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Digital trading apps are popping up from everywhere claiming to be the next big money-making thing, but we know that is often not true. At TrustPedia, we are constantly checking in on as many of these platforms as possible to keep you in the know and in the clear of scams.

As part of our efforts, we also revisit trading apps that we have already reviewed, just in case anything has changed. That is exactly what we did with Bitvestment, and boy are we happy we did.

The last time we reviewed Bitvestment, we were not impressed with the algorithm, the customer service, or the overall operation. Our previous Bitvestment review was certainly not positive, but it seems that the team has turned it around.

In this updated Bitvestment review, we are happy to recommend the platform and confirm that it is not a scam.

Key Takeaways

  • The Bitvestment trading app has undergone many significant changes and is now a high-functioning and effective platform.
  • Bitvestment is not a scam.
  • We opened an anonymous account to test it for ourselves and were pleased with what we found.
  • Bosses at the Bitvestment team have confirmed a recent overhaul of the entire app.
  • Beginner traders looking for a reliable crypto trading app with a strong algorithm and helpful customer service may want to consider joining Bitvestment.

Key Takeaways

Bitvestment is a digital crypto trading investment app that specializes in Bitcoin. It also offers Ethereum cryptocurrency that users can buy through the platform. Hopefully, in the future, more currencies can become available.

The platform provides several investment packages that users can choose from based on the amount they wish to invest and how long they want the trading to last. It is not a self-trading app, meaning that people do not really make trades themselves.

How Does the Trading App Work?

The updated version of Bitvestment is very simple. Users can register with just a few basic details: their full name and email address. They should also provide a phone number for the associate traders and brokers to get in contact should they require.

Once they register, users must confirm their account over the phone, and they are then given access to the software. At that point, the new account holder can choose from a variety of investment options, all of which have a set time frame to see returns.

After picking an investment package, the user deposits funds into their account, converting it to Bitcoin or Ethereum directly through the app (this is a handy feature that we love), where is it stored in a highly secure digital wallet. We can confirm that the e-wallets used by Bitvestment have some of the most advanced security and protection protocols of any that we have seen.

Next, the trading begins. The algorithm used by Bitvestment now after the update seems to work really well, and the team of traders who do most of the leg work is extremely capable. If people are using the Bitvestment site to track the trades and markets, they are sure to enjoy the user-friendly display and easy to follow navigation system.

What Services Does Bitvestment Offer?

At this time, Bitvestment only supports investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The various investment packages offered are the main focus of the platform, but there is also a trading app section where people can learn more about how trading works and how the algorithm strives for success.

One thing offered by Bitvestment that struck us as a little odd at first was the claim of ‘100% risk-free investments’ since this is not really the nature of trading, usually. However, after looking further into the setup, it seems that Bitvestment does guarantee that you do not lose any money.

Of course, the app cannot promise you can make money, otherwise, everybody would be investing! That said, the company offers simple and manageable investment options with a varying level of risk that it seems to manage very well.

Our Investigation

Our updated Bitvestment review came in two parts. First, we registered an account anonymously and followed all the same steps that a genuine customer would have followed. Next, we contacted the owner and director of the Bitvestment trading platform for a little chat about the changes.

At both stages, we were very pleasantly surprised by how far the platform had come since the first time we checked it out. Here are a few more details about exactly what we did and what we found.

What Did We Check?

Okay, so you can’t get too far into a review without checking out the signup sheet! Overall, the process went exactly as expected and advertised. We entered the details, waited for confirmation. Then, we were contacted by someone over the phone to finalize the account details. All pretty standard stuff.

The new website design is excellent and so easy to follow. Everything looks extremely professional, pleasing to the eye, and is simple to navigate your way around, even as a first-time visitor.

The final hurdle for any trading app is how it handles withdrawals. If everything else goes well, but you just cannot get your money out, then it was all for nothing. Thankfully, that was not the case here.

We went to withdraw our funds at the agreed time (we chose to invest in a five-day). Of course, we were offered the chance to reinvest it elsewhere, but for the purpose of this review, it was time to withdraw. It was simple, smooth, and relatively fast.

Once we converted the available funds back to USD, all we had to do was enter the details of where we wanted it sent. FYI- you can also choose to withdraw straight to a digital wallet if you want to keep the money as crypto. It took the average amount of time we tend to expect for a withdrawal of that kind.

Some platforms make the investment or deposit section far too complicated, but Bitvestment could not have been easier. All it took was picking a package, entering the amount of US dollars we wanted to deposit, and selecting what cryptocurrency we wanted to convert it to.

