Bitcoin Hero Review

Get the Most from Your Crypto Trading robot!

Bitcoin Hero is an online broker, and it only works for European markets. It’s possible to sign up for it directly, but most people use automatic crypto trading robots to connect with the brokers. This way, the money is collected by the broker, but you get the benefit of automated trading tactics.

Through the auto-trading bitcoin robot, you can trade one type of cryptocurrency. In this case, it’s Bitcoin. Sometimes, other options are available, such as indices, stocks, and more.

Many people have used this broker, claiming that it’s best to use it, along with a crypto bot trading.

TrustPedia has worked hard to find out if Bitcoin Hero is legitimate, and this in-depth review shows that it might not be trustworthy.

From the information found on the internet and what has been gathered by the team, we don’t feel that Bitcoin Hero is legitimate. Continue reading to learn about all the considerations and points for this Bitcoin Hero review. From there, it’s easy to find out about alternative brokers and the auto-trading software those use. That way, you can trade cryptocurrency safely with the potential to earn money.

4.8 out of 5

  • Low deposits
  • No fees
  • Withdrawals are easy
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4.8 out of 5
  • Low deposits
  • No fees
  • Withdrawals are easy

What Is Bitcoin Hero?

Bitcoin Hero is a broker and trading website for crypto auto-trading robots. It lets users trade CFDs for Bitcoin.

While it claims that it features innovative technology and the best techniques, we didn’t find anything like that.


Any broker you choose must be regulated and certified. Bitcoin Hero uses the regulatory agency Digital C Media, which is located in St. Vincent/Grenadines. However, when we researched this claim, we found that there are two addresses for the company.

That in itself isn’t a problem, but both addresses must be registered with the appropriate licensing agency.

Ultimately, we feel that Bitcoin Hero is not transparent and uses shady dealings because it lists two addresses, but Digital C Media only claims there is one.

With that, there is also a registration for Bitcoin Hero in Belize. However, the IFSC regulates those companies, providing strict rules for brokers. There was no information listed for Bitcoin Hero or Digital C Media.

Brokers also need a Payment Service Provider, and this is often licensed with the company’s name to avoid confusion. However, we could find no indication of a Payment Service Provider. There’s only a single speculation here – the company is not legit.

This all sounds too shady. Is Bitcoin Hero a scam? It appears that way.

Bitcoin Hero claims that it doesn’t charge brokerage fees. However, auto-trading software platforms that use the broker claim that the broker takes out a commission on your gains. Again, this points to the fact that the broker might not be legitimate.

Is Bitcoin Hero a Scam?

The company ultimately claims that you can learn what you need to know about trading crypto. However, we couldn’t find anything like that. Instead, you sign up on the website and are confused and worried that you made the wrong choice.

Various auto-trading platforms use this broker. However, they could also be scam websites. Therefore, any money you add to the account is stolen. It appears that you are live trading, but in reality, those are pre-determined losses and wins.

Bitcoin Hero claims to use the MetaTrader 4 platform, and this is very reputable. It also offers the Sirix trader for web apps. Users tend to like the MT4 platform for its advanced tools, intuitiveness, and ease of use.

However, most people use auto-trading software instead of brokers directly. Bitcoin Hero doesn’t offer automatic trading, and there’s no way to link it to your auto-trader site. Therefore, you’re responsible for the traders yourself. Though you could use an auto-trading platform that features the broker, both could be scams.

Trading Platforms

Most of the time, people use auto-traders, and it’s usually a good practice to utilize them with online brokers. While every broker lets you directly sign up there, it could be problematic.

If you’re not sure how to trade CFDs online, it takes a lot more time to figure out the process. Therefore, you could make significant mistakes that cost a lot of money.

Auto-trading software does the work for you. Just add the funding, set up the trading rules, and choose automation. Then, you’re automatically connected with the broker nearest you. It takes the funds, and the trading software (using the algorithm) makes trades for you through the broker.

While Bitcoin Hero uses auto-traders at times, they aren’t legitimate. These platforms claim to use algorithms, but live trades never happen.

This indicates to use that the wins are just pre-determined. You could win a few trades because the creators want you to invest more of your money. However, once you do that, you see losses all the time. Plus, you can’t withdraw the funds you earn or your initial investment.

In fact, you can’t even ask for a withdrawal because there’s no option for it. If you try contacting the company through email, you don’t get a response. Sometimes, the creators kick you off of their platform so that you can’t make more waves.


With a broker, you should be able to trade on all four of the financial markets and have over 1,000 assets available to you. With real-time prices and fast execution, it’s a great way to broaden your horizons.

However, with Bitcoin Hero, you only see the Bitcoin market. With that, there are very fishy things happening on the website. Even though you can pair with a crypto trading robot, they aren’t legitimate, either.

Your best bet is not to use Bitcoin Hero because it’s a scam. Instead, you can find legitimate brokers on our website. From there, you can use auto-trading software, and we have reviews showcasing legitimate options.

