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You have probably seen this application a few times online and wonder if it is a scam or not. As cryptocurrency grows in popularity, the applications surrounding it increases too. Reasons to use such a platform for speculation, investments, or hedging is your choice. You need to make sure you are using a reliable platform.

A financial market is a daunting place for newcomers. The crypto market is even more daunting with all the available cryptos to buy. That can stress beginners out when deciding what to trade and when. Always be humble and learn as much about the markets before stepping in and making your first investment.

With all the options out there, things can become a bit overwhelming when trying to choose which broker or trading platform to join. Many programs offer similar investment choices, so it is best to get a legitimate review to settle any doubt.

Keep a keen eye on various tactics that some trading platforms use to lure you in. Some honor their word, others not so much.

What to do instead?

Easy withdrawal process
Low deposits
No hidden fees

Who is BitQZ?

BitQZ is a cryptocurrency training bot that claims to have the best trading system in the world. There are multiple ways to trade on this platform, and investment starts from $250. You can buy low and sell high in the highly volatile crypto market.

What is best about this program is that it can auto trade for you using an arbitrage trading method to take advantage of price discrepancies between cryptos. It is said to combine the power of AI and blockchain to deliver less risky and highly profitable cryptocurrency trading.

They also say they have a news trading system that detects crypto-related news and places bets waiting on emerging volatility.

The application makes it easy for anyone to get started with absolutely no knowledge. It is fair to say this sounds too good to be true, especially considering the return on investment that they offer you.

Keep on reading to find out more about this automated trading platform and hear what others have to say about it. There is some conclusive information below that points out a few suspicious points that lead to uncertainty.

How do You Get Set Up?

You head over to their website and sign up directly there in a few clicks. Using their platform, you can decide how you want to trade. If you are investing manually, please make sure that you are aware of the risks involved.

Once you enter your phone number, and details you confirm your account through an OTP (One Time Pin). After that, it’s the next step which is your identity verification. That requires an upload of your relevant documents. Finally, you can fund your account with a minimum of $250 to get started.

Getting started quickly is great. It allows you to jump in on the action before you miss out on any opportunities. The crypto market is so volatile that many potential investment opportunities might occur throughout the day.

Once you are on the trading platform, you can decide which way you want to trade. Be it manually or letting the auto trading bot do it for you. They claim that their software is world-class and equipped with sentiment-driven trading technology. They say their software is the first to trade volatility associated with Elon Musk Tweets regarding bitcoin.

Who is it Great for?

It is excellent for venture capitalists, investors, new investors, and people looking to grow their capital no matter what amount. It is a great option that provides high return rates that leave investors with a smile on their faces.

BitQZ claims to be the best in the business by delivering excellent customer service with a large selection of available cryptocurrency pairs to trade.

Investing has never been this easy. Get started today and watch your capital grow.

How Does it Work?

Inside the App, you can set it to auto trading robot and change parameter settings based upon your risk appetite. This a good option for beginners to help relieve some pressure if you are not fully confident in trading the markets.

Remember, take time in setting up the bot because if not set correctly, you can cost yourself in the long run.

The automated trading platform uses a scalping method set to your parameters to determine and enter trades when it is a perfect time.

It is going to open multiple positions to bet on the direction of the movement of the market. Moves get based on volatility indicators which could sometimes be wrong. Your money is always at risk when trading financial instruments.

There is the option of a NewsBot, which trades based on news events that occur in the crypto market scene. If this option works for you, it places trades for you based on market volatility due to imperative announcements or events.

There seem to be too many options to choose from here with big things promised. Excuse the sound of negativity, but sometimes if things seem too good to be true, they usually are not.

They offer extremely high leverage of 1:5000, which is nearly unheard of in the industry, and this should count as a red flag if you decide to use them.

They say that because of this leverage, you can make insane profits. If you can get insane wins, that means you can make insane losses.

By using leverage like that, your account could easily blow in a few minutes. Be careful of offers like this and look at other auto trading platforms such as BitQT, the application that BitQZ is trying to imitate.

Their trading platform is intuitive enough for any person to hop on board and get started. Sign-up happens within several minutes, and verification is quick too.

