CFD Trader Review

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Withdrawals are easy
No hidden fees
Low deposit
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Find out everything you need to know about CFD Trading Robot

CFD Trader is one of the newer automatic trading software options on the market. Its goal is to help others trade Bitcoin using Contracts for Differences. This is a little different than traditional trading on an exchange. We’re going to talk about how it works and whether or not you should consider using it. Is CFD Trader a scam? You are going to find out with this review.

Do We Think CFD Trader Is Legit?

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin because it’s an extremely popular cryptocurrency. However, you might not know that it took a while before it got famous.

As the oldest crypto on the market, it stands to reason that most people trade Bitcoin than other cryptos, such as Ethereum. Still, only die-hard fans invested in it up until 2017. At that point, its value soared, making it something that everyone wanted to trade.

Celebrities from all over the world claim that it helped them get rich, so it’s only natural that average people choose to invest in it. We always wonder about claims to fame and fortune through cryptocurrency, but we didn’t find anything to worry about with CFD Trader. In fact, it doesn’t mention a single celebrity on its website. We conclude from this that the auto-trader isn’t focused on advertising tactics and lets its algorithm speak for itself.

Regardless of who has or hasn’t invested, Bitcoin is still very popular and is valued at over $20,000. Since 2019 and the big boom, crypto traders became wealthy.

Of course, CFD Trader is here to help average people trade Bitcoin without knowing the system. You should always do your research to learn about CFD trading and how everything works. However, this auto-trader takes some of the risks out of performing trades. Just tell it the criteria you want to use, and it does the rest.

A word of caution here: CFD trading can be riskier than traditional exchange trades. Still, we do not believe that this software is a scam because of how it works and what it does. CFD Trader uses an algorithm within its software. This lets it search through a lot of data to find out how Bitcoin did that day in the past. With such information, it tells you how the market is likely to flow. When it finds deals that fit in with the trading parameters you set up, it trades them for you automatically.

We’ve found that it has high win rates, which are all based on your situation, trading parameters, and the market’s conditions. Therefore, you’ve got a good chance to win your trade, but there aren’t any guarantees.

This software is designed to give you a bigger edge within the market, but no one can predict 100 percent of the time what the market is going to do. Remember, Bitcoin values can change instantly, making it very volatile.

We believe that CFD Trader is legitimate as an automatic trading software. It’s similar to many other auto-traders we’ve reviewed. Take a look at the Bitcoin Era review to see the similarities between the two trading bots.

Regardless of the auto-trader you choose to use, we recommend caution be used. Make sure you are familiar with the software before adding money. It’s always best to invest the lowest amount at first; you can still double your earnings and choose to add more capital later.


  • No commissions or hidden fees
  • Withdrawals are easy
  • High win rates
  • Low deposit requirements

Our Verdict: Is CFD Trader Scam?

  1. The CFD Trader software features an algorithm, which makes it have higher success rates all around.
  2. With that said, trading cryptocurrencies does mean higher risks, so be aware and be cautious.
  3. Try this software with the free demo or find out more about it by continuing to read this review.

CFD Trader: What Is It?

The first thing we do when reviewing an auto-trading robot is to look at the about us section. We don’t often find much information, and the same is true of CFD Trader.

You can read a little about the creators, but there aren’t any names. We’re not too leery of this, as we wouldn’t want everyone to know what we did for them, either. Still, you can get a little more info about the people, so we feel that it is legit on that account.

CFD Trader is a newer auto-trading system on the market right now. Plus, it has an algorithm, which allows it to track and use a lot of data from the past. The software can then make decisions about the right trades for you a bit faster than doing it alone or on another platform. While the time jump isn’t much, it ensures that you find out things quicker than the brokers. We discuss the brokers in-depth later.

The members on the site talk about the software’s ease of use. They also say that they didn’t have trading experience and could still make deals through the platform, suggesting that it’s effective. Generally, this is proven through the testimonials that they write. We don’t know if they are legitimate, but they appear so. These testaments don’t seem to be professionally done.

How Does It All Work?

CFD Trader is free to join and use, but you’ve got to set up your account first. We know that the creators have to make money, and we’re not entirely sure how that happens.

In fact, we believe that the brokers have to pay a small fee, but a percentage of your earnings on each trade are also removed before the payout is calculated. This is legitimate because the creators have to make money, or they wouldn’t be allowing you to use the software and algorithm at all.

