Bitvestment Review

Is Bitvestment a Scam?

Bitvestment is a new platform that claims to help new cryptocurrency investors succeed in the market. As an investor, you should avoid Bitvestment because it is handled by experienced scammers.

The company first opened its doors in 2018 and is said to be based in London, United Kingdom. Even though they are unregulated, they accept funds from all over the world.

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The government is still tweaking its policies to protect citizens from the cryptocurrency industry. It hasn’t accomplished much, but it has advised people to avoid investments that promise high returns but lack transparency.

Bitvestment is a non-registered investment firm. Unregulated Investment Companies have the problem of being trustworthy and abusing restrictions. Stay clear from this investment company since they are nameless and can vanish at any time without warning.

You should be able to readily find out who is the CEO of this brokerage firm, who runs it, and so on to ensure you are dealing with a licensed and well-known investment company. Because you have no idea who would be dealing with your money, a lack of knowledge is a major red signal. This is why Bitvestment is a risky investment company to do business with.

Newbies and intermediate crypto traders are in great danger of falling for the HYIP firms’ false financial stories.

However, before you put your money into any online investment, make sure you do your homework and select legitimate crypto services. Most importantly, unlike any other venture, the Bitcoin sector is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

What Is Bitvestment?

Bitvestment is a website that provides an investment platform with a high ROI (Return on Investment).

The Bitvestment website has a nice design. It has a beautiful theme and colors. However, we are more concerned with the functionality of this website than with its design.

There are already several similar sites on the internet that are attempting to defraud consumers.

Bitvestment’s Red Flags

This isn't the first website to provide HIYP plans. Bitvestment is promoting an HYIP (High Yielding Investment Program), which is essentially a Ponzi Scheme. The company pays a high return to its investors from the capital invested by newcomers in a Ponzi Scheme.

Bitvestment isn’t actually in business. They just accept investments from a variety of people and pay interest on the new member’s contribution.

Gradually, a large amount of debt accumulates on the company, and the company ceases to pay, even shutting down operations and fleeing with people’s money.

Scam victims are those who have been blinded by their greed. A long list of victims can be found all throughout the world.

This isn’t the first website to offer high-yield investment opportunities. Many websites are up and running, and many more have already shut down.

Bitvestment is a Ponzi scheme, which is a worldwide criminal scheme. It may pay you at first, but it can soon shut down its operations.

Ownership Is Unknown and Unidentified

The information on the owner is crucial. Before investing in a firm, everyone should endeavor to learn everything they can about it. Don't let down your guard by claiming that nothing bad can happen to you.

Scammers never expose their victim’s personal information. If they do, the victim should file a lawsuit against them (for obvious reasons). Even when they give information about their team of specialists, it always turns out to be false.

Information is a metric by which we may assess a website’s transparency, particularly when it comes to websites that handle financial transactions.

The Bitvestment website has no information about the owner or parent firm. They’ve also kept their information private in records. There is also no transparency on the website. It is not a favorable situation for any investment firm.

Business Model of Bitvestment

Bitvestment claims to have developed some sort of proprietary strategy with a high win rate. Everything they say makes theoretical sense, but they haven't provided any form of evidence to back up their claims.

Don’t you think they would have offered demo accounts or free trials to demonstrate their abilities if they were truly capable of making enormous profits? They are desperate, and the lack of proof and misleading narratives peddled by them indicates that they have no true relationship with the markets in the first place.

Lucrative Plans a Trap

Bitvestment offers extremely lucrative programs (120 percent to 280 percent depending on your investment plan). On this platform, you can earn extremely high profits that you wouldn't be able to acquire from a reputable investing firm.

However, all financial professionals agree that if you can earn a 10% return on your investment, you are an excellent investor.

No investment platform can guarantee a good return on investment with no risk of losing money. Market risk is always present in investment markets. If someone promises that, he or she is fooling you. Understand that no genuine investment tool can promise a high rate of return.

From this point alone, it is clear that this site is not a wise investment, but this is also the point at which individuals fall prey to the scam. It’s ironic, but it’s accurate.

People seldom believe it since such sites pay upfront. When they are deceived, however, they begin to believe and comprehend that the investment schemes are lucrative and are solely designed to scam people.

Affiliates Are the Real Deal

Making a new referral or affiliate is the true effort on the Bitvestment platform. The more referrals you make, the higher the commission you can receive.

Scammers utilize both referral and affiliate ways to defraud people, thus we’re using both terms to represent one method of defrauding people.

The Bitvestment site explains that they invest your money and then deliver you the earnings according to the plan.

However, because they are not genuine persons, they cannot invest any funds on the Bitvestment site.

