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Read our Bitcoin Up Review to find out if Bitcoin-Up is a scam or legit!

As there are many crypto auto-trader bots on the market, it helps to understand more about them and which one is right for you to use. Bitcoin Up is one such trader bot, and it has claimed to help others make money through the use of crypto price predictions. The robot is designed to make you up to $1,000 every day with just a small $250 deposit. However, is this Bitcoin bot legitimate? How can you be sure?

TrustPedia has done a live test for this cryptocurrency trading bot and confirms that the robot is legitimate. To do that, we took a lot of things into consideration and are going to talk about them below.

Throughout our research on the site, we found countless testimonials from others who have claimed to make significant profits of approximately $111 in mere hours of trading on the site. With such information, we do confirm that the auto-trader bot is legit and is working properly. However, we didn’t stop there and investigated these testaments to ensure that they were true and accurate.

Buying into Bitcoin is very lucrative, and you can make a lot of money. Still, there are risks involved with trading any amount of money. Therefore, an investment should only be made when it is affordable to do so. Otherwise, you could lose it. Read more below to see our comprehensive review of this Bitcoin auto-trader.

Is BitQT Scam Software?

Most people have heard of Bitcoin and know of its popularity.

However, it wasn’t always like that. It is the oldest of the cryptocurrencies, but people didn’t significantly invest in it until 2017. After that, though, Bitcoin soared in value, and it became one of the most popular of the cryptocurrencies. Then, everyone wanted to trade it online.

Celebrities often claim that they trade and invest in Bitcoin and added millions to their net worth. This is one reason why ordinary people invest. Still, though, we think that might be a bit exaggerated and is an advertising tactic.

Of course, you can research the celebrities who might have used Bitcoin to earn their wealth. However, BitQT App doesn’t make these types of claims, and we think that adds to its legitimacy.

Regardless of who has invested in the past, Bitcoin is still lucrative because it’s jumped to $20,000 in value in 2019. Sources claim that it might even go as high as $50,000 in value by the end of 2020. No matter who has invested in it, they have the opportunity to become wealthy.

With that said, BitQT App is there to help you make trades without having to know much about Bitcoin or online trading. It’s a tool for CFD trading, and we feel that it works. Still, use caution because cryptocurrency is highly volatile, so trading anything comes with risks.

  • This web-trader and website are secure. We’ve confirmed that your data is handled with confidentiality at all points on the site.
  • The bot offers great feedback from other review sites and individuals.
  • Our review shows that this auto trader produces users with appropriate tools to mitigate risks and help you boost your initial investment.
  • With this Bitcoin trading software, the appropriate information about the brokers and founders are available to read.
  • We’ve confirmed that the web-trader is simplistic in nature but looks well planned. Therefore, you don’t need cryptocurrency trading experience.
  • TrustPedia has gone through all the info on the Bitcoin Up website, fact-checking everything to confirm that it is very accurate.

With all this said, yes, we do believe that Bitcoin Up is a reliable trading bot with trustworthy features. TrustPedia reviews each of the robots listed in our recommended list and determine them to be legitimate before adding them.

What’s Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is one of the most helpful tools for cryptocurrency investors throughout the world. Crypto sits on the blockchain, which we are going to talk about in-depth later.

With this auto-trader, you can easily generate passive income from home. All you really must have is an internet connection and a browser (through a smartphone or computer). You’re not required to have trading skills or know much about cryptocurrency to trade using this system.

This trader bot can help you trade crypto of various kinds, though Bitcoin is the most popular. With Bitcoin Up, you get to use an algorithm that analyzes historical information and the markets. This ensures that you know what happened in the past and can make appropriate guesses on what might happen today. Plus, the trades are done automatically. With that said, the bot has an accuracy level of approximately 92 percent. It makes you money nine out of every 10 times.

Bitcoin Up uses brokers who are regulated. They help you with transactions and deposits.

A legitimate robot must have at least one broker, and it often has many of them. Our review also focused on the brokers listed on Bitcoin Up and have shown that they’re regulated appropriately. However, please read broker reviews from other websites to get the best information possible.

The market is full of different crypto auto trader bots, and that is why it helps to understand more about their inner workings, and which one is suitable to use. Bitcoin Up is a trader bot that states it can make money through leveraging cryptocurrency price action.