How to Trade on Bitcoin Hero through Robots

Earlier, we mentioned that you can trade directly on broker websites, and Bitcoin Hero is no different. The issue is that you shouldn’t use the broker at all.

Along with that, you can use automated bitcoin trading that feature the broker. These bots should analyze the market first to provide signals on the most profitable trades. Once you choose the parameters and it meets those, the robot opens a trade in your name.

While there are varying accuracy levels, most of them use an algorithm to make it easier. However, with Bitcoin Hero and the auto-trading software that uses it, you have none of that. It’s all fake, which means you could spend a lot of money with no gains at all.


It is possible to register on the Bitcoin Hero website right now. Go directly to the site or use one of the many auto-trading platforms that feature the broker. There’s a short form to fill out, so you can quickly enter your details and tap “Register.”

If you use an auto-trader, you’re redirected to the Bitcoin Hero brokerage. However, we don’t recommend that you use auto-trading software with that broker or the broker itself. Instead, choose one of the many legitimate brokerages and platforms available.


Bitcoin Hero makes it easy to deposit money into your fund on the account. However, it’s also easy to do this on auto-trading software. Ultimately, you go to the broker site to deposit the investment.

This starts the trading process, and there are many payment methods available to help you out. Though the company recommends using debit or credit, wire transfers are included. Still, we don’t recommend that you deposit any funds with Bitcoin Hero or its many auto-trading platforms. You’re likely to lose your entire investment and be hounded for more.


Once you sign up for Bitcoin Hero or the crypto auto-trading robot that uses it and deposit the funds, you can make trades. The broker claims that these are live, but we’ve found that the trades are all pre-determined, so it and the trading platform know if you win or lose before anything even happens.

While technically legal, it is a shameful process because you’re not actually trading Bitcoin. Instead, you should use a reputable auto-trading platform and broker. There are many available on the TrustPedia website, so you can quickly find out which ones are ideal for you.

Signing Up Directly on Bitcoin Hero

Almost every broker allows you to sign up directly, and Bitcoin Hero is no different. We don’t recommend that you ever sign up for a broker firm directly, and you definitely shouldn’t from Bitcoin Hero.

Generally, you can’t automate the trading process if you only work with a broker. Therefore, you must have the information and knowledge to know what to do. Crypto traders are the best way to go because they use different technologies and algorithms to scan the market and find the best trades.

Again, though, you should not use Bitcoin Hero or the auto-trading platforms that feature this broker. They are likely scams out to steal your money.

Account Types

Online brokers usually have different account options available. However, we couldn’t find any of this information for Bitcoin Hero. Generally, you get more services and features when you spend more money.

Is Bitcoin Hero a scam? It’s very likely, so there’s no need to find out about the different accounts available.

Education and Resources

Often, brokers realize that most people don’t know much about online trading. To be as transparent as possible, they explain this extensively. Typically, you have access to webinars, eBooks, videos, and other content to help you learn about crypto CFD trading and the system.

Anyone is allowed to use the resources and gain a better understanding of the processes.

However, Bitcoin Hero doesn’t offer any resources or educational materials. Its goal is to scam you, so it wants you to know as little as possible about CFD trading and your options.


At the time of the review, Bitcoin Hero doesn’t offer bonuses or promotions for using the website. While this could change, we don’t think you should bother checking back. With the issues pointed out here, you should have a fairly good idea about how this broker works. Therefore, you shouldn’t want anything to do with it.

Don’t fret! There are decent brokers out there and legitimate auto-trading platforms. You can research the best ones on the TrustPedia website!

Customer Support

Many times, online brokers provide customer support, either by live chat or email. That way, if you have questions about the website or anything else, you can get help.

This is another way to prove legitimacy and offer transparency. However, we couldn’t find any option for contacting Bitcoin Hero, either on the site itself or from forums and the internet. That indicates that it’s only there to steal your money and doesn’t want to help you.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Hero

It’s important to know everything you can about a new broker. Here are the pros and cons of using Bitcoin Hero


  • It’s possible to access the broker’s platform on desktop and mobile applications.
  • It’s easy to sign up for the broker.
  • It does work with automated trading platforms.


  • The regulation information appeared to be for only one address, but two were included.
  • We’re not sure who owns the brokerage.
  • The auto-trading platforms corresponding with the broker could be scams, as well.
  • No live trading takes place on the platform (or the auto traders).
  • You have only one tradable asset to consider.
  • There’s no information about pricing or fees, but we’re sure that the broker has them.
  • Since they’re hidden, you have no way of knowing how much it might cost if you were lucky enough to win.


Is Bitcoin hero a scam? There should be no doubt in your mind that this broker is not legitimate. There’s no reliability, its reputation isn’t the best, and there are differing bits of information out there to confuse users.

During this Bitcoin Hero review, you found out a lot of information about the features and options for this broker. Though it does pair with a few auto-trading websites, those are sure to be scams, too.

Ultimately, it is best to choose a different broker. We have a list of legitimate ones and the auto-trading platforms that correspond to those.