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Is Crowd Millionaire a Scam?

Many people want to get in on the action of trading Bitcoin, but they aren’t sure how exchanges work. You may not want to use a broker because you have to pick the right moments yourself, and that is hard to do.

These people usually go online to find out about auto-trading robots. This software uses an algorithm to go through past information and find the best trades. Then, the system executes them for you so that you don’t need to analyze the market or do much.

You’ve probably seen advertisements for Crowd Millionaire and wonder if you should try it. We suggest that you don’t sign up and read this review first. Our team investigated the platform to find that it’s a scam!

If you were unfortunate enough to make a deposit using this robot, you are sure to lose your money. We can help you avoid this in the future. Our website is full of legitimate auto-trading robots. Plus, we discuss how to spot scam sites

Read on to discover why Crowd Millionaire is a scam. If you’re sold already and want to try a legitimate web trader, consider The Bitcoin Era.

What to do instead?

Low deposits
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Is Crowd Millionaire Legit? No!

We’ve conducted thorough research into Crowd Millionaire. These are the reasons it is a scam:

  • Crowd Millionaire uses deceptive techniques for sign-ups.
  • There’s no accuracy at all. Most traders see consistent losses from the moment they start trading.
  • The web trader itself is fake. It’s just a simple webpage without an algorithm to crunch the data.
  • Learn more about Crowd Millionaire to find out why you shouldn’t use it. Alternatively, you can read the review about Bitcoin Evolution if you want to try using a legit robot.

What Is Crowd Millionaire?

Crowd Millionaire is a simple webpage, but it claims that it’s auto-trading software for Bitcoin. Legit robots help traders with Bitcoin CFDs, which is where you guess the price of the crypto to earn money.

Our investigation shows that Crowd Millionaire is a scam. You’re going to lose the deposit you put in because there’s no live trading. In fact, we know that it uses predetermined numbers, so you experience losses each time. We’re also unsure if there’s trading technology used at Crowd Millionaire as it claims.

Why Is Crowd Millionaire a Scam?

The things it mentions on its site are comical, to say the least. It claims that it has advanced technology, but we question that because we tried it without success.

Crowd Millionaire also boasts of award-winning software. However, we read about it, and there’s no mention of which organization provided the award. We aren’t even sure that awards are ever given to auto-trading software.

Crowd Millionaire is just there to take other people’s money. We feel that it promises the moon, making it seem like a dream come true to those in financial distress already.

Insane Claims of Wealth

Everywhere on the homepage, you see claims that members make thousands per day and seeing impressive results without having to do work. While our team got a little excited to see that, we learned the hard way that it’s untrue.

Therefore, everyone is going to see that they have a “potential to earn” and think that it’s the ticket to easy street they’ve been waiting for. We feel that Crowd Millionaire makes claims it can’t guarantee and shouldn’t promise.

Legit auto-trading software doesn’t use those tactics. They don’t mention amounts or promise that you only have to “work” a few minutes each day.

Accuracy Percentages

Another thing that Crowd Millionaire does is claim that the algorithm it uses has 99 percent accuracy.

We find it hard to believe that anything could be that close to perfect, especially when dealing with the crypto market. Cryptocurrency is volatile, and the numbers bounce around all day long.

Legitimate auto-traders use an algorithm to scan the past data from the market and analyze it. However, there’s no guarantee that what happened two years ago is going to happen today.

These algorithms can’t be right all the time, but that doesn’t signal that the auto-trading robot is a fake. The reason we feel that Crowd Millionaire is a scam is that it claims it’s accurate about 99 percent of the time, and that’s just not feasible.


We have written about scam bots in the past with crazy testimonials of people standing next to planes and such. Crowd Millionaire doesn’t do that, but we don’t feel that they are legitimate.

Most of the photos are of people in business suits. Now, if you could make money from home, are you going to dress like that or wear comfortable clothes?
Each one has claims of earning specific amounts each day. We just can’t see how that is possible or feasible, especially with the low deposit amount required by Crowd Millionaire.

If Crowd Millionaire has thousands of members, you might expect one or two of them to have a complaint. However, they’re not listed on the site. We researched further by going to online forums, where we did find some negative comments. With that and all the other information we gathered, we feel that this is a fake web trader.

We do not feel that you should sign up and use Crowd Millionaire. If you already signed up, please do not deposit money and close the account.

No Mention of Partner Brokers

An auto-trading robot is not allowed to take the member’s money. It is illegal, regardless of which country you live in. Therefore, these web traders use partner brokers (online) to handle the deposits.

In fact, you bet against the broker on the price of Bitcoin to earn or lose money.

Generally, you go to the about us section of any website to learn more about the product or company. Crowd Millionaire does have one, but there’s no mention anywhere of the partner brokers. It isn’t required by law to include that information, but transparency should be the name of the game. If this auto-trader had nothing to hide, it should list the brokers it does business with.

We weren’t able to find anything out, and the site never even talked about a broker. Therefore, we feel that the brokers used by Crowd Millionaire aren’t regulated, which was the plan all along.

The brokers aren’t held accountable for their actions. On top of that, the fake auto-trading software can’t be to blame because nothing illegal happened from its end. Therefore, if you fund your account, you aren’t likely to recover any deposits made.

Choosing a legitimate auto-trading robot usually means that it talks about the brokers it uses. We have a full list of authentic online brokers and those that aren’t. You can easily hop to that and read about the broker the legit auto-trader talks about before making a decision.

The Creators

Crowd Millionaire does talk about itself and gives you plenty of information, such as the people who created it. However, we weren’t able to prove any of that through online research. It continues to talk about its high success rate, which we have already said is a falsity.

Though Crowd Millionaire isn’t as bad as Anon System or 30K Challenge, it’s still not a legit option. Instead, you can focus on using BitcoinUp or CFD Trader Software.

Our Verdict for Crowd Millionaire

Right now, you’ve probably determined that Crowd Millionaire is a scam. Our review focused on many aspects of the system, all of which were questionable at least.

There are various red flags we pointed out for this scam robot. In fact, the entire site is just a fake webpage and doesn’t use real algorithm technology at all.

We feel that anyone who uses Crowd Millionaire is going to lose their money if they make a deposit. You aren’t likely to earn anything because there’s no live trading at all.

While there is a privacy policy and cookie policy in place, we still aren’t sure that everything is legit here. Since we can’t vouch for Crowd Millionaire, we must claim that it is a scam. You are welcome to try it yourself, but we don’t recommend it.

Please take a moment to step back and weigh your options. You can take a chance on Crowd Millionaire or try a legitimate robot. Read about Bitcoin Revolution to see how different these two auto traders are.


You’re probably overthinking right now and wondering what to do with all this newfound information. We realize that you could still have questions, and this section can help you. That way, you can find a reputable auto-trading bot to use.

  1. Is Crowd Millionaire Legit?

    No! We investigated Crowd Millionaire and believe that it is a scam. We don’t recommend that you use it.

  2. Can I Make Money with Crowd Millionaire?

    We feel that Crowd Millionaire is a scam, so you aren’t going to earn money with the platform. In fact, it uses predetermined losses to make sure that you never win. This indicates that money put into an account is lost.

  3. What Can I Do Instead?

    If you want to use an auto-trading robot to streamline crypto trades, we understand. Choose a legitimate option. We prefer Immediate Edge Bot and Yuan Pay Group App.