Bitcoin Revolution Review

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No hidden fees
Quick, real withdrawals
High win rates
Low deposits
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

Read Our Full 2022 Bitcoin Revolution Review to Find out is Bitcoin Revolution is a scam or Legit!

When it comes to choosing a crypto auto-trading software, you’ve got options. It’s important to consider the right one because it can help you make trades on the Bitcoin market.

Bitcoin Revolution is an automatic trading software and is designed to help you trade CFDs for Bitcoin. It has a high win rate, and many of its members have earned a lot of money using it. Of course, we wanted to find out if it was legitimate or not.


Is Bitcoin Revolution Considered Legitimate Software?

You’ve likely heard of Bitcoin, but did you know that it wasn’t always so popular? No, its rise to popularity was quite slow.

Though it is the oldest of cryptocurrencies out there, no one really invested in it significantly until 2017. It seemed to explode on the market then, which led to it becoming popular, and cryptocurrency became a buzzword that everyone wanted to talk about and trade.

From there, celebrities got involved. They are typically the first to find such investment opportunities. That way, the thing being traded gets to be more popular, and the money starts rolling in. However, many average people started trading Bitcoin because they saw something no one else did. Now, though, celebrities are claiming that they are rich because they invested in Bitcoin, and more regular people want to join.

We always wonder if famous people are used as advertising tactics, so that was the first thing we looked for with Bitcoins Revolution. However, we didn’t find any celebrity endorsements. Regardless of which famous people have invested or earned wealth, Bitcoin has continued to rise in value. Now, it is about $20,000 (back from 2019). We expect it to continue growing in price so that more people can get wealthy and join in the trading excitement.

Bitcoin Revolution is a special tool that helps average people trade. You don’t require a lot of knowledge about Bitcoin or how to perform online trades. Of course, you should still look into CFD trading to find out how it works and understand the analytics. Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile, so risks are involved with it.

PLEASE NOTE: that we feel that it’s riskier to trade CFDs than traditional exchanges, but the web-trader itself is not a scam.

In fact, Bitcoin Revolution uses an algorithm to work. This formula allows it to go through historical data from the markets to determine how the cryptocurrency made out on that specific day and at that time. This information enables the software to identify the market flow. When profitable trades are detected, they are opened automatically in your name. First, though, you can change the trading parameters, which are rules that the software must follow when opening/closing trades. Since the web trader has such a high win rate, you know that it can scope out the market and help you be a better trader. Just remember that there are no guarantees with trading online.

Bitcoin CFD trading is a little different than trading stocks and bonds, but the concept is similar. This and other cryptocurrencies can drop or rise significantly in mere seconds. No one can predict the market with 100 percent accuracy, but Bitcoin Revolution can give you a bigger edge.

When it comes to automatic trading software, we believe that Bitcoin Revolution is legitimate and an excellent choice. However, it’s important to use caution. Make sure that you know how the system works before you make a trade. Consider investing the smallest sum possible so that you don’t lose money while you are learning how to trade. You are also going to get to see how quickly the trades happen.


  • No hidden fees
  • Quick, real withdrawals
  • High win rates
  • Low deposits

Is Bitcoin Revolution Scam? The Verdict!

Bitcoin Revolution is a software that utilizes an algorithm
Therefore, it has a higher rate of success than auto-trading software that doesn’t use an algorithm.

There are risks involved when trading cryptocurrencies
Consequently, you shouldn’t ignore this aspect and trade cautiously with money that can be lost if necessary.

Try Bitcoin Revolution right now through the free demo
If you’re not ready, continue reading this review to learn more about the software.

What Is Bitcoin Revolution?

First, we read the introduction on the page, which explained what the software was and what it does. We were intrigued, so we turned to the about us page to learn more.

Sadly, there wasn’t much information about the creators. However, we did learn that one was a technical guru, and the other worked on Wall Street. With an unfinished algorithm and a passion for trading and Bitcoin, this auto-trading software was born. With time, they came to finish the algorithm and create the web trader around it.

