Bitcoin Evolution Review

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$250 deposit minimum
Withdrawals are easy
No fees
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

What you need to know before trading with Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is just like other auto-trading robots on the market. It claims that its users can earn money by predicting cryptocurrency prices using the system. The bot alleges that its members sometimes make $1,000 a day from a deposit of just $250. Is Bitcoin Evolution legit? Can you be sure it is? TrustPedia performed a live test and checked all of the information on the site and can confirm that it appears to be legitimate. Of course, we read testaments from other users, as well.

Throughout our research, we found hundreds and maybe even thousands of testimonials from members who claim that they have made profits as high as $111 in a few hours while trading on Bitcoin Evolution’s website. With this information in hand, we do confirm that the auto-trader software is legitimate and is working correctly. Of course, we didn’t stop there and investigated ourselves to ensure that the testimonials were real and accurate.

However, please be aware that Bitcoin Evolution trades Bitcoin on CFDs, so it isn’t without risk. You cannot be guaranteed to earn money through the auto-trader. Therefore, make sure you can afford the amounts you trade as a loss of the investment is possible. Continue on to our comprehensive review about Bitcoin Evolution and pay close attention to our tips section!

Is Bitcoin Evolution Legit? YES!

Trustworthy trading bots often have some of the same essential features, and Bitcoin Evolution doesn’t disappoint.

We mentioned earlier that there were many statements from members who claim to have used the software and made significant profits while using the tool.

Most of the testaments showed specific figures, but others just talk in general about the software. Still, since so many people have said something positive, it is our belief that Bitcoin Evolution is, in fact, legitimate.

Moreover, we did some background checks on the information from the website. Through this, we have revealed that the company is transparent and accurate in its claims. Earlier, we talked about the many positive reviews about Bitcoin Evolution. Almost 90 percent of people who wrote anything reportedly made good profits through the exclusive use of the robot.

  • The web-trader and website of Bitcoin Evolution are both highly secure. The data you provide is handled with confidentiality.
  • Other review sites have offered good feedback about this bot. Individuals have written countless testimonials, as well.
  • Our review does show that Bitcoin Evolution offers users the tools they need to reduce their trading risk.
  • Bitcoin Evolution offers information about its partner brokers so that you can check them out, as well.
  • We’ve confirmed that the web-trade of Bitcoin Evolution is easy to use, so you don’t require a cryptocurrency trading background.
  • TrustPedia thoroughly fact-checked the info from the Bitcoin Evolution website and confirms it is accurate.

With all this information available to us, we believe Bitcoin Evolution to be a reliable and trustworthy Bitcoin trading bot. TrustPedia reviews a variety of recommended robots and determines those in our list to be legitimate.

What’s Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is an automated tool that crypto investors throughout the world use to help them boost their income and work from home. You don’t require specialty skills to use it or have to know much about trading or cryptocurrency.

With this trading bot, you can easily speculate on cryptocurrencies and whether they are going up or down in price. Bitcoin is the most popular when it comes to cryptos, but there are others. Bitcoin Evolution relies on its algorithm to help analyze the data and markets to find the best trading options. Then, everything is automatic, and the bot alleges accuracy within 99.4 and 100 percent. Therefore, you have an 88 percent win rate.

Bitcoin Evolution pairs with multiple brokers to help it handle transactions and deposits. In fact, any auto-trading software must use a regulated broker before it can be considered legitimate by us. Our review of the brokers associated with Bitcoin Evolution reveals them to be regulated. Of course, you can read other reviews specifically about the brokers to help you understand them better.

How Does the Process Work?

As with other trading bots on the market (like Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Profit and more), Bitcoin Evolution has adopted the trading strategies most often found on high-frequency trades.

The most important thing to remember here is that you are buying and selling crypto at a very high risk to yourself, but you also have higher leverage. The trades are made at high speeds, but the bot can capitalize on each opportunity that presents itself to you. Since you can bet more than you have in your account, you can see higher and larger trades than your investment.

Bitcoin Evolution leverages about 1 in 1,000, so with the minimum deposit of $250, trades can be placed at about $240,000. Do you see the potential of this? Of course, such leverage can be a good and bad thing. If you make the wrong moves, you lose much more than you bet, but if you win, you see significant returns.

Therefore, you can’t miscalculate any aspect of the trade or run the risk of having a devastating loss. The good news here is that Bitcoin Evolution helps you minimize the risks involved through its management features. They’re built directly into the platform, and you don’t even have to do anything. In fact, they’re automatically set to default levels suitable for beginners. We recommend that you leave the parameters alone at first so that you can get comfortable with the system. Over time, you can choose to change them to bet higher or lower.

The web-trader also recommends that you leave the controls alone at first, but it doesn’t forbid you from changing them. Just make sure that you’re familiar with the risk involved and feel confident in your abilities before choosing to update the management features.

Also, it’s important to understand that the bot automatically executes the trades on your behalf when it is the best time possible. That said, there are a variety of advantages when using this bot. Of course, you may want to deposit small amounts until you are familiar with the system. Reinvesting your profits is also a possibility.

Please be aware that higher risks can ensure higher profits or more significant losses. Therefore, you can lose your full investment if you add more than 10 percent to each of your trades. Of course, doing so can also help you reach your goals of wealth much faster.

Why Utilize Bitcoin Evolution?

As we earlier mentioned, Bitcoin Evolution helps you trade cryptocurrency online and is ideal for those who have no experience. The bot works automatically, so you don’t have to know about the markets, figure out extensive charts, or have super-fast mouse-clicking skills to join. It’s easy to join, set up your account, and fund it, as well. Plus, you can talk to company representatives about your questions and get help when needed.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to trade using Bitcoin Evolution:

Bitcoin Evolution has claimed that it is a world-leader when compared to other trading bots on the market, as it is more profitable. From the many testimonials of members, we believe this is true. We cannot prove that members make $1,000 a day in profits based on the minimum $250 deposit, though. The company says that its high profitability is because of its use of high-frequency trading methods.

