Bitcoin Treasure Review

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$250 minimum deposit
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Withdrawals are easy
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Bitcoin Treasure is an auto-trading bot like many currently on the market right now. The platform claims that it can help members make money through the prediction of cryptocurrency prices. Allegedly, its members can make up to $1,000 every day from a minimum deposit of just $250. Though we feel that this might be an exaggeration, our question today is: Is Bitcoin Treasure a scam? How can you tell, or are you sure? TrustPedia performed a live test, which can confirm that Bitcoin Treasure is, in fact, legitimate. We also took into account some feedback from users to help get an idea of what your results might be like.

While searching for user feedback, we found seemingly endless testimonials from average people. They alleged that they had made profits of around $112 in just a few hours on the live trading platform with Bitcoin Treasure. Because of this (and other things), we do confirm that the auto-trading bot works correctly and is legitimate. Through our personal investigation, we agree that the testimonials are true and accurate.

Keep in mind here that Bitcoin Treasure trading does carry some risk. Ensure that the amount you invest is affordable for your lifestyle and needs. This is because you could lose your full investment. Read more about our comprehensive review on Bitcoin Treasure. Also, we include advice to use the trading robot appropriately and get the most from it.

Is Bitcoin Treasure a Scam? No!

Bitcoin Treasure has many of the essential features of other similar trading bots on the market right now. As we talked about above, the statements from other users (testimonials) are mostly positive, and they all used the program.

Claims from them included making substantial profits from only using the tool. However, some testimonials mentioned specific amounts of money, while some just said they had made a profit. Therefore, it’s slightly hard to judge the accuracy. Still, there were many people making money, so we can safely say that Bitcoin Treasure is legit.

Moreover, we ran background checks on the website’s information. That revealed to us that the company utilizes transparency and accuracy with its claims. We talked earlier about Bitcoin Treasure and its many online reviews, most of which are positive. Almost 90 percent of people who wrote a testimonial had reported making a profit just by utilizing the site.

  • The Bitcoin Treasure web-trader and website are extremely secure. Our team has confirmed that this robot can handle user data with confidentiality.
  • This review shows that Bitcoin Treasure offers its users the best tools to help reduce the risks typically involved with cryptocurrency trades.
  • We confirmed through our tests that the Bitcoin Treasure web-trader is quite simple to use, regardless of whether you’ve got a background with trading crypto or anything else.
  • Bitcoin Treasure provides users with important information about the brokers with which it partners and the team that created/founded it.
  • This particular trading bot offers a lot of good feedback from various review websites and individuals.
  • TrustPedia fact-checked every bit of information found on the Bitcoin Treasure website and has confirmed it all to be accurate.

Overall, our belief is that Bitcoin Treasure is highly reliable and trustworthy, where Bitcoin bots are concerned. TrustPedia has reviewed a variety of robots, and those that are recommended have been validated, and we believe they are legit.

What Is Bitcoin Treasure?

Bitcoin Treasure is a web-trading tool that is used by many investors of cryptocurrency. These people are all over the world and can now generate a passive income while using the internet. No special skills are required to use this robot, and you don’t need to know a lot about trading or cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Treasure trading bot can help you speculate on various cryptocurrencies, though Bitcoin does remain the top contender. It primarily relies on a set of algorithms, which can help it analyze the multiple markets and all of its big data. You also get access to historical data, which is what the trading decisions are based on. Still, it can all be handled automatically for you. Primarily, this robot has accuracy levels that are alleged to be about 92 percent. Therefore, you could expect to make some profits nine times out of every 10.

In fact, we found out that Bitcoin Treasure has a variety of brokers with which it works. Their role is primarily to oversee all of the deposits and transactions that go through the site. You may be surprised that a robot can’t be considered a legitimate bot unless it is partnered with at least one regulated broker. Of course, through our review of Bitcoin Treasure, we revealed that the brokers here are all regulated quite well. If you visit review websites for brokers, you can read about each one, which is also related to transparency.

How Does Bitcoin Treasure Work?

Like other similar trading bots on the market, Bitcoin Treasure focuses on high-frequency trades, so the trading strategies are different from that of the stock market.

Generally, you can buy or sell cryptocurrency, but only at a significantly high risk to yourself. Still, you do get more leverage from the brokers. However, this bot does everything at very high speeds, so you are capitalizing on each trade opportunity the moment that it presents itself. Also, you may find that higher leverage options allow you to make trades that end up being much bigger than the amount of capital you invest.

The leverage here is 1 in about 1,000, which means with the minimum $250 deposit, you could, essentially, place your trades with a worth of around $240,000. Right away, it’s easy to see your potential. Please remember the leverage you see can provide you with either significant returns or losses. Therefore, even if there is just a slight miscalculation somewhere, the loss could be so much more damaging to you. However, the good news is that Bitcoin Treasure minimizes your risks with its many management features. If that weren’t enough, this bot can execute a variety of trades at the most convenient time and all automatically. Therefore, the advantages of utilizing this bot are plentiful. Still, it’s best to deposit a small sum of money until you are familiar with the platform and make profits that you can then reinvest.

Earlier, we were discussing the management features, and they are directly built into the platform. This means you don’t do anything but can still access them. Bitcoin Treasure automatically sets everything to the appropriate levels for beginner trading. It’s called the default settings, and the bot encourages you to leave them as they are so that you don’t risk more than 10 percent per trade with the capital you invest. Of course, this is a recommendation, and you are free to take higher or lower risks. You can change the management settings, but you aren’t required to do so. Please keep in mind that Bitcoin Treasure cannot be held liable if you lose significantly because you change the settings from the default option.