The Bitvestment site is becoming more unstable due to its profitable plans and affiliate or referral commissions of 5% -10% -20% (on three distinct plans).

It’s because, over time, they aren’t able to pay their subscribers what they’ve promised, and their site can shut down.

UK Certificate

Many consumers may believe that the UK Certificate displayed on the Bitvestment website is proof of its legitimacy.

However, based on investigation, the UK Certificate is only used for taxation purposes, and anyone can obtain one without much difficulty.

Perhaps this is why nearly every website that offers an HYIP program has a UK Certificate.

Therefore, to put it plainly, the UK Certificate on the Bitvestment website is not proof of their legality or authenticity.

Never Put Your Trust in a Broker

It's critical to always examine a broker's license because scammers can lie to get you to deposit the biggest amount of money.

If you deposit money and are then asked to pay fees to withdraw it, do not do so because you are then giving them even more money.

Bitvestment Review

The platform contains professional expertise, and they use it to provide huge returns to their clients.

Their assertions are logically valid, as trading can be profitable. It doesn’t add up, however, that they haven’t provided any proof to back up their claims.

We’re not sure how they maintain such high win rates. The trading model used by Bitinvest has not been revealed.

The amount deposited by all of their investors in the platform has been posted on the platform. Given that the platform has only been on the market for a short time, the statistic they have provided is hazy and unreliable.

On their website, Bitinvest has no trading history. There isn’t enough evidence. How can we trust them if they don’t provide us with enough information?

Investing in this business is a bad idea and a bad decision. Don’t put your money at risk just because they promise big gains. Take a look at the facts that have been thrown out on the table.

Despite this, Bitinvest does not offer a demo account. As a result, you are unable to evaluate the platform’s services. The company has presented investors with nothing but hollow promises, demonstrating their level of deception.

We are convinced that this platform has nothing to do with cryptocurrency trading. Psychological liars who have perfected the art of fabrication manage the platform.

Bitvestment Regulation

Regulatory authority is attempting to protect individuals from scammers in every manner possible. Many scammers are linked to the bitcoin industry. They can deceive you if you are not careful.

The government has made it harder for pyramid schemes to succeed in the market. They issue licenses to platforms that follow the established protocols.

A certificate of incorporation can be found on the Bitvestment website. To begin with, the goal of publishing such a document is to confuse investors and make them believe that they are legitimate. Seams, like this company, aims to breach every law without thinking about the consequences.

The permit is a forgery, according to the FCA, and Bitvestment is nowhere to be found. As a result, we can confidently state that the platform is in use illegally.

You should always check to see if the site you’re using is regulated. A platform with a license is more secure to work with, and money security is a top focus.

Bitvestment may face criminal charges, and this is not the type of organization you should trust. This platform can never put your funds’ best interests first.

Further, to confuse investors and appear legitimate, pyramid schemes have developed a new method of displaying phony license documents. 

Investment Plans at Bitvestment

Clients can choose from three investment plans offered by the platform. The first investment plan guarantees a 120% return after just one day.

In addition, the minimum and maximum amounts you can put into this agreement are $20 and $10,000, respectively. You may also be eligible for a 5% referral commission.

After two days, the second plan delivers a profit of 140 %. The minimum deposit amount is $500, while the maximum deposit amount is $20,000. You can earn a 10% referral commission.

Lastly, the third and final plan is for high-end customers. The greatest amount you can deposit is unrestricted, but the least amount they accept is $1000. After one day, you can expect a 280% return and a 20% affiliate commission.

If you look attentively at the profits offered by Bitvestment, you notice that they’re both attractive and too high.

These should be considered as red flags, and they should not exist because there is no legitimate company in the market that can produce such a large sum of money in such a short period.


Bitvestment, like other pyramid schemes, uses market promoters to help them attract visitors to their website. Their platform cannot last long in the market if it did not generate revenue.

Marketers who assist Bitvestment in reaching more victims are paid a set fee. A conflict of interest arises as a result of this. To market the pyramid scheme, the promoters publish blog articles, videos, and advertisements.

The content they create serves as proof to members of the public that the site is legitimate.

Do not believe any of their boasts; at the end of the day, only the company and the promoter can profit.

They use you and leave you broke and upset since you’re only a shadow. You should not give a Ponzi scheme a chance; if an offer seems too good to be true, get out while you still have the opportunity.


The best way to avoid becoming a victim of a scam or a terrible website is to learn the fundamentals.

Scammers cannot hurt us unless we help them. Earning money online is doable, and we’re doing it ourselves, but there’s “no shortcut to anything worthwhile.”

These scammers can affect you in a variety of ways unless you learn to evaluate things objectively. Learn how to invest like a pro. Since many people do, it is not impossible. All that is required is a little patience.