Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

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$250 minimum deposit
No fees
Withdrawals are easy
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle App a Scam or Legit? This is our 2022 Bitcoin Lifestyle Test.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an auto-trader bot, like many others on the market. It claims that its users can better predict the prices of cryptocurrency while using it. Some members make about $1,000 in profits from small deposits of about $250. Still, we wondered if Bitcoin Lifestyle is legitimate and how potential customers can be sure. TrustPedia performed a live test on the app to confirm that this robot is, in fact, legit. To get to that point, we focused on user feedback and other pertinent information.

Since we looked extensively for testimonials, we found thousands of them from people who claimed to make profits within hours of starting to trade on Bitcoin Lifestyle. With that said, we feel that this auto-trader is legit and is working correctly. Our own investigation also showed that the testimonials could be accurate and real.

However, it should be said that there are risks involved with Bitcoin Lifestyle and any auto-trading software. To offset this issue, make sure that your trading affordable amounts for your needs to avoid losing too big of an investment. Continue reading our comprehensive Bitcoin Lifestyle review and get advice about how to use this auto-trader bot.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Legit? Yes!

Bitcoin Lifestyle offers many features, just like other trading bots.

The statements from other people also confirm that this is a legitimate tool. Since they’ve all claimed to make profits of varying amounts, we can say that this product works, though we aren’t sure if the amounts proclaimed were accurate or not.

It’s still safe to say that people are earning money, and the bot is legit.

Of course, we didn’t stop here. We also ran background checks on the information offered on the website. It reveals that this company is transparent with its claims and provides accurate information. As we mentioned before, Bitcoin Lifestyle has positive online reviews written about it from many places. Almost all of the testimonials are positive and have claims of winning money.

  • The Bitcoin Lifestyle website and web-trader are secure. We’ve confirmed that all information provided is safe and remains confidential.
  • This trading bot features excellent feedback from review sites and individual users.
  • Our review shows that Bitcoin Lifestyle offers the tools needed to lower trading risks while trading Bitcoin CFDs.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle gives you information about the brokers and founders so that you have appropriate background data.
  • We’ve confirmed that the web-trader on Bitcoin Lifestyle is easy to use so that you don’t require a crypto trading background.
  • TrustPedia fact-checked all information found on the Bitcoin Lifestyle website and confirms that it is accurate.

Overall, it is our belief that Bitcoin Lifestyle is trustworthy and reliable as a Bitcoin bot.

What’s Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a tool used by crypto investors around the world and helps everyone generate a passive income. You don’t require any skills to use the bot or need to know about cryptocurrencies to make trades.

This bot is there to help you speculate more easily on Bitcoin. It uses an algorithm to analyze big data and the markets to provide you with information to make trading decisions 0.01 seconds faster than the competition. Also, it claims an accuracy level of 99.4 percent, so you’re sure to win most of the time.

Bitcoin Lifestyle and other trader bots use brokers to handle the deposits and transactions. We always require the bots we confirm to be legitimate as having well-regulated brokers. Therefore, we also checked into the brokers on this auto trader and find that they are legitimate, as well. You can read specific reviews on individual brokers if you desire to do so.

How Does It All Work?

Like other trader bots on the market, Bitcoin Lifestyle uses the strategies offered for high-frequency trades.

You can sell and buy crypto at higher risk and increase your leverage. This means you can capitalize on many more opportunities because everything happens so fast. With more leverage, you can invest smaller amounts and execute larger trades.

With your minimum $250 deposit, you can, in a sense, place trades worth up to $240,000. Can you see the potential here? We can! Still, the higher amounts can also mean significant losses.

Therefore, you should be careful with how much you invest for each trade. Bitcoin Lifestyle reduces the risk here because it analyzes the market for you. This way, you know what is likely to happen before it does.

You’ve also got parameters that you can set up at the start of the day. Most people use the default settings, but you’ve got the option to change them as you see fit. They’re set to be about 10 percent of a bet on each trade you make. In fact, we think it’s best to leave it all alone until you’re more familiar with the system. Then, you can change the percentages as needed.

Why Use Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a tool that helps with crypto trading online, ensuring that you don’t need experience. It runs automatically, so you don’t need trading skills or knowledge. Plus, it’s so easy to join and set up an account.

Here are some reasons that people like to use Bitcoin Lifestyle:

Bitcoin Lifestyle claims that it is a world-leader in the world of trading robots because it’s profitable for its members. From the many user testaments, we believe you could actually generate $1,000 in profits from a low deposit of $250 or a bit more. The company claims that its software focuses on high-frequency strategies to help ensure that it is more profitable than others.