Yes, high risks do mean higher profits in most cases. However, the opposite can also be true. If you use all the money in the trading account, you can’t make more trades until you add more to your fund. Therefore, it’s best to commit the 10 percent of capital per trade as recommended.

Why Choose Bitcoin Treasure?

As previously mentioned, Bitcoin Treasure is a unique tool that helps you trade online with cryptocurrencies, even if you have little to no experience with the markets. The robot is designed to run automatically, so you don’t have to do anything. Plus, it’s so easy to join and set up the account with the minimum funds. Of course, you also have plenty of access to guides and other help so that you understand what you’re doing at each step of the way.

Here are just a few of the many reasons people enjoy trading with Bitcoin Treasure.

Bitcoin Treasure claims that it is a world leader when compared to other trading bots because it is profitable for almost all of its users. We can easily tell from the testimonials that you can see profits. Though some claim to make up to $1,000 every day from a deposit of $250 or $500, this may be exaggerated and isn’t likely to be the norm. Earlier, we explained that the company claims its software uses some high-frequency trade methods to help boost profitability while limiting risks.

Still, nothing is guaranteed. The speeds and leverage with which you trade magnify the profits a lot, but the same can be said for losses, too. That’s why it’s always best to start with 10 percent of your capital for trades. Once you become a bit more experienced and understand the platform, you can change it up a bit and see what might happen. Of course, Bitcoin Treasure is similar to other trading bots because it offers the same returns.

The web-trader on Bitcoin Treasure is fully automated, so you don’t require experience. Just create your account, invest your $250, and set your parameters (decrease/increase capital percentages).

Defaults start at 10 percent, and it’s recommended by Bitcoin Treasure and us that you leave it there for now. Click on the live-trade button, and the magic starts to happen. The bot does work automatically, so you’re done for the next eight hours. Run errands, take a nap, or do whatever you fancy while the bot makes trades on your behalf.

As long as you have an internet connection, it runs in the background. Make sure, though, that you’re not watching every trade, as it can get a little nerve-wracking. The software is designed to make trades at the best moment possible.

Bitcoin Treasure provides amazing customer service to its clients. The agents with which you talk work with the brokers. This ensures that you can ask any question and can get answers without being transferred to other departments. You can seek customer service 24/7, as well. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for your reply.

We tested this feature and confirmed that the agents at Bitcoin Treasure respond fast on live chat and calls. However, emails to the company can take up to 24 hours to get a response. Still, with so many options for communication, you have help whenever the need arises.

Transparency for a company means that it lists all of its information on its website, which makes it easy to get what you need to feel comfortable with the brand. Bitcoin Treasure does disclose pertinent details online so that people can make more informed choices. To test this, we did a background check on all of the website information. Luckily, everything seems to be legit. Members are claiming high win rates, the Bitcoin Treasure website works properly, and the platform is easy to use.

Our live test ensured that customer support is there to help answer your questions, so we feel that the company is being transparent. You can ask questions about the brokers and even talk with your broker beforehand to feel comfortable. If you choose not to work with that one, there are plenty of others there. We did not refuse a broker on our live test, but this information is provided on the website.

Similar bots out there don’t let you speak with the brokers before you deposit your account funds or make trades. Since Bitcoin Treasure does, it’s possible to do some research on the brokers first to make sure there are good reviews and that they are regulated.

All but 10 percent of the reviews we have found about Bitcoin Treasure are positive. Therefore, many people have tried the trader bot and found it to be profitable. Of course, it’s possible to read the testimonials for yourself and learn what others have to say.

We talked earlier about the fact that many people use Bitcoin Treasure and don’t have a background trading cryptocurrency. Still, they’ve made profits. Right there, this makes the trading bot unique. It believes itself to be the best bot choice for people who desire an online and passive income that’s easy to use and free to join.

Bitcoin Treasure does not limit or restrict you when it comes to the withdrawal process. You can take out your money at any time. Just fill in the short request form. It’s on the dashboard, so it is easy to spot and click.

This process is very simple, though it could be about 24 hours to process the payment and get into your bank account. Other bots could take about 72 hours before the funds are processed, and the scammer sites never get your money to you. We’ve confirmed through our many tests that Bitcoin Treasure doesn’t charge you a fee to withdraw any money. However, it’s not liable for charges your bank may require.

Your security matters to Bitcoin Treasure, so it uses a military-level system. That way, your data is protected from the moment you sign up until you’ve withdrawn money to your bank account. Both the web-trader and the website have the right cybersecurity features. You get SiteLock, as well as SSL and others. The privacy policy also talks about the protection of your data and is highly comprehensive. This also shows transparency.

Password management is also discussed on the website, as well as data sharing. You can expect to create a strong password for the site. Then, Bitcoin Treasure requests that your password be changed every three months.

Get the Most from Bitcoin Treasure

The processes are all automated through Bitcoin Treasure, but there are some things you can do to help your progress.

A bit of luck doesn’t hurt, but good practices are ideal. If you reinvest all of your profits, you could end up making $1 million within a year from just $250. However, results aren’t typical and can vary.

  1. Low Deposits. You’re only required to deposit $250 into your account. This allows you to explore options and strategies to find the best one for you.
  2. Follow the News. While the bot is there to do it all for you, it’s best to stay updated on crypto news. This helps you see the patterns and capitalize on volatility.

Our Verdict:

Is Bitcoin Treasure a Scam?

We conclude here by saying that Bitcoin Treasure does appear to be a legitimate trading bot. We’ve read the many user experiences, tested the site, and even requested customer service so that we know as much as possible and can convey it all to you.