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Bitcoin is a very hot commodity right now, and it is only getting more and more popular as people start to learn more and more about it. Despite all the information that is coming out on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a lot of people still need help when it comes to getting started with trading Bitcoin.

That is where the Bitcoin trading websites come in. They are perfect for beginners and other people who want to get started with trading Bitcoin.

However, for every single good Bitcoin trader out on the web, there are several that are total con. Bitcoin Spire is one such sham. Our team has gone through the claims it makes on the website and we have been able to disprove every single one of them.

In this article, we are going to take you through why Bitcoin Spire is not legit and why you should not put your faith in it. We also aim to show you the reasons and red flags you should look out for, along with what you should look out for whenever you start looking at getting into Bitcoin.

Many entities want to take advantage of the fact that people do not know a lot about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Newer persons have problems with understanding what cryptocurrency is about, and some Bitcoin sites want to take advantage that ignorance.

Bitcoin Spire is an automated trading platform that can analyze the Bitcoin market and it allows you to make predictions on several assets and CFDs. As you browse through our Bitcoin Spire review, it becomes blatantly obvious that all is not what it seems to be with this platform.

What to do instead?

Interactive interface
Safe payments
Secure sign-up process

Is Bitcoin Spire Legit?

That is the big question. Is Bitcoin Spire legit? While many Bitcoin websites are legitimate. Bitcoin Spire is a get rich quick scheme that is not something you want to deal with.

Various affiliate networks are designed to be online promoters who orchestrate the latest hoax and try to promote phony Bitcoin sites. Whenever we tried to use Bitcoin Spire, we had to make a $250 deposit on the website, only to discover that the broker we went to was listed at an address that is a tax haven.

It is not legitimate that is designed to get you to make that three-figure deposit, and then that money is going to vanish, never to be seen again.

It Looks like a Real Website!

It looks real because it is a cloned website. If you have been around the Bitcoin market long, you have probably noticed that some of the websites all look the same.

This is because cloned websites do their best to look like real ones. These fakers hope you are gullible enough to trust them.

Bitcoin Spire’s webpage is the same as some of the other Bitcoin websites out there, and it is far from being the original. The only thing the swindlers bothered to change about the site was the name and the logo, but everything else stayed the same. The fraudsters are lazy, and most of them hope that you do not notice that you are looking at a replica site with minimal change.

Handling Cloned Websites

Malicious groups design cloned websites to gain wealth from unsuspecting persons who are trying to make some money from an honest investment.

It is an unfortunate reality, but it is the one you live in, and you stand to lose quite a bit if you should ever fall for one of the traps.

You need to make sure that you are looking at the reviews for any site that you plan to put money into. If it rubs you the wrong way, just move on to something else. Bitcoin Spire has a few reviews that do not add up if you even take a second to investigate them.

Thankfully, you have our review to tell you all about Bitcoin Spire. The chances are that we have reviewed just about any Bitcoin site worth mentioning. So, if you ever want a review you can trust before you invest, you know where to look!

The Faulty Demo

One of the biggest problems that suck people into this website is demo trading. The demo mode is usually a spot where you can practice trades, see what different trading strategies look like, and do it all without spending a cent of real money. It is a cool addition that many Bitcoin services use.

However, the swindlers at Bitcoin Spire have turned it into a tool of deception. The demo is rigged to let you win no matter what. It is intended to get you excited and ready to spend real money. Once you get out onto the trading floor, then your fortunes are reversed and it seems like you can do everything but win as your money vanishes.

Always Check Your Review Sites

One of the things that Bitcoin Spire does to further lure people into the idea that the website is legitimate is to post reviews praising it. These are fake review websites that tend to be run by affiliates along with Bitcoin Spire’s owners.

The review sites tend to have a host of fake news articles that give celebrity endorsements about the Bitcoin hype. While some articles and influencers have come out in the support of Bitcoin, you should always triple-check your sources to make sure that everything is confirmed at least two or three times over.

The Bitcoin Spire App Automated Losing Trades

Bitcoin Spire is marketed as an automated trading platform that can identify good trades from advanced technical analysis of the market. However, once you make your initial deposit and log in, you do not find much of anything.

