Bitcoin Kiwi System Review

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$250 minimum deposit
No Fees
Accepts credit/debit cards
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

The past few years have given us plenty of new tools to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. It’s amazing to think how people used to trade in person or with their phones several decades ago, and today, they can trade in any financial market they want within a few clicks.

Trading apps are the newest addition to trading, and they have proven to be one of the most reliable tools a trader can have since it makes the trading process much more organized. Several developers worldwide do their best to create the most efficient trading app each year, causing hundreds of these apps to come onto the internet.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s goal is to create a reliable trading app. Some scammers have tried to replicate legit trading apps to sell them to the public; the thing is that those apps tend to be unreliable and may even steal your information. It’s vital for you to avoid these scams if you want to have a safer trading experience.

Our goal at TrustPedia is to provide you with honest, detailed, and immersive reviews of some of the most popular trading apps out there. Whether the app you’re looking for is a scam or not, we’re going to find out in these reviews.

In this case, we’re going to talk about the Bitcoin Kiwi System, which is a highly popular trading robot that came along recently for both beginners and advanced traders. Is Bitcoin Kiwi System a scam? Keep reading this review to find out!

What Makes a Trading Robot Legit or Not?

Many of our readers often wonder what makes a trading app reliable or not. In essence, most of these robots look the same, so it may be challenging for a beginner to tell whether some of them are a scam or not. Thankfully, there are several factors you may be on the lookout for if you want to discover if you’re using a legitimate piece of software.

First, we have the home page of the trading robot. A trading robot’s home page is often the heart of everything since it provides the potential user information about how it works. If the information is attractive enough, it may make the person sign up for the webpage.

In this case, it’s fairly easy to tell whether you’re dealing with scammers or not since scammers often don’t know anything about how trading robots work, so they put random information in their content in hopes that people fall for it.

Fake trading robots’ home pages are also filled with false profit promises and unrealistic expectations. It’s vital for you to understand that it’s impossible to make any promises regarding trading. Trading is a highly volatile financial activity, and there’s no robot or algorithm capable of predicting with 100% accuracy your results.

Instead, you must be on the lookout for home pages with solid information about how the trading robot works. A legitimate company is going to spend more time explaining how its software works rather than telling you how much money you can make with it.

On the other hand, we have the platforms themselves. This part is a bit trickier since you would need to have at least basic trading knowledge to tell a fake from a real trading robot. Still, legitimate trading robots often have simpler platforms that do the job efficiently, whereas fake ones come with cluttered platforms with too many features that don’t work.

Finally, we have the “payouts” part of the trading robot. In essence, you must look for a trading robot that has a simple payout process. If a particular company requests way too much unnecessary information for a withdrawal or takes too much time, you may be dealing with scammers.

There are many more features you may be on the lookout for, but we’re going to cover those further into this Bitcoin Kiwi System review. Now that you know the basics of how to identify a legitimate trading robot, keep reading!

What Is the Bitcoin Kiwi System?

As you may have already predicted, the Bitcoin Kiwi System is a trading robot designed to help traders organize their trading strategies a bit better. The developers mention that the Bitcoin Kiwi System isn’t supposed to be a magic app that can complete all the trading processes on your behalf, but rather a tool that traders can use to look at the bigger picture and make better trading decisions in the long run.

Bitcoin Kiwi System’s home page greeted us with a quick overview of what we could expect from the software, which we appreciated since it was straightforward. Additionally, the developer team also wrote a bit of information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies so that we could have a deeper understanding of the asset we were dealing with.

Overall, we didn’t find anything suspicious about Bitcoin Kiwi System’s home page. It was straight to the point and highly informative at the same time. We also appreciated that the developers didn’t bother in including any profit expectations; this made us believe in the software a bit more.

Our team also took a brief look at the website’s “About Us” page. These pages often have a bit more information about the company responsible for developing the trading robot. In this case, we received a considerable amount of information regarding the process of creating the Bitcoin Kiwi System, although we didn’t see too much information about the developers themselves.

In some cases, lack of information about the developer team could be seen as a red flag, but considering how trading apps have been targeted by hackers and scammers recently, it’s common for developer teams to be more secretive with their personal information. Moreover, we didn’t find anything suspicious about the content itself.

Overall, we consider the Bitcoin Kiwi System’s website to be legitimate and informative. While that’s excellent news, it’s not enough to give a verdict yet. We still have to dive deep into the platform itself and test it so that you can get the detailed review you deserve.

Keep reading for more information about the Bitcoin Kiwi System’s platform!