Though we never learn the names of the creators, we suspect that it is for safety and security purposes. If you had successfully made a web-trader that could make everyone rich, you wouldn’t want anyone to know you did it. We are sure that they told family and close friends. However, they don’t want to be stopped in the street to be asked for money.

Regardless of the creators and who they are, we know Bitcoin Revolution is a new auto-trading system on the market. It utilizes this special algorithm, which can go through a lot of past data and keep track of it all. You don’t have to analyze the markets, but you can still make the best decisions when it comes to making trades. In fact, you get information 0.01 seconds faster than without a platform or by yourself. While it’s not significant in the scheme of it all, that split-second faster response allows you to know things before the broker does.

We’ve read countless testimonials from members claiming that the system is easy to use, and no experience is needed. Generally, the testaments showcase a bit of the person’s life before using Bitcoin Revolution and how much they’ve earned since.

How Does the Process Work?

The creators have made Bitcoin Revolution free to use. However, an account has to be set up in your name. We don’t really know how the creators make their money. We do think that they earn, depending on how many trades are completed that day. They may also take a small percentage of your daily profits.

There was an older version of Bitcoin Revolution, but it has been updated and upgraded. Now, the algorithm works faster and more accurately. If you have been using the older one, it is time to visit
the new website and see better results.

Of course, the process of signing up and using the account are the same. You deposit your initial investment of at least $250. The broker to which you are assigned can help you make that deposit. However, you don’t have to worry because you don’t give them any personal data about yourself. The broker doesn’t have access to your credit card information, either. Therefore, everything is safe and secure.

Once you’ve deposited your money, it’s time to change the trading parameters if you want. Then, you can start trading. Each trade takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.

  1. The first step to joining Bitcoin Revolution is to create your account. This is so easy to do because the info box is right at the top of the page next to the video. You don’t have to watch the video, but it can give you more insight into Bitcoin and why you might want to join. Of course, take this time to read the landing page and learn more about the system and Bitcoin in general. When you’re ready, provide the information requested and click the signup button.
  2. Now, you need to check your email to get the verification. This is just so that the creators can determine if you are who you claim to be. Sign in to your email account, find the right email, and click the link inside. That takes you directly to the Bitcoin Revolution login page. Enter the password and email with which you signed up to gain access to the inner platform. There aren’t any fees to sign up or join, so you should not be asked for a credit/debit card number during this time.
  3. Though you don’t have to do so, we recommend that you get familiar with the platform. Click on the links, read the information, and find out how the site works and feels. This is important because you need to be comfortable inputting your credit/debit card info. When that happens, you can fund the account with at least $250. We recommend using the lowest deposit amount, but you can add more if you desire.
  4. Now is the time you’ve been waiting for. You can trade cryptocurrency by clicking on the trade button. The page is going to load, which brings up the parameters available. We recommend you start with the default options, but you can make changes as you see fit. Now, select between manual and automated mode. Generally, experienced traders use manual mode, but beginners prefer automation. That way, you aren’t in control of the analysis and don’t have to try to figure out which deals might be profitable.

Which Features Are Ideal on Bitcoin Revolution?

Countless features make Bitcoin Revolution different and unique. They are quite exciting and something that other trading robots don’t have.

01. Payouts

No one can guarantee that you are going to earn money while using an auto-trading robot. If they do say this, be wary because the market is highly volatile. However, with Bitcoin Revolution, you can expect significantly higher win rates than if you were to go it alone. You’ve got a decent chance to make money than not. The investment you’ve got to input is small compared to some of the other automated trading bots on the market. Still, you can earn significant profits depending on the market conditions and your trading criteria. New traders might not make a lot of money in the beginning but stick with it. Bitcoin Revolution has made the claim that anyone can make profits at any given time. When you start seeing some earnings, it can then be reinvested so that you have the option to earn more and more.

02. Fees

You don’t have to pay anything to sign up and use Bitcoin Revolution. There aren’t any broker costs or commissions, either. We do think that this auto-trading software takes a small percentage of the profits you earn to cover expenses. However, this is taken out before your payout is calculated. In fact, the creators want you to earn money because that makes them money, too.

