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Is BitPremium App recommended? Find Out!

As far as crypto bot trading goes, there’s a ton of options on the market. However, BitPremium allows you to trade Bitcoin through the use of CFDs. With its alleged 88 percent win rate, its members claim to earn thousands in profits each day. Still, the question here is whether this is true or not? Could it be a scam? Is it legitimate? This BitPremium review helps break everything down so that you can make an informed decision.

BitPremium Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin is highly popular now, but it’s rise to fame was slow. As the oldest of cryptocurrencies on the market, it still didn’t take off until 2017. At that time, it seemed to soar in value, so it became an alternative currency and is now traded a lot online.

Celebrities often claim to get rich by trading Bitcoin, and this makes ordinary people want to invest. Still, we feel skeptical about celebrity endorsements, so we aren’t going to focus on that here. They might be advertising tactics, but we know that you want the truth about BitPremium.

Regardless of which famous people have invested, Bitcoin is right around the $20,000-mark. This made thousands of traders very wealthy just from investing in Bitcoin.

Of course, BitPremium is a special tool that helps you trade. You don’t need any experience with online trading. However, we do feel that everyone should know the basics of cryptocurrency, the markets, and learn about CFD trading and how it works. Crypto markets are quite volatile, which means they fluctuate and change a lot on any given day. This means there could be more risks involved when trading.

Still, you’ve also got the opportunity to make so much more with this type of trading. We believe it’s riskier to trade CFDs if you don’t have an auto-trader like BitPremium on your side. This tool actually makes it easier to do the work, so we do not believe this to be a scam website.

BitPremium has an algorithm, which is what makes it so special and complete. This algorithm allows the software to scan through endless historical data to find out how Bitcoin did in the past on that day and other days. For example, let’s say it is November 12, 2019. The algorithm can go back to that date in 2018, 2017, and so on to see how Bitcoin did. Then, it takes that information and compares it to help you decide if you should bet that Bitcoin is going to rise or fall. It can do this for any minute or hour of any day.

With that said, it identifies current market flows and conditions to open trades when your parameters are met. Of course, those parameters are the rules it uses to handle trades. If something doesn’t match what you want, it doesn’t make the trade. Since there are win rates of about 88 percent, this indicates that the auto-trader works. You get a better chance of earning money, but remember, it isn’t guaranteed.

Though you’re trading Bitcoin through CFDs, the process is still similar to regular stocks. You guess as to whether or not the company stock is going to rise or fall, selling or buying shares as necessary. Bitcoin’s price can rise and fall instantly. The software can’t tell you for sure because anything can happen. Still, it is indicative of how the market is going to play itself out, which gives you an edge.

We believe BitPremium is legitimate as an automatic trading tool. Still, we recommend you to use caution when using it. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the system and platform before you decide to make a live trade. Invest the minimum of $250 at first so that you can learn about the system and how it works. Then, it is possible to reinvest or add more to your fund.


  • Easy withdrawals whenever you want
  • Win rates of roughly 88 percent
  • No hidden commissions or fees involved
  • Low minimum deposit

Is BitPremium Legitimate? Here’s Our Verdict

  • The BitPremium software uses an algorithm. This makes it have higher success rates for its members.
  • Though it is legitimate, there are risks involved when trading crypto on CFD. Be mindful of these issues and plan accordingly.
  • Try the software right now or read more about it to learn more.

What Is BitPremium?

We started off on the homepage of the website, but we moved to the about us page. Many times, scamming bots don’t even have one. While this company does, you don’t learn much about the twin brothers who created it. Here, we discovered that one had been trading online for a while, and the other handled the algorithms.

Though we would have liked to have more information about the creators, we do understand their need for anonymity. If the wrong sort found out, they might get hurt or have their patented algorithm stolen from them.

Regardless of who created BitPremium, we know that it’s a newer auto-trading system on the market. It trades other cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin is likely to be the most popular. The algorithm it talks about tracks historical data. This, in turn, lets it make decisions just a tiny bit faster than other software options. That little extra time you get ensures that the trade is made quickly, and you’ve got a better chance of being successful.

Many members have claimed that the platform is easy to use, it’s effective, and you really don’t require a lot of experience. This is proven through the testimonials found on the website in various locations. Often, they explain how they decided to try BitPremium and then finish up discussing what they’ve earned through it.

How Does It Work?

The software found on BitPremium doesn’t cost anything, and you just register for your account. We’re not quite sure how the founders make their money. Our educated guess is that the number of trades made helps them earn money through the brokers. Remember, they could be charging the brokers to trade with you or use the site. We aren’t sure, but these are some of the ways it could work.

This system works like other trader bots on the market. Once you’ve created your account, you have to add a small investment, called funding. It’s only $250, and then you get connected with a partner broker right on the platform. You aren’t required to go to another site or exchange a lot of information with the person. BitPremium is there to act as a mediator between you and the broker to perform a business deal. Set up your parameters so that the bot does the trading for you. Each trade can take about 20 minutes.


Before making trades on BitPremium, you’ve got to create your account through the website. This is simple to do; you just provide the requested information. You don’t need copies of a bill or ID, which makes the process even simpler.

Once you do sign up, you receive an email with a confirmation link. Click on that so that your identity is verified. You’re taken back to the site where you can input the password you created and your email address. Now, you can access the platform and start making trades. When you join, you aren’t asked for any money. Therefore, at this time, you do not need to put in credit/debit card information.