We didn’t need to go through a complicated crypto transfer or mess around with various wallets- Bitvestment took care of it all. Please note, however, that you should always have a reliable digital wallet ready to go if you plan to trade in cryptocurrency, just in case you ever need to withdraw it quickly.

Customer service, or the lack thereof, during our first Bitvestment review, was one of the biggest issues. However, this time around, it is a very different story. We contacted the customer service team several times (again, without saying who we are) for multiple questions and were met with highly enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and helpful individuals every time.

Furthermore, we were provided with an email address and phone number that we could use at any time, and the questions we had were all answered quickly and effectively. In our opinion, Bitvestment now has top marks for its customer service team.

What Has Changed?

Considering how much better the platform was from start to finish, we thought it necessary to find out exactly what had happened. Luckily, we were able to get in touch with the owner of the platform for a lengthy discussion about the steps they had taken to turn things around and build a stronger, more secure, and more reliable app.

Some of the key changes made were as follows.

  • There is a whole new team behind the scenes running things. The brains behind the platform have been upgraded, meaning that the software has a whole new level of efficiency. Part of the problem in the pat had been concern over the people handling the trades and people’s money, so a fresh team of traders and software engineers is definitely a step in the right direction.
  • A whole new focus on customer service is now central to their operation. One thing missing from many digital trading apps is the personal touch and reassurance that if you need to speak to an actual human person, you can, quite easily. The fact that Bitvestment has restructured and holds customer service as a central value is a very promising sign.
  • Updated and improved robot algorithm. An app with poorly configured algorithms is no good to anyone. That was possibly the case with Bitvestment a while ago, but not anymore. The latest updates to the software and programming involved with the app are excellent. It is clear to see how Bitvestment managed to turn a corner when looking at the technical changes the team has made.
  • A far more streamlined interface and website. Lastly, Bitvestment has had a website makeover. It may not seem like a particularly important issue, but it is another feather in the hat of the new and improved platform. First impressions count, and the website is the first thing most people see, so it is admirable that the company has taken time to rebrand, regroup, and restart.

What Is Bitvestment?

TrustPedia is aware of all the digital apps popping up, claiming to be the next big money-making solution. Our job is to make sure that these applications aren’t fraudulent and keep the public in the know.

In some cases, we go back and review old entries in the hopes of finding an improvement or more evidence to prove their status.

We did that with Bitvestment, and we are happy we did. Previously, we were not satisfied with the overall operations, customer service, and algorithm. The last review regarding Bitvestment was not positive, but the company has turned it around.

This updated review confirms it is not a scam and is happy to recommend the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Bitvestment work on a mobile phone?

    Yes, there is a mobile version of Bitvestment. You can download the app via PlayStore or the App Store and log in using the same details as you would for the primary site. The app gives you all the same access and information as the website so you can keep up to date with your trading and investment progress on the go.

  2. Does Bitvestment have a minimum or maximum deposit amount?

    There is no maximum deposit limit on Bitvestment, although some card providers or bank accounts may impose their own. The minimum deposit requirement is different depending on what investment package you choose. It ranges from $100 to $5000. Lower minimum deposit accounts are short-term investments, while the higher minimums last a little longer, so there are several elements to consider before picking a package.

  3. Is cryptocurrency a good investment?

    Like any asset or trade, cryptocurrency carries risk. That said, it has proven to be a great investment for many people. The value of individual currencies can fluctuate at any given moment, driving prices up or down. The trick to crypto trading is to buy when the value is low and sell when it is high.

    Trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a volatile but exciting venture- one that many experienced traders take years to master. Investing for long-term holdings is the preferred method by some, but everyone is different. Speaking to a financial advisor is a good idea if you are considering making a significant investment.

  4. Can I make a deposit via a bank transfer?

    Deposits are possible via credit card, debit card, and bank transfer on the Bitvestment trading app. Bank transfers may take longer to clear for both deposits and withdrawals.

  5. Is cryptocurrency the only thing I can invest in through Bitvestment?

    At the moment, yes. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the only available investment opportunities on Bitvestment for the time being, but the aim is to expand in the future.

Bitvestment Review Final Verdict: Is Bitvestment a Scam?

After taking a deep dive into the software, the algorithm, and the genuine customer experience, we can confidently say that Bitvestment is not a scam. Our discussion with the owner highlighted several positive changes the company has made and shows how serious it is about providing an excellent service and platform.

Anybody potentially interested in investing in cryptocurrency through Bitvestment should always carry out additional research to ensure it is the correct match for them. They should also remember that every investment carries risk, and returns are never guaranteed.

Overall, the changes since our first Bitvestment review until now are very encouraging, and we look forward to seeing how the app progresses and what comes next!