Bitcoin Prestige Review

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Trading is an interesting discipline that continues to pick up steam. While numerous traders have been at it for a very long time, newer people come into the equation every day, as they get wind of what the industry is like.

Therefore, trading platforms continue to do their best to provide a seamless experience and best-in-class features to their users. Auto trading robots are very common since they allow for automation to be introduced into the trading equation.

Never doubt that there are incredible bots on the market to provide you with assistance, but scammers are out there too! Not only do they want to deprive you of your hard-earned money, but they also intend to make off with your personal information.

We at Trustpedia aim to provide you with the details that indicate legitimacy or a lack thereof. Today, we review and scrutinize Bitcoin Prestige, which is supposedly a crypto exchange bot that “handles all your transactions.” Right off the bat, we can tell you that this is a typical scam.

Below, we go through the indicators and why you should stay away from them. Beyond that, we include some legitimate alternatives that may prove useful to you.

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General Overview – Is Bitcoin Prestige Legit? Not Likely!

  • Trustpedia awards Bitcoin Prestige an abysmal legitimacy score of 5%. That’s being generous, considering there is almost no useful information present on the official website.
  • Our research indicates that there is no trading software at play. It is simply a paywall that sends your money directly to the scammers behind it.
  • There are negative reviews of Bitcoin Prestige all over, which speaks to the unwinnable situation its users are in.
  • Check out more details on Bitcoin Prestige below. Additionally, you may also want to check out our 1K Daily Profit Review, since that is a legitimate trading robot.

What Is Bitcoin Prestige

If you were to believe the limited information available on that site, then Bitcoin Prestige would be a trusted online trading platform that uses accurate signals to allow Forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD trading online.

It claims to offer instant trading signals that predict the way the market is going to turn so you can place winning trades even with no experience.

Not only does this format reflect that of most basic scam sites, but it also goes against basic common sense. Even the newest traders know that returns are not guaranteed. Any platform that professes to guarantee profits or winning trades is giving off a red flag that it is a huge scam.

Still, we want to provide accurate information by doing our due diligence, so we always test the trading platform for ourselves before we do any reviews. It’s not a short test too, as we tend to spend a few hours discovering various nuances.

Though we employed that routine, it took no time to see that the platform is not legit. Not only is there no accurate prediction provided, but we have no reason to believe that there is even a robot in the background.

Bitcoin Prestige Review – Why Is It a Scam?

One of the most common patterns among scam trading robots is their unmistakable ability to provide you with information without saying anything. Additionally, guaranteeing profits in an industry that works with random parameters is impossible.

The risk versus reward system is a defining factor of trading, and there is no way to get around that. No explicit details of the software behind the scenes are provided, and that’s because there is none. Bitcoin Prestige does take the time to let you know about its instant accurate trading signals, but is not proud enough to speak to its algorithm.

Legitimate robots don’t waste any time in letting you know exactly what’s under the hood and why it works.

Never lose sight of the unrealistic claims either. A robot can do a comprehensive market analysis that provides you with insightful information. However, even in such a circumstance, nothing is guaranteed.

There is no record of any brokers or partners, which almost always spells trouble. The objective here is simply to get you to sign up and deposit some money, so the site is even willing to convince you that as someone who has never traded in your life, you are guaranteed to win.

Imagine having never run in your life, only to be told that you need only step on the track, and you are guaranteed to beat Usain Bolt in his 2009 Berlin World Championship shape. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

Generic and Fake Software Information

We may be beating a dead horse by saying this again at this point, but a slew of generic information never fails to expose an obvious scam operation. The site creators indicate that you can “use our winning trade signals to make money trading Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, CFDs, and Forex.”

What does that tell you about how the underlying platform works? What’s the algorithm based on? Why is it efficient? Where is the data to back any of this up? You would sooner find a needle lost in the Sahara Desert than any information on this so-called superior algorithm that is providing you with winning insights.

We must reiterate that we strongly advise against registering on any sites that use these tactics unless you enjoy the feeling of regret and being scammed. Remember that it’s not just about your money. Your personal information is also at risk, and that could arguably be even more expensive.

No Brokers

Auto trading robots tend to work in conjunction with brokers, which is a solid pairing since you have solid sources of insight, though the final decisions rest in your hands. Numerous brokers are out there, but only the legitimate ones are regulated by a recognized agency, such as the CFTC, FCA, or NFA.

Listing a bunch of fake brokers would be bad enough, but Bitcoin Prestige takes it to another level. It decides not to list any brokers at all. At least it could pull the wool over your eyes if you were led to believe that brokers are present, but there’s just nothing.

So, you can safely assume that the site is doing its own regulation, which translates to no regulation. If you want to know who would be managing your money after investment, don’t expect to find that either, as regulation information is nonexistent.

It’s all about getting your money into the system and using it however the scammers see fit.

Fake Trading Platform

Even if we wanted to believe that Bitcoin Prestige was a legitimate operation, whatever its website is makes that very hard. Even without the expert insight that we have developed after a plethora of reviews, we could tell that this site is not legitimate from a mile away.

We did do in-depth research, however, and it only further confirmed what we were sure of. No algorithm is ever being used, which means the only trade happening is where you trade your money and your peace of mind for a scammer’s happiness.

You may get some trading signals out of it, but these are clearly being generated to help you believe in the scam even more, so you can invest greater amounts. None of the results are authentic, and the website may even go as far as to randomly generate some numbers for you to pretend as if you are making a profit.

Beyond that, there is a widget present that is constantly showing you supposedly new members and the number of winning signals delivered. We challenge you to sit down and look at it for about 15 minutes, and we likely don’t have to say another word.

Take too long to sign up or attempt to leave the site and watch it tell you about instructions that can be provided to guarantee you $30,000 in 30 days. The icing on the cake is the notion of making that money apparently coming at no cost. Need we say more?

No Security Measures

We honestly cannot fathom how a site intended to convince unsuspecting users to get scammed without even pretending that there is security present. There is not even the usual generic statement that the site is safe to use.

Let this be a lesson to you. A legit trading robot site not only gives you an indication that you are in safe hands, but it is going to take things one step further to explain why the implemented protective measures are solid. You may even find statements about industry-standard SSL certificates and AES encryption.

A real trading bot is legally obligated to detail the way your data is going to be used and protected. Bitcoin Prestige did not get that memo, so an attempt to fake it was not even made. There is a terms area at the bottom of the page, but it is more generic than a plain white T-shirt. So, who knows how real it could be?

Is There Any Information on Bitcoin Prestige’s Creator?

If information exists about the creator of Bitcoin Prestige, someone went through a lot of trouble to hide it. On a legitimate platform, this typically falls under the category of openly and easily accessible information.

There is not even an “about us” section to give you some insight into the people behind the scenes. You could almost call it smart on their part, because if you did know who they were, there would likely be some legal troubles on the horizon for them.

Any trading robot provider without easily accessible identification information on itself and its parent company is likely illegitimate. At this point, we can all but guarantee you are dealing with a poorly put-together fraud.

Is Bitcoin Prestige a Scam? The Verdict

When you consider all we said above, it’s not hard to understand why we wholeheartedly believe that Bitcoin Prestige is a scam. To take it further, we are also 100% sure that we are right about this. There is nothing good that this platform can do for you in the trading industry.

Just in case you forgot all we spoke about above, it’s only fair that we remind you of everything that is wrong with this scam site:

  • The information provided is highly ambiguous, providing no useful insights on anything behind the scenes.
  • The trading robot that is supposed to be handling the automated portions behind the scenes doesn’t exist.
  • Nothing remotely resembling a security policy, or any data protection measures are present on the page.
  • The parent company doesn’t exist, so there is no information present about it.

We cannot reinforce enough that it would be more worthwhile to set your money on fire than to invest it in Bitcoin Prestige. Alternatively, Bitcoin System, Bitcoin Pro, Immediate Edge, and Bitcoin Up are highly reliable trading platforms that we have reviewed and would encourage you to use.

Since we are invested in your ability to make wise trading decisions, you can also check out a list we compiled here that consists of the recommended and not recommended trading robots for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we are going to provide a few additional details on Bitcoin Prestige and a couple of alternatives. Read through for a summary of the information that would have been provided on this page.

  1. Is Bitcoin Prestige a Scam?

    Based on our research, Bitcoin Prestige is a huge scam that does a terrible job of hiding its nature. Nothing we have seen indicates a working platform that is safe for anyone to use, so our advice is to stay away from it.

  2. Can You Earn Money on Bitcoin Prestige?

    No, you cannot earn money with Bitcoin Prestige. Your only chance of doing so would be to become a part of the team that is scamming people. Unless you pull that off, which we would hope you don’t, expect to lose everything you invest.

  3. Are There Any Safe Alternatives to Bitcoin Prestige?

    There are several much better alternatives that you can choose from if Bitcoin Prestige is on your radar. Immediate Edge, 1K Daily Profit, and Bitcoin System come to mind, all of which have been tested, reviewed, and confirmed to be legitimate. How’s that for not worrying about your Security?