Bitcoin Cycle Review

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Min. deposit of $250
No fees
Withdrawals are easy
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

The Ultimate Test to Determine if It Is Legit

The Bitcoin Cycle application is an auto-trading software that can help people trade when they decide on how Bitcoin prices are going to rise or fall. This software claims that it can generate a lot of money each day for the user and has an 88 percent win rate. However, are these true statements? In our Bitcoin Cycle review, we’re going to examine each aspect of the software to answer the question for you.

Is Bitcoin Cycle a Scam?

You may have heard about Bitcoin Cycle because Bitcoin is quite popular with so many people trading it. Likely, you saw an ad on social media or received an email about it. This made you decide to look more into the auto trader, where you likely read that this app has been endorsed by a variety of celebrities.

At TrustPedia, we tend to look past all of the celebrity endorsements and television shows that talk about auto traders. Typically, they are just advertising tricks.

Still, it is possible for us to confirm that Bitcoin almost surpassed $20,000 in 2017, which made many traders of Bitcoin very wealthy.

Bitcoin Cycle is much different than other trading bots because this software can make every trade for you automatically after you set the appropriate parameters with which you are comfortable. With success rates of about 88 percent, you know you are going to use something that has the potential to make you money. Of course, this depends on the market conditions and other factors.

In fact, the results we have found are similar to other Bitcoin trading bots.

According to Bitcoin Cycle itself, this robot works best when the Fibonacci strategy is utilized, and trades happen at roughly 10-minute intervals. It does appear to be a legitimate choice to help you trade Bitcoin. Still, we do recommend that you try the demo account first and invest the minimum amount until you are more comfortable with the system.

Remember, with Bitcoin Cycle, you get:

  • The software accepts credit/debit cards
  • $250 minimum deposits
  • No Fees

Is Bitcoin Cycle Serious? Find Out!

  • The Bitcoin Cycle robot claims that it has a very high success and conversion rate because the software utilizes real algorithms.
  • Since there is much volatility while trading cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin), you shouldn’t ignore the risks.
  • You can try it right now or read on to learn more about the software. Consider starting with the free demo account

What’s Bitcoin Cycle?

Bitcoin Cycle is a trading system that works automatically and was created a few short years ago. It features established brokers within the industry and can make trades about 0.01 seconds quicker than the competition because its software uses an algorithm that emits various signals based on the trends of the crypto market.

Within the algorithm, Bitcoin Cycle is said to feed the signals back to you a split-second quicker than other Bitcoin auto-traders can do.

Right now, we cannot find much information on who the creators are (apparently they are twins.) However, we did read the ‘about us’ page on the website and find that the information is to the point, well-written, and gives just enough information that you feel like the creators care about you.

In a sense, one person knew a lot about algorithms and the other traded online, so they got together and created Bitcoin Cycle to help everyone make money. Regardless of who created the auto-trader, they have succeeded in making it prosperous. Bitcoin Cycle is said to be a simple and effective platform to help with automated trading.

How Does Bitcoin Cycle Work?

Bitcoin Cycle makes its software free to those who use it.

The reason here is because the creators actually earn money based on how many trades there are each day. With that said, the Bitcoin Cycle creators believe wholeheartedly in the trading algorithm, so they only take about one percent of each successful trade each year. That way, more of the money goes to those who earn it.

Of course, users must deposit some money as an initial investment, and this is given to the broker on the platform. Still, the money is yours to keep, and you can withdraw or keep it in the account. Then, you just set up the settings you want the auto-trader to use and start the process. Generally, all of this takes about 20 minutes each day, which means you’ve got the rest of it to do what you like. There are just three steps you must consider:

  • Create your account (sign up).
  • Make your initial deposit with a regulated broker from the list.
  • Choose your settings, turn on the auto-trade button, and let it go unmonitored for about eight hours.

Though you should monitor the progress on Bitcoin Cycle at times, you don’t need to watch it every second. In fact, that could drive you mad because there is such high volatility with the market. Also, consider making the lowest investment when you’re just starting with the platform.

How to Place Trades on Bitcoin Cycle

To start the trading process, you have to register to create an account on the website. Remember that the software is free for you to use, but you’ve got to make an initial investment before you can go to live mode.

Here are the steps on how to create your account:

Once you visit the Bitcoin Cycle website, the form is one of the first things you see (next to the video). Just fill it out with your information to create the free account. You’re going to need information like your email address, first/last name, and a working phone number. Then, you’re asked to create a strong password, which secures the account and allows you to log in each time.

When this is done, you are automatically connected to a broker from inside the Bitcoin Cycle platform.

Bitcoin Cycle offers a demo account to its users. It’s recommended to create such an account, which gives you a fast tour of the functionalities within. You can also use it to test the software, as it grants you $1,500 of credit. This is so that you can create trades utilizing demo mode, which is where you practice and get better and learn how to use the system. You can still set the parameters, click the auto-trade button, and then let it run on its own.

Once you’re ready, you are taken to the dashboard for the trading room. This is the spot where you tell the Bitcoin Cycle software how you want to trade Bitcoin so that it knows what to do. There are a variety of features available, which include:

  • Control Panel. This allows you to check your portfolio progress and see the settings while allowing you to manage the software’s behavior and make appropriate adjustments.
  • Open Transactions. You can open your operations console anytime you want, and it is in real-time. That way, you can evaluate the performance of the robot at that particular time.
  • Trading History. With this, you can see your history of each trade, both negative and positive transactions.
  • Go Live Account or Demo. You can change your account mode from Live to Demo and vice versa. That way, you can practice when you feel the need.