All options are clear and visible in the application and learning how to use them is a quick process that has you investing in no time. They make it seem easy and clear to set your parameters and get started with your first investment.

That is where they pull the wool over your eyes by providing an in-efficient platform that works sometimes. There have been a few reviews of the App crashing and causing phones to freeze.

When tested, the application did tend to be a little slow at times which was frustrating. This application has so much potential to be a great platform, but it falls short in backend design.

You need a smooth-running app to be able to deliver a consistent service to the client. Whether it be placing trades, deposit cash, or making withdrawals. Without a smooth withdrawal process, all of these become invalid and are a cause for concern when your hard-earned money is on the line.

Is Trading Cryptocurrency Safe?

Crypto is a safe asset to trade-in if you are using the correct brokers and platforms. It is relativity safe because you do not need to invest a lot to get started. Some of the coins go for as little as a few cents. Others are hundreds of dollars.

That gives way for much more potential growth in your chosen cryptocurrencies market cap. Research, time, and effort are required to find the cryptocurrency to invest in, and even then, the market might take a dip, and you lose out.

That is why using an auto trading service like BitQT is going to change the game for you. The technology is far superior that BitQZ and is the original automated trading software platform. The technology allows you to plug and play the crypto market and delivers consistent profit when utilizing BitQT rather than the copycat version.

Be sure to use a platform that provides you with a safe trading environment and encrypts your data for added peace of mind. If your trading platform cannot furnish this sort of data protection for you, it is best to look at who else offers similar services.

Always remember whatever you trade, there is always risk involved. So, make sure to protect your capital as much as possible.

Who is it Great for? How do You Withdraw Money?

Withdrawing money is said to be simple and processed through the withdrawal menu. There are some cases of people mentioning that they have not received their money. That is disastrous and goes against everything this company says they stand for.

The extremely high leverage used has caused a lot of people to lose their small investments. Often small accounts get shut down due to the drawdown from the leveraged position.

That was a problem for the users, and a lot of people starting seeking another alternative. A lot of people discovered BitQT and continued to leverage their capital to make profits.

Overall withdrawing money is essential if you want to benefit from your investments, and if they fail to deliver, then it is best to look elsewhere.

It is a serious offense when it comes to investment, so please proceed with caution.

What Brokers do They Deal with?

Now, after all this information surrounding BitQZ, there is one final thing to discuss. They claim to be involved with some of the top brokers in the world. Nowhere on their site does it provide links to any of these brokers. Nor do they display any form of authenticity.

That is a potential red flag when deciding if you want to use the application. To provide authenticity, you need confirmation from the company to believe your money is in good hands.

Choosing to use a more transparent platform with better customer support puts your closer to your goals sooner. Options like BitQT are perfect for new investors looking to grow their capital in the ever-changing crypto market.

Make sure to deal with the right people when growing your portfolio. That way, you can guarantee your success in the trading world. If something feels wrong, go with your gut and trust resourceful reviews such as this one when making your final decision.

Negative User Review of BitQZ

  • Sign up was simple enough, but then I did not stop getting phone calls from rude support staff. I had to get my number removed from their system.
  • The BitQZ platform kept freezing up when I was using it. Rebooting the App became a regular occurrence.
  • I lost all my money when setting my parameters incorrectly. customer support is hardly available when you need them most.
  • BitQZ is a scam. I lost my last $250 believing that the automated trading bot worked.
  • I struggled to withdraw my cash, and when I phone support, they put the phone down in my ear.
  • The quickest way to lose $250.

Final Thoughts

From previous client reviews to the general layout and empty promises that they offer, it is fair to say that BitQZ is most definitely a scam. They are a copycat of BitQT that has been around for much longer, producing better results for its clients.

BitQT is the future of automated cryptocurrency investing and is worthwhile for any aspiring crypto investor. Pay attention to the original App that delivers the results you want.

Choose the right automated crypto trading platform that is going to double your investment within no time. Having vast knowledge of the markets is a thing of the past, and now everything is automated to make money for you while you sleep.

Benefit from market volatility and leverage to keep winning on the cryptocurrency market. Join BitQT today and forget about BitQZ.

Make the right choice and go with a trusted platform rather than a negatively rated company.