Bitcoin Kiwi System’s Platform

It was refreshing to see that Bitcoin Kiwi System’s platform was fairly easy to understand. Many modern trading apps tend to come with way too many features, making them complicated for newer traders. We liked that this app also focused on beginners since it allows the community to grow even more.

Overall, you can do anything you consider appropriate with the Bitcoin Kiwi System’s platform. Depending on the option you chose when signing up, you can either trade through an account manager or do everything yourself. We decided to work ourselves to enjoy the full trading experience.

Trading with the Bitcoin Kiwi System has been one of the most organized experiences we’ve had in TrustPedia. All the features are carefully laid out in a minimalistic but stylish dashboard, making it easier for everyone to tell what every option does. Whether you have a month or a year trading, you’re likely to have an easy time trading with the Bitcoin Kiwi System.

Remember that trading is already a complicated activity to do. You don’t want to get a trading robot that makes the experience even harder for you. In essence, your goal should always be to be as calm and collected as possible while executing your trades since you can avoid making mistakes. Thanks to the Bitcoin Kiwi System, you can see the bigger picture while trading without having to worry about too many external trading factors.

What Are the Most Relevant Features of Bitcoin Kiwi System?

The Bitcoin Kiwi System is packed with several different features you can use at any point in your journey. Still, we decided to cover some of the most popular ones here so that you can have an idea of what to expect from this app.


Brokers are probably the most important part of any trading robot. These people are responsible for executing your trade orders, so it’s vital for you to get reliable and fast ones if you want to ensure a good trading experience.
In the case of the Bitcoin Kiwi System, the developers work with regulated and approved brokers that are ready to help you in any of your trading queries. Our experience was satisfactory at all times, so we can safely say that this app’s brokers are reliable enough for every user.


Compatibility has become an interesting factor to consider for trading apps. Typically, traders prefer to trade from their computers since it’s much more comfortable. However, some traders have started to change from their computers to their phones and tablets, which are also viable options.
Thankfully, the Bitcoin Kiwi System is compatible with any type of desktop and mobile device on the market today. Whether you want to use one or another (or both), you’re free to make a seamless transition every time.


As mentioned before, payouts should be as comfortable as possible for the user. The Bitcoin Kiwi System allows you to withdraw your funds to your bank account or crypto wallet at any point you consider appropriate. You must fill out a quick form and wait for the money to reach your account.
While the Bitcoin Kiwi System doesn’t charge you anything for the payout process, your bank might do it, so keep that in mind.


Most trading apps charge particular fees for their services to gain profit from your transactions, which is entirely normal. We noticed that the Bitcoin Kiwi System doesn’t charge any fees for creating your account, depositing your money, or requesting a payout, so we don’t truly know what the company does to gain money. Still, this is great news for traders since you don’t have to spend more money than the money you’re already investing.

Signing Up for the Bitcoin Kiwi System

You may be wondering what the sign-up process for the Bitcoin Kiwi System involves. Overall, there’s nothing much to say about it, and that’s not necessarily bad. On the contrary, the sign-up process was fairly simple to complete, which is great news for both beginners and professionals.

The following is a list of steps you must complete to become a member of the Bitcoin Kiwi System:

Fill out a registration form with your basic information. In our case, we were requested our email address, full name, phone number, and account password. We recommend that you choose a strong password to avoid any problems with your account.

Wait for one of Bitcoin Kiwi System’s account managers to contact you. There, you can choose whether you want to work with an account manager for your trades or if you want to use the trading app yourself. As mentioned before, we went for the latter option.

Once you set up your account, you’re free to create your trading strategies with the Bitcoin Kiwi System platform. This step may take a bit more time since it depends on what your strategy is, so make sure not to rush anything. Remember you must make an investment before executing any trades with the Bitcoin Kiwi System.

Why Should You Work with the Bitcoin Kiwi System?

We found three particular reasons why it may be a good idea for you to work with this particular trading robot. Whether you’re looking for a new app or are simply reading this review out of curiosity, check out the following list:


We found the trading experience with the Bitcoin Kiwi System to be user-friendly and comfortable at all times. If you want a fresh platform to work with, this may be a great option to start.


The Bitcoin Kiwi System is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, so you’re free to work in any way you consider appropriate.


This trading app works equally for both beginners and professionals, so you don’t have to worry about any overly complex features.

Is the Bitcoin Kiwi System Legit? Our Verdict

After extensive research, we can safely conclude that the Bitcoin Kiwi System is an entirely legal trading robot that you may use for your daily trading. Still, if you’re planning to begin trading with this trading app, remember to be careful with your trading strategies and assess as many risks as possible to avoid losing your entire investment.