Brexit Millionaire Review

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Is It a Scam or a Legitimate crypto bot trading?

Almost everyone who initially heard of cryptocurrency waited for a while to make sure it wasn’t just a short trend. However, many people now want to trade, and they don’t know the first thing about where to start. Some might stumble upon automated crypto bot trading, which can be significantly helpful if they are legitimate. In particular, residents of the United Kingdom might come across Brexit Millionaire, which is undoubtedly a scam site.

We have reviewed this crypto bot trading thoroughly. It doesn’t have a single thing that can help you gain profit. Moreover, every detail and feature of Brexit Millionaire is incredibly vague. If you’ve already deposited some money in this automated crypto trading robot, then it is likely gone. Those wondering why that is can read this in-depth review to figure out everything about Brexit Millionaire.

What to do instead?

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What’s Brexit Millionaire?

Brexit Millionaire is an automated crypto trading robot that trades stocks, contracts for difference (CFD), Forex, and cryptocurrencies with minimal human intervention.

Many scam sites would have you believe that their software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to achieve effective exchanges, but that’s a lie. Of course, legitimate crypto bot trading often have these characteristics, but the main difference between them is that these explain how it works.

This bitcoin robot, in particular, only claims to use a “special algorithm” that finds the best trades possible. It never explains how it works but claims that it proved advantageous in most customer asset exchanges, which is suspicious enough.

Is Brexit Millionaire a Scam?

Brexit Millionaire is undoubtedly a scam site. It became apparent even after a short evaluation, but we didn’t stop there. Here are a couple of things that we found out after a thorough review:

  • It doesn’t provide any detailed information about how their platform or mobile app works.
  • The website is significantly well-made, but its purpose is to drive users to register and deposit money.
  • We found several negative reviews of users talking about this trading robot. According to these, the trading robot doesn’t work and sells your information to other companies.
  • The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) doesn’t regulate it, and it doesn’t provide a list of partnered brokers.

There are even more reasons that prove that Brexit Millionaire is fake. If you want to find out more about them, read about them below. However, if you wish to see what a legitimate crypto bot trading looks like, check out our Bitcoin Era review.

Comprehensive Brexit Millionaire Review – Why It’s a Scam

Brexit Millionaire follows the typical pattern of many scam sites: instead of focusing on promising unrealistic results, it vaguely describes how its software can help you make trades effectively. Most people might see this as a sign that the platform is legitimate, but that’s precisely why the page is designed that way.

This crypto bot trading claims that it uses a platform with a unique algorithm to find suitable trading opportunities. Furthermore, Brexit Millionaire claims that most people don’t need experience to begin using it. These characteristics are similar to many automated crypto trading robot platforms, both scam and legitimate, so it’s extremely easy to fall into its trap.

The cover starts to break once you notice that it doesn’t provide any specific details about their software. Additionally, Brexit Millionaire doesn’t offer a list of their brokers and partners. It only vaguely states that the page redirects you to the partnered broker after registering to verify the data.

The primary purpose of Brexit Millionaire is to drive anyone, regardless of trading experience, to register and deposit money in the account. After all, it constantly claims that the platform is easy to use for everyone as it opts for a “simplistic” approach.

Here are a couple of more detailed reasons why this crypto bot trading is a scam:

Fake Reviews

Brexit Millionaire itself doesn’t have any fake testimonials on its platform, but TrustPilot, a review site, shows an entirely distorted rating. There is a significant number of five-star testimonials that allude to how well the site works. However, most of these “reviews” are from users with only a single comment, that being the one on this automated crypto trading robot.

If you search for one-star reviews, you can quickly see how fake they are. Users comment that the site doesn’t look genuine, that the FCA doesn’t regulate it, that it sells your phone number, takes your deposit, etc.

Generic Software Information

As we mentioned before, Brexit Millionaire’s page only provides generic information on its automated trading robot that doesn’t explain anything. However, the page does have some insights about Brexit, cryptocurrency, and trading.

All it claims is that it has a “special algorithm” that performs well in the cryptocurrency, CFDs, stocks, and Forex financial markets. Other than that, there isn’t hard proof of what this algorithm is, how it works, and how it may help you trade better.

The only thing that Brexit Millionaire states is that the platform is simple to use. Of course, it says that to bring in as many users as it can. Overall, you can’t trust an online trading robot that doesn’t provide detailed information about its platform. We recommend everyone to avoid registering as Brexit Millionaire may use the information for nefarious purposes.

Inexistent Security Measures

Apart from telling you that you can trade safely with the help of its app or website platform, this company doesn’t say anything else about its security measures. Many legitimate trading robots, such as BitQT and Bitcoin Prime, provide at least an overview of their security measures to help you feel a little safer when conducting trades.

Also, any trading robot software is obligated to tell you how it protects your data from third-party companies. It must tell you how it may use this information as well. Brexit Millionaire’s privacy policy has a section on this, but it’s filled with generic terms. It doesn’t even mention the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) lawful bases or the organization’s contact details for those concerned about their private information.

It Doesn’t List a Financial Regulatory Authority

If an automated crypto trading robot lists a proper regulatory authority, it might be a sign of a legitimate platform. Sure, there are instances where the regulatory agency itself is untrustworthy, but having one already improves the general outlook.