On Bitcoin Cycle, you can trade a variety of cryptocurrencies, though Bitcoin is most popular. Others include Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Pair trading involves crypto/crypto or USD or EUR. Once you’ve selected your pairs for which you desire to trade, just select how many trades you prefer to set up at once, as well as the amounts of the trade to start.

When all of this is done, you just make your deposit, click “auto-trade,” and let it run.

Though we talked above a little about your deposit, we want to go in-depth here. Once you’ve worked through the demo account and understand it, you switch to the live account. Now, you make that initial deposit of $250 (or more) and set the parameters. The robot runs automatically and in the background. We do recommend here that you start off with the lowest investment possible while you’re learning. When you make a profit, you can always reinvest that money. Of course, you should also withdraw some so that you can spend it and enjoy a luxury lifestyle.

You can choose from many payment methods, such as Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Debit cards are also accepted. When the initial deposit is received, you can start the trading process on Bitcoin Cycle.

We realize some people might not be comfortable trading using real money immediately. If that is you, consider trying out the demo account. It has all the same features and layouts so that you can get used to the platform before making real trades.

Key Features for Bitcoin Cycle

01. Payouts

The official website of this robot claims that users can earn quite a bit of money each day. Novices aren’t likely to see significant payouts immediately, but this software is a good place to start. Bitcoin Cycle says that you can reinvest your small profits to increase your potential to earn more.

02. Verification System

With a simple verification system, you are ready to start trading (or using the demo account) must faster. Just enter some personal information into the registration form, such as a phone number, name, and email address. Then, you can deposit the funds into your account by providing appropriate payment details, such as the card’s number, verification codes, and expiration dates.

03. Deposits and Withdrawals

When we tested Bitcoin Cycle, we withdrew some of our money and found that the request processed in about a day. It’s possible to withdraw funds anytime, and it’s going to go into your bank account quickly.

04. Fees/Costs

Bitcoin Cycle doesn’t have hidden fees and doesn’t charge commission. In fact, registration and use of the site are free, though you do need to invest some capital to trade.

05. Testimonials

You can find statements on the website from real people who have used Bitcoin Cycle and made money. They’re often enthusiastic because the bot allowed them to earn passive income online through the platform.

06. Customer Service

Customer service is available 24/7 via email and live chat. It can take up to a day to receive your response through email. However, staff members respond immediately on chat, and they are friendly and professional to help with your issue.

07. Brokers

Bitcoin Cycle functions as a crypto trader bot by channeling your funds through various online brokers. When you set it to auto trade mode, the money goes to the broker and is invested on the assets out there. This is all automatic, so you don’t need to worry about anything. These brokers are regulated and reliable.

Why Trade on Bitcoin Cycle

You can find a variety of trader bots on the market, but none of them offer as many features as Bitcoin Cycle. Here is what it provides that many other auto-trading bots can’t:

  • Bitcoin Cycle is user-friendly. This software uses a highly complex algorithm, but the interface is quite easy and simple to use. Plus, you can get everything set up fast and only require about 20 minutes each day to start the process.
  • Bitcoin Cycle alleges a high rate of success. This robot reports high success rates of about 88 percent. With just the minimum $250 deposit, you can place a variety of concurrent trades of about $25 each. Keep in mind, though, that cryptocurrencies are volatile and complex.
  • There are tutorials and demo accounts. Bitcoin Cycle’s platform allows you to familiarize yourself with its software before you commit. Plus, there are a variety of educational content options available on the site. Just access it as you make deposits or while you are trying to explore the various brokers to get extra assistance.
  • You have dedicated support. The customer service team is available on the Bitcoin Cycle website anytime you need them. Of course, live chat is the best choice. Just message a representative and get your problem resolved quickly.

Is It Possible to Make Money On Bitcoin Cycle?

It’s perfectly normal to be skeptical of Bitcoin Cycle and other trading bots on the market because some of them are scams.

However, testimonials on the Bitcoin Cycle website do show that its users have made significant profits. Also, the platform is active and does work, so you can make money using the site.

Of course, it’s important to understand that, lucrative as Bitcoin assets are, it does carry a risk because they are volatile. Clearly, this tool is essential for new traders and those who want to set it up and forget about it for the day. TrustPedia is going to share tips with you so that you can get the most from Bitcoin Cycle:

  • Make sure you start small. It’s easy to get a big head at first, but it’s best to familiarize yourself with this platform before you commit any of your own money. Consider trying the demo account and then invest a small sum so that you get used to the robot. The minimum deposit is $250, and we highly recommend that you start with that. Once you’re successful and making profits, you can reinvest that money or put in more to make higher payouts.
  • Ensure that you’re withdrawing money. Yes, the goal is to keep things rolling and make the trades, but you should also withdraw some of those profits because you earned it!
  • Follow the advice of the experts. You can find many tutorials online, as well as blogs, which offer individual user experiences on Bitcoin Cycle. This is a great way to research the trader bot before you commit.
  • Only invest small amounts that can be safely lost. If you aren’t comfortable investing a large sum, it’s wise not to do so. It causes more stress for you, and nothing is guaranteed. Still, Bitcoin Cycle does have a higher success rate, but it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. You can always invest more later. Generally, those who say negative things about the platform didn’t take enough time to experiment and test the system in the demo.

The Verdict: Is Bitcoin Cycle Scam?

Whether you know a lot about cryptocurrency or not, it is lucrative and exciting to think that you can generate a passive income by trading. With Bitcoin Cycle, this is a possibility. Of course, we find that it is legit because the platform works, and you can earn money. Plus, there is plenty of customer support, and the deposit requirement is quite small.