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We know how hard it can be to find reputable trading software on the market today. There are hundreds of different apps that claim to do similar things, making it even harder for beginners to choose a platform that works for them.

Testing every app to discover which one is better for the user may take way too long, and in some cases, it may even be risky for the trader. Our goal at TrustPedia is to test as many of these apps as possible and bring you an honest and detailed review.

We’ve developed a reliable formula that allows us to grab all the important details from each trading robot and lay them down in a simple-to-understand format. There are many beginners in the trading world today, so it’s also vital for them to understand what’s happening.

In this case, we’re going to cover BitlQ, which is one of the most popular trading robots on the market today (according to user reviews). Even if people claim a trading robot is reliable or not, we still must take a closer look at how it works so that we can have a final say.

Many things are happening at the same time when it comes to trading robots, and we’re going to do our best to cover them all. Keep reading if you want to know everything about BitlQ!

Why Should You Use a Trading Robot?

If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering why you would ever use a trading robot. While using a trading robot ultimately comes down to personal choice, we believe these apps can greatly help your trading journey.

Trading often involves processing a lot of information at the same time, which can become overwhelming for a beginner. Some trading platforms don’t provide users with the space and tools they need to make a reliable trading strategy. However, trading apps allow these users to work from a safer and more reliable environment.

Trading apps typically come with several tools traders can use at their criteria. If you often struggle with making a fast trading decision, a trading app can help you organize yourself better. If you ever make a poor trading decision, you can always go back into the app and adjust your parameters.

Unfortunately, as mentioned before, choosing a trading robot that works may not be easy at first. There are many fake and unreliable pieces of software out there, and it’s up to the trader to discover which one can adapt to their needs.

Once you find a good trading app to work with, you’re going to discover how much simpler it is to organize your trading strategy with the right tools. Still, you must do your research if you want these trading strategies to work, so choosing a good trading app is only the beginning of the journey to becoming a good trader.

How Did We Create This Review?

Our review format is a rather simple one. In essence, all we’re going to do is give you an overview of what you can expect from the BitlQ platform. Some review sites offer extremely long articles with unnecessary information about the trading platforms they’re reviewing.

While that can be convenient in some cases, covering every small detail isn’t always the best way to go around the problem.

In our case, we’re covering BitlQ’s primary factors, such as its home page, platform, best features, and others. Once we’ve tested everything, we’re going to give you an honest verdict on whether it’s legitimate trading software or not.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to be an expert trader to understand these reviews. As long as you know the basics of trading (and crypto trading, in this case), you’re more than ready to begin reading this website!

Still, we’re doing our best to keep our information as accessible as possible, so don’t worry about any complicated terms or processes.

Now that we’ve explained how our review process goes, it’s time to dive deeper into how BitlQ works. Keep reading to discover if this is a reliable trading platform or not!

What Is BitlQ?

BitlQ is a trading platform where people can organize trading strategies and place trades according to their parameters. In essence, BitlQ’s goal is to provide users with a more user-friendly trading experience.

Trading has always been a complicated activity to master. You must do a lot of research, practice your strategies, and be on the lookout for any unforeseen scenarios that may come up. In these cases, getting a trading app can be the best option to organize yourself a bit better.

BitlQ’s platform is mostly tailored to beginners, although the company stated that any trader can use it regardless of their current skill level. If you’re a beginner, you may enjoy BitlQ’s approach to trading since it seems to be one of the friendliest ones that we’ve seen for a trading platform.

While BitlQ is perfect for beginners, that doesn’t mean that you can dive into it with zero trading knowledge. If you truly want to make the most out of your trading journey, you must ensure you have the basics checked out. In the case you already did a bit of research, you can complement the acquired information with the BitlQ platform.

BitlQ’s Home Page

As mentioned before, one of the primary factors we’re going to look at for this BitlQ review is its home page. In most cases, a trading robot’s home page can tell you everything you need to know about a particular piece of software.

You can’t make a verdict based on reading a product’s home page, but it may still give you an idea of what you can expect when you test the platform. In the case of BitlQ, we were greeted with some content talking about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and trading in general.

We like when companies take the time to talk about trading since it allows beginners to get context for what’s happening at the moment. Remember that the trading world changes every minute, so it’s vital for these traders to be up-to-date with everything regarding trading.