Brexit Millionaire doesn’t mention a financial regulatory authority at all. As the name dictates, the company conducts its operations in the United Kingdom, where the FCA is the primary financial regulator. Nonetheless, if you look up the company, you don’t get any valid results.

If that wasn’t enough, let’s look at what Brexit Millionaire itself claims. This crypto bot trading says that it can help its users exchange CFDs, among other things. However, the FCA banned CFD brokerage. There shouldn’t be a crypto bot trading that deals with these assets as there isn’t any regulated broker that can legally trade CFDs.

The FCA, ASIC, FSB, CySec, and other financial agencies also regulate most brokers these crypto bots trading use. If you find a robot that doesn’t have a regulatory authority presiding over it, you can conclude that it isn’t legitimate. This way, you can quickly dismiss most sites with regulatory issues, including Brexit Millionaire, as they most likely are scams.

Non-existent Withdrawal Process

Like most scamming robots, Brexit Millionaire doesn’t let you withdraw the capital you add to the account. Legitimate crypto bot trading often allow you to take back the money in its entirety if you want to, so it’s an easy way to determine whether a crypto bot trading is safe to use.

Additionally, this crypto bot trading doesn’t mention withdrawals in any part of its website, terms, and privacy policy, which leads us to believe that you lose the money the moment you deposit it.

Any action you take afterward with it is pointless. After all, Brexit Millionaire doesn’t even have customer support. All it has is a contact us page that doesn’t mention when it may get back to you.

If you try to ask for a withdrawal through there, you might not receive a response. Even if you get one, it might be a generic answer stating that the company can do nothing about it.

The Final Verdict – Is Brexit Millionaire a Scam?

After a thorough evaluation of Brexit Millionaire, it’s clear that this crypto bot trading isn’t reliable at all. In fact, there are more than enough reasons to believe that it’s a full-fledged scam site that takes away any capital you deposit into the account.

For starters, the site only offers generic information when it comes to the details of its platform. It does provide splendid facts about Brexit and general cryptocurrency tips, but that’s the only good part of Brexit Millionaire. Unfortunately, it’s also the part that may fool most people into believing that it’s a trustworthy crypto bot trading.

The site doesn’t have any security measures for your account. There’s also no reason to believe that this scam site does anything to protect your personal data. It might even sell your information to third parties, which more often than not are more illegitimate trading sites designed to scam users.

In addition, Brexit Millionaire doesn’t mention how to withdraw your money or contact customer support about it and other concerns.

Overall, you shouldn’t trust Brexit Millionaire any more than you do Bitcoin Bot or 1K Daily Profit, which are complete scam sites. We recommend using a different automated trading platform to conduct exchanges on the cryptocurrency, stock, CFD, or Forex market. After all, any money you invest in Brexit Millionaire is practically lost.

What Should I Do Instead of Using Brexit Millionaire?

Even if Brexit Millionaire turned out to be a scam, many other automated crypto trading robots offer excellent opportunities for you to invest in cryptocurrencies and other assets safely. However, it’s essential to remember that there are many illegitimate sites, so you have to take care of yourself when looking for an option.

Regardless, our team has reviewed countless trading platforms and has already found the best options for you to explore. Many of these offer you every feature you need to start trading quickly and are also beginner-friendly. Some of these crypto bot trading include BitQT, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Prime, and Yuan Pay Group.

Still, it’s important to remember that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Investing in them is risky, so researching a little about the crypto world and trades might be ideal.

If you choose to go through with any of our recommended crypto bot trading, we suggest you start investing with the minimum amounts possible. It can reduce your risks and considerably improve your trading experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we did our best to prove that Brexit Millionaire is a scam, you may still have questions about it. This section provides an overview of everything in this review and some additional information that can help people make up their minds quickly about this crypto bot trading.

  1. Is Brexit Millionaire a Scam?

    Yes, we can undoubtedly say that Brexit Millionaire is a scam after our thorough review. It provides general information about its platform using language typical of most scam sites, which does not offer many promises and keeps most details unclear. For that reason, we suggest anyone interested in trading cryptocurrencies to steer clear of this website.

  2. How Much Money Can You Deposit on the Account?

    You can deposit any amount you wish on Brexit Millionaire, but we advise you to refrain from doing so. Any money you deposit into the account is as good as gone, considering that this site is a scam. Even if the minimum amount is $250, it might try and probe you for more once you create an account.

  3. Can You Earn Profits Using Brexit Millionaire?

    As Brexit Millionaire is a scam, you can’t earn anything through it. Investing your capital in this trading robot is the same as throwing away your hard-earned cash. Moreover, it doesn’t have a regulatory authority, and it doesn’t list any trusted brokers.

  4. Is It Possible to Withdraw the Money I Deposited into Brexit Millionaire?

    No, any money you deposit into your Brexit Millionaire trading account is locked in it. This automated trading robot doesn’t mention a means to withdraw your capital in any part of the website. In comparison, other trusted platforms provide clear conditions, which in turn may let you recover your entire investment before starting to trade.