However, when you have familiarized yourself with the BitPremium platform, you are going to start live trading. Before that can happen, you must fund the account with the minimum $250 deposit. Yes, you can invest more at once, but we feel it is best to start with the smallest amount possible. That way, you can figure out the system and start seeing some profits. This is going to excite you into wanting to continue trading, reinvest your money, and add more the next day.

Each day, of course, you need to set your parameters. You can also choose between manual and automatic mode. We think it’s an excellent idea to choose automatic until you are more familiar with the system and trading, in general.

What Are BitPremium’s Best Features?

You’ve got a variety of exciting features with BitPremium that you aren’t going to find anywhere else. Here are just some of them:

01. The Brokers

Since you’re not trading on an exchange, the process is much simpler. You get paired with a broker when you sign in and start live trading. You’re actually telling the broker whether or not you think Bitcoin might rise or fall with your specific parameters. How much it is going to fall or rise, when, and other things are taken into account. If the prediction you make is right, you earn a profit. However, if it is wrong, the broker takes some of the money from your investment.

02. Support

We don’t think you are going to require help from anyone to use the system. It’s straightforward and easy to navigate. Still, you may have questions to which you want answers. Read through the FAQ section on the website to get help. If that isn’t enough, live chat and email are both options and can get you the assistance you need.

03. Verification

Many other auto-trader bots make you send in copies of your ID and bank statement to prove who you are. Of course, the issue with this is that it takes so much more time to start using the software. Plus, you may need to send in a paper copy or fax it because many companies don’t accept phone photos through text or email.

When you use BitPremium, all you require is an email and phone number. You can even let the website choose a password for you, but you can create your own if you desire. Once you get your confirmation email, you can click the link for verification, and immediately sign-in on the website. As a second verification method, you are going to input credit/debit card info to fund your account. This serves as a way to prove who you are, as well.

04. Fees

BitPremium doesn’t charge any fees to sign up for the service. Also, there are no hidden costs or commissions to pay. Withdrawals are even free on BitPremium’s end, though your bank might charge something.

05. Withdrawals

As you are trading with the online brokers, you are sure to earn some profits. The amount you make can vary, but you don’t necessarily want to keep it all in your fund to reinvest. Therefore, you can withdraw your money and have it sent to a bank account whenever you want. Requests are often processed on the same day they’re made. However, it might take 24 hours to see it reflected in your checking account.

06. Payouts

With online trading, you can’t be guaranteed any profits. Still, the robot claims an 88-percent win rate. This means that you have a good chance of earning money than not. Also, the investment amount you use is smaller, and you can make about $1,000 each day (and some people claim to make more than that). Of course, the market fluctuations and other factors play a part here. Inexperienced traders might not make large payouts, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stick with it. You are sure to see profits and can always reinvest the earned money you make. That increases your chances of making even more the next time.

07. Testimonials

Though you shouldn’t only focus on testimonials to determine if an auto-trading bot is legitimate, it doesn’t hurt to hear what others have to say. For BitPremium, most users have thanked it for letting them experience financial freedom and earn money passively. There’s no way for us to prove that these comments are legit, but they are well-written. Usually, you can tell if something is written by a professional, and these seem like real people who are expressing gratitude and telling others about their amazing success.

Why Trade with Bit Premium?

If you searched for auto trading bots right now, you are going to see a long list of choices. Many claim to use algorithms and provide good win rates. Therefore, it’s hard to decide between them. You might wonder why BitPremium is the best choice. Here are our reasons to consider this software instead of the others:

  1. Easy Set Up. Since you aren’t providing personal information to verify your identity, it’s easier and quicker to set up your account. The form to fill in only takes 30 seconds to complete. However, it can take a few moments to get the confirmation email. Once that’s done, you just sign in, set your parameters, and start trading when you are ready.
  2. Low Upfront Costs. Trading is made possible when you invest $250. You can put more into the account, but the low deposit amount makes it easier for those on a tight budget to participate. Other bots can charge much more.
  3. Easy Trading. The trading aspect is quite easy to handle, too. When you choose automated mode, you need to set your parameters for the day, which takes about 20 minutes. Then, you can turn on auto-trading and let the bot take care of it all for you.
  4. Set It and Forget It. Once you’ve set the parameters you want, you’re pretty much done for the day. Turn on auto trading, and do other things. You should check back periodically to do the happy dance about the profits you’ve made, but you don’t have to sit around and wait for each trade to occur.

Can You Earn with BitPremium App?

You should feel skeptical about trading software, but you’re in the right place to learn about BitPremium. It offers testimonials from other users who have been happy with the service. The algorithm provides a win rate of 88 percent, according to BitPremium. Therefore, we feel that this is a legitimate site, though we cannot prove/disprove claims.

As long as you are careful, stick with the lower investment, and understand the risks involved, you should find it fun and easy to use BitPremium.

The Verdict

Trading Bitcoin is a lucrative and volatile situation, so there is a risk involved. However, that’s true with any trading platform and even the stock exchanges. Luck does play a part, but mainly you’ve got to focus on historical data and what you think is going to happen because of what happened in the past. There aren’t any guarantees, but the bot does ensure that you keep a level head while making the trades. This saves you money and helps you earn it. Sign up and become a member of BitPremium today!

Many auto-trading bots have received a bad reputation. Some of them deserve it because they are scams, but most of them are legitimate. It could be that unsatisfied users of BitPremium didn’t understand the system, though we aren’t 100 percent sure of this.