Bitcoin Inform Review

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Bitcoin’s popularity over the past few years has brought a huge wave of trading tools for traders to use. Thanks to the internet, people can easily create a trading account at their preferred platform and start placing trades within the comfort of their homes.

There are hundreds of different platforms traders can use to create better trading strategies, optimize their trading schedule, and more. While having a lot of available apps seems like a great idea, it may be harder for beginners to choose an appropriate one for their needs.

Most trading apps are tailored to professionals, meaning they’re filled with dozens of useful features. Still, some of these apps aren’t user-friendly enough for someone without a high degree of experience. In these cases, it’s better to go for software that can accommodate both a beginner’s and a professional’s needs.

Bitcoin Inform claims to be one of these apps tailored to any trader type. However, we’ve noticed some mixed reviews regarding this trading robot, so we decided to give it a try ourselves.

When it comes to trading, everyone must be careful with whom they place their trades. If you make the slightest wrong move, you could potentially lose part of your investment. Some people don’t even notice they’re working with scammers until it’s too late.

We know some of the most common “scam” signals are still relatively hard to identify, which is why we created this review. Here, we’re going to cover some of the most important aspects of Bitcoin Inform to discover whether it’s legitimate trading software or not.

If you’re a trading enthusiast or are just curious about the legitimacy of this robot, keep reading!

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How Did We Make This Review?

First, it’s vital to address the primary points we’re going to be covering in this review. There are dozens of different things you can look at in a trading app, but it’s better if you focus on the primary factors first and then work your way through the rest.

In the case of this Bitcoin Inform review, we’re going to start with the home page. The home page of a trading robot typically tells us everything we need to know about the developers and what they expect you to do with their software.

Home pages are the places where it’s the easiest to identify a scammer. Most scammers don’t even know how to trade, so they write inaccurate claims without knowing. Logically, scammers try to hook in beginners who don’t know much about trading since professionals know better.

Once we’re done with the home page, we’re going to go directly into the platform itself. The following step is a bit trickier than the last one since this one involves trying the robot out. Considering that we don’t know if the robot is a scam or not, we must be careful.

Finally, we cover some additional details regarding the trading robot, such as brokers, registration process, fees, payouts, and more. Our goal is to give you a detailed review of what a trading robot truly offers and compare that information with what the company claims you can do with its service.

What to Look for in a Trading Robot

There are several things all traders must look for in a trading robot. While the robot doesn’t need to have everything to consider itself legitimate, it’s better if it has as many factors as possible.

In essence, your goal with a trading robot is to find something reliable where you can place your money and trade without any problems. You can identify a fake robot quickly since these tend to be extremely overwhelming to use.

On the other hand, you must look for a company that is transparent with its claims. Scammers try their best to hide as much information about the software as possible and hook you in with unrealistic profit claims. Keep in mind that no trading company can make profit claims since that mostly depends on how the trader works with their money.

A reliable trading company is going to give you an honest overview of what you can expect from its trading robot. Additionally, these companies may also give you information regarding risk assessment, assets, and more. Scammers don’t care if you assess your risks or not, so keep an eye out for those.

Finally, a good trading platform is always going to work with reputable and licensed brokers. Brokers are responsible for executing your trades, so it’s vital for you to work with the right people in every transaction.

Now that you know everything about our review format, it’s time to dive deep into Bitcoin Inform’s website!

What Is Bitcoin Inform?

Bitcoin Inform claims to be a trading platform for beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders. In essence, the company states that you can make significant progress with your trading if you use its service. The software seems like a reputable one at first, but those claims are not enough to reach a verdict.

We decided to read the entire Bitcoin Inform home page. Unfortunately, this is where we started noticing some “red flags” regarding the company’s claims. These red flags are indicators that the software may be a scam.

First, the company makes a lot of claims that you can make a significant amount of money with its app. As we mentioned before, no one can make predictions regarding trading results or profit margins. If a trading company starts off its website by making profit claims, this is already a big problem.

On the other hand, the company didn’t specify that much information regarding how the platform worked. It spent a lot of time talking about how the software used “state-of-the-art technology” to make trades more efficient, but it never specifies what technology it’s talking about. Any company can make claims regarding how its services are “the best,” but if it never specifies why its services are the best, then you may be looking at a scam.

Overall, there was nothing that could give us a deeper insight into what we could expect from Bitcoin Inform. All the company did was talk about how you could make a lot of money and how Bitcoin Inform was more modern and accurate than other trading robots on the market. These claims didn’t have any evidence to back them up, so we can’t take them as legitimate.

