Bitcoin Profit Review

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No hidden fees
Easy to withdraw money
Low deposits; no upper limits
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

Find out if Bitcoin Profit software Legit or a Scam.

Where auto-trading software programs are concerned, Bitcoin Profit is one of the newer ones. It’s there to help beginners trade Bitcoin through Contracts for Differences (CFDs). The company claims an 88 percent win rate and says its algorithm is accurate 99 percent of the time. Also, it alleges that each member is earning about $1,500 a day. We wanted to determine if these statements are true or not?

Is this bot a scam? Our Bitcoin Profit review can help you decide if you should invest or not.

Is Bitcoin Profit Scam?

Bitcoin is a highly volatile cryptocurrency that’s taken the world by storm. However, it wasn’t popular when it first came out and wasn’t invested in extensively until about 2017. Once that happened, Bitcoin’s value soared, so it was an alternative currency that was highly popular.

Still, most people didn’t know much about it, and traders had to spend months preparing for trades. It took so long that many got frustrated and gave up. This is why auto-trading robots have become so popular.

Celebrities, of course, have gotten into the crypto markets and have made millions of dollars. However, we feel that any auto trader that uses celebrity endorsements are less likely to be legitimate. We’re happy to say that Bitcoin Profit doesn’t talk about celebrities at all. With that said, we don’t believe it is using shady advertising tactics to get its point across.

People can’t deny that Bitcoin reached a value of about $20,000 in 2019. Market indications show that it is likely to rise to about $50,000 by the end of 2020. Therefore, you’ve got plenty of time to join in on the fun and become wealthy with this popular cryptocurrency.

It helps to have a tool that automates the process, and Bitcoin Profit is an excellent choice. You can use it without significant knowledge of the systems and crypto markets. However, we do feel that you should research CFDs and analytics so that you’re aware of some of the issues that can arise. Remember, the crypto market is volatile, so risks are involved when making trades.

That said, we feel that traditional trading on an exchange is less risky than CFD trading. However, this bot is not a scam.

Since it uses a unique algorithm, it can find historical data about the crypto markets and analyzes it to determine how it’s going to fare that moment. It also looks into the current conditions and provides you with the signals you need to make the right trading decisions.

You can see how the markets are likely to go at that moment and let the bot work automatically to open/exit trades for you. It’s easy to set your trading criteria for the day, and the software can’t do anything when those parameters aren’t met explicitly. Of course, the ability to generate earnings 88 percent of the time is based on the situation right then and market conditions from the past. Therefore, you aren’t guaranteed to win, but you do have a better shot of earning some real money.

The same process applies when you buy stock from a company. Bitcoin’s price can rise and fall quickly. In fact, crypto trading is even more volatile than traditional stocks. This means it might rise one second and fall the next. Such fluctuations can help you earn big payouts, and this software gives you an edge to know what to do before the rest of the world.

That said, we believe Bitcoin Profit is legitimate when it comes to auto trading software on the market. Still, you should be cautious while using it and trading Bitcoin CFDs. Make sure you’re familiar with the system and the trading process. Then, invest the lowest possible amount until you’re certain that the software works as it should, and you’re seeing profits.


  • 88 percent win rates
  • No hidden fees
  • Easy withdrawals
  • Low minimum deposits; no upper limit

Is Bitcoin Profit Legit? Our Verdict!

  • The Bitcoin Profit software features an algorithm, so it can give you a higher rate of success when you use it to make each trade.
  • Though it is legitimate, there are significant risks involved with crypto trading because of its high volatility. Make sure you’re aware of them and understand them thoroughly.
  • Try it right now by visiting the website or read more of this review to continue learning.

What Is Bitcoin Profit?

When we initially got on the Bitcoin Profit website, we immediately went to the about us section of the site. It’s essential to find out as much as you can about the company, creators, and software.

Though there wasn’t much mentioned about the two men who created this program, it did explain all of the features and abilities available. Therefore, we feel that it is highly transparent. Also, in one of the FAQs, it mentions the names of the two gentlemen, which we think adds a personal touch to the whole thing.

Also, our research shows us that Bitcoin Profit is a newer system, so it has more to prove. It’s going to make sure that its members see high payouts with a software that works correctly. The algorithm it uses focuses on all of the historical data and analyzes it all so that it makes decisions based on your parameters. Plus, the time leap it provides by knowing what might happen a bit sooner than everyone else can help you boost your profits, too.

The testimonials on the site have members who claim it’s easy to use without trading experience. A few have mentioned the earnings they have made, but most of them do not.

How Does This Software Work?

The Bitcoin Profit software is free for anyone to use. However, you must set up an account first.

We did wonder how the creators make their money from the app, and we haven’t come up with any solid proof. Still, we feel that it might have something to do with how many trades are made throughout the day and how much people invest in each one.

Though not proven, we believe the brokers are charged a small commission to be on the web-trader and help the members. This is lucrative for them because they have the option of earning more for their respective businesses. Still, we aren’t 100 percent sure of how the creators make their money.

Members of the site deposit small amounts (but you can invest whatever amount you desire), and are connected with brokers on the platform. No information is exchanged between you two, as your information is only through Bitcoin profit. Then, you make the trade, or rather the bot does this for you. Once the parameters are set for the day, the bot only focuses on trades that meet those criteria.

Signing Up Is Easy

You can’t make trades on Bitcoin Profit until you create an account. To do that, you simply input your country of residence, a phone number, your name, and an email address.

