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Low minimum deposits
Easy withdrawal process
No hidden fees
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

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Bitcoin Pro is an automatic trading platform, which helps people trade Bitcoin through CFDs. It claims to have an 88 percent win rate, with members earning thousands of dollars a day. Still, we wanted to know if this is true or not.

Is it legit? This Bitcoin Pro review is going to help you determine whether to invest or not.

Is Bitcoin Pro a Legitimate Software?

Bitcoin has been exceptionally popular, though its rise to fame was slow. It is the oldest cryptocurrency on the market, but it wasn’t significantly invested until 2017. Then, the value of Bitcoin seemed to soar, making it a popular alternative currency and trading option online.

Many celebrities have claimed to have gotten rich through the use of Bitcoin, which is what makes regular people consider investing. It can seem a little too good to be true that so many people make so much money, and we did wonder if these were advertising tactics.

Regardless of which celebrities have invested in Bitcoin, the fact remains that Bitcoin almost reached the $20,000 mark at the end of 2019. Because of that, many traders of this popular cryptocurrency became significantly wealthy.

Of course, Bitcoin Pro is a tool that can help the average person trade without really knowing much about the system. It’s ideal to do your research and focus on analytics and how CFD trading works. You should also be aware that the market is very volatile, and there are some risks involved with trading.

In fact, we believe that trading CFDs are even riskier than traditional Bitcoin trades on an exchange. However, that doesn’t mean that the website or the platform is not legit. The opposite is actually true.

Bitcoin Pro works by using a special platform complete with a method. It searches through tons of historical data to determine how Bitcoin did on that particular day, hour, and minute in the past. With that information, it can identify how the current market should flow and makes trades automatically on your behalf. Of course, you set the specific parameters that the platform abides by. The win rate of 88 percent is based on market conditions and the current situation. This means that you’ve got a better chance of winning, but it’s not guaranteed.

Just as if you had bought a particular company’s stock, Bitcoin rising and falling can change in an instant. There is no way of knowing how the market is going to go, but the platform does give you an edge.

We feel that Bitcoin Pro is a legitimate choice for an automatic trading platform, but we recommend that you use caution. Consider familiarizing yourself with everything before making trades. Also, invest the minimum amount so that you can get an idea of what is going to happen and how quickly it all comes down.

  • Easy withdrawal process
  • No hidden fees
  • Low minimum deposits
  • 88 percent win rating

Is Bitcoin Pro Legitimate: Our Verdict

  1. The platform offered by Bitcoin Pro uses a method, which leads it to have a higher success rate.
  2. There is significant volatility when you trade with cryptocurrencies, so please don’t ignore those risks.
  3. Try it right now with a free demo, or continue reading to find out more.

What Exactly Is Bitcoin Pro?

When we checked out the website’s ‘about us’ page, there wasn’t much information about the two people who created it. One had been a Wall Street trader while the other had come up with the platform, and they seemed to meet under strange circumstances.

Regardless of who the creators are, we do know that Bitcoin Pro is one of the newer automatic trading platforms for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It uses a special set of rules to keep track of tons of historical data. This allows it to make decisions about appropriate trades a split-second faster than other platforms. Though this isn’t a significant difference, that extra bit of time can ensure that you know something and make the trade more quickly than the broker with whom you work.

Many of its members claim that it is easy to use, you don’t need trading experience, and the platform is effective. Of course, they prove this by writing a testimonial and explaining their situation with how much they’ve currently earned through Bitcoin Pro.

How Does the Software Work?

The Bitcoin Pro platform is free to use, though you do need to set up an account. We aren’t sure how the creators make money, but we believe that they earn something based on the number of trades that are done.

Also, they may charge the brokers to use the site or trade with its members. Remember, we are unclear on how the website makes money, but these are a few of the potential options.

In a sense, users (traders) just have to deposit a small initial investment ($250), and then they are connected with a broker through the platform. You don’t exchange personal information with each other. You are there to perform a business deal. Just set up your parameters and start the trading process. It generally takes about 20 minutes for each trade.

How to Sign Up and Set Up Your Account

  1. To make trades on Bitcoin Pro, you need to create an account on the website. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of information. Just make sure that you enter a valid cell number and email, as well as a password that you can remember easily.
  2. You’re going to get an email to verify you are you. Click on the activation link, and you are going to be taken to the website. Your password and email address are used to get into the platform to start using it. There are no fees required to join, so no one should ask you for a credit or debit card number while you are signing up.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the platform before doing anything else. You should get a feel for the navigational options and focus on how the site runs, clicking on different links to understand the site better. Once you feel comfortable, fund your account with at least $250. Remember, you can invest more, but we think it’s a good idea to put in the minimum amount until you feel comfortable trading.
  4. Then, you’re going to want to start trading. You’re going to see the ‘trade’ button, which allows you to begin the process. Once the page loads, you can set your parameters and choose automated or manual trading, depending on your needs. We do recommend that you select the automated option if you are a beginner.

What Are the Best Features of Bitcoin Pro?

When it comes to Bitcoin Pro, there are many exciting features that you aren’t going to find with other platforms.

01. The Brokers

You don’t trade on an exchange, which means the process is simplified. Instead, you are paired with a broker. In a sense, you are saying whether or not Bitcoin is going to rise or fall based on specific parameters. If your prediction is correct, then you win and earn profits. However, if the assumption is wrong, then the broker wins and takes some of your money.

Remember, the market’s highly volatile, so it changes frequently. It’s ideal to set the auto-trade feature and let it run by itself while you do other things. Otherwise, you could end up making an incorrect deal because you panicked.

