excellent way to find out what others think is by reading testimonials. Right on the website, you can see multiple claims to wealth by users. You can see video reviews, as well. Hear from regular people how their lives were changed by using Bitcoin Code. Though you might not make as much money as they did, you can see profits when you use the tool correctly.

Bitcoin Code doesn’t charge fees or have any hidden costs. You do have to make a small investment of $250, which is available to withdraw at any time. The company is going to take 13 percent of the profits to cover expenses. However, the money in your account is yours to keep.

It’s possible to withdraw your money 24 hours a day. If it shows in your balance, you can remove the full amount. However, you should note that it can take up to three business days for the funds to move to the bank account.

The verification process is very simple. You just sign up with basic personal information, click the link in the welcome email to verify, and log into the account. Once there, you connect your payment channel. You don’t need a utility bill, ID card, or anything else, and your identity is quite safe while trading.

Traders who are lucky have reported earnings of up to $13,000 each day. However, results are not typical. You are sure to experience a few losses here and there, and some payouts are going to be larger than others. Overall, though Bitcoin Code claims you should make profits.

Tips to Make Significant Profits Through Bitcoin Code

When it comes to Bitcoin Pro, there are many exciting features that you aren’t going to find with other software.

  1. Start off small. You must invest the minimum amount of $250, and we recommend that you do so in the beginning. It’s possible to build a large earning bank with this, but you can’t make rookie mistakes. Don’t expect to make $13,000 that first day (or any day). Instead, be realistic and remember that trading doesn’t carry guarantees.
  2. Withdraw some of the returns. We highly recommend that you save between 25 and 75 percent of the profits you make. Withdraw this and take that money to the bank. You should reinvest some of your winnings, but it isn’t ideal to keep it all on Bitcoin Code.
  3. Follow the advice of expert users. You can find a variety of discussion forums where users explain the strategies that work well for them. Remember, there are many ways to set up the trading parameters. This allows the bot to trade in various ways, and there isn’t a single approach that works best. Try out different methods until you find what works best for you.
  4. Keep your tax records. You are required to pay taxes on any gains you receive, and this depends on where you live. Keep specific records of your investments and profits. If you earn a lot of money through the platform, you might want to work with an accountant.
  5. Use caution when investing your money. When we tested the system, we didn’t lose our full investment, but others have. We believe that these people were new to the platform and weren’t ready to handle large investments. Only invest extra money that you don’t need for bills and other expenses.

Reasons to use Bitcoin Code

You’re going to find many ways to buy and sell Bitcoin, but it is best to work with an automated software to reap the benefits.

  • They’re easy to use. You don’t need to know programming or codes or really understand Bitcoin. These robots are easy to set up, and anyone can use them, even if they aren’t technologically savvy.
  • You’ve got access to a demo account. Bitcoin Code understands that you might be skeptical, so it offers a demo account that you can use to understand the platform. You can even trade virtual money to see how the process works.
  • Customer support is readily available. While some bots don’t, Bitcoin Code is there to help you if you have a problem. We never did and required no outside assistance.
  • It has a high return. Bitcoin Code claims to have a 99.4 percent success rate, and that is because it has a lot of users. The percentage taken out for salaries and marketing is small, and you can still see a significant return on investment.
  • This program trades faster than you. Human traders can only handle a single trade at once and usually in a particular market. With the software, users can perform many actions at the same time. There aren’t trading opportunities every moment of the day, but when it does hit, the software trades in a split second anywhere in the world.

Is There a Bitcoin Code App?

Right now, Android users can download the mobile app for Bitcoin Code. It is free to download and offers full functionality. However, no one needs a dedicated app because the website is accessible via any popular browser. All you need is an internet connection. Plus, the site is mobile responsive, so it shrinks down to any screen size.

Our Verdict

We put this software to an extensive test and examined every facet of the system. With that said, we can now confirm that Bitcoin Code is highly functional and automatically trades on your behalf. Plus, it is free for anyone to use.

Though some people do think robots should be foolproof and always perfect, that just can’t be. The program still relies on machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, so it cannot predict every single thing in the future. With the Bitcoin Code system, much of the work is done by the software. As long as you know the parameters you desire, you can achieve your goals of earning money.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, which can be significant rewards for you. We recommend that you only invest the minimum amount required by the software to start. You should also use the demo account and feel comfortable with trading and setting parameters before you move to the live account. This is going to ensure that you know what you’re doing before you invest money.

With all that said, you could be one of the many success stories on Bitcoin Code. The innovative platform is something to learn and get to know very well.