On the other hand, BitlQ’s home page also gives users a small overview of what they can expect from using the software, such as its best features, its sign-up process, and other data that may be of interest to traders.

One of the things we liked about BitlQ is that it didn’t waste time trying to convince potential users that it could make them rich or any other absurd claim. While it may sound like a dream come true, it’s impossible to predict how much money you can make from using a trading app. If you ever see a trading platform making trades of this kind, it’s likely a scam.

Another important thing we took a closer look at was BitlQ’s “About Us” page. Here, you can learn more about the company and how the software came to being. Overall, the company didn’t write that much about BitlQ’s development process, but it still gave us some insight into how it has helped traders worldwide to make smarter trades.

BitlQ’s home page is simple and goes straight to the point, which is perfect. As mentioned before, we can’t give a verdict based on the information posted on the home page; we still have to test the platform itself to see if it can make what it claims it can make.

How Does BitlQ Work?

According to the company, all you have to do to start using BitlQ is sign up, invest, and start placing trades. In the case of beginners, an account manager can guide them through the process of placing their first trades with no problem.

Keep in mind that BitlQ is a trading platform designed to give you all the necessary tools to make better trades. However, it’s not supposed to trade on your behalf. When it comes to trading, there’s no magic wand to place trades automatically and become rich. If you want to become successful at trading, you must work for it.

If you understand the risks that come with trading, you’re ready to use trading apps to your criteria. The first step into using BitlQ is creating an account. Thankfully, the process is fairly simple, and you don’t have to spend that many hours on it.

How Can You Start Using BitlQ?

First, you must look for BitlQ’s registration form and fill it out with your basic contact information, which typically includes your full name, phone number, and email address. Additionally, you may choose a password for your trading account, but make sure that it’s a reliable one.

Once you send BitlQ your information, you’re going to get contacted by one of the company’s account managers. Here, you may choose whether to work on the app yourself or let the account manager help you process your trades. If you’re a beginner, you may consider using the latter method, although both of them work perfectly for any trader.

Regardless of the trading method you chose, you’re going to be greeted by BitlQ’s platform, where you can take a look at all of the features you can use to create your trading strategy. Keep in mind you don’t have to work with all the tools if you don’t want to; choose the ones that fit your needs the best.

Once you’re ready to place your first trade, you must invest. In this case, you may choose any amount of money you feel comfortable with, although make sure you’re not investing more money than you can afford to lose.

That’s it! If you’ve completed all the steps mentioned above, you can start placing trades with the BitlQ platform. While the trading process is a bit similar to other trading platforms on the market, we found it was highly intuitive, which is excellent news for beginners looking for a simpler platform to use.

The following is a list of some of BitlQ’s best features:

BitlQ works with reputable brokers to process your trades. Keep in mind that a platform’s brokers are some of the most important factors to determine whether a trading robot is legitimate or not.

Withdrawing your funds with BitlQ is as simple as going into the “Withdraw” section of the platform, inputting the required information, and waiting for your local bank to process the transaction. We didn’t have any problems taking our money out of the platform.

Any trader can use BitlQ regardless of their current skill level. Still, this app was tailored to most beginners, so if you’re a seasoned trader already, you may want to test the platform out to see if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Most trading apps are easier to use in their desktop versions. However, we understand that some people may enjoy trading from their mobile devices better. BitlQ doesn’t have a mobile version, but its desktop version was thoroughly optimized for most devices. Overall, you can access BitlQ from your mobile device’s browser without any problems.

What Crypto Options Do You Have in BitlQ?

BitlQ specializes in Bitcoin trading, but it still offers several other crypto coins you can trade with if you’re not a fan of Bitcoin. Some of these popular features include Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more.

Make sure you’re choosing a cryptocurrency that you feel comfortable and familiarized with.

Is BitlQ a Scam? Our Verdict

After reviewing all the information available for BitlQ, we can safely say that it’s not a scam. You can create an account at BitlQ and not worry about any suspicious transactions, fees, and claims.

If you’re looking for a reliable trading app to complement your trading, you may consider using BitlQ every once in a while. Still, remember that trading apps are not supposed to trade for you. In case you want to become a better trader, you must practice every day until you get all the skills you need to create smarter trading strategies.