Users deposit their investment, which is usually $250. Then, you get connected with the platform’s brokers. There are many of them, and we have reviewed some of them, including ForexTB, Midaswms, and CPL One. You can read about them to understand more what the brokers do and how good they are. The good news is you don’t sign up with the brokers; your initial signup on CFD Trader is all you need. Set up the parameters before the trade and let the bot do the work.

The Signup Process

  1. Making trades on CFD Trader is easy. Create your account from the official website. You aren’t going to have to provide much information. Just your name, email address, cell phone number, and a password are all that’s required. In fact, you don’t have to choose a password; the website can do it for you.
  2. Check your email after signing up because there is going to be a verification sent to you. Click the link so that you go directly to the official website. Input your sign-in credentials and access the platform. The site doesn’t charge any fees, so, up to this point, you don’t need to input credit or debit card details.
  3. Learn about the platform by clicking on the links and navigating to various points. You can read the FAQs and other pertinent information to familiarize yourself with Bitcoin and CFD trading in general. When you’re comfortable and feel good about the site, add at least $250 to your account. It’s possible to invest more. However, we believe it’s a good idea to stick with the lowest amount while you’re starting out.
  4. Now is the time to start trading by clicking the ‘trade’ button. You can choose different trading parameters, but they’re already set for beginners. Automatic trading is ideal for those who don’t know much about trading. However, manual mode is also available if you’re experienced or want to try your hand at doing your own trades. Our recommendation is to start off in automatic mode to see how the system works.

CFD Trader Features

You’re going to experience some amazing features with BitQT App that aren’t available from other auto-trading software options.


With some platforms, you’ve got to send in information to prove who you are, such as a bank statement. This doesn’t happen with CFD Trader. Your cell number and email are enough at first. Then, when you deposit your funds, it’s another way to verify your information.


There’s no exchange on CFD Trader. You get paired with an online broker, such as the ones we mentioned earlier. You tell the broker, through the platform, whether or not Bitcoin is going to rise/fall. To do that, you set up your trading parameters, and the bot does the rest. Correct predictions mean a win and some profits.


You don’t have to pay any fees to sign up or use the system. In fact, you aren’t charged by the brokers, either.


There are high win rates with CFD Trader, but nothing is guaranteed. Therefore, you can start off with significantly lower deposits and earn over $1,000 a day, though this depends on the market. After each trade is completed, you are going to receive your payout quickly. The system takes out a percentage for the creators of the algorithm and software. Then, the rest is yours and stays in your account. You may choose to withdraw some or reinvest it.


Testimonials are a great way to learn what others have said. This doesn’t mean you’re going to see the same results or that your story is similar. However, we’ve read each of them and find that the users have earned money and changed their lives for the better. We can’t know if the information is legit, but it sounds like it is, and we believe that they are real people who tried the system and earned money.


We didn’t have any questions when we tested the system, but you might. It’s perfectly normal, and you can get in contact with CFD Trader through email or live chat. There are also FAQ sections and other ways to gain information.


Of course, the biggest concern people have is withdrawing their earnings. It doesn’t make sense to amass such wealth with no way of claiming it. CFD Trader allows you to withdraw money after each trade deal, and we think this is the best way to go. Plus, you can reinvest what you don’t remove. Generally, withdrawals take 24 hours for completion (getting into your bank account).

Tips for Using CFD Trader

Whether you want to use CFD Trader or another auto-trading website, these tips can help you make the most of it.

  1. Start off small. You’re thinking about joining CFD Trader, or you wouldn’t be here reading this review. Since the deposit requirement is low, you don’t have to invest much. We recommend the $250 deposit.
  2. Don’t watch. It can be fun to watch each trade and see what happens, but this can get a little nerve-wracking. Instead, we recommend that you use automated mode and check back a couple of times throughout the day. That way, you stay on top of things without the nail-biting.
  3. Reinvest and withdraw. You’re going to start making profits quickly, so think about reinvesting some of it. That way, you don’t have to add more capital all the time. Still, you should withdraw some after each trade to keep money rolling in.

Our Verdict

Throughout the last decade or so, trading robots have been on the market. Most people didn’t understand how to use them, but they weren’t as advanced as they now are.

CFD Trader features a powerful algorithm that can help you trade Bitcoin without much experience.

Of course, Bitcoin trades are risky, but so is trading anything. Wins are guaranteed, but the high success rate of others shows that it’s possible to make money. We feel that CFD Trader is legitimate. Go to the CFD Trader website now and become a member.