Then, you receive an email to verify your identity. Click the link to activate everything. You’re also going to get a text message with a code. Input that on the website when prompted. Now that the system knows you are who you claim to be, you can create a password and enter the site.

You’re free to go anywhere on the platform and browse the menu options. However, if you click live trade, you are going to be asked to deposit your initial investment. This must be $250, but can be any amount you desire. Deposits over $10,000 require customer support to be involved, but there aren’t any limits as to what you can add to your account. We do feel that it’s best to go with the minimum deposit until you’re more comfortable with the process and understand the system better.

Once you’re fully funded, it’s time to set the parameters for trading. The company claims that everything is already set to optimum levels for beginners. It’s ideal to leave it alone for now to get a feel for the system. However, experienced traders can always change these criteria before going to the live trade platform. When you’re there, the system does it all for you (if you’re in automated mode), so you can go about the rest of your day and check back at times to see your earnings.

The Best Features of Using Bitcoin Profit

Since you’re not on an exchange for trading, it’s easier to handle it all. You get paired with a broker, and they take care of the transactions for you. When you decide if Bitcoin is likely to rise/fall and something matches your parameters exactly, the bot opens the trade with the broker. If it’s accurate, you win. The closer you get to the right numbers, the more you earn.

Keep in mind that the crypto market is volatile, so it’s always fluctuating. Ensure that you’re setting the trading criteria for your specific needs and let the automatic feature work for you.

You aren’t charged any fees to sign up for Bitcoin Profits. There are no costs for the brokers or commission to pay, either.

While there aren’t any guarantees with trading, the company claims an 88 percent win rate. Therefore, you have a better chance of earning money than not doing so. Smaller investments are key at the beginning, and you can still earn up to $1,500 each day from that. Of course, the volatility of the market plays a role, and new traders might not see such high profits.

Still, we feel that if you stay with it and continue using Bitcoin Profit, you’re going to make profits. Then, you can use it to reinvest or withdraw it.

There are four parts to the verification process, but they are all easy and straightforward. When you sign up, you’ve got to click the link within the email to gain access. You’ve also got to receive a code from your smartphone and input it on the site. Create a password that is strong and use it to gain access to the web trader.

Once you’re there, you have to supply a credit/debit card or another form of payment. Any of these options tell the system who you are, so they are all legit ways of verifying your identity. This way, you don’t have to send sensitive information by fax or email, and the process can take an hour at most.

There aren’t many times you’re going to need support. However, if you plan to fund your account with over $10,000, you must work with an agent because the process can be lengthy. You might also have questions at times. We recommend you read everything on the site before signing up, such as the FAQs. If those don’t answer your question, emailing the company is the best solution. When you sign up for an account, you also have access to 24/7 live chat, which is an instant way to get answers to your questions.

We always pay close attention to the testaments written by other members. Also, we don’t believe this should be the sole reason for choosing Bitcoin Profit or any auto-trading software. However, it gives you a good clue of who is using the system, what they’re earning, and what backgrounds they have.

Investing money gives you the right to work with the brokers. You earn money by guessing if Bitcoin’s value is going to fall/rise at that moment. Once you’ve started earning profits, it’s time to decide to reinvest or withdraw it. We recommend that you always make a small withdrawal after your first profit to get familiar with the process. Then, you should reinvest some and withdraw a bit each day so that you’ve got money to live off of and enjoy your life.

The site doesn’t require you to send personal data about yourself, so you can rest easy knowing that hackers don’t have access to the information. The form to fill out is quick, and you just have to click a link, enter some codes, and create a password. The whole process takes about half an hour.

Once you set the parameters up for that particular day, go to automated mode, and the system does everything else for you. When your criteria are matched perfectly, a trade is opened. The same applies at the end for the exit strategy. This means you’re not sitting in front of the computer for hours upon hours, though you can watch a few trades to see how things move and flow.

In just 20 minutes each day, you can have the trading criteria set up. Of course, the auto-trading feature allows you to go about your day without having to sit and wait for each trade to commence.

You only require $250 to invest, but there are no caps as to how much you can add. Still, we like that low investments can help you achieve profits.

Can You Really Make Money Just Using Bitcoin Profit?

We understand that you feel skeptical right now. You’ve probably been going back and forth for months about trading bots and which one to use.

Bitcoin Profit shows testimonials on the page, and everyone is completely satisfied and so happy to have taken that plunge to join. You can earn money using the site, and it has an 88-percent win rate claim. We can’t prove that for sure, but we go back to the testimonials that show winnings are being made. Therefore, it’s indicated that you can profit. Remember, risks are involved, and you shouldn’t take them lightly.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, so they change rapidly and can go from high to low fast. You should be aware of this and focus on investing safe amounts for your situation. In fact, we recommend that you go with the minimum cost at first to familiarize yourself with everything. It’s always possible to reinvest your earnings, which gives you more trading capital with which to play.

The Final Verdict

Within the last few years, trading robots popped up everywhere and quickly got a bad reputation. We believe that the earlier systems didn’t include algorithms and advanced technology to help analyze the markets. Yes, you can go in blind, but you’re risking more that way.

When you use a legitimate auto-trading bot, you have an edge that others don’t. This means higher win rates and more successful trades under your belt. Bitcoin trading might be volatile, but that’s true of any trading situation. There aren’t any guarantees, but with Bitcoin Profit, you’ve got a tool that helps you take some of the guesswork out of guessing. This gives you that boost you need to make better trade decisions.