It is heartbreaking, but many unsuspecting people only find that they have been had when it becomes too late. Sadly, there is nothing they can do about it.

Most of the numbers and panels are fake, and if you go to click on a few buttons, you should see that none of them work. The platform may seem to be legitimate, but it has never worked for anyone, so do not expect it to work for you.

In a terrifying display of events, the platform that you are supposed to control can go rogue and execute losing trades all on its own. Then all your money simply gets flushed away. You may also receive phone calls and emails about things that you have never signed up for, but those can be easily ignored or deleted.

In summary, the Bitcoin Spire trick is one that we have seen before. It is a terribly copied website designed to make people want to trade CFDs and assets, and if you get on the website and sign in, you are going to be unable to withdraw your funds.

The Biggest Red Flag of All

One of the golden rules for a Bitcoin trading website is that it needs to have a good customer support team. Every website needs to have a team that fixes problems, answers questions, handles disputes, and can always be counted on to have your back whenever it is needed.

You can tell a lot about the quality of a website by the quality of its customer service team.

Bitcoin Spire has no customer service team to speak of, and our email almost instantly bounced whenever we sent them a message. That is certainly not a good sign and means that no one is looking out for you or your interests.

Fake Celebrity Endorsements

Another way that these swindlers try to trap you into using the Bitcoin Spire platform is by making it appear as if celebrities have endorsed it. It is a known fact that many people are more willing to try things whenever celebrities endorse them. However, in this case, those endorsements are not real. While some famous people do own Bitcoin and have spoken favorably about it in the past, it is very rare for them to endorse a trading platform.

If you see celebrity endorsements by people such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or Snoop Dog on a Bitcoin website, that is probably a red flag. Most of these are not legit ads and you should be wary of them.

Their endorsement of a platform is a big deal, so it should be all over the news. If you cannot reliably find any news of that partnership on the internet of all places, then it is probably a con.

How to Protect Yourself from a Bitcoin Fraud

Hopefully, you did not read this review too late. It would be terrible if you already fell for the con’s trick. If that has happened, then here are a few ways you can protect yourself from swindlers and try to recoup what you have lost.

First, never ever give out your wallet’s private security key to anyone or any platform. It is the number that you got with your Bitcoin wallet, so you can securely enter it. You do not want any unscrupulous persons in there, do you?

Remember that hackers and other malicious entities want to access your wallet as much as they want to take your supposed ‘deposit.’ However, your Bitcoin wallet is useless to them without the security key. So, why not keep it that way? They did not help you earn anything in there!

You should store your key using a non-electronic method where possible. Unfortunately, hackers can get into your email or phone, so hardware storage methods that do not have network access by default are the best options. You could consider using a USB device that you keep away from your computer. Feel free to use it exclusively for key storage and lock it away.

Verify the Company First

Sometimes you are not seeking Bitcoin out, but it finds you. You might get a phone call or email from someone asking you about an initial coin offering. ‘If you just put in $250, then you can make six figures back in coins.’ That is one of the statements that is the most popular with con artists.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from a certain Bitcoin company, then always make sure to talk to do your verification. You can check out reviews such as this one to find the truth about an organization.

It is unlikely that someone felt generous enough to reach out to you like that. Our advice is to assume that it is not legit until you get proof that it is not. If you do the opposite, you are going to get tricked a lot.

Do not Get Greedy

When common sense stops being common, there is a problem. People let their greed overwhelm them whenever it comes to handling Bitcoin. Not legit websites such as Bitcoin Spire count on that, promising something akin to a get rich quick scheme where you can make four figures a day.

Do not let prospective money blind you to any red flags. Yes, several Bitcoin websites can grant you a big return on your investment. Some people have made four figures daily from Bitcoin, but the possibilities should not blind you to problems with the website. Keep yourself well informed before you make any rash monetary decisions, and you should be fine.

The Bitcoin Spire Review

Hopefully, this review was enough to clue you in that Bitcoin Spire is not legit. It does not give you a return on your investment. Instead, it is something you need to stay far away from as you attempt to navigate the world of Bitcoin.

Learning from the red flags so you are not tricked out of your money is one of the best things that you can do. That way, you can invest your Bitcoin into a program that is legitimate.

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