Still, there are some risks involved with using Bitcoin Lifestyle. Since everything happens so fast and you can bet much more than you invest, the profits can be significant. However, the risks are also heightened. Therefore, you should keep the settings at the default level right now and consider reinvesting some of your earnings.

With the web-trader on Bitcoin Lifestyle, you don’t need a lot of experience to use it. The process of signing up is easy, and all you need is a $250 deposit. With that money in your account, it’s time to increase or decrease your percentages for capital on each trade. We do recommend that you leave it alone, but you can play around with the amounts as you see fit. Usually, people do this a few weeks or months after signing up so that they understand the system.

The defaults are about 10 percent for each trade, and that seems to work well for many. Then, you can just hit the trade button and let Bitcoin Lifestyle do its job. It works automatically for you, so there’s nothing to monitor. You can watch a few of the trades to get a better idea of what happens, though. The process to get things set up each day for trades takes only 20 minutes, so it’s simple and easy to do.

If you ever need help while on the website, Bitcoin Lifestyle offers great customer service. Everyone there works closely together, so you’re not transferred around to get the information you need. Plus, you can request help 24/7, so there’s no need to wait until normal business hours to ask a question.

During our live test, we requested customer service and can now confirm that the agents respond fast to your query. Live chat is the best way to go because we got our question answered within an hour. Email can take up 24 hours, but that’s still decent.

Bitcoin Lifestyle discloses its information so people can make informed choices. We focused primarily on the website information, and it all appears legitimate. There are claims of high win rates among members, so we feel it’s easy to use and actually works.

The live test also indicated that customer service was there to answer questions, and the agents do so honestly and quickly.

You’re also allowed to talk to the brokers and ask questions about them. Many other trader bots don’t let you do this, so you have no idea what they can do or what others have said about them. Now, you can research everything to do with the trader bot and feel comfortable about it.

Most of the reviews we’ve found about Bitcoin Lifestyle are positive, so those who have used it make profits. Of course, you can and should always read the testimonials for yourself and determine if they feel real and accurate.

Many of the people using Bitcoin Lifestyle don’t have backgrounds in trading or cryptocurrency. Therefore, this system is quite unique because it allows anyone to generate a passive income while remaining easy to use.

There aren’t any restrictions and limits to withdraw money on Bitcoin Lifestyle. Therefore, you can take out your profits or that initial investment whenever you desire. The form you fill out is on the dashboard and takes no time at all.

The process is completely simplified, but you can expect it to take about 24 hours before it shows up in your bank account. There aren’t any fees charged by Bitcoin Lifestyle but check with the bank to make sure you know what it might charge.

The platform and all parts of the website are secure and feature SSL and SiteLock. Therefore, you know your information is safe and cannot easily be stolen by hackers. You should read the privacy policy, which is comprehensive. You’re not going to worry about the company selling your information or otherwise trying to harm your identity.

When you generate a password at the beginning, it must be strong, and the system tells you if it is or not. You also need to change it frequently to keep your account and the money within safe.

Get More from Bitcoin Lifestyle

Though you don’t need any experience or knowledge about crypto and the markets, it helps to have a few tips up your sleeve to get the best results.

01. Choose a Low Deposit

Since you only have to deposit $250, we think it’s best to stay at that low number. This actually gives you more peace of mind knowing that you’re not going to blow everything. You get time to learn how the system works and can always reinvest your earnings.

02. Follow the Markets

Yes, the bot is designed to execute trades for you, but knowing what’s going on in the crypto market can be helpful. You can learn the patterns and find out what highly volatile really means. This is the best time to trade (during periods of high volatility), so it helps to know when these might occur. With time, you’re going to notice these things for yourself and might want to try manual mode.

03. Getting Started

You don’t need skills to start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle. Create your account when you fill out the form and then deposit your money. Take a look at the settings to see what they’re all about and start live trading. There aren’t any fees associated with joining or funding your account, making it free for you to use.

Bitcoin LifeStyle Review – The Verdict

We conclude this extensive review by stating that Bitcoin Lifestyle seems legitimate. We’ve found many user testimonials, went through the website completely, and have tried it for ourselves.


  1. Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legitimate?

    Yes, we believe that Bitcoin Lifestyle is legit and not a scam site.

  2. What profit potential is there?

    The potential to earn money with Bitcoin Lifestyle is limitless. Some users make $1,000 every day with a $250 deposit. This is not proven, and fluctuations in the market can change how much you earn with each trade.

  3. What are the deposit limits for Bitcoin Lifestyle?

    There are no limits as to how much you can deposit, but we recommend starting with the low $250 amount.