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Is This a Scam or Legit?

It’s very evident that cryptocurrencies are popular and highly tradable. Digital currencies can provide you with many benefits, such as privacy and confidentiality. Of course, there are also lower fees and faster transactions. New traders can now benefit without having previous trading knowledge because of auto-trading robots. You don’t have to buy your Bitcoins directly and can use reputable brokers.

Automated trading robots were developed to help reduce the risks associated with trading. You can also maximize your profits. Plus, since you don’t need experience, everyone can use them and be profitable.

Therefore, we feel the need to review every auto-trading robot extensively so that we can provide our readers with honest and accurate information. That way, you can sign up for the right auto-trader and service. Today, we’re focusing on BitSignal.

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Once you arrive on the BitSignal website, you’re told that this is a lucrative auto-trading robot.

There’s a video you can watch about Bitcoin and its rise to fame. It’s easy to sign up for the service, and you can also see the dashboard where trades are made. With the demo mode, you can test out the platform and see how it works before investing money. This gives you the chance to practice trading strategies and learn about online trades.

The dashboard itself gives you many features to use. These include Take Profit and Stop Loss, as well as the ability to set your risk levels. The software gives you direct access to many assets for which to trade. You can also pick the brokers you use, which ensures transparency and honesty. BitSignal also features automated mode, so you set the parameters you prefer and let it do the rest. That way, it trades for you, opening and closing them in your name. Therefore, you don’t have to stick around and watch everything for yourself.

So, with all that said initially, this sounds like a positive thing, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up signing up for a BitSignal account because we just weren’t sure that it was legitimate. If you look closely, you are going to see the BitSignal’s website and platform are exactly the same as the BitQT app. In fact, we believe that BitSignal actually copied the full design of the BitQT app. It used the same content and information that the original site utilized. Therefore, we were immediately wary of the software.

Please note that we aren’t saying that BitSignal is a scam. That’s not our intention here with this article. Instead, we believe that the two are copies of each other. Since BitQT was there first, it makes sense to sign up with it because you know that it’s recommended, trustworthy, and the original version. We’re going to look deeper into the website for BitSignal.

What Does BitQT Have to Offer You?

As we’ve previously mentioned, BitSignal is just a copy of BitQT, which is the original automated software. It allows you to trade your cryptocurrencies easily and quickly. Plus, the software can give you some trading signals to help you decide when and how much to trade.

01. Uses Preferred Brokers

BitQT is free to use. This is a significant benefit because you want to earn money and not dish it out all the time. When you sign up, you can gain access to all of the brokers, which are all reputable. Of course, BitSignal uses the same reputable brokers, but why use the copied version when you have access to the original? These brokers provide you with an all-inclusive environment in which to trade. You get to use the trading platform, which is easy to understand.

There are also secure deposits and withdrawals with multiple banking options. If that weren’t enough, you also have access to educational resources that are comprehensive and can help you learn more about the system. When you need it, responsive and professional customer service is available, too.

02. Customize Your Trading Parameters

Another advantage of using BitQT is that it works for all types of traders, even if you are new or advanced. BitQT fully understands that you aren’t going to be the same as another trader that uses the software. You can all customize everything based on your specific trading needs and risk preferences. Of course, you can also customize things through BitSignal because it is an exact copy of BitQT. Therefore, the trading dashboards are the same.

That includes the use of Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Of course, you also get the preferred probability ratings of the trade signals. Since you can completely customize this trading software, you’re in control of the experience you get each time. In the trading world, this is a big advantage. Still, why would you use a copycat of BitQT? Use the original, and you know you’re getting the right options that are safe and secure.

03. Manual or Automated Trading

One reason that most people like to use BitQT is that they can set the software to automated mode. Here, it trades for you and only uses the parameters you set up for trading. This is beneficial because you can do so much more while the software works for you. That way, you are not sitting in front of your computer for hours at a time. Since you probably have a lot of things to do, you need the ability to get up and run errands while earning money. Plus, you no longer have to analyze the crypto market for hours at a time and figure out when to enter/exit trades for yourself. Of course, BitQT does all that for you.

However, manual mode is available for anyone. This allows you to have control over your trading activities. You can do your own strategies and make them up as you go. That is a great for testing and other purposes. Often, seasoned traders use this mode, but anyone can try it if they desire to do so.

While BitSignals allows this as well, it’s better to go with the original instead of the copycat.