03. Verification

Some of the auto-trading robots require a lot of personal information to verify your identity. They may request banking statements or a utility bill to prove your address. However, everything is done online, so this is unnecessary. When you sign up with Bitcoin Revolution, you don’t give them your physical address. Instead, everything goes by your phone number and email address.

Of course, you need a unique password that you can remember or that can be written down and stored safely. A confirmation email is sent to you and must be activated. There is a second verification when you provide your credit/debit information to fund your account. It’s best to use a card with your name on it so that the data is verified more easily.

04. Brokers

With Bitcoin Revolution, there is no exchange. Therefore, it’s easier to trade. Each time you sign on to make trades, you are paired with a robot broker. You tell it whether you believe Bitcoin is going to fall or not. This happens through the parameters you set. When the prediction is accurate, you earn a profit. The amount you get is based on how close you are to the real price of Bitcoin. If the guess is wrong, then the broker gets the money from that trade.

Of course, since the market is volatile and changing all the time, you may want to set everything to automated mode. This way, it does all the work, and you can do other things. Though you can watch each trade, we recommend that you check periodically to see how you are doing.

05. Testimonials

Testimonials are a good way to see what others are saying about Bitcoin Revolution and any company with which you work. We did take a look at the testaments and find them to be legitimate. This means that they are written by real people and not actors. Still, we don’t only focus on what others say when making a decision to call an auto-trader legit. We are going to say that the many positive reviews about Bitcoin Revolution made us want to learn more, so it’s a good place to start. We believe that real people used the system, wrote about it, and told their stories.

06. Support

We feel that the process of signing up and using the system are both straightforward. You probably aren’t going to need help, but it is available. It’s possible you might have questions or wonder how to add funds to the account. Whatever your issue, someone is available 24/7 to answer your questions through live chat. Email is also available, but it takes about a day to get a response.

07. Withdrawals

When we signed up for an account to see how everything worked, we deposited our money and immediately withdrew it again. We did this on purpose to see if it was allowed, and it was. This means you can withdraw your initial deposit if you decide you don’t want to earn money through Bitcoin Revolution. Of course, we don’t think that you are going to do that, but it’s an option. The withdrawal process was straightforward, and we received our money in about 24 hours. Therefore, you shouldn’t have issues removing your earnings. In fact, we recommend that you always make a withdrawal after a live trade session.

Why Should You Be Trading with BitcoinRevolution?

Since there are a variety of auto-traders out there, it’s hard to decide which one is best.

Many of them also feature algorithms and have similar setups. That means you might be wondering how Bitcoin Revolution is better than them all.

Here are some key reasons to consider this software instead of the others:

  1. Set It Up and Forget It
    Once you’ve joined and deposited the money, you select the parameters for that day’s trading. In a sense, that’s all you’ve got to do. Of course, you can sit and watch the action, but you can also go do other errands and check back periodically. Automation is what makes this possible, and that’s how inexperienced traders can make trades and earn money.
  2. Fast Setup Process
    The process of setting things up is easy. You don’t give out sensitive information during the sign-up part. Everything is verified within a minute or so, depending on how long it takes for you to get your email confirmation. Then, the trading parameters are already set to optimal levels as a default. You can make changes, but this isn’t necessary for you to earn money.
  3. Low Upfront Costs
    It only takes $250 to start the trading process. Many people like that a significant investment isn’t required before profits are noticed. Though it’s still a lot of money, it’s much less of a deposit than some other software options on the market.
  4. Easy Trading
    It takes roughly 20 minutes to set up the trading parameters and start the live trading process. The bot does everything else when it’s set to automated mode.

Can You Earn Money with Bitcoin Revolution?

We understand that you’re skeptical, but that’s why we are here. This review is explaining everything to you. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you have been thinking of trading cryptocurrency for a while and just couldn’t take the plunge.

Bitcoin Revolution does appear to be legitimate. As with all types of trading, some risk is involved. However, we do believe anyone can make money using this software. The trading parameters and market conditions have to be favorable, but yes, it is possible. When we go back to the testimonials, we see that many have made money. Of course, the website also works in real-time, so the trades are live. In fact, everything appears on the up and up about Bitcoin Revolution, so it might be time to give it a try.