It is said that the robot can make you up to $1,000 per day with a minimum deposit. However, you may be wondering, “Is Bitcoin Up legit?”. In this article, we answer that question while taking various aspects of investing into consideration.

Without further ado, let begin this piece to learn more about the live test TrustPedia did with this trading platform.

How Does It Work?

You are going to find that Bitcoin Up works similarly to other trader bots and has adopted the trading strategies used during high-frequency trades.

BTC USD is highly volatile, but all cryptocurrency is. Therefore, you can sell and buy it in a variety of ways. Still, it is known that high-speed trading can come with significant risk. Of course, with Bitcoin Up, you can capitalise on each opportunity that presents itself. You’re going to execute trades larger than the capital you invest.

The Bitcoin price tends to fluctuate many times throughout the day. With the bot, you can leverage bets at about 1:1,000. A low minimum deposit allows you to place trades using $240,000 in your preferred currency. Immediately, you can see the value of using Bitcoin Up as a trader bot. This type of leverage can give you significant returns or losses. The trade must be perfect; a slight miscalculation can cause a devastating loss. However, Bitcoin Up is there to minimise risks with its management features. Plus, these are built directly into the network, so you don’t need to do anything. Bitcoin Up sets everything to a default level that is automatically right for most people. In fact, it doesn’t recommend that you risk more than 10 percent of your money on a trade, though it doesn’t forbid this action. You can take high risks when the mood strikes, changing the management settings for your needs. Still, the technology used on Bitcoin Up is there to do things for you, and it isn’t liable when they are changed.

Digital currency is highly volatile, so it does change a lot. Since you are betting on whether Bitcoin goes up or down, now would be the best time to use an auto-trader bot. It has the power to provide you with essential information.

Since you don’t do anything and the bot makes the trades for you at the right time, you have less to fear. High risk means higher profits, in our opinion. Still, you can lose your full investment if you aren’t careful and change the parameters to invest more on the current Bitcoin price.

Why Use Bitcoin Up?

As we mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Up is a tool to allow you to trade cryptocurrency online, even without experience. The value of this trader bot is endless and does a wide range of tasks for you. The bot works automatically, so you don’t have to know much about digital currency. You can sign up quickly, and the process is straightforward. Then, you can become more financially independent, receive a lot of money, and have your own business that keeps your accounts in the green.

Users tend to like this auto trader for many reasons:

01. High Profitability

This auto trader claims that it’s a world-leader for the cryptocurrency market because it’s profitable. Users who have written testimonials have proven that you can easily boost your assets without a lot of money to finance your account. The software utilises high-frequency trade methods for better profitability. Of course, there are risks involved, so it’s best to leave the parameters set where they are while you learn the system.

02. Easy to Use

This web-trader doesn’t require experience but uses the latest technological advancements. Therefore, you can create an account for free, make that initial deposit, and set everything to run automatically. Seasoned traders can change the parameters and percentages for trades, as well as do things manually if desired.

03. Customer Support

Bitcoin Up provides customer service to its members. You can reach them via live chat or email 24/7. We did test this feature and find that it works. Through email, you may not hear back until the next day, but you are going to get answers to your questions. The value of this is that you can talk to someone when you have questions about cryptocurrency, the market, the blockchain, or anything else.

04. Transparency

Transparency for a company means that the information you need to decide is all provided on the website before you enter any information. Bitcoin Up offers clarity and includes plenty of information. Plus, the win rates it shows appear to be legit, and the platform works. There is customer service, and you can learn more about the brokers before investing. Most other bots do not let you talk to brokers first. Since you can here, it’s possible to research them and ensure they’re regulated appropriately, and reviews have been kind to them.

05. Reputation

With tons of positive reviews, this trader bot is quite popular, and people seem to be making money while using it. Plus, you can read the testimonials from the site. You can also find a variety of other positive reviews like ours. This helps you realise that others have found this site to be legit, too.

As we already mentioned, most of the people who use Bitcoin Up don’t have a background in trading cryptocurrency. That makes it highly unique, and it claims to be the best trader bot for those who want something easy to use, don’t know much about the crypto market, and want to trade Bitcoin.