Remember, though – Bitcoin Evolution and any trading bot carry risk. The speeds and leverage with which you can trade do magnify the profits, but it can also show bigger losses. Therefore, it’s ideal to keep the investments for each trade at the default 10 percent level. It is allowed to change the default option if you so desire.

The web-trader on Bitcoin Evolution is quite easy to use and doesn’t require you to have the experience to operate it. Creating an account is easy, and you have a step-by-step guide to make that initial $250 deposit. You can change the parameters (which isn’t recommended for beginners) and then set it to automatic trading.

The default parameters are set at 10 percent of your capital per trade. We do recommend that it stays there while you’re learning the system. Of course, you just have to click the trade button to start making trades. It does the work for you, so you can do other things or watch it in action.

All you need is an internet connection and can still do other computer tasks while it runs. You may also leave the house and run errands. Of course, it can take about 20 to 30 minutes to get everything set up and ready to go.

Bitcoin Evolution provides customer service to its users. The agents work closely with the rest of the departments so that you can get answers fast without being transferred elsewhere. You can talk to someone 24/7 via email or live chat. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for a specific time to get help.

During our live test, we asked a question of the customer support staff through live chat. The agent did respond quickly and helped us. We then emailed the company with a similar question and received a response a day later. This is typical for many businesses, so we feel that it is a suitable length of time to wait for an emailed answer.

Bitcoin Evolution provides the information about the website so that everyone can make the right choice for them. We looked further into the info from the site, and it all appears legit. It claims high win rates for its members, so we find that Bitcoin Evolution has a platform that’s easy to use and that it works properly.

Our live test showed us that customer service was included and offered quick responses. You get info about the brokers, so things are transparent there, as well. Of course, we also liked that the privacy policy included so much pertinent data about how your information is used and the like. You should take the time to read it before choosing to sign up.

There are endless positive reviews about Bitcoin Evolution, and many people who have tried it write glowing testimonials, as well. Most claim that they have made significant profits. However, feel free to read the testaments yourself to get a better idea of what they’re saying.

Those who use Bitcoin Evolution aren’t likely to have experience and might not have traded cryptocurrency before. This indicates that the software is unique because it can help anyone generate a passive online income without making it challenging to do so.

Bitcoin Evolution doesn’t have restrictions on how or when you can withdraw your money. Just fill out the form for withdrawal, which is right on the dashboard.

Just be aware that it can take 24 hours before the money you withdraw is added to your bank account. Though Bitcoin Evolution doesn’t charge anything to remove the money, some banking institutions charge fees for processing. You can call your financial institution to find out if there are any charges and what they are.

Bitcoin Evolution takes your personal information seriously and ensures that it is secure. Therefore, SSL and Sitelock are both used on each webpage you visit.

We also took a look at the privacy policy and found it to be comprehensive. It explains everything about data sharing, password management, and other cybersecurity concerns.

When you sign up, you must create a very strong password, or the website can do it for you. Then, you’ve got to change it periodically so that your personal information stays safe.

Get the Most from Bitcoin Evolution

Though you can fully automate the Bitcoin Evolution processes, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you get the most from it and earn more money.

While luck can play a small part here, you need to be aware of what you’re doing, set things up correctly, and follow the recommendations from this review and the company website.

Make sure you’re depositing amounts small enough to safely lose, as trading can involve taking some risks. You don’t want to use money that needs to go for bills and other necessities.

You may also want to utilize automated mode while you are learning the system. As you get more familiar with crypto trading, you can select manual mode to see what it’s like to trade everything yourself.

Low Deposits

There is peace of mind when you’re only depositing small sums of money, such as $250. Explore the various strategies and options available to find what works best for you. It’s easy to cloud your judgment when you’ve got more money invested than you can safely lose.

Follow the Markets

While you don’t need any experience to trade crypto using Bitcoin Evolution, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the cryptocurrency market news. You can start noticing patterns and capitalize on the times when it is more volatile. Bitcoin Evolution helps you make money during busier times, but it works in bull and bear markets.

How to Start

There’s no need to have trading skills prior to joining Bitcoin Evolution. Simply create an account on Bitcoin Evolution’s official website by filling out a short form. Make your deposit, and then start trading when you’re ready. There are no fees involved to use the software or make withdrawals, so it is a completely free process.

The Verdict

We conclude here by stating that Bitcoin Evolution appears legitimate. Of course, we have found user experience testimonials that claim it works and provides decent profits. Through testing of the features, we know that it offers customer service support, has an easy-to-use platform, and doesn’t require prior experience to utilize it.


  1. Is Bitcoin Evolution legit?

    With so much information available and transparency, we believe Bitcoin Evolution to be legitimate. It is not a scam, and you can earn money with it.

  2. How much should I deposit while on Bitcoin Evolution?

    Bitcoin Evolution requires a small deposit of $250. This is necessary before you can start trading, but you can sign into your account without putting any money into it. That way, you can familiarize yourself with the service first. There are no limits as to how much you can add to your account at one time. However, we recommend putting in the smallest amount while you’re learning.

  3. With Bitcoin Evolution, what profit potential do I have?

    With Bitcoin Evolution, the potential of earning money is virtually limitless. For example, the company alleges that you can deposit the smallest sum possible ($250) and earn roughly $1,000 each day. We cannot prove such claims, but we do know that you can make profits. There are sure to be fluctuations within the market, so each trade is not going to provide you with profits.

  4. Can I make withdrawals?

    The money you deposit and earn is yours. Yes, you can withdraw it at any time and have it electronically deposited into your bank account.