BitiQ Review

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Low deposits
No fees
Withdrawals are easy
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
BitiQ Highlights
🤖 Robot Type Crypto, CFD
💰 Platform Cost $0
💰 Withdrawal Fees No Fees
📊 Type of Platform Proprietary platform, Web-based
💳 Deposit Options Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer
🌎 Countries All – Except USA

This is our BitIQ review updated 2022! Read before signing.

Investing is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. Currently, there are many online schemes you can comfortably invest in. One of the most booming online investment opportunities is trading in Bitcoin.

The good news is that you do not have to worry anymore about trading facilitation and aid. There are many systems, such as BitiQ, that help you go through the trading process. Basically, by using this trading bot, you do not need any finance or tech knowledge.

In our quest to invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, we chose to trade with BitiQ. We wanted to experience the process of trading from the beginning to the end. This piece covers our investment journey from signing up to setting up trading parameters. This provides details about how we traded with the bots and the results we got. We invested $500, and here are our results.

BitiQ Sign Up Process

We started the process by visiting the company’s home page to access the sign-up form. There is also an alternative to registering at the end of the home page; here, you find another sign-up form. After providing the needed details, we created a password for our account. The registration details were name, email address, and phone number.

A verification email with a click-on button was sent to the provided registration email. By clicking on that button, we got the BitiQ system to verify our account instantly. It was a very quick, safe, and simple verification process.

Since we came to trade, we funded our account with $500, the amount we intended to trade with. We used a credit card to fund the account. We noted you can also use debit cards and other online bank transfer methods for account funding. It is also important to note that the minimum amount you can fund your account with is $250.

Though it shall be discussed at length on how the bot trades, our fourth step involved trading. Of course, we had to practice a bit using the provided demo account first. We had a demo account funded with $100 free trade trial money. Note that you cannot withdraw this money or any gains gotten from practicing. Refreshingly, we had an experienced account manager assigned to us. He took us through the trading process, providing insightful information on almost every move we made.

The manager took us through setting up the correct trade parameters and strategies; more of this is under how the bot trades. Since we didn’t want to dive in blindly and lose our $500 investment, we had to be patient to get it right. Our goal was to go to live trading alone without the manager helping.

While practicing and training with the manager, some of us explored the website to ensure we don’t miss anything. When we felt we were ready for live trading, we bid our manager goodbye and dived right in. The next topic explains how the process unfolded.

How the BitiQ Algorithm Works

Armed with the knowledge and experience from demo account training, we proceeded to live trading. First, we conducted risk allocation to get the best signal enabling us to decide how much to buy. Using the forex volatility calculator, we were able to take our currency’s historical exchange rate data and determine its historical volatility.

The real-time results in various differentiated time frames helped in deciding whether to invest the entire amount or not. Relying on our findings, we decided to allocate the whole amount of $500 to trade. We also went all in and bought in one go as opposed to averaging in. The currency volatility calculation gave us an idea of the involved risks in trading as a whole, the way we wanted.

Luckily for us, the market risk analysis provided insights to trading the $500 investment. The information we gathered worked well with the bot in trading $500. At times, the chosen investment amount may not go hand in hand with the trading bot due to the high risks involved.

Since BitiQ has a signal generator inbuilt, we utilized the prop to predict our trading. We fed the system the information we gathered and believed was ideal for trading. Using the data, the signal generator produced signals that defined buying and selling. The information was handy in making us buy at the right time.

Of course, we fed the software the correct trading parameters that were ideal for making that purchase. We also ensured that we only fed the bot the right data to enable the signal generator to produce refined results.

The trading was made easy by the fact that the module saved the provided market data. It analyzed and interpreted the data before proceeding to buy or sell our chosen cryptocurrency asset. Note that we didn’t have to do anything after setting up the correct trade parameters; the bot handled the rest.

We kept monitoring the signals that were popping up from the software as it traded our investment of $500. Eventually, when it was the right time to sell, the system picked up the queue and executed the sale.

To get favorable pricing from our bot, we had to dribble our order into the market after two days of trading. Initially, we had set to trade for five days but had to make drastic changes. We realized that there were other traders with the same trading bot as us. Since there was no joint communication with them, we had to abandon the first trade. Had we gone ahead with the same trade, there is the likelihood we would have gotten unfavorable pricing. So, our execution was strategic to avoid overcrowded bots.

Through our trading, we realized that the three parts, risk assessment, execution, and signal generator have their unique optimization and algorithms. There are no gains at the end of trading if the chosen bot ducks through any of the three parts. You may not have a steady trade to meet your goals.

While trading, we noted that BitiQ allows copy-trading, where you can use strategies of seasonal traders to execute your trades. Of course, we were not in for that since we wanted to do things our way and experience the trades from our perspective. It is a unique trading strategy and tool that may work for rookies as they learn the ropes.