Who Is Behind Bitcoin Inform’s Team?

Another important factor of any trading software is the “About Us” page. That page often tells readers who is behind the company that’s offering them the service. Keep in mind that some trading companies are a bit secretive with their information due to security purposes. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re scammers.

In the case of Bitcoin Inform’s team, we got little to no information about anything. We don’t know who the developers are, where they’ve worked, or how they created Bitcoin Inform. Overall, the developers spent all the About Us section talking about how creating the app was hard.

While being secretive with your information doesn’t automatically label you a scammer, saying nothing about your company may seem suspicious. We were not happy with the content that the Bitcoin Inform team delivered us, but we still need to test the platform to determine whether it truly works or not.

How Does Bitcoin Inform Work?

The company states that all you need to do to begin trading is create an account, fund it, and start trading. While it seems like a simple process, you must be extremely careful with it.

Considering how vague the Bitcoin Inform team was with their information, we don’t recommend you to share your personal information with this website. We don’t know if the company is working with a third party to sell your information to someone else.

Still, we took the risk of creating an account for the TrustPedia team for this review’s purposes. The sign-up process was a bit slow, but we were able to get our account up and running within the same day. Once you fill out the company’s registration form, you receive a call from an “account manager,” which allows you to choose between two trading methods.

You can either choose to trade yourself or get the account manager to do it for you. We chose the former since we wanted to test all of the platform’s features ourselves. Once we finished the setup process, we finally got access to Bitcoin Inform’s platform.

Generally speaking, the Bitcoin Inform platform seems like any other trading platform. There are no special features, tutorials, or anything that may help you “trade better.” Moreover, we noticed quite a few bugs with the platform, which already is a bad sign.

Creating our first trading strategy with Bitcoin Inform took way longer than we expected, and it wasn’t easy; this means this app is not for beginners as the company claimed. The company states you may invest as much money as possible in your trades to “make more money,” but since we want to take this to the safe route, we went for the minimum investment amount.

Unfortunately, we quickly noticed the platform had a “pattern” for the results. Our team believes Bitcoin Inform uses predetermined trading results to make you believe the platform is working and making you money. Regardless of what our trading input was, we always received similar results with our trades, which is weird.

However, the biggest factor in determining Bitcoin Inform’s efficiency was the withdrawal system. Generally speaking, we weren’t able to retrieve our “profit.” The website asked us for way too much unnecessary information, and it took too long to process everything.

Even if you want to try and withdraw your investment, you may not be able to do it. We believe Bitcoin Inform is using a fake platform scheme to get your money, and it doesn’t have any intention of sending any of that money back to you.

Now that we have unreliable content and an unreliable platform, you may already guess what our verdict is. However, we still need to talk about some of Bitcoin Inform’s “features” to give you a clearer idea of what we got when we signed up.

What Features Does Bitcoin Inform Offer?

Bitcoin Inform’s team offered us plenty of features when we signed up, so we went and reviewed each one individually to see if they truly worked. Here are some of the most interesting things we found out from our research:

Brokers are some of the most important aspects of a trading platform. If you don’t work with the right people, your investment could be at risk. Interestingly enough, we didn’t find any licensing proof for Bitcoin Inform’s brokers, meaning we don’t know if they are legitimate.

As mentioned before, Bitcoin Inform’s trading platform is too basic and doesn’t offer anything revolutionary for your trades. Moreover, it’s considerably slow in comparison to the competition. We have reasons to believe that the platform isn’t even real.

Bitcoin Inform’s team claims that the platform is compatible with any kind of desktop or mobile device. We tested the website on several platforms, and while it “works” in each of them, there are several optimization problems for mobile devices, which can cause some problems for traders.

You can’t trust a trading company with an unreliable withdrawal system. If you can’t withdraw your money correctly, why would you even bother in creating an account there? As mentioned before in this review, Bitcoin Inform’s withdrawal system is slow and unreliable, which leads us to believe that it’s fake.

Is Bitcoin Inform a Scam? Our Verdict

Thanks to all the evidence we gathered, we can safely conclude that Bitcoin Inform is likely a scam, and it’s not recommended for anyone who is looking for a good platform to invest in.

The company isn’t transparent with anything regarding its software, the platform doesn’t bring anything new to the table, and the withdrawal system doesn’t seem to work. Overall, your money isn’t safe with this company, and we suggest you go for other legitimate companies.