04. Accuracy with Trading Signals

The signals that are provided by BitQT are highly accurate. In fact, they tell you which assets to trade and when you should do it. The benefit of this is primarily for new traders because they can now trade online in the crypto markets without having any trading experience. Plus, you don’t need to know much about the financial markets to get things done correctly.

Professional traders can also benefit from this because the trade signals can confirm that your market analysis was done correctly. It can also ensure that your trading strategies are up to par. If not, you can fine-tune them to meet your needs specifically.

Of course, we didn’t feel comfortable or confident enough to sign up with BitSignal. Therefore, we cannot say whether its trading signals are accurate or not. However, we can say that if they successfully copied the entire platform and website, as well as BitQT’s advanced algorithm, it might work exactly the same. We can’t be sure of this, though.

In fact, we feel that it is going to be easier and safer for you to sign up with BitQT instead of BitSignal because then you know that the developers did their work correctly, and everything is ready for you to use. Otherwise, you risk using a company that copies from someone else. Therefore, BitQT should be your preferred choice for automated trading software.

05. Powerful Experience and Trades

BitQT has gone above and beyond to make sure that its trading room provides you with the services, features, and tools you need to trade profitably and effectively. Therefore, you are going to get financial news live on the dashboard, as well as access to information you need to learn about opening trades. Asset price charts are also available, which help you figure out the market if you plan to trade manually.

Interestingly enough, when you watch the BitSignal video right on its website, you are going to learn that it provides you with the exact same features as the ones on BitQT. Again, we believe that BitSignal just copied the trading dashboard of BitQT, rebranding it as its own software. While this isn’t technically illegal, it does make us worry about the legitimacy of BitSignal. This is why we recommend that you use BitQT, reading its review, and learning more about it.

06. Professional and Responsive Customer Support

It’s important that you can contact customer support when you need it, and that includes all parts of the trading process. At BitQT, the customer service team is professional and responds quickly to your messages. You can contact them 24 hours a day Monday through Friday using email or Live Chat. Of course, you are going to be working with its brokers, too. Everything is partnered together, and the brokers provide you with great support, as well. Therefore, you’ve always got peace of mind that you can talk to someone when you’ve got a question or concern.

However, when we compare BitQT to BitSignal, we quickly found that it only gives you the option for Live Chat. We prefer that over email, but the issue was that we filled everything out and never got a response from the company. When you want a reliable auto-trading website and the best software available, don’t use BitSignal. This red flag is a big reason to use BitQT instead.

Is BitSignal Suitable for Every Trader?

As we previously explained, BitSignal is a direct copy of BitQT, which comes highly recommended. Therefore, they both cater to each type of trader. The goal is to use the original so that you know it is safe, which means BitSignal doesn’t fit the bill.

Demo Trades

Of course, both BitQT and BitSignal offer demo trading accounts. This is available at BitQT and gives traders credit in the amount of $1,500. It’s all virtual/fake money, but it allows you to test out the trading platform. You can learn everything there is to know about it and get used to how trades are performed. Of course, this also gives you a chance to play with the trading signals that come with the algorithm and software. Then, it’s easier to make up your own and test them all out without risking any of your money. For new traders, this is a significant benefit. Advanced traders can also utilize the demo account to test some trading strategies. It’s always available to you, even if you already funded your account.

Since BitSignal is a copy, it also offers demo trades. However, you are better off joining BitQT. That way, you don’t join to use the demo at BitSignal and then cancel to join BitQT, which is the preferred auto-trading robot.


If you go to the BitQT website, you can read testimonials from some of its clients. From them, you can see that BitQT works correctly, and people who use the software are making money.

Though BitSignal did copy the platform style and all the rest, we are glad that it didn’t copy the testimonials from BitQT. However, we did some research online and found that most other review sites list BitSignal as a scam site. We aren’t going as far as that, but we do feel that BitQT is the safer bet because it is the original of the two sites. That way, you know you’re not using copied trading software.

BitSignal Scam or Not? – The Bottom Line

It’s clear that we aren’t putting any faith into the BitSignal website. We have reviewed similar products throughout the years, so we can easily determine when one site copies another. This is a clear warning to us that it is not the safest option.

We don’t know if BitSignal copied every single element of BitQT, which means we can’t vouch for the algorithm and accuracy levels. Therefore, it’s best to sign up with the original website, which is BitQT. It’s already proven to work and has been tested by our team.

With that said, BitSignal does get a gold start from us because it chose to copy for BitQT, which is a reliable and accurate trading site.