We Invested $500 Here are the Results

After adjusting our robot trading, we locked in another trade for five days. This trade was not interrupted or changed afterward. The bot used its AI and quantum computing software to trade our $500 investment by placing bets on price swings. For instance, the first cryptocurrency asset purchased was a full $500 commitment. The results were a quick change of trading process after two days when it became clear that nothing much would be gained.

The change of trade strategy resulted in smooth completed trading. We managed to review our trading and were able to initiate a withdrawal process of our gains. Every trading has its unique formula and parameters. Even in copy trading, the trades only use the same methods but give different results.

We can say that the results we got are a reflection of our utilization of the availed parameters. Charts helped a great deal in tracking the trade, noticing trading patterns, and analyzing the market in real-time. In fact, it is through this module that we were able to track and re-strategize our trade after two days.

We also used various provided calculators to save us time in making our next move. The calculators helped in determining trade margins and volatility. All in all, we attained our test goal of trading $500 on BitiQ. The results could not be any better than we expected.

The Withdrawal Process

When we were done trading, we initiated a withdrawal process of our earnings. The process was seamless. We submitted our withdrawal request by filling a provided form on the website. The form had gaps to be filled for the withdrawal amount, recipient account, and withdrawer details. After filling in all the details and verifying, we signed off the form.

We noted that the withdrawal process previously took 24 hours processing duration. The company has since advanced its withdrawal processes to take about five hours before the gains hit the trader’s provided account. Indeed, within five hours of withdrawing, we had our gains in the account we had stated on the withdrawal form.

Refreshingly, we were surprised that there were no charges from BitiQ. This is unlike other bots that levy several charges. We had to find out if there are other charges now that we were not charged withdrawal fees. Our findings returned some good news that BitiQ has no charges of any nature at all, be it training, trading, broker, or withdrawal fees.

Lessons Learnt

There were lessons we learned when trading with this bot that we felt ideal to share. These lessons may help a newbie or professional trader one way or another. Most of the lessons border on the differentiation between bots and human trading.

  • As humans, we are limited on how much that we can do on a single day as we need to rest and sleep to reenergize our bodies. Bots, on the other hand, can operate full-time round the clock; it has a 24/7 operation longevity.
  • Robots have high magnitude operation capabilities. They can process a turn of actions with speed within a short time. Humans take time to think and react to things. We had to watch the bot trade at some point after setting up the trade strategies and parameters. Basically, there was nothing much we could do more than we had given to influence trading.
  • Unlike humans who run on emotions driving greed and fear, robots rely on statistics. Yes, we had the needed data, but you cannot fault us if we were to involve our differing emotions when trading. Luckily, the robot weeded all that out and relied on the data we fed it to trade.
  • There is only a certain limit of data a human brain can accommodate and use well; so, we learned. Bots process data in gigabytes per second to give the desired results. How much more could we have done after learning? I guess not much. We had to rely on the bot to do the rest. This human ineptness on capacity humbled us to follow the trading process. The most we could do is alter the trade when need arose.

Well, running bots have several benefits since they have many skills sets different from those of humans. Expect the bots to be consistent and monotonous; all you need to gain from cryptocurrency trading logically. Yes, bots are better than human trading. However, any bot is as good as its creator.

If the bot is faulty and ineffective, it shall give results depicting its state. We realized that through subjective thinking, we can outperform the bot. In short, the decision to change our trading after two days was purely a human masterpiece. Fairly enough, some bots can pick subjective trading states and opt-out of investing.

What Is BitiQ?

One of the most critical decisions you can make in your life is to start investing. You can comfortably invest in many online schemes, and Bitcoin is one of the most prominent online investment opportunities today.

The excellent news is that you don’t have to stress about aid and trading facilitation. There is software, such as BitiQ, that assists you through the entire trading process. What that means is by using the above trading bot, you don’t need any tech or finance knowledge.

We choose to trade with BitiQ in our quest to invest in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. This piece discusses our investment journey with BitiQ, from signing up to setting up trading parameters.

Final Take

Our test trading of $500 went smooth after the change of strategy. We posted excellent results that we didn’t even foresee or expect. As the piece has covered, we attained our goals at the end of the day. Without any fear of contradiction, we can say that BitiQ smoothly traded our $500 investment. The bots functioned as we had marked them to trade.

There is nothing you can do after setting the bot trade. You need to keep a close look at the trade, though. You don’t want to come at the end of the process and find skewed trading. Perhaps the most critical thing to remember is to get all the needed information. Don’t rush any process lest you lose even before you start. All the best as you plan to trade with BitiQ.