06. Seamless Withdrawals

When you guess correction on the Bitcoin price, you end up winning. It’s easy to withdraw money to your bank account. You can do it anytime you desire and just have to fill out a form from the dashboard.

The process is straightforward, though it takes about 24 hours to see the cash in your bank account. However, with other bots, you can wait 72 hours or more. The ones that are scams might even never send you the money and keep it from you. Plus, you aren’t charged fees to withdraw the money you earned by trading cryptocurrency. However, banks often have different policies, so you should ask your institution or read the terms of service before doing anything else.

07. Safety

Bitcoin Up protects your data with its military-grade security system on its website and web-trader. With SiteLock and SSL, you can be assured that your information is secure and safe. We’ve found that the company also includes a policy that talks about your data’s safety and protection. It’s very comprehensive and focuses on password management, cybersecurity, and how to protect yourself. The value of this information is insurmountable when you’re on any website, including this one.

Get More from Bitcoin Up

With an automated process for trading on the crypto market, you may not realise that a few extra tips can go a long way to you being successful.

A little luck doesn’t hurt, but your practices must be good. With a small $250 deposit, you can make $1,000 in profits, according to the site. If you reinvest every single profit, you can also grow that $250 into about $1 million in just a year.

  1. Low Deposits. With your $250 deposit, you’ve got more peace of mind. Explore various options to find the ones that work for you. It’s easy to cloud your judgment when you invest a lot of money, but this way, the investment is smaller.
  2. Follow the News. The cryptocurrency market fluctuates frequently. It makes sense to learn what’s going on in the industry and the value of crypto right now. This helps you trade when it’s most volatile.
  3. Get Started. You don’t need any skills to use the system. Create an account, deposit your money, and click on ‘live trade’ when you’re ready. There are no license fees or downloads about which you need to worry.

Our Verdict

We conclude here by saying that Bitcoin Up appears legitimate. We have focused on user experiences, the website, and tested the system. Consider visiting the official website to create an account and get started today.

What is Bitcoin Up?

The market is full of different crypto auto trader bots, and that is why it helps to understand more about their inner workings, and which one is suitable to use. Bitcoin Up is a trader bot that states it can make money through leveraging cryptocurrency price action.

It is said that the robot can make you up to $1,000 per day with a minimum deposit. However, you may be wondering, “Is Bitcoin Up legit?”. In this article, we answer that question while taking various aspects of investing into consideration.

Without further ado, let begin this piece to learn more about the live test TrustPedia did with this trading platform.


  1. What is a blockchain?

    If you’ve been following the investment or crypto industry anytime during the last 10 or so years, you’re likely familiar with the term blockchain and have seen it everywhere. This is a record-keeping technology that is primarily based on the Bitcoin network. However, you may not understand it much or realise what it does and why it’s important.

    In a sense, a blockchain is a decentralised, distributed, and public ledger. At the basic level, it is a chain of blocks. The block is the digital information, while the chain is a public database (or ledger).

    It’s like your checkbook or your list of transactions from your debit card. Each entry is a block, and they all sit in your database or chain. However, with crypto, the blockchain is public, and anyone can go and look up any transaction ever made. Most people don’t do this, but it is possible. The blockchain can also store information about people, though, with crypto, this is anonymous. That’s why many people like to use this digital form of currency instead of the more traditional one. It’s also why it has so much more value than regular money.

  2. How much money can I deposit?

    You only need to deposit $250 to get started. However, there is no limit as to how much money can be deposited into your account at one time. Therefore, it is always possible to add more if desired. However, we do not recommend that you do this as a beginner trader. Start small and work your way up to larger amounts (or reinvest your earnings).

  3. Is it possible to withdraw my earnings?

    You may withdraw money at any time. This includes the initial deposit that you have made. There aren’t any charges to do this, though banks might have specific rules in place that must be followed, as well.

  4. Is this trader bot legitimate?

    Yes, we believe that Bitcoin Up is legitimate based on our extensive research and tests.

  5. How much can I earn from the site?

    The earning potential here is limitless. Some people deposit small amounts and make $1,000 a day. Still, this isn’t possible to prove, and there could be fluctuations within the markets.