02. Payouts

Though there are no guarantees, you can expect an 88 percent win rate. If you think about it, you’ve got a better shot at winning money than not winning. Plus, you can start off with a small investment and earn $1,000 or more each day, depending on a variety of conditions. Keep in mind that new traders aren’t likely to see such large payouts immediately. The goal is to keep at it because Bitcoin Pro claims that you are going to make profits with time, which means you can reinvest that money and increase the potential to earn more money.

03. Verification

Some systems require you to send in a copy of your bank statement or a utility bill to prove who you are. This takes more time and can be challenging if you don’t have a fax machine or can’t take and send pictures with your smartphone.

With Bitcoin Pro, you just need a cell phone number and email address. Then, you create a password (or have one generated for you) and get a confirmation email. Once you’ve clicked to verify, you can sign into the system and start trading. Of course, you do need to deposit money to the account with a debit/credit card. You’re going to need to provide the expiration date, card number, and three-digit verification number.

04. Fees

There aren’t any fees to sign up for or use Bitcoin Pro. Plus, you don’t have to pay commission or broker costs, either.

05. Withdrawals

When you deposit money, it allows you to trade with online brokers. As you earn money, you may want to reinvest it. However, don’t forget to withdraw it, as well. Generally, requests are processed the same day they are made, but it can take about 24 hours to complete the transaction (get it to your bank account).

06. Support

Though the process is quite straightforward, you might have questions that arise. There are FAQs and some other printed materials available to read. However, you can always email or use live chat to talk to a staff member. Ask questions and seek help with a particular issue you’re having.

07. Testimonials

While we don’t believe you should focus solely on testimonials for accurate information, many of the users have thanked Bitcoin Pro for helping them earn money to live their dreams in full. These are alleged claims of winnings, and we have no way of knowing if they are legitimate. However, we can say that the testimonials were well-written but didn’t seem professionally done. It seemed like real people expressing thanks and helping others decide to try the system.

Why Should You Trade Using Bitcoin Pro?

A quick online search is enough to tell you that there is a multitude of automatic trading platforms on the market. Some of them even claim to do amazing things and have a set of rules.

Therefore, you should be wondering why Bitcoin Pro is better than the others. Here’s what we think are the key reasons to use this platform over others:

  • It’s easy to set up.

You never have to worry about providing the sensitive information to another company to verify that you are you. Plus, the form you fill out takes about 30 seconds, and you get a confirmation email within minutes (depending on your particular email provider).

  • Trading is easy

With about 20 minutes each day, you can set up the parameters for trading and let the platform do the rest.

  • You can set it and forget it.

Again, you just have to choose your parameters for that day and let the platform take care of it all. In a sense, you don’t have to get back on the site for the rest of the day. However, you can check in periodically to see how you’re faring.

  • The upfront cost is low.

With just $250, you can start trading, which means you don’t have to invest a ton of money to start seeing profits. Of course, $250 is nothing to sneeze at, but it is still a lot less than other auto-trading platforms.

Is It Really Possible to Make Money on Bitcoin Pro?

It’s normal to feel skeptical about any trading platform. You’ve probably been contemplating it for months and have researched plenty of platforms.

With that said, Bitcoin Pro does provide a variety of testimonials right on the homepage of people who are completely satisfied and gushing about what they’ve accomplished while using the platform.

Therefore, it is possible to make money using Bitcoin Pro. Of course, you also have the claimed 88 percent win rate. There is no way for us to prove or disprove that. However, looking again at the testimonials, many people have earned money. Plus, the website works in real-time, so you can see who has won and how much. The indication is that you can profit, but there are risks.

Remember, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and change so much and so quickly. Therefore, you must be careful and understand the risk. In most cases, it is best to start with the minimum amount. As you see some winnings, you can reinvest that money, which is, in a sense, free. It’s also essential to understand that you’re not buying Bitcoin or storing it in a wallet; this is real money. day, you can set up the parameters for trading and let the platform do the rest.

Tips for Using Bitcoin Pro

During our trial period and testing, we did find that there were a few tips that can be utilized to ensure that you get the most out of Bitcoin Pro.

  • Don’t agonize.
    If you’re like us, you prefer to watch every trade and try to learn more about the platform. It’s admirable, but it is also going to drive you crazy. In general, it is best to set the parameters and do something else. Periodically check in, but don’t sit there and watch each trade.
  • Withdraw and reinvest
    As you start making profits, you should reinvest that money. However, it’s a good idea to withdraw some right away so that you understand the process and see how soon the money is deposited into your bank account.
  • Start small
    You’re here already, so you have been thinking about joining Bitcoin Pro. Since you only have to invest $250, we recommend that you stick with that. Also, make sure you’ve got the money to invest and aren’t going to need it for anything else. Think of it as purchasing something that you can’t take back. If you do lose the money, it is gone forever.

Does the Company Offer a Mobile App?

No, there is no mobile platform that can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play store. However, the website itself is mobile responsive. This means that you can access it on any device, and it is going to shrink or expand to fit your screen without any distortions or funky fonts.

The Verdict

Over the past few years, many trading platforms have gotten a bad reputation. It has been our determination that those who are unsatisfied with Bitcoin Pro didn’t take the time to understand the platform. They may have thought they were trading on an exchange and not through brokers, as well.

Yes, Bitcoin trading is volatile, and it is risky, but that is true of almost any trading anywhere. Therefore, you aren’t guaranteed to win, and luck does come into play a little. Still, the company claims an 88 percent win rate, and there have been many satisfied members who say that this platform is helping them make a lot of money. That said, we do believe Bitcoin Pro is legitimate. Sign up to become a member today and see for yourself.